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Seriously, Host Migration Still Eats Everything You Earned?


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20min Survival, and a freaking focus mod drops.


"LOL HOST MIGRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!"


...........no rewards. At all. None.


.................thanks. Thanks a lot, game.


And to the troll who decided they'd bail the minute I said "omg finally a focus".... screw you. Seriously, SCREW YOU.

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Its ok, he will probably end up in hell. God has a special place for people like this.


Still, host migrations break the game very often, cause crashes, kick you out. That has to be fixed.


Also, maybe the guy who dc'd was not a troll? Maybe his wife was dying or he just dc'd and ended up angry like you? Not everybody has bad intentions, but I give you rigth if he was a troll, he should really be ashamed.

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Found my EE.log, sent the ticket... hopefully this little block within the file gives them enough evidence to give me the mod I rightfully earned:


1591.349 Sys [info]: Created /Lotus/Interface/SurvivalReward.swf
1591.350 Script [info]: Survival: Gave reward tier 2 at 1200.077
1591.359 Sys [info]: Created /Lotus/Interface/Transmission.swf


Also noticed a LOT of errors right after the host migration, invalid packets, etc. Hopefully it goes some way towards showing them just what is going on when a Migration happens. Maybe someday they'll actually get that fixed.

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