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Spring Into Action with Limited-Time Customizations

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Crosspost from r/Warframe: https://old.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/fxei17/fourth_annual_let_me_keep_my_bunny_ears_and_give/


Welcome back, bunny bros. It's finally wabbit season again and for the fourth year in a row I'm asking DE to make the bunny ears permanent and add options so other players can hide them and pieces of content like them.

You might have noticed some different wording in the title from previous years. One of the shortcomings of the previous iterations of this post is that not every silly cosmetic is festive, so asking for a 'Show Festive Cosmetics' option misses a few things. Some cosmetics aren't festive but are still silly, like Peculiar mods. Peculiar mods have their own set of problems that need to be fixed, mainly that they eat up a mod slot. Because of this they were dead on release (big surprise) and DE has no incentive to ever make more. Meanwhile Ephemera don't eat up a mod slot because of this have become an almost ubiquitous part of fashion-frame - we've even seen one offered in Prime Access! So what if we fix Peculiar mods being so underutilized by making them an appearance attachment like Ephemeras and then re-use the 'Peculiar' title to describe all silly cosmetics across the board? Then we can have a 'Show Peculiar Content' option that covers all sorts of silly or out-of-place content - cosmetics or otherwise - depending on your personal preferences as a player.

This year's humble request is as follows:

  • Change Peculiar Mods into Ephemerals, which function just like Ephemera but for weapons. Accessed from the Appearance config, these add new weapon effects like particles, muzzle flashes, super gore, etc.
    • Peculiar Bloom → Ephemeral Bloom
    • Peculiar Growth → Ephemeral Growth
  • Give silly cosmetics of all kinds the 'Peculiar' tag, which is displayed similarly to the 'Vaulted' tag.
    • When previewing a Peculiar item you can see the times when the Peculiar item is considered 'appropriate'. Items like the Lepus Headgear or Little Helper Hat are only appropriate during Easter and Christmas respectively, while items like Ephemeral Bloom are always appropriate no matter the date.
  • Add an option to the Gameplay settings called 'Show Peculiar Content' with the following settings:
    • When Appropriate (default) - Only show a piece of Peculiar content if it's appropriate to do so.
    • Always - Always show a piece of Peculiar content, even if it isn't appropriate.
    • Never - Never show a piece of Peculiar content, even if it is appropriate.
    • Peculiar cosmetics you have equipped on your own items will always be shown regardless of this setting.
    • This setting could be expanded to cover other things as well, like preventing holiday-related inbox messages from auto-opening.
  • Make all non-permanent Peculiar cosmetics permanent.

The following items would get the Peculiar tag:


When Appropriate

Ephemeral Bloom and Ephemeral Growth


Eros Arrow Skin (converted to permanent arrow skin)

Around Valentine's Day

Lepus Headgear and Spring Step Ephemera

Around Easter

Dullahan Mask and Naberus Ephemera

Around Halloween

Movember Mustaches (2014-2015)

During November

Ringers Skin, Spearmint Scythe Skin, Festive Glaxion Skin, and Little Helper Hat

Around Christmas

Adding this feature would be a net benefit for everyone:

  • Players that don't care about viewing Peculiar content either way are entirely unaffected, because the default setting mirrors what already happens in-game.
  • Players that love their bunny ears and pumpkin heads and mustaches can keep them year-round, because seeing them out of season is opt-in only and won't spoil anyone's fun.
  • Players that hate silly cosmetics can hide them year-round, and can preserve that much more of their immersion.
  • Players now have a reason to use Ephemerals (Peculiar Mods), and DE now has a reason to create more of them.
    • We could get a whole range of Lich Ephemerals, like Ephemeral Charge or Ephemeral Shockwave, which add the same Lich effects to your weapons.
    • We could get Ephemeral Splash for this year's Dog Days, which could be a Peculiar that makes bullets splash water instead of spark.
    • We could get Dex Ephemeral for the next anniversary, which changes the weapon's muzzleflash to a Lotus symbol like the Dex weapons.
    • We could get Ephemeral Light for a Prime Access, which uses the effects of Corposant Ephemera as bullet impacts.
    • And so on.

Not adding this feature would leave us right where we are now, which to the net detriment of everyone:

  • Players that don't care either way are entirely unaffected.
  • Players that love their bunny ears and pumpkin heads and mustaches are still SOL and can go pound sand every year.
  • Players that hate silly cosmetics still have to deal with them throughout the year, and the random silly cosmetics that are already permanent for no discernible reason can never be avoided.
    • This includes DE's creative team, who "simply does not want these around all year round".
  • DE has no reason to make more Peculiar Mods because no one will ever want to use them when they cost a mod slot and loses out on a potential source of sales.

Given the whole situation with COVID-19 and DE's work-from-home I'm not expecting anything to change this year. I mean, I wasn't expecting anything to change anyways. But I have been asking for this change for four years now, so if DE doesn't have the time right now maybe they can just make the bunny ears permanent and do the rest of it later? They could certainly use some community good will right about now.

See you next year, bunny bros.


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Lol wow I'm pretty sure this is the least amount of time we've ever had with these cosmetics.


Almost feels like a waste of time to stick them on literally anything especially the ephemera since we'll have to go back and reapply the old ones.

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Now that that's out of the way:

4 hours ago, [DE]Bear said:

Hello Easter Tenno!

So to get this out the way, we enjoy providing a few small, seasonal items to help people celebrate Easter in-game, and this year is no different. As with last year, the Lepus Headgear and the Spring Step Ephemera are both temporary additions and will be removed when the event is over on April 15th, but you can bet they will be making a return each year.

Enjoy them while they are here!

Not letting people keep these cosmetics because someone on the design team is being a scrooge is just lame. There's clearly a desire among the community to keep these items, and you guys know that. There's an expressed desire in this thread, there's an expressed desire all over the official Warframe Facebook post sharing this thread, I run a yearly post on r/Warframe about it that has gotten over 1k upvotes for the last 2 years and is on it's way up once again this year, you can go back and read posts on this forum and elswehere every time a cosmetic like this comes up. People ask this during Valentines day, they ask during Easter, they ask during Halloween, and what they get back is always this same hypocritical "no". Because you don't say "no" to the Little Helper Hat, the Candycane Scythe skin, the Ringers skin, or the Festive Glaxion skin that you sell for plat every year. Heck, just 6 months ago you added a permanent silly bat Ephemera for Halloween! Why is that one OK? Then there are Peculiar mods, which sprout flowers on enemies and make their limbs grow, that you've added without batting an eye. You guys were even enthusiastic about them! You add silly Tennogen Syandanas like the infamous butterfly wings and sell them for cash. DE's position on these cosmetics is inconsistently applied, and it always has been. It's lame.

Meanwhile, it'd be rude to not admit that some players don't like these cosmetics. Even the design team apparently feels this way. Yet this is the fourth year I've asked you guys to implement a method to hide these cosmetics and you've always said no! So you'll let us keep this cosmetic but not that one, and if you're a player that thinks they ruin the immersion of the game then you can go pound sand? The design team that's saying no to bunny ears and doesn't want these cosmetics to be around all the time is the same one saying yes to permanent bat particles and refuses to add tools to hide the very same cosmetics they apparently don't like? What kind of position is that? It's inconsistent and lame. Every year, every couple of months, you guys play the villain and for what? To remind people that you don't care what they want and make them upset with you again?

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Never made any sense to have temp cosmetics...... If they're temporary I won't be wasting my time liking them in the first place. Also the heart arrows being a consumable is proof that old content rarely gets updated.

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Why can't we just keep the Lepus Headgear and Spring Step Ephemera for good? What reason is there for this? We get to keep color palettes and skins, why can't we keep these as well? What logical reason is there for this stupidity? Everyone else gets to keep their festive items for use all year round, why can't we in Warframe have the same? Should we just go away to where we are better treated? If we can't even get little things like this, I highly doubt we'll get anything worthwhile either.

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Temporary seasonal cosmetics only ever make people salty that they are temporary, why do you keep having them return? Like, I agree that we don't need Warframes with moustaches and bunny ears year round, but you're just asking for the "here's why I need bunny ears at all times" manifesto and community negativity.

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Please let us keep the holiday cosmetics this year! We can beat the snot out of enemies with candy cane scythes, jingle bell knuckle dusters, and shed bats from our pores all year round, but we can't keep the ears or egg ephemera. It doesn't make a lick of sense even with "immersion" as a defense. A precedence has already been set with the Christmas skins and Naberus Ephemera, please let us keep these and have some dopey fun all year round, you're making us pay 5K credits for them anyways - let us keep them, we bought them.

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56 minutes ago, NickelStiller said:

Oh boy! I'm so excited! Is there gonna be some kind of event, like an egg hunt with prizes? I can't wait!

I can hear the dissapointment from here.

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6 hours ago, Emperrier said:

Temporary seasonal cosmetics only ever make people salty that they are temporary, why do you keep having them return? Like, I agree that we don't need Warframes with moustaches and bunny ears year round, but you're just asking for the "here's why I need bunny ears at all times" manifesto and community negativity.

Best part of this is the recent reaction nerf.
They said they wanted people to reply instead of clicking on the '':laugh:'' emoji, now they are getting it. :clem:

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Ok why do I bother spending 10k credits when DE just takes it away after 7 days?
I bought the ears multiple time still don't have it in my inventory or haven't got any refund that I am aware of.

Yeah sorry I am not going to spend time making it look cool again on warframes and lose it next week.

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We can keep Xmas profile icons and candy cane scythes, bat ephemera, weapon skins, sigils from previous holidays, there's really no point in disqualifying the egg ephemera.

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