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Scarlet Spear: 27.3.13


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7 hours ago, Kylo. said:

Imagine having no life and grinding 2^10 * 4 Intrinsics before this event.

Imagine having a life, and grinding out 2^10 * 4 Intrinsics before w.e event you speak of.

<--- Guilty!

Honestly it isnt all that bad, its just time consuming if you can only get a few hours of game time in per day.

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5 hours ago, --Q--FSK41 said:

Can we have the old enemies back,the current ones are more than pathethic,we wanted a more challenging gameplay,not paper enemies.


whaaaa? If you want challenging game play go past wave 20? Or break the meta and try different frames and builds? I think the new enimies are much better than the old, not being 1 shot by heavy gunners across the map who you cant even see...

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Happy Easter. Thnx for everything (seriously) thnx for the hard work. Garas 4th wall is wrongly causing staggers when you fire a ricochet weapon thru it even though the bullet passes thru it with out stopping... thnx staggers are super bad and now they are every where

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8 hours ago, joncro said:

You think maybe you guys can fix the issue with Rivens changing stats when traded and/or when viewed in the mods section?




I feel like this cheat both the buyer and seller out of a honest trade and more of a "black market" one instead.

I got the same bug.

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So can Garuda use her claws in Melee only missions yet ? ... 
have they fixed Revs Reave not working on many units (nox, sentients, space grineer, etc).
have the Ferrox finally stopped healing Ancient healers? are the builds still polar opposite for alt and primary fire?
can it even be buffed by warframes yet ?
can Mirage buff catchmoon yet?
is infeasted salvage still despawning units in wave 2?
have they fixed Acid\thermatic shells, combustion beam and Vulkan blitz yet ?? (they are bloody useless now!) 
is ESO still draining eff because the spawns are crap an they dont want people going endless in a endless mission ?

pull ya head in DE. no more new S#&amp;&#036;. fix what is in the game already. there is plenty of content here. you just abandoned it in favour of hopes and dreams which turned into Bugs and disappointment. 

here is a free idea for you. Conclave. remove warframes. make it Operator based. Tessin was suppose to teach us. use conclave to show us how he taught the tenno. 
this solve following issues. Movement system being OP, having to balance all frames, modding (because there is bugger all).
change the following. make maps smaller. increase op speed. reduce void mode duration. shorten void dash. 
need rewards. more cosmetics and pvp amps. 
small stories with tessin talking to the tenno. we now have a more functional PVP thats easier to balance and something for operators to do. 

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Hey DE. I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate the the work and thought that goes into this game. While others may disagree, you all do your best to improve Warframe. I liked this event. Something people have wanted was a more community themed event and you delivered. My favorite aspect of it is getting the "thanks!" transmissions from other Tenno. I've gotten a lot of Fashion Frame inspiration. 

To the people, while reading patch notes I've noticed sometimes people be demanding and rude when replying. Yes, they are some valid things being put forth, but their approach can sometimes be brutish. When suggesting changes and highlighting fixes please be kind and respectful. DE isn't just some entity. There are people, a person, that reads your words. Hold that with you when comment. 

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Il y a 11 heures, --Q--Candy a dit :

Scarlet Spear really isnt a great event. Hope you learned from this again and make the next events better! 


Also Takkov wants to remind you that Green is a nice colour.

Remember the water splash event...

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12 hours ago, Flaming_Warrior said:

Glad to see you guys are working on this! 🙂 Any chance you guys can fix the Tonkor’s detonation problem? Whenever you’re too close, the grenades don’t explode. Thanks in advance. 

It is true that is seized having a purpose as it was introduced as a way for you to not get killed by your own explosions. Wonder if they just missed it or they kept it as a feature for the Tonkor on purpose

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I hope Leyou and IDreamSky have nothing to do with the rocky release and final product of Scarlet Spear, and it was just a product of this pandemic. Please take all the time you need to fix the game and make Deadlock Protocol a good one. Ty for the Hotfix

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14 hours ago, HarissonLA said:

So this was probably the first time Warframe requested administrator privileges upon update, denying resulted in this:

Now, I would like to know what exactly is meant to be changed if I allow it and why there is no word in patch notes about it? Assuming "Optimization for network" is not on server's end somehow? Or this "firewall rules" bring changes chat, which is recently not working for many users?

It means that it wants to whitelist itself in the Windows Defender Firewall.

If you don't give it permissions then get in the firewall settings by yourself and whitelist Watframe-x64.exe (or whatever the main executable file was called).

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