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I Think Its Ui Issue


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Ok not sure if this is right forum but posting here anyways.


Just wondering if anyone else is having an issue where they switch frames / weapons and mods then enter a game with the previous loadout.   Just entered an Orokin Capture mission with a level 12 banshee and hobble key after changing it to rhino knowing im gunna be easy pickings for faster moving infested.


hoping this is known to DE and it will be resolved soon as its getting infuriating.

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no your getting it wrong. 


example:  I have banshee braton, lato, skana.


                  I equip rhino strun wraith, kunai and pangolain sword.


                  I enter mission and I have banshee braton, lato, skana.


this is what im on about.  I added the key because that was why I chose rhino.  slow needs protection.   

instead I was squishy banshee and slow to boot.


After I have changed the loadout it seems it changes back to the previous randomly.  My Clan mates ( all 3 of em ) have had similar issues.

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Yeah I have had this issue on & off a few times. I tend to double check my gear before I start every missions, its is pretty rare though, I'm not sure exactly what triggers it but I have seen it happen with individual weapons, sentinel, frames or multiple things at the same time, generally it switch's back to what you had equipped last.


I suspect pressing Esc to exit the load out screen triggers it under certain conditions, but its pretty random & I cant seem to make it happen intentionally.

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