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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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I don't know who this warframe is, but seeing them do some akira-style gigantic-handed punch with all their weird tentacle-meat would be amazing.  Big impact, maybe a bit of a shockwave, sent some baddies flying or do some massive damage if they get slammed into a wall.

Oh!  Or maybe breaking into a big cloud of pieces and launching themselves at an opponent, surrounding and latching onto them to use their body as a temporary puppet.   Could have the puppet body act as a temporary health pool for the warframe, taking all damage for the frame until they die.

It might also be neat to have him take a page from Chroma's book and have the armored parts and his spindly white noodle seperate.  Maybe he could fling some of himself at the head of a target and turn them into an ally, lowering his armor in the process?

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Passive: Every shot has a % chance to fire twice expending 3x the ammo,


1st ability LoS targeted  - blink rapidly to up to X enemies while blasting them with ill harnessed void energy, each subsequent hit drains more energy per enemy for more damage.

2nd ability - you are yanked away from real space, while leaving a tear where you stood. In this blank void you are channeled ammo and health back. you may terminate early to exit before the full duration is up.

3rd ability -   Extend your influence to a small pocket, sending enemies into your tormented space, each enemy gives % weapon damage, higher value targets give you more. enemies take % health ticks

4th ability - Discombobulate your self to shoot X times huge albeit slowish energy blasts, each ally that it passes through gains a soothing heal/s of void energy and fights with increased vigour, gaining fire rate, reload speed and melee attack speed. enemies feel the void burning their essence applying a DoT and reducing % armor, also with a % panic proc (akin to fire procs)


A bit of this is the idea of an incomplete system while also the frames frankenstein monster origin tormenting it to belonging in that blank void in their mind, and sometimes in reality. I really wanted to get through the 4th ability should get a ripped apart frame, maybe using only energy color to recreate it in its disjuncted form to fire, and in this case it would not need to retain your cosmetics while you are in the ability, returning to form after it finishes. The 2nd ability could pull you out to a space colored by one of the color channels to customize, I envisioned at a very dark purplish room, which it would share with that 3rd ability cast.

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From the looks, I think it'd be cool if he could drop the body parts to infest an enemy with his tendrils and take control. Could also switch to another enemy from there but it'd be dangerous without going back to your parts because then your body wouldn't be protected therefore leaving you very vulnerable against attacks after a slight grace period. Maybe he could also take control of enemies around him if the enemy is an eximus or a non-generic enemy. Would be forced out by nulli bubbles and the like

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1. Copter: Rapidly spin and propel the warframe forward while cutting enemies along the path
2.Unstuck: Relocate nearby enemies to a chosen location

3.Power donation machine broke: Sacrifice warframe stats to improve nearby allies

4.Ability use prevented: Sends a wave of energy that disables all enemy special abilities, auras and weapons in the local area

Passive - Hotfix: Chance to cleanse debuffs and reverse damage when hit.


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Passive: Stutter

Every 30 seconds, broken warframe or one of his allies recieve a 3seconds 300% increase to one of their weapons properties (except damage). The weapon is random. The stat is random too. It CAN be recoil.)


Ability 1: Headshot ?

Deals 0 damage to target. Deals 100/300/500 damage to up to 3/5/10 targets that are at least 10 meters away.

Ability 2: /stuck

Broken warframe can freely travel through obstacles, grounds and walls while this ability is active. 

Ability 3: Disassemble/Assemble

Broken warframe splits into 3 parts, the player can choose which part to control at will. Those 3 parts are all playable in their own way but they all have Dissassemble/Assemble as one of their abilities.

-Neuroptics is an offensive caster

-Systems is a Support

-Chassis is a mobile disruptor

The parts do nothing while the player don't control them. If one of them dies Assemble is automatically cast.

I can't detail the parts's abilities as it would be against the rules.

On Dissassembly, Stuns ennemies for 1 sec within a 5 meters radius.

On Assembly, Gain 50% shield regeneration and 15% speed.

Ability 4: Generator

For the next 3/5/7 seconds, every ability of the broken warframe is replaced by 4 random abilities from 4 different other warframes. This includes this ability.

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I feel that rng abilties are humorous but noit  fun to play as. Hope some joke submisions are presented for a laugh I guess. But please don't penalize your own frame with debuffs.

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Health/Energy Charge/Overload passive:  When the Warframe collects energy and health orbs to the the point that it has full health and energy, excess fills up a meter. Once each meter is filled, energy will result in a radial shock that stuns enemies while health will provide a small health bonus to allies, both within a certain radius.


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Passive: After dying, the warframe will attempt to reform itself. If the parts are killed, the resurrection fails. Has a moderate cooldown, but allows to cast the 1 while resurrecting to help the process. Additionally, it self-repairs, regenerating a % of health each second.

Ability 1: A targeted circular area will be highlighted. Upon release, any enemy in the area will be left rooted to the floor by the energy - root things.

Ability 2: Leaves behind its physical form, being able to move through the battlefield. Can shoot energy orbs that deal moderate damage and ricochet between rooted enemies (non exalted, maybe draws from secondary?). Deactivating returns to cast location.

Ability 3: Warframe is unstable and explodes, dealing scaling radiation damage in an area. Costs % life. Returns  energy from killing affected enemies. Subsecuent casts increase area, damage and decrease health cost.

Ability 4: Receive a series of offensive, mobility and defensive buffs. These will rotate for the duration of the ability, each taking 1/3 of the total duration. Starting buff can be selected.

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1- the bonds of the abyss envelop the enemy and cause the rest periodic damage
2 - adaptation reduces damage taken
3 - summons the obsessed abyss sentient
4 - the abyss field deals periodic damage to enemies, stealing 5% health

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-Passive deal double dmg to stunned enemies

-first ability a dash that works and looks something like vanellope’s dash from wreck it ralph. When you dash therw an enemy you stun them 

-second ability you stun a large number of enemies of enemies around you. The stun could be cooler like you put your hands to the gronie and create an explosion that stunns them (only enemies that are not behinde walls are effected) the ability could have a limit to stunned enemies (could be increased by power strength ) 

-third break yourself into pices so only the white sceleton remains and that would give you evasion could be increased by power strength mods, the ability would grant mobility evasion and enemies that are touched by the pices would be confused

-fourth ability an primmary exelated weapon that would be shooting large projectiles with infinite pt (something like fluctus) and would have a small chance to stun an enemy 

I hope you see this :) 

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Passive:rage (name) gaghers rage from damage taken and damage dealt giving him boost in attack speed that scales by x percentage of equiped attack speed caps at x percentage and gives him armor x percentage to base armor he also has no shields (need more frames like nidus and inaros)


1st ability: (siphon){name} latches tendrils to enemies and siphons health of them. Scaling by power strength and duration 

2nd ability: (blinding dash) he blinks a shorts distance and instantly blinds enemies surrounding him opening them up for finishers killing enemies blinded by this abilities allows him to gain more rage


3rd ability: (void channel) he channels energy of the void through himself to enhance his abilities and survivability at the cost of rage stack


4th ability: he channels a concentrated ammount of void enegery through his entirety allowing him to wield 2 swords made purely from void energy (hybrid exalted weapon) 

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