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I notice that people have an issue with a single ability that has multi abilities in them (Vauban, Titania) due to button presses. I have through of a solution that would make abilities like that easier to use.


New menu:

Pressing the ability with display a small menu showing options of abilities you can use fore example to use Titania`s tributes, you press the ability then it shows (on controller buttons) thorns is square/left, dust is triangle/top, full moon is circle/right and entangle is x/down, then you select the ability that you want to pick.

On consoles we have something similar already, on controller default settings you can press R1 to open the ability menu so I think this is something that can be implemented onto abilities with multi abilities within it. The warframe that needs this the most is Titania`s tribute, holding the ability on a single target is award to use and takes too long.

If any sees an issue with why it will be a problem let me know but I think this could be a solution to the issues with button presses and is something DE should consider.

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