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Cannot Pick The Artifact


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Yesterday made some runs with no problem beside resources dont drop from OD, updated the game with the last micro patch, and today im unable to pick the artifact when i finded the Vault.

This can bring 2 outcomes, first my character have the yellow trace of carried artifact and the UI icon of the dragon key change to bleeding , but if i go finish the mission, there is no corrupted mod reward at end.

Second, if i try to force the "pickup Artifact" until it disappear, my health go to 0 and I cannot move anymore, im only able to zoom and nothing more work after that, only alt-f4 to quit the game.

With this I already wasted 3 keys, bc i tried with diferent frames to see if this was related to them, but its not the keys im worried about, its the waste of time and effort, and since it worked nicely before the patch, it may somehow be related to it.

Anyone is having this issue or similar? Or you always are able to pick the artifact and get the reward with no problem?

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Im actually still getting this bug myself. everyone in group got corupted mod, but seems I was unable to get it in the end. seems this bug still has a chance of happening.


If it is related i dont know, but 3 runs with Excalibur Prime, i wasnt able to pick up the Artifact, through the UI change from extinguished key to bleeding key but at the end of the mission no reward.

Switched to Rhino, that was the frame i used last night before the update, never got the issue anymore, the only frames i get the same result is, Excalibur P, Frost P and Loki, if i go with them im unable to pickup the artifact. 

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I use rhino in all of my vault runs and was using decay key.

only way that made the bug go away was to a full restart of the game(not just a relog).

haven't had the issue since. tho only done about six runs since then.

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