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KUVA Larva won't spawn bug [SOLO Only]


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Its been a while since the release of the KUVA Lich system about 6 months give or take. 


However there is this persistent bug that has yet to be address since its release. Even after contacting support they can't do anything about it or 'reset' the account that is experiencing the bug.


The bug prevents a kuva larvaling to be spawn in any mission the video below is evidence of the bug.

In order to get a lich one has to get a kuva larvaling to spawn that is the whole concept of the kuva lich system.

However if the larvaling doesn't spawn, a player can't get a lich.


Cassini is the fastest way in getting a lich as once you have cleared the objective of capturing the target, the screen will flicker and prompt you to kill a minimum of 10 enemies to spawn a larvaling.

However as evidence presented below, there is no flicker after clearing the object.


Steps I have tried:
-Verify and Optimize cache - Didn't fix the problem

-Changing warframes - present in the video below and it doesn't fix the problem like many of you suggest

-Contacted support - they can't do anything about it.


The only fix or work around to this bug is:

1)Running in public - We all know how messy and once the larvaling spawns everyone who is wanting a KUVA lich will rush to it and stab it.

2)Dragging a clan mate or friend to FORCE spawn the larvaling


This bug has been present since the release of RAILJACK and has not been addressed.


How did the bug occur at least in theory:

Converted a lich in the past.


This needs to be fixed or at least addressed.



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