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Suggestions: Things For The Guild Dojo


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Dojo center is one of the highlights of the game, however  there are a few issues that should be modified.


1. Sale of Dojo's to other guilds or transition of guild assets between guild alliances to promote trade and commerce.


2. Adjustment of total net building space to better optimize the guild base layouts for future expansions. We just had to redraw our guild base due to lack of growth volume to adjust for the Parkour room & R&D power needs. Adjusting gross floorplan layout to account for new building volume would be very great, and not require a minor degree in civil engineering to not be redrafting your guild hall every 3 expansions.


3. Community PVP. A tenno tournament similar to the Mount Hua competition or the EVE pvp fights would be awesome, if we could get a bit of DE support in it.

this leads me to my next suggestion:


PVP or match play.


Players  enjoy running together, however half of the fun in the game, in line with my 3.0 comments is that people love Warframe as "ninja gaiden: online". You feel good and enjoy watching your space ninja flip out and move smoothly through the enviroment's line running dungeons.


Given the physics are developed, why not add other 4-man match play to the game while buildout content is developed.


A good idea would be 4v4 hoops basket ball in game, that utilizes the robust ball physics and jump/teleport/wall running game mechanics in a cheeky and inner guild / intra guild pvp game.


It could even be considered a 'Space Jam', of which I am certain would be a great addition to the game for PS4 launch. Who knows, perhaps a few NBA players who do Jam in warframe would happily join in the shennagians for cheap publicity.



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While significant resources went into the development and expansion of guild halls, there is little reason to stay inside the guild VR vs. the main-screen. As all F2PMO's have shown, increasing in-game app content improves session lengths that in turn fosters social interaction.

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