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Not really convinced by these augments. Hitting 4 enemies isn't something you can pull of frequently with Titania, especially since range otherwise isn't grat on her. 10 Energy for a Leap seems a bit much for Grendel who's already energy hungry (and frankly: not really good), I feel like that one could have been a retrospective addition to his kit.

The Hildryn mods seems nice, though.

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Any word about changing the Spectra Vandal's acquisition? It's layered under three layers of RNG:

  1. Correct Veil Derelict must spawn.
  2. Cache must spawn inside the Derelict
  3. Cache drop itself

Not to mention that the Cache rewards are diluted with worthless drops along with how not hacking the Cache before the Skirmish ends nets you nothing.

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2 minutes ago, Skillzzpro said:

Can we get more fast travels? Like. Syndicates in relays. baro ki'teer. palladino at iron wake. maroo at her bazaar and so on? 

Like we already have at simaris on relays. and darvo. while i never use darvo deals i do alot on the others?

I agree with you, but fast travel for Maroo  seems kinda off to me. I mean, ur only going to have 1 fast travel anyway

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I'm not sure I understand Harrow's augment... What is being shared? Are allies gaining life steal for that shot? Are they gaining reload speed/fire rate for a portion of time? Are they generating energy for themselves or for everyone in the effect's radius? Are you the point of origin for their AOE or are your allies?

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Just now, -Antares- said:

1. Half of the Liset Prime skin can't be colored, it's always gray. Unacceptable, considering it's real money exclusive content, and I can't use it because of that bug. It's very old, yet still not fixed
2. For some reason you have both metallic and non-metallic parts colored as accents, which is just wrong. Remove non-metallic part from accents and add somewhere else, to tertiary, for exampleliset_prime.png

enough of it already


i mean cmone it good as it is nobody want to change it exept you / so why waste forum capacity by posting same stuff over and over and over again

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vor 10 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:

Harrow - Condemn Augment - Tribunal
Other players will proc 50% of the effects of Penance and Thurible when attacking chained enemies.

This will not solve Harrow being the most selfish support. It needs to give the effects of Penance and Thurible to allies hit by condemn, not just the enemies hit by it.

vor 11 Minuten schrieb [DE]Megan:

Grendel - Pulverize Augment - Catapult
Middle mouse button to launch Grendel in your aim direction. Costs 10 Energy.

That sounds like just a missing feature and not something that should be bandaided by an augment.


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