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An Imaginative Idea: Grineer Infested Variant #2


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Keep in mind, this is extremely un-detailed, there are some things that shouldn't be accounted for, here is the list:

A) The horns on the head.

B) The glass-like face, it should be either a) the proper mask, or b) an infected-like face.


Other things that seem horridly out of place.


The reasoning for this is that originally, that didn't start with the intention to be an Infested Grineer, just sort of... Happened.


The only actual Grineer Infected creature I -THINK- I've seen is the Charger, the rest are Corpus (maybe not the leaper), but this would be a Heavy sort of unit, usually from the Elite Grineer/Commanders.


Hope you like, at a foundation this is simply an imaginative concept I thought would be nice to share, look forward to the feedback!

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ok, let's test the horrific of our Space Zombie


the neck of this Grineer have been blow up,  and replace with a giant scary face of a Charge infested. And his body all been mess up. 2 arm, 1 leg and an extra bone been "make up" into a leg (the other leg was a Tail). Last is his chest become the...ehh... Some kind of fur on the Infested.



this Corpus, are not just being infested, his brain is literally get suck out of his head. Being mind-control is too main-stream to those guy and instead they just take over the body, and use it as a living transportation vehicle. plus some of his Leg-Arm seem to be rooter to bone


conclusion: NEED MORE...twisted :D

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