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Important Keys Stop Working


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Prior to update 10 I consistently had issues using "T" to talk with the team during missions. I figured it was a beta bug that would eventually be fixed.


After update 10 I have fewer issues with "T" but it still happens AND other keys now stop working mid mission - sometimes for several minutes other times the remainder of the mission.


It seems random, I haven't been able to pick out anyting special I was doing when it happened. Most times it is the melee "E" key that stops working - no animation, or attack happens.


It has also happens with "F" to switch weapons, it just stops working for minutes at a time.


I searched the forum and only found a topic from June, so I have no idea what's going on with this, and sorry if this is being tracked elsewhere.


Anyone else still experience this or have suggestions?

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I feel like it's not the keys, as I have melee bound to a button on my mouse for easy of use, and yet I still get that little code hang. I believe it's more like the game does not register the button/key being pressed, and eventually resets itself to normal.


However having a melee attack you use a considerable amount against 100+ enemies, and getting this glitch has resulted in some pretty bad experiences on Void Defense missions.

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I've been getting melee stopping working too.


I think it's not a key map problem though as i can't block either while it's bugged. Anything using melee is ceases to work.


Haven't had it happen to any other keys though so i might be experiencing a different bug.

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