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Goliath (Warframe Concept)


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Hi everyone!

I apologize for my poor english, maybe there's a kind person who will help me make a proper english presentation of this warframe concept.


This is a brand new mechanics frame concept for our beloved game! Thanks DE for your awesome creation!


Codename - Goliath


I'm not going to talk about "numbers/costs/durations", since my job is to share gameplay mechanics and overall style, all of that "code-related" stuff should be made by developers, since only they got a true feeling of those stats.


Quick style tips: this frame is the only 4 handed warframe, thus all of his gameplay and look grow from this point. Goliath is taller then any warframe, however his constitution is quite thin like Exca or Loki, so the overall shape is oblongated.


Quick lore: This kind of frames were used in ancient tenno civilisation in Imperior Guard, therefore this frame could be decorated with farious tenno-style honnors/ordens, Lotos sign on the back or Imperial Seal on his head. Also we could make an amasing headdreess, inspired by royal guard of past centuries (Great Britain, Russian Empire, Louis XIV guard etc)


Ok, lets talk now abit of his abilities/stats. I feel this frame as a gunner, not a "caster" gameplay, therefore his mana pool should be quite small. His health pool should be average, hi's not a primary tank, however high armor stat should allow him to "trade his face" for a few punches or help squishy frames get out of fire.


Now let me show the "dessert" - his abilities:


1. "Bodyguard Stance"


Goliath taunts his foes in X radius, however his special stance grands him ability to parry first Y damage instances (just imagine 4-handed parry animations! mmmm). Each X and Y upgrades with rank.


2. "Better Spot"


Goliath can use his "secondary" pair of hands to hang on walls, columns. This ability should be activated while wall-running or sliding down. Also this may give him some redused recoil. This ability lasts X seconds, upgrades with rank.


3. "Hard-headed tactitian"


Goliath channes for X seconds (redused with rank) to manipulate his teammates' remaining health pool. He will heal most weaked frames at the cost of health taken from undamaged ones. Also Goliath refill some mana, depending on % health swapped between his teammates.This is a channeled ability, and ANY damage instance will break channel with NO mana refund.


4. "Veteran"


After years of service at Royal Guard Goliath mastered rare technique - 4 handed gun wielding. This is a sustained ability, triggered on and off, consuming mana for each second its active (reduced by rank?). Upon activating, he get out his secondary weapon(s) with second pair of hands (and otherwise if he was using secondary weapon at the moment of activation) and uses it to shot closest visible target, with maxed rank and dual secondary weapon he can aim at 2 targets at same time. (I believe thats the same mechanics that current guardians use)


[Edit1], by Bibliothekar, instead of mana consuption, use stamina to sustain Veteran



Some minor tips.


1. To reload Goliath uses his "secondary" pair of hands.


2. Meele attacks also doesnt require to put his current weapon away))


3. 4 handed kunai throw animation :D


4. Heavy melee weapons, however, will require all 4 hands for power blow, jump attack / spin attack



plz commend, help me emprove this concept, since i feel that this is totally new gameplay to warframe and it worth to try push it into development!


Sincerely yours, nonomercy!

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By "4-handed Warframe" you mean 2 legs, 4 arms? Like that one robot from Star Wars who wields 4 light-sabres? (/e: General Grievous - took me some time to find a pic and backtrace his name.) I'm asking, because I first thought of a quadruped warframe, that moves around like big apes (gorilla, orang utan, ...)


His ultimate reminds me of Salvador from BL2, though I think that it should be a timed ability, like (almost) every other is. Or have it run on stamina instead of energy - firing two or even three weapons at the same time is pretty exhausting (and apart from stamina-mods, there is no way to replenish it atm - just think of Trinity standing next to him, casting EV on every enemy in range; he'd never run out of energy, so the skill never stops).

All in all, it sounds like a really interesting frame, but it will be a PITA to program, since all his movement patterns (for every single weapon) have to be unique.


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Thx for reply! Indeed, using stamina sounds much more interesting, then mana (due to described factors)


And yes, Its 4-handed frame, I was inspired by plaing Mortal Combat on my sega last sunday :D


Unfortunatly I havent played BL2, however I was a big fan of original BL :D

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Funny, I had an idea for a multi-armed Warframe, except mine worked differently.


Also, for the record, going by official lore (of both DarkSector and what little about Warframe has been confirmed by DE), I don't think the Tenno were ever a civilization per se.

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Since he has four arms, one of his abilities should be picking an enemy up with his top pair (like a two handed choke slam) and having his bottom pair beat on the mid section. And to add something two it, when he picks the enemy up you have to left click then right click repeatedly to do more damage. If you do not finish the enemy you toss him to the side. Just an opinion.

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Thanks alot for replies!


Cobalt313, well I was trying to create a character style with that lore, sure DE got better view for that.


Valk54, sounds interesting, but that doesnt fit supposed "gunner" gameplay. However somekind of "submission" moves sure deserve to be implemented.

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Hi IgnusDei!!


My drawings skills are somewhere below zero :D however I used theese pics to get imaginary vision of frame (the key is to mix classic "military headdress" with "warframe" techno-organic style), I hope those may help you:












good exaple of in-game "military" headdress is Frost Prime IMO, we may see him 1st time in our life, however its totally clear that he's an "elite"





anyway - plz feel free to make it anyway u see the frame, thats just my own vision to the concept, thx for participating!

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