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Is Flux/synapse With Heavy Caliber Better Than Soma?


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Let's say for a moment that Soma is the best primary in the game, better than Synapse or Flux; please don't post your own opinions about it, let's just suppose it's like that.


Now, Heavy Caliber on Flux or Synapse can add a 165% damage without any malus; supposing that Synapse and Soma have the same build, who's the best now?


Same with secondary: is Acrid still best than Despair now that we have Magnum Force?

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Well personally I thought the battle was between Soma and Synapse, but now I would go for the second one if equipped with Heavy Caliber, which is insane on it.


Even if I remove a Cyro mod from Synapse(let's say in the Cyro/Shred slot of a crit build)to have an empty slot for Heavy Caliber, the Soma would have then a 75% less damage.

With both rifles equipped with Piercing Hit, it would also be much more effective on a Synapse in that case.


On the other hand, Flux has no crit build but a lot of elemental slots, that would scale all with Heavy Caliber and again, the result could be amazing.


So, in conclusion, I think Soma is out of the games with this new mod, now there's only to calculate which one would be best between Flux and Synapse...

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Synapse still blows Flux out of the water.

But man the Iggy is now absolutely hilarious.


Pure to this buff, I could use it on level 90 alerts except vs ancients.... Now.


I ain't sure how far could I go :D

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