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Hey Guys O.o....


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Hey whats up guys? Im Genzaio, call me genz for short i guess haha Nice to meet you all


Soo whats been up? Anything new? Anyway i've been playing Warframe for a while and so far im been having a great, time. I've met a lot of awesome people during my time i've been here and i hope to meet many more! I've been a contest host for a few games such as Exteel and Champions Online, on which i give away free prizes every week. I hope to do that on here sometime soon.  Anyway Yeah.. i've also been in a private clan thats moved over several games, we've been going for 7 years straight so if you're perhaps interested in joining us, Our name is Ravens Creed. Take care that we're fairly strict with attitude and dont take griefers. Anyway i guess that concludes my intro, i hope to see many awesome people like you guys in-game.



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