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Whooping Some Azz, One Can At A Time!


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Hey Guys,


I'm CannaWhoopazz.  I've been playing Warframe for just over a week, running a Loki (loving it) and amazed at how awesome this free game is!  I've been trying to get some of my friends to play Warframe with me, but one is waiting for the PS4 (I'm getting one too, hoping accounts will transfer) and the other just isn't playing because he's a hermit and prefers to be lame!


I've read a lot of strategies, read the Wiki, and watched a lot of Youtube vids and have come up with what I think is a viable End-Game build for my Warframe (although it seems unusual).  I'm probably 100% wrong and I'll be switching to a different build in a month or so, but until then ignorance is bliss!  Message me if your curious or if you want to tell me how wrong I am, I'm open to suggestions.


I'm really enjoying this game because I don't see it as much of a grinding necessary game.  It's nothing compared to other games I've played.  I also like how you don't HAVE to buy plat to get end game equipment.  I did get a 25% off plat as a log-in bonus so I bought like $7.99 worth, but I don't know if I'll be buying much more anytime soon.  The only thing I'll plan on using plat for is more Forma's since my End-Game modding strat requires them.


I normally play a couple hours a day before my wife gets home.  If you want to add me, feel free!  I use this same username on all of the online games I've played for the last ~8 years, so if you recognize me, message me!!



See you on the battle field,

-Canna (a.k.a. CW)

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