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So What's With All The Crashes?


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I've done 4 vault runs so far and on 3 of them I have had my game crashing upon finding the vault.


every time at that one point, It just happened to me again a minute ago, as I just found the vault and set the waypoint for the others to find me as we were split-searching for it.. 

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The derelicts have a lot going on and can go over the threshold of what is allocated to Warframe when it is rendered, causing a crash.


You don't even have to be near said items that are rendered IIRC.


The Derelicts are less well optimized than the Void,

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Guest DeadGoanna

I've crashed twice.

Once when I slash dashed my way to victory on a survival

and just as a mission finished and was returning.


Other than those two I've had no problems but have heard of others crashing a bit.

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