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Sentinel's Regen Mod



I've gone through 3 sentinels now and I still don't know how this mod works. According to the description, the Sentinel regenerates once after it dies, no? Because I don't think I've ever seen it respawn unless I die and revive myself? Am I missing something here?


Also, assuming it actually does work, does upgrading it improve the number of times it respawns, or does upgrading it have no effect?

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I've actually seen this.

If you have a high FOV or at least move the camera to time to time on the sentinel when taking heavy damage, you would see a set of green scatter lines on the sentinel. (I have settings to low may be different than most people).

I guess this resembles its mod regen. The upgrading resembles the regenerated health upon it hitting 0HP.

It only explodes if you have this MOD called "Self Destruct" you get it through the referral system (20 people).

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