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Scarlet Spear: 27.3.13


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19 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed "on hit" Arcanes

Why? I anything I would expand on hit and getting hit arcae behaviors to work with whoever is piloting the railjack for getting hit behaviors and any gunner for on hit behaviors. 


And have arcanes sork during arcwing.


Wy do you swing the nerf bat so liberally especially on a game mode nobody really likes because of how rng grind there is on basically a single mission type?


When I played phantasy star online I thought their drop rates werehoerible. However that was at best one or two layers of rng.


Here is rng for the secondary objective you want, an possiby the enterable deralict, then rng on if you get the thing you want, more rng if it is from the house subset yoy wat, then rng on if it has the sats you want.


And you have the gall to nerf things that provide any sort of consistancy and call it a fix?

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19 hours ago, Nosttromo said:

Arcane Pistoleer is not showing on the trade store at the scarlet spear relay

Only the eidelon arcanes are available. None of the arbitration ones are, probably because they are already pretty easy to get, at least compared to the eidelon ones.

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1 hour ago, Ymirison said:

It's a LORE event, not a FARM EVERYTHING TIL IM SWIMMING IN PLAT event. There is a difference. Hadn't gotten anything for awhile, and we get this banger of an event.

There is no lore besides, oh theres murex raid and ground space and the fact that theres Sentient War (which has been announced back then in Tennocon 2018), if it werent for the Farming Scarlet Credits or Intrinsics i wouldnt do the event.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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