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If De Loves Their Key Gear, Show It In The Squad Ui


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After trying to play 1 game (and a crash) with the new Dragon keys it become blatantly obvious that the symbol for the key should be added to the Squad UI bar. This would very quickly help sort out who is bringing which key without having to do call outs and take excessive amounts of time organizing.

(For the record Dragon Keys and Vaults as whole are an illconisddred addition to the game at this time).

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Good idea. I believe it would be just a little more "future content friendly" if DE allowed us to "feature" our first equipment slot.


That way we could show off whatever we want. We could show off team heals/ammo restores to show that we're team players. We could show off which corruptor we're using if they ever do a Sling Stone-like event again, or could show off the dragon key we've got equipped for better coordination.

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