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Vauban Shield Problem


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I have a problem with my vauban shield capacity. 
my Vauban max Shield capacity is 225,
but I upgrade it with a Common 8 Redirection Mod.. but the Vauban shield upgrade till 495 shield capacity only, it suppose to be 810 shield capacity.
I checked with other warframes it works fine... it only happened my vauban 

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No, its not supposed to be 810 shields. Redirection applies to your base shields. 360% from 75 base shields = 345 shields.

Plus 150 shields from max level (75 base, 225 at rank 30) = 495.


All fine here.

Not really. Problem is with it's description. It reads as if they work on the current maximum value, if anyone used assumption while avoiding wiki and forums. Blurry info is not helping us. They need to fix that.

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