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Scarlet Spear: 27.3.14


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3 hours ago, TyphlosionToaster said:

No missions require you to board a crewship, nor is it the optimal way to deal with them. 

Using [Forward Artillery] lets you one-shot 'em, & make a Gian Point run end in 5 min. & if you're farming intrinsics, you can outright ignore the ones in scarlet spear. 

Thanks for the input, I was merely highlighting to DE that the fix they said they had fixed wasn't fixed, assuming they even bother reading these comments.

I'm not playing scarlet spear I'm trying to build my RJ in its own missions and I'm sure when i have something that is capable of surviving more then 20 seconds at Gian Point and doesn't feel like a whale to fly around then ill be at the point your at where your 1 shotting crew ships.

Currently I;m struggling to get there because every time I get halfway through a mission either a door wont open in one of the objectives or the crew ship crash gets me. I attached the bug link that I previously found to show what i meant as its been around for quite a while.

I have found a work around, if i blow up the crewship from the inside and then wait for it to explode it just puts me in my archwing so thats what ive been doing 🙂

Hopefully 1 day I can get a RJ like yours 🙂

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vor 23 Stunden schrieb [DE]Megan:

Hildryn - Shield Pillage Augment - Blazing Pillage
Enemies affected by Haven will be set ablaze for 200 Heat Damage and restore 50 additional Shields to Hildryn.

Getting infinite Power resourcces, while staggering enemies and buff my teammates?


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So, Titania Prime is to remain half finished as is?

Ok the objective difficulties due to the current situation but damn... it's 4 times in a row that you guys just do "comsetic touchups" and what should have been "day 1 hotfixes"




Titania Prime still present issues that make prime access unpalatable, compared to her deluxe skin she is significantly more expensive and offers less:

 Razorwing skirt wings look bad and/or incomplete: they are missing articulation and the energy effects used in her razorflies: each "wing" is clearly made of

                                        multiple parts, meant to spread open  with the void area each part filled with the same effect of her razorflies.

                                        Energy trail starting from Titania's lover back looks chap as well and incongruent... should be two trails, one per wing

                                        Deluxe skin is clearly superior: each section of the skirt opens for razorwing and has a gorgeous energy effect on the inside.

Razorwing emissive wings are cute but aren't togglable and can be quite a visual nuisance based on energy color, and make skirt wings look even worse

Front Skirt: Titania prime lost the two ugly dangling parts on the tips of her skirt but got two new "side bananas" that look quite ugly and seem untextured.

                                        They could be animated in razorwing to behave as canard wings instead of just... dangle there.

Color channels separation:  her primary color channel covers nearly 80% of her frame texture, too little color separation hamstrings customization;

                                        Gold accents/metallics on the body are mainly on the docked razorflies,with overall less metallic areas than basic Titania;

                                        Things improve a bit with the solstice skin: it adds metallic areas on her secondary channel, and more emissive areas on the body...

                                        Still, having to resort to a different skin for better color separation and customization on a new prime is to say the least embarassing.

Razorflies wing color is dependant on energy instead of emissive, it forces to choose between fashion and powers visibility: colors that would be good for visibility

                                        on tribute are bad on her armour and viceversa;

Armour accessoriest: Most chest armors fit badly and clash with her look, due to getting grotesquely upscaled, only edo prime "grill" looks half decent.

                                        Arm accessories conflict with her shoulder guards, most pieces leave a gap or clip with the shoulders;

                                        Legs accessories with pieces that cover the front won't look good due to not being properly scaled for her thin legs;

                                        Left nidina leg plates look particularly bad with their upper leg plate stuck awkardly on the front side skirt.

Siandana: many have noticeable clipping and/or phisics issues with titania prime, currently  Uru siandana remains flopping down while in razorwing at any

                                        speed, due to a bug that pins it under the roots of Titania's archwing;

Chest emblem placement can be problematic due to most emblems not conforming too well to her cleavage or not "flowing" with her torso;

"Walking" noble animation looks incomplete: it's evidently repurpuosed from wisp's with less hips swinging, "feels" and looks stiff as if lacking animation frames here

                                         and there and the fact that her skirt wings don't do anything, don't open, don't spread, it really needs refining.

                                         Dash, rolling and other maneuvers look bad due to using the standard walking animations

Exalted weapons: Diwata prime is visually nearly identical to the standard one while Dex Pixia prime simply lost the side "flanges" of the standard version.

                                         We don't have the option to use her standard skins or the deluxe skins.

                                         Diwata prime looks horrid in Razorwing when tucked under the wing, due to being disproportionate to the wing itself

                                         Razorwing melee currently targets enemy anckles, stunning Titania with ground collisions and generally missing the attack!

                                         No stat improvements from vanilla Titania's weapons... I would have expected something more here as is the norm for primed weapons!,

                                         Still no access to Acolite mods, Set mods don't work, no exilus slot or kuwa weapon-like extra capacity, no additional effects/mecanics.

Prime Helmet: this is were DE artists really nailed things, compared to her standard one this is much more interesting!


Powers rework:  all we got after 3 separate passes was few quality of life improvements that should have been there when the Silver Grove was introduced.

                           Lantern while finally functional could have been made into a combined function of spellbind and tribute freeing up a power slot.

                           Tribute now has 1 buff and 1 debuff relevant but its effects are still completely unmoddable, and why entangle doesn't affect all enemy actions?

                                Tribute "souls" have no actual use in game except making the buffs more annoying to use: they could be the focus for lantern using spelbind on them

                                 Casting a tribute on a lantern should add its effect to it similar to placing Wisps' buffs

                            Razorflies should be separated from razorwing and become their own slot, with behaviour controlled similarly to Venari and Celestial twin.

                                 Casting razorflies on a spellbound enemy or a tribute could be the new way to recreate the current lantern, adding synergies in her kit.

                            Razorwing could benefit from improved stealth when not attacking: currently using it in spy or stealth missions is impossible due to razorflies interference

                                  and makes poor sense that enemies home in on someting 10 cm tall more than a full sized archwing or frame;

                                  Also it would be time to "fix" the inability of razorwing of interacting with consoles, downed allies, doing parazon finishers etc

                            Exalted weapons feel worse than regular weapons due to missing access to several advanced mods, exilus slot, arcanes, kuva extra modding capacity

                                 Dex Pixia could really benefit from better innate fire rate or critical rate and its prime version really deserves a general improvement too

                                 Diwata lacks the ability of hitting multiple targets or to stun lock single targets, let it lock to headshot ... its so umpractical even razorflies do better




Tl:Dr Titania Prime's prime access feels really half-hearted in terms of actual effort from the studio,partly understandable due to the issues with Covid-19, but...

          The accessories are underwhelming with only the archwing skin being interesting while the siandana is not only ugly but doesn't fit with Titania prime in neither form

          Don't leave the murderpixie halfdone again, it needs love after all this years of neglect

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On 2020-04-15 at 1:02 PM, -AxHx-Vile said:

Why do you keep adding new things that probably almost nobody will even use, when there are so many abandoned aspects of the game that absolutely need "revising" / "reworking", etc?

So while I don't disagree there are SO MANY THINGS that need to be reworked, revised, upgraded, etc etc....

Why do you think most people won't use these?

The Grendel one is going to be very popular. We've been wanting a "Sonic Dash" ability on Grendel since we first saw Meatball!
Blazing Pillage seems so good that it may as well be required for all Hildryn builds going forward! Not because of the damage, but the extra shield gain.
I dunno about the Titania one (I don't play her enough), but the Harrow one seems really great for a support build, which... Harrow is a support frame, so it works! It means that *other* people doing damage and getting kills can make his 2 and 3 still very effective and useful!

I also highly doubt that creating 4 new Augments for frames that lack Augments takes away from any existing projects.

The problem isn't that things like this take away from the things that need to be worked on badly, but that they don't work on those things to begin with.

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Am 15.4.2020 um 19:29 schrieb -LOF-.XinesMC:

You guys are actually annoying.

Why are we annoying? because we want enemies that don't fall over dead when we shoot them with our Mk1-Braton?Because we want enemies we have to use builds against? Is it annoying to have to think about what you take and do in a mission? I find people like you unpleasant, that don't mind them taking the last little bit challenge of the game away. Endurance runs used to be interesting coz not everyone was able to do them,literally anyone with no brain and a melee can do them for 2 days coz level 9999 enemies  have the HP of a level 280 before update?Every enemy is pathethic by now.What do you even build weapons for now...magnetic? blast? cold? it doesn't matter.

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6 hours ago, EinheriarJudith said:

4 bandaid augments. shows DE has learned nothing.

Very useful and productive comment. Thanks for adding your perspective into this conversation.

I respectfully disagree with your opinion of the new augments and your disrespectful comments about the developer.

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On 2020-04-15 at 1:01 PM, -Antares- said:

1. Half of the Liset Prime skin can't be colored, it's always gray. Unacceptable, considering it's real money exclusive content, and I can't use it because of that bug. It's very old, yet still not fixed
2. For some reason you have both metallic and non-metallic parts colored as accents, which is just wrong. Remove non-metallic part from accents and add somewhere else, to tertiary, for exampleliset_prime.png

BTW, anyone who owns the Hate, you can't color the grey parts, is it supposed to be that way?

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Am 15.4.2020 um 19:02 schrieb RevanZim:

Interesting, thanks.

Also is it known why the Arbitration Arcanes are still not available from Little Duck? Patch 27.3.8 said this:

Which made it sound like ALL Arcanes were added. But they weren't. There's still 5 rare Arcanes left to add (Blade Charger, Bodyguard, Pistoleer, Primary Charger, Tanker). Why are they excluded?

If there is a particular reason and this reason is known, can anyone link me to a statement from DE explaining this discrepancy? Otherwise please add these Arcanes DE, this makes no sense right now. People that had a rank 3 in one of those 5 still need 11 more like anyone else now to max it.

How about go play arbitrations?

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On 2020-04-16 at 2:10 AM, Raso719 said:

I'm not sure I understand Harrow's augment... What is being shared? Are allies gaining life steal for that shot? Are they gaining reload speed/fire rate for a portion of time? Are they generating energy for themselves or for everyone in the effect's radius? Are you the point of origin for their AOE or are your allies?

Duration isn't applied. As long as the enemy is chained down by Harrow's first, you will recieve 50% of Harrow's thurible and pennance effects. And they don't apply to other allies, its only applied to yourself. That kinda needs a bit of common sense, cause it that were the case everyone would be recieving 150% energy, reload speed, life steal etc. Though it is DE afterall, I suppose they do let a few meta's go free and take over the world XD

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54 minutes ago, --Q--FSK41 said:

How about go play arbitrations?

How about go play Eidolons?

The whole reason these Arcanes are even offered was the change from 3 to 5 ranks (requiring 11 more copies of the same Arcane) and them not wanting to increase grind, since now you would have to grind twice just to get the thing you thought you already had. So why do this for almost all of the warframe Arcanes except for these 5?

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19 hours ago, RevanZim said:

But if you're offering almost all the Arcanes you can equip on warframes, why exclude exactly these 5? At least be consistent and offer all of the warframe Arcanes if Magus will not be offered at all...

Arcanes dropped by Eidlons are on the very first planet of the game, not locked behind completing the star chart. It makes sense that those are still solely Arbitration rewards.

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11 hours ago, VanFanel1980mx said:

BTW, anyone who owns the Hate, you can't color the grey parts, is it supposed to be that way?

Lots of stuff has uncolorable parts (many Tennogen skins included), or mixed metallic and non-metallic parts coloring together, it really pisses me off. But Liset Prime was something, that forced me to drop a topic on forums, because I literally paid for a content, that doesn't work as intended. Same goes for some tennogen skins, but I'm too lazy to describe every single problem. Maybe one day.

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20 hours ago, Staffo92 said:

Thanks for the hotfix and everything, but for real tho... please, please, please, fix the Razorwing melee to not target enemies ankles... please...

Please please please fix my favorit thing in the game .... jeez 🙂

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