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Hotfix 10.3.2


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Add a way to bind toggle sprint on the gamepad.

Corpus Mobile Defense Spawning: Adding doors, tweaking nav, position of mobile defense objectives for better spawning.

AI performance improvements for when many enemies are spawned.

Silence modded weapons are now more audible for the user.




Ran script to fix people who had Blueprint parts not appearing in Foundry, live since 3:46 PM EST.

Orokin have adapted to  thwart trickster Loki's from switch teleporting into Vaults. Look trigger added for join in progress check.

Fix for loss of UI functionality when adjusting sliders in settings screen.

Fix for a crash if you had Dual Axes charged and then tried to do a ground attack on a downed enemy.

Fix for several NPC path following issues. Npcs slow down if they need to turn to reach a bridge - helps stop running in circles. Fixed trace to next path point. Fixed updating path if fall off nav ledge onto nav below. Fixed repath after teleport.

Fix path strings showing up in the PC settings menu.

Fix for Conclave ammo pickups.

Fix for players circumventing the Vault design by jumping out of a mission, crafting the required key, then returning to the original mission.

Fix for drop down from opening up when pressing escape on initial load of the game.

Fix for Pressing K in chat after returning from a mission opens the Mission Results window.

Fixing issue where you couldn't get up a pipe by wall running.

Fix for Prime Boar energy colour not being tintable.

Fix for not being able to rush Dojo Decorations with Platinum.

Fix for bow not playing firing animations.

Fix for Grineer Galleon map clipping.

Fix for crash with high paced clicking on popups (Market, etc.).

Fix for nightmare assassinate missions giving only the nightmare reward, and not the boss reward.

Fix Suvival Vault missions not giving out a reward from the Vault loot pool.

Fix for Flux Rifle and Ignis not being able to damage reactor cores or Orokin death orbs.

The above fix also fixes not being able to pop Saryn's venom orbs with Flux Rifle & Ignis.

Fix for Miter blades firing on wrong axis.

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Riddle me this.


Why are Heavy Caliber and all assorted mods so terrible?

Heavy Caliber, at max, gives as much damage as Serration. However it takes two times the work to max out HC than it does Serration, it costs more, AND it adds 165% recoil.


Nearly all the other new mods are likewise terrible.


None of this makes sense.

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