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Suggestion - Community Modding


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I know it has been said that DE staff wants to give the community some powers, such as making our own levels, much like the Dojo.

What I'm suggesting though, is support for full customization (at least as far as appearance and cosmethics go). Stuff such as "Custom Skins" in the same way that can be done in League of Legends, and maybe even Skyrim. I'm thinking of something more along the lines of LoL though.

I say that because it would only be a LOCAL change, client-side. People inside the game would see everything as they are default (so long as they got Vanilla settings).

The reason I ask for this is to fix some minor things that have been bothering me a lot - like the mismatching colors of the alt helmet and suit on Excalibur Prime and Mag Prime, and making black energy actually look like a badass black energy (this has seen some improvements this last patch, but still could be a lot better).

So instead of having to allocate resources to fix this, you would just let the community fix it themselves. And if you make a section in the forums where we can browse through these mods (much like Skyrim Nexus or Leaguecraft, where we can get the mods) then we could vote on the mods, and the ones that get the highest amount of votes over a certain period of time could actually be implemented into the game permanently at your discretion (of course, it would need to fit the Warframe universe, so that would be completely up to your discretion.)

That would give the community complete power over design and appearance of things while keeping mechanics intact and whatever "official changes" are done, even if you decide to change the looks of something that has been modded (as all it takes to get the "vanilla" flavor back is to deactivate the mod).

People in the community could try to make custom helmets (and replace a model currently in right now). If one replaces the helmet and decides that he doesn't like the mod after all, all he needs to do is deactivate/delete the mod and everything goes back to vanilla, no harm done. If, however, it gets enough votes and DE thinks it fits the game, it could be outright implement in as a new helmet (instead of a model replacer). I for one, for example, hate everything about Nova's look (both suit and default helmet. Alt helmet I kinda like) and would love to be able to replace them with something else. But that's just my opinion that I'm using as an example.

What you guys think? Yay, right? So please click on that little upvote button down there so this gets visibility! Pretty please! =)

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Since it's all Local Changes, I can't understand why wouldn't all things cosmethics be supported. Skins for weapons, Syandanas and Decorations would be there as supported, yes, but what I personally want the most is the ability to reskin the Warframes themselves. Fully, as in Texture, Specular, Gloss etc etc.

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i think no!.

not in this way.

when you have make a helm with zbrush you can show it here.

warframe have a lead designer and he is in this forum to.

when we can make something like this, the community is starting to overmod the game.

making harlem shakes, adding d***oswords,joker helmets and AT-ATs.and show it here for fun.

Garrys Mod is better for this.

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Again, all changes are local. I'm not trying to devalue the game, on the contrary, I want to aggregate vale to the game.

Whatever one wants to do with their game is their own business.

Gonna say it again, in caps - ALL CHANGES WOULD BE -> LOCAL <-.

And I can use ZBrush as well as 3DS Max and Maya. And I'm sure a ton of people in the community can as well, and are a lot better at it than myself. People that can actually make decent mods.

What you said was "if you make a helmet with ZBrush you can show it here". Keyword here is "show". As of right now, it would just be yet another piece of fanart. But if we had modding support, we could actually implement it and see how we like it. Best of all, it wouldn't impact the game at all. - AT ALL.

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here is why this will not happen. 

Free to Play with CASH SHOP FOR INCOME.


and whats at the CENTER OF THE CASH SHOP?


Cosmetics. Colors and alternate helmets and skins. This is true bread and butter for free to play. its a guarantee that a good chunk of players will get sick of the craptastic free colors and want a better pallet at some point. realistically most players are going to shell out atleast a tiny bit of cash at some point. 


This concept is NO different. infact I wouldnt be surprised to see them offer "Classic UI and classic UI skins" in the furture. ONLY 75 Plat for the classic starchart layout! Now with no 3D planets!

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