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Mod Fusion Exceeds Limit Altough Using Different Mod/profile


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So i was Modding my Despairs and the problem occured when i tried leveling deep Freeze, Situation was like this:


Profile A:

- Deep Freeze (lvl 0)

- Remaining Mod Capacity: 0


Profile B:

- Deep Freeze (lvl 3)

- Remaining Mod Capacity: 1


As i tried lvling the Deep Freeze Mod on Profile B it kept giving me the generic "Fusion not possible: Installed Mod would exceed Capacity of DESPAIR", tough obviously the two mods are different taking out the unleveled mod of profile a let me

fuse the mod on Profile B to lvl 4, then i could put the Deep Freeze (lvl0) Back into profile A without problem.


Just to make sure i tried to recreate the problem using the Suppress Mod and it seems to be happening every time.


Just wanted to let u guys know, awesome work with the Game, keep it up!

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