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Some Suggestions Regarding The Configuration Ui


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Love the new update but I noticed a few problems when I tried to fuse the new mods today.


1. When we configure our loadouts, on the left sided mod list, let us choose by default how the mods are sorted. Very few people sort their mods by polarity. Most people usually sorts by name or drain anyhow.


2. When fusing mods, show the credits used and total credits before and after the transaction. This way, players can guage how much they wanna spend on fusing. I also find it very annoying when I fall short a few 100k to fuse a certain mod just because I wasn't mentioned ahead of time. Perhaps, you can put a warning for people who continually fuse even though there are no potential credits to continue fusing.


3. "save as" option for loadouts. After forma-ing a gun, it's very tedious to remember your ABC loadouts and try to slap your mods back on. Perhaps, you can let us save the loadouts and then when we wanna apply it onto a current abc loadout, we can if we got the mod capacity. I think this way, you will save a lot of time in terms of making multiple loadouts that are faction-specific, meaning everything is the same except for one mod.


4. I cannot tell which duplicate mods are used by sentinel or by weapon. Perhaps, for sentinels, you can label the mods a different shade so players wouldn't have to get that darn warning that sentinel and weapon mods cannot be shared etc etc...


I hope you guys can expand on my thoughts and I hope DE will continue to turn Warframe to an even bigger success, reaching  greater lengths.

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