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Corinth Prime is a straight downgrade

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On 2020-04-04 at 10:12 AM, Sovyul said:

Agreed. Standard Corinth should be nerfed so the prime version is an upgrade.

This falls inline with DE_PabloPoon saying it is easier to nerf things than make other things useful...great plan!

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On 2020-04-04 at 10:25 AM, ShiruBiru said:

Corinth prime alt fire even have multishot, totally garbage. DE bamboolzed players that paid thousands of plat for corinth rivens.

This is absurd.

Players foolish enough to spend thousands of platinum on Rivens have no one to blame but themselves. As someone who has wasted probably 20,000 plat on rivens before wising up to what a stupid thing the riven economy is I can tell you that the problem is rivens in general. The system needs a complete revision (valence or choose a stat on re-roll or something. Or just remove the damn things altogether and have a specific boost mod for each weapon that powers them up to a consistent level with one another (weak weapons would be boosted to be on-par with the good weapons and good weapons would get only a small boost or an extracurricular boost like reload speed or something).

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On 2020-04-04 at 11:00 PM, Diavoros said:

I miss the times when we could react with "Haha" when a thread/post was utterly stupid.

People who abused it is why it's been removed.

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The only thing I dislike about the corinth prime is that they changed it to a magazine reload. I would've loved to have it reload exactly like the corinth, but with 8 shells like every other shotgun of that type in video games. Even then, I mostly only object because I got used to hitting reload when I had a second between shots, but now I do that have to eat a 2.something second reload time.

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On 2020-04-05 at 2:34 PM, (PS4)Limorkil said:

I find the mechanic clunky.  I'd much rather bullet jump and airburst.

Yeah, ok, Corinth is still with us.  I usually replace the original with the prime version, but not this time.  

This is it for me, it's like the Opticors, I play slightly differently with each. I still use the standard because bullet jumping directly toward a mob to close the correct distance for the burst is like some sort of surge fist special attack. Landing near the dead and seeing off perhaps the struggling wounded in the head is just a really pleasant thing to do in a game. 

I just find I can use the airburst more effectively on the standard while using manoeuvres more. Maybe those who like the prime more play more sure footed?  

Also the reload... different weapons really.  

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As a Corinth lover, I strongly disagree. As others have mentioned, it's more of a side-grade than straight upgrade.


The airburst is on a manual trigger making it hard to use in close spaces but it isn't meant for close quarters, it's meant to clear enemies out of cover. If you use it in a tight hallway, of course you'll get knockback.

Fire it into a room to clear out the doorway? Flawless.

For me, having the option of detonating it point blank or just a bit further than the enemy cover so I can get that extra hyekka is great. That's not even mentioning the massive 50% chance to proc Impact (a stagger!) on whatever the alt fire hits.

I'm personally still getting used to the clip reload. I much more enjoy the single she'll reload of the base.

Lastly, the spread on the buckshot tends to be much tighter in my experiences. This makes medium range use of the buckshot a semi-viable option.



I don't know about anyone else but I always prefer my guns to have a variety of uses and applications rather than just "fun DPS spitter" and Corinth Prime has filled this role nicely.

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I liked Corinth because of its slick design and epic sound effect. But I absolutely hated its alt fire. I hated wanting to use it only to realize an enemy is too close or too far for its stiff range to hit them. But then Corinth Prime arrived, and it's been one of my main go-to shotguns ever since. The flexibility given with how you can use the alt fire is wonderful. Getting that rush of dopamine when you perfectly nail a group of enemies a hundred yards away with the explosion is addicting. While yes, the reload for corinth was unique, corinth prime's reload allows you to get into the fight faster. With 20 shots in the magazine, having the old reload would take ages. 

This plus the fact that Corinth prime's stats are just plain better means, at least to me, that it's a direct upgrade. If you're having trouble using the alt fire, practice makes perfect. I hit my shots 95% of the time because I practiced with it and know how to gauge distances. If you don't want to figure it out however, there are many other options for weapons - including the original corinth itself if you want. Let those of us who enjoy this weapon enjoy it.

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