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Logic Behind The Bps


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As for dual/akimbo blueprints, it's far more expensive compared to buying 2 of the same weapons, don't you think?

I don't actually think Orokin cells are needed to hold a gun in each hand, or if the cell gives you ambidextrous abilities, that is.

I think, for each akimbo-capable weapon, they should come with the option to dual wield them provided you have another clone of the same weapon. No more needs for akimbo blueprints now, lesser grinding and more action then?


Besides, how'd a batch of infested tissue contribute to making a pistol? I can understand neurodes needed for helmets, but neurodes AND a blueprint for an Old World relic (Mire longsword)? Do not want.


I could care less should a blueprint require materials that come by lesser, just at least something useful that you can build on earlier levels. It's like you suddenly have access to all the special, beautiful, cool looking, viable good stuffs once you've went past Earth, but had almost nothing special when you first started. Note that credits come by even less, considered that you need over 10k to build one.



And flame this post you shall not. Give defined feedbacks and reviews, not your statement of whether this should be redone or just your preference.

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I think the reason why it requires an Orokin Cell, and a blueprint to be able to dual wield a set of weapons is because (besides possible game mechanics), I would presume so that both weapons will share the same mods between the two instead of having two different sets of mods for each weapon. Hence why it - most of the time - requires two weapons to be crafted, then orokin cell/blueprint together from two weapons into one.


Trust me, I've had the same question before and still kinda do, but it makes sense, I guess.

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1. Both weapons use one Catalyst and set of mods.

2. Holding two pistols of the exact same model means the left-handed pistol in your right hand will eject shells in your face at very high speed.


It needs time for the second pistol to use one set of mods and be changed to the correct hand.

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Nein nein nein, gentlemen.

I meant,

I just don't get it, why should we buy 2 of the same pistols which costs approx. 20k plus another 20k blueprint to dual wield them and another Orokin cell to, ultimately, shoot 2 guns at the same time. Where's the lore? Why do we need an Orokin cell to dual wield weapons?

And why would forging a sword require Neural Sensors.


Instead of Nanospores which is in no way related to metalworks, how about, more salvage, chipboard thingy and such? 


Of said replies,

A single, let's say, Lato, would normally be able to install 1 Catalyst, by dual wielding them, you get 2 Latos, but we would only able to install 1 Catalyst. But that'd be OP. Okay, so let's keep the Cell, but is a blueprint THAT expensive really necessary for dual wielding? 


Akimbo weapons grant you more caps to pop at one time, higher ROF, but that's it, the rest are liabilities. Not really worth the money and time. 

What I'm trying to express is, that most BPs and their materials requirement needed revision. So that it fits the lore, and make, if necessary, ALL the BPs worth buying and constructing.



The weapons are all modelled to be of right handed use, therefore shells eject to the right. Doesn't make sense, akimbo model's are supposed to be mirrored that way.


Not that I'm overreacting, but I still don't sit right with the BPs. Gallium and all those rare earth elements and ores are alright, but sensors for swords? It's not like it was based on Ivy's whip-sword.



BPs being expensive (DIY weapons and stuff) is understandable, but the materials and pricing for something mundane is like said reaction 'Pfft wow'. C'mon, them Orokin need some love, and aren't the Tenno fighting to preserve their lineage? Where's the Lore? And how come the Lotus acted more like Hunnigan from RE4 instead of the Tenno's supposed top leader? 

...You think this'll be *at least* read by DE?

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