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Loki Attack Bug


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I got an issue several times now, which made me think to post it here.


While playing Loki i recently got a bug that after i got hit prone by enemys, i was not able to use either my primary nor my secondary weapon and not being able to switch between them. In some cases i weren't even able to use my melee attacks.

That of course leads to a problematic gameplay ^^....


I couldn't find any similar case, that's why i started this thread.



I also glitched out of the map several times while wallrunning (no specific wall or map) and died after a few seconds falling into "nothing". When i finally died i spawned at a playerlocation on the map - dead of course...


If anyone knows tricks to avoid all this happening, i would appreciate it and be very thankful.




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First : The problem exit for a long time, whenyou get knockdown, some times the only way is to get knockdown a second times, you'll be able to use your abilities and weapons back... The problem still occur with any warframe (happen a lot with my frost vs corpus).



Second : Passing through the walls are another problems, It just happen to me in Dojo, I was able to a photo from the outside while falling and another when I died on the ground...


The solution : Not using Loki !!! XD

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