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Community Feedback Important Or Not?


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Hi DE,


Recently you have been quite vocal about community feedback and how it is important to listen to your players.


However, once again a fairly substantial update has come out that seems to be completely at odds with what the players are asking for.


There are many issues with the current key system - issues that instead of being fixed, or a different system being implemented, are just compounded in the latest update.


There are many issues with the Chat system, and the system for forming groups, and especially keeping the same group together after using a key for the void or derelict maps.


These issues have been discussed over and over and in great depth in this forum.


Instead of fixing the current system, another layer has been added on top of it.


A layer that further compounds the difficulty of creating a group, in that now the group has to co-ordinate and make sure each player is using a different dragon key.


And a system that punishes players if they have less than a full group.



When you talk about feedback, is there perhaps a difference between what I as a player consider feedback, and what you as a developer consider feedback?


Do we have our wires crossed here?


How can we as players, assist DE with constructive feedback, if it appears that the many many threads made on issues the community have seem to be ignored, or wilfully misconstrued?


Community moderators and admins, any lurking developers - if you are out there could you please assist us, the community, in formulating constructive feedback?


Is there a certain template we should use? What works best for us to get our message across?

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Some yes, Some No.

Cater too much to the whole balance arguments and you end up with ridiculous stats (Like SOE and Planetside, Yes I went there)

But Understand the core issues and discuss mechanics... what could be done better what needs to be tweaked... to make the game better...  

Instead of juggling stats! then yeah! you got a good community - developer dynamic going on there bro!

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Uh, un-stacking mods are gone, count me happy about this one. We now have mods that make abilities more relevant with a good reason to hang in the Derelicts. Those came in one update packed with fixes.


Without mentioning the upcoming Armor V2.0 that comes to FINALLY end the reign of rainbow builds and armor ignore weapons (a major complaint point from the community).


The community has millions of requests,  DE only has so many hands.


Presumably the chat is the next thing to be corrected. I don't know if you noticed but they have been revamping most UIs so far (foundry, arsenal, mod page, in-game option menu). 

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It comes down to what Kinperor said, really. There are just too many things to do with not enough people to do them. Feedback is always important, but there's a bit of a bottleneck between a several million person userbase and far, far smaller workforce at DE.

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There are many voices in the community.


Helping one voice may directly and negatively affect other voices.


What would you do?



Sustainable game concept.

Quality over quantity with flat scaling and no power creep.



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