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Vaults Make Recruiting For Anything Else Impossible


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yup, because of the stupid vault thing, nobody want to join any other mission.... I just tried recruiting for a T3 survival, and nobody wants to know because they're all too busy chasing mods in vaults.... 


And to top it off, I now have to survive for 15 mins minimum to get my reward in t3 survival, which I have to do SOLO.....


what a joke.....

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It's just up to the players at the moment.

You could try joining a clan.


Personally, I would've loved a t3 survival, I've been gone for a bit.

Eitherway, it's just hype. It'll settle down. Go with the flow or get a clan/more friends. :T


The best to you.

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expected since theres new content involved, you should see U10 chatbox, all were screaming * ODassassination invite me please* 

just let it die down abit.


*The reason why people gets kicked out now on General chat channel*

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