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Scarlet Spear: 27.3.12

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Thanks for the hotfix guys! I've been noticing a bug in Scarlet Spear where Mesa's 4 doesn't activate immediately after casting. I'm usually able to get off a few shots with my Chakkhurr before Peacemaker starts actually doing what it is supposed to do.

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Scarlet Spear: 27.3.12

Yesterday we Hotdropped a fix that addressed the generic Rifle Riven by removing the ability to roll/Trade a generic Rifle Riven. 

For those that own a generic Rifle Riven, this Hotfix will overwrite & reroll to an eligible Riven of a specific weapon, and then refund any Endo/Kuva that was spent on the generic Rifle Riven.

If you have Traded for X and you do not like your replacement Riven please contact Support for further options!

Scarlet Spear Fixes:

  • Fixed UI breaking in Murex Raid due to Host vs Client load times. 
  • Fixed an erroneous amount of Flotillas being created around the start of a Murex Wave.
  • Fixed Arcane Momentum not activating for Critical shots on the Condrix.
  • Fixing script error occurring when the Aerolyst uses its wing attack.
  • Fixed a script error when completing a Condrix wave in the Ground Assault mission.

Railjack Fixes:

  • Fixed Randomizing Railjack Glyph through the "Randomize All" option not applying the new Glyph until Railjack Configuration menu is exited.
  • Fixed a script error when deactivating the Fiery Phoenix Avionic.

Controller Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where resetting keyboard/mouse controls for a specific game mode (i.e. Railjack) would break bindings for other game modes (i.e. Jump would be unbound for your general Warframe controls).
  • Fixed controller triggers not working correctly if bound to an analog action (such as camera up/down in Decoration mode).
  • Fixed inability to select duplicates of a Mod when using direct text input with a controller. As reported here:ods/ 


  • Fixed regression in network bandwidth throttling introduced last week that could cause excess lag and inconsistent game state on clients.
  • Optimized network connectivity for Towns, Dojos, Relays and Scarlet Spear Kill-Codes.
  • Optimized shader upload particularly when not using Deferred Rendering.
  • Optimized Orbiter performance slightly.


  • Fixed the UI for Clients breaking when playing a Survival mission. 
  • Fixed some cases where context actions and other UI elements would show the incorrect binding after you change your bindings/settings.
  • Fixed certain cases where the UI button callout like the one to open Chat would not appear correctly (either no icon or the explicit loc-tag).
  • Fixed relevant Companion Mods not displaying when filtering by beast/robotic Mod types in the Mod Workbench. 
  • Fixed ability to set lower than the minimum accepted value for the Decoration Placement option sliders.
  • Fixed UI overlapping when viewing Arcanes and then opening a Chat link.
  • Fixed the firewall rules created for the crash handler (they were still pointing to the old path).
  • Fixed a script error when initiating a K-Drive Race in the Orb Vallis.
  • Fixed a script error when initiating the ‘Help Clem’ quest. 
  • Fixed a script error occurring when playing a Survival mission.

can we get a fix for lenz arrows vanishing on hitting an arbitrition drone or arbi drone protected target ONLY if not host, and some of the many colors being host only like ogris trail and magus lockdown

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I'm sad to inform that this update broke the Simulacrum and the Relay elevators.

Entering the Simulacrum brings me back to the Relay entrance, and the elevators disappear in the middle of descent you're pretty much dropped halfway to the bottom floor. 

THe elevator bug is fun, but being unable to use the simulacrum is a big deal. 

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

The team is investigating this now!

Guys, no need to continuously post the same thing. They know it already! Be patient!

(a quote is missing about the "broken simulacrum thing")

Edited by Equi111
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Can we have the old enemy scaling back ?  The enemies now are kind of pathetic and a level 100 dieng to my Mk1-Paris is kind of pathethic.Just give the old Enemy Health scaling back atleast,leave armor at it is but we need Infested with 1B health again,otherwise what is the point of modding if any weapon with almost any build with 3  good mods in it can kill everything in the game.

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2 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed a script error when initiating a K-Drive Race in the Orb Vallis

What is that? If you are fixing K-Drive races, fix old annoying bugs:

1. Last gate doesn't count randomly



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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Scarlet Spear: 27.3.12

Yesterday we Hotdropped a fix that addressed the generic Rifle Riven by removing the ability to roll/Trade a generic Rifle Riven. 

For those that own a generic Rifle Riven, this Hotfix will overwrite & reroll to an eligible Riven of a specific weapon, and then refund any Endo/Kuva that was spent on the generic Rifle Riven.

If you have Traded for X and you do not like your replacement Riven please contact Support for further options!

I need some clarification on this matter as it confused me even I read it multiple times now, sorry.
I have this riven


so I cant find that riven anymore in my collection, so after this hotfix it revert back to veiled form and randomized to other specific weapon (Pistol, Kitgun, Melee etc..).?? I'm asking because I have 119 riven collection and some veiled ones, and I didn't  memorize all of it, and I don't know what I got in exchanged. Why not just revert back this bugged riven to Rifle instead rather than randomizing it to other weapon types.

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2 hours ago, BloodRavenCap said:

With all the things Revised update did right, I still think there are a lot of things that should be reworked or fixed.


I think everyone already talked about this, but I'll just tell what I think: yeah, the old abilities screen was a lot better. We've got some compensation in the abilities on the modding screen, but the thing is, you still have to fly the mouse over all the abilities to check out how one mod affected all the abilities - and I think we should see the changes immediately. Like a little table that shows all the abilities right there, on the modding screen itself. And when you put a mod that changes the stats, you can see everything right from the get-go.


Right now it's a great pain in the butt when you literally can't just see what weapons in your arsenal have a potato.

Also, it would be great if we could just access inventory with one button, because it really gets old when you can't just sell trash blueprints from the foundry or mastered weapons from the arsenal. Or just give us the ability to sell stuff from the foundry and arsenal. And why can't we see how much slots do we have in the arsenal itself? That's just too much, man.


When game proposes us to take a test for the mastery rank, the button that proposes to practice should be right below "the test" button - and it should be a lot bigger. Also, it's really, really annoying that we have fail-states in the practice modes. Mastery rank test, where I had to rescue a hostage and kill a lot of guards with just melee just made me tear out my hair in frustration. Figuratively, of course, but still. Why just not make the practice mode infinite, but if the player passes the test, you just show a prompt, if the player wants to leave practice? It would a lot more practical. Just look at Hotline Miami. You're killed dozens of times, but all it takes to reset you is just one press of a button. No awful loading times and screens.


I don't actually use it at all, but I've seen from the videos that there is still no dedicated button just to reset all enemies, so everyone has to waste time to go back to the console and reset them manually. And yeah, it's already year 2020, and we still can't test the modular weapons. Why? I can't just decide if I want this combination from the sheer number, I need to feel it! Please, DE, allow us to build kitguns, zaws and amps in Simulacrum to test them out, I beg you.

As we talk about combinations, we don't have a market mode, where we can just try out everything we want. It could be tied to Simulacrum, actually, and really would improve a lot of things - for example, I want to try out different combinations of cosmetics, but I have to buy everything separately and I don't know if it will look good.


Why we still have this annoying ???? in the Codex for mods? I want to know what every mod does and I will - I'll just have to link it in the chat, and yeah, it will waste my time, so why do we still have it? It does absolutely nothing? And it would be really, really good if you could select the mod and then click on the names of the enemies and modes below, just to check out where should we farm this mod. And drop chance with actual numbers instead of just color - I mean, "Bite" drops from Kubrow really rarely, but I have to go to the Wiki just to realize it's 0,01% drop chance. I need those numbers to realize, should I invest in the grind or not. Also, to have some system to sort mods out would be great - for example, I don't want to see the augments at all, because I just to want to check out mods that are only farmable from the enemies. And can we have the separation of enemies in the Codex? Keep usual ones and the ones from Railjack separate.


Talking about clickable, this shoud apply to the foundry to. Sometimes you don't even know where resources that we need come from - and it would be really great if we could click on them and get the information, where or from whom they drop. When I was building Gauss, two of his parts require materials from the Venus, but the third one needs stuff from Cetus. And I really didn't know that and I went to Fortuna just to realize that I had to go to Cetus.

Yeah, you could just say 'read the Wiki!', but come on, everything should be in the game and it should be transparent, so everyone can understand how to get things they want.


It would be actually great to see how much parts from the set you have - so there won't be situations, when you need two parts for something, but the screen just shows you that you already own the thing. Just make it like a little window, where under or above every prime part you see information, from what set this part is, how much parts do you have, etc.


When will we get a proper minimap rework? At this point it's really annoying that you have to waste so much time to look for things you really want to pick up. I understand that if we get different icons for every resource minimap will get cluttered. But can you at least implement different icons for Syndicate medallions and Ayatan Sculptures? We already have different icons for Cephalon and Somachord fragments. Nothing is more annoying when you understand how much Ayatans you just passed by in some fast mission, because everyone rushes to the exit.

While we're at it, maybe all Warframes should have loot and enemy radat from the get-go? I mean, really, what's the point in having TWO different exilus mods and another companion mod, when we should have had those things in the first place? For example, my friend started playing the game and it's really annoying how much time it takes to get a companion and when you just start the game you still don't have enough endo or warframe capacity to fit radar mods, when you really want to have something more valuable there. It's just old busted mechanic that should have been gone long time ago.


Cause we already started talking about loot and enemy radars, maybe you should think about a system of essential things for every frame? Or just give us additional cells just for mods, that don't take any capacity. Like, for example, we have three or four additional cells in every frame, where we can install loot and enemy radars, some resistance mods and sprint\parkour mods? Even health\armor maybe? Because everyone already have talked about Serration-like mods being essential in every weapon. Maybe we should get something like this for everything, including Warframes? Just to incentivize further variation in builds and at last have some space for quality of life stuff.

Thank you, I hope you will think about those ideas.



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