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Dragon Key Problem


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idk if its just me but ive tried all the keys in succession on all the derelict maps and I don't have an icon or anything other than the mission icon. Im really frustrated we cant carry more keys if we wanna solo and that even with the hotfix nothing seems to be happening.  Do the vaults only have a chance to show up or are they always there and you just have to have the right key? Where are the icons LIKE REALLY......WHERE? Once again we never get enough information. we get bits and parts of the hows wheres and whens but never the full thing.  Can you please give us more instruction or information or come out with a book titled "the guide to warframe.....everything we didn't tell you in the game for no apparent reason" DE?

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The vaults are always there, always on the map.

With a 25% chance for you to have the correct key.

Much like all people who complain about this.

You're extremely narrow-minded.

SEARCH, don't just expect everything to pop up in the middle of your path for you.

You're never given enough information? You're always given more than enough.

You seem just a bit too dull to utilise it.

We all get by fine, why should the game change just because you can't?

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Can anyone confirm whether vualt appears in assassination?
Last night my team went over the entire map for at least half an hour and couldnot find the vault.
Even after we killed golem 2k


but seriously, no, there is no icon, you need to put into the effort to look for it,
sorry if DE didn't spoon feed you on this update.

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