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Stalker Blueprint Drop Not Showing When Picked Up Neither In The Mission Rewards Screen.


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So, I just killed the Stalker and he dropped a blueprint. 


I picked up the pink orb and nothing appeared on the bottom of the screen. So I thought it would show up in the end of the mission and that was not the case. It didn't appear at the end of the mission and neither in the star chart Mission summary.


I do not know what weapon the stalker dropped. This is a legit bug.  In any case it was a Grineer Exterminate Mission. Level 45 Stalker. 

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Did it per chance show a bunch of stars instead?

That is a bug that happens when the host on a client with a different language.

But yes, I do believe a feature were all blueprints are show at the end reward screen, is in place.


No, I  was playing solo and I'm aware blueprints now drop at the end of the screens but this one he drops it into the floor and you pick up the pink orb. Nothing at the end of the screen. Just mods and resources. 


The Blueprints are no more droped in-game. Now the drops are stacked and received in the finish of the mission


I'm aware but nothing was shown when picking up the pink orb either at the end of the screen. 


did you check your foundry?


I did check the foundry but I do not see any weapon. I already had a Dread Blueprint and I already have Despair, I am just missing Hate. But none of these 3 weapons in the foundry. 


I had the same problem today on Xini... after killing Stalker and picking up the pink orb it did not display anything, just moved on to the next item I looted. The worst thing is that nothing is in the foundry relating to the Stalker.


Same issue as me then. 

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