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PSA: Yooka Floof Moving from Login to Market for 1 Credit

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Hey Tenno,

In the beginning of the year, Australia suffered a huge tragedy in the form of wildfires across the entire country. Most of you should have received a Yooka Floof to help raise awareness upon login.

As of today, the Yooka Floof will not be available on login, but instead will be available in the market for 1 Credit. There is still a limit of one per player, but they will be readily available for everyone to get after today. 

The Market Yooka Floof will go live for Consoles in their Scarlet Spear Update today, and in Hotfix 27.3.11 for PC.

Thank you all for your amazing support, and remember: 

We all lift together!


EDIT @ 11:45 ET: Stay tuned folks, this change is coming with a hotfix and is not live just yet!


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On 2020-04-10 at 6:48 AM, (XB1)JestersShade said:


On the Xbox market, I searched for "floof" and no item was found so if it is supposed to be live, there may be an issue ? (don't know if it is the item or the search, btw)

Any one else not seeing it ?

I just recently discovered it was named "Yooka" not "Yooka Floof"

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I just logged in after a long while of not playing. I was going crazy not being able to find it in my inv! Heading to the market now!

edit: I just went to the market and it said that I own it. I clicked on it to purchase but nothing happened. What?!??! How can I get it please?

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