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Focus And Cryo Rounds Mods



So I've been very busy trying to obtain both mods. Being noobish, I've been following the wikia for the game on places to best obtain these mods. For Focus, the best way to get it is Captain Vor while Cryo Rounds is (for me) best obtained from Councilor Vay Hek.

Am I having a dry spell, or is the wiki wrong? I've run both 20+ times for their respected mods and I keep winding up with garbage, not counting blueprints.


After this massive unsuccessful bout of grinding, I decided to come here for some real help. Where is the best (and hopefully easiest in terms of level) way to obtain these two mods?

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Not sure about Cryo Rounds (I don't really pay attention to Common/Uncommon drops anymore), but I've found two Focus mods at 25 minutes on E Gate, Venus (survival). 


Focus at roughly that much time in survival sounds a helluva lot less repetitive than constantly killing Vor. I'll keep that in mind!

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