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Tenno Mercenaries Recruiting! Become A Mercenary


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Hello everyone, come join us and help us grow in numbers so we can get to the next Clan rank


-have 85 plus members and growing bigger

-got majority (98%) of research completed, got an awesome obstacle course and many more

-Got a fully built Dojo and expanding with new rooms

- have active members that play together in voids, help out with regular missions and do orokin derelects together

-we take part in all contests as a team

-great communication btw members and a very friendly environment

- if you are a first time player, we will gladly help you figure out this game in matter of minutes as we hang out a lot in the Dojo and Chat tab

-If you have msg'ed me in-game and I did not reply back to you then I was most likely doing a defense or survival mission at that time. If I saw your msg/whisper then you most likely have an invite from Tenno Mercenaries waiting for you under clan tab in contacts :)


If this is the kind of Clan you looking for then message me in game or add me. Leave your name and comment on this forum and I will send you an invite to our clan, Tenno Mercenaries.


Peace Out and Enjoy Warframe!!

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I would love to join the clan


Seems like a lot of fun and I am taking your word that this is a friendly environment. Gotta love friendly small communities.


IGN: Excalibur215 (Yes, I did create that name before I knew a character was named "Excalibur". lol)

STEAMNAME: Excalibur (Feel free to add me there if you want)


Does the clan have a teamspeak or a raidcall server?

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How many people does your clan have that are in the USA Eastern & Central time zones?


I'm in the USA Eastern time zone & I mostly play on weekends.


I'd really prefer a clan where most members use mics only because I'm not good at typing into a chat box during very hectic missions & trying to stay alive.  Will you be requiring the uses of mics anytime soon?





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Invites have been sent to all players here. Some of you have msg'ed me in game while I was doing a survival mission. I apologize for not replying bck to u immediately.


--> Please check your contacts, under clan tab. You will have a invite from Tenno Mercenaries waiting for you.



Thank you for joining our clan, and we look forward to playing with all of you.

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