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Whatever happened to Lukinu_U's Lumis Visor?

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Sorry to make this thread, I would have posted it in Lukinu's forum workshop page but it appears that thread has been archived, meaning it can't be replied to.

the Lumis Visor:



I shouldn't need to state this, but for the record this is Lukinu_U's content, not mine and I am not trying to claim it as my own.

EDIT: I should probably specify, the Visor is the hat, not the glasses or earrings, those two are already accepted into the game.

Out of all the content made for Operators this has been my favourite item submitted. I'm saddened that it was never added. From what I've heard it was rejected but I never exactly heard why other than for lore reasons.

Went to go look it up again and found the Steam Workshop page for it is gone. I really hope this hasn't been abandoned/forgotten and I hope this gets into the game someday or some other variant, modification or another hat based item inspired by it.

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Well... it's dead.
It's pretty sad if it was one of your favorite, but I have to say it got pretty negative feedback from the community (more than I expected) as long as being a technical challenge which didn't sound to be worth the work at that time. The size limitation of face accessories plus the missing access of hair files make it hard to work effectively. Overall, I wasn't experienced enough to do that and prefered investing my time in other stuff.

I may go back and see if I can rework it someday, but the non access to hair file is still an issue that push me against this direction.

About my steam workshop page, I mainly post on twitter and stoped updating the post here, you can follow my progress of ask stuff there : https://twitter.com/lukinu_u

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