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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive : Gains health by walking over dead body parts     


1- Loses all body parts allowing him to be all vold energy allowing him to move faster and take no damage

2 - Allows him to transfer his vold energy into an enemy allowing him to take control of his enemy body

3- with everything insight and in range allows his vold energy to shoot out his body ripping enemys apart

4 - allows him to turn into 1 of his 3 teammates allowing him to use their mods they on at the time and allowing him to use their abilities only their 1,2 & 3 because the 4 Ability will change him back to him self  

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I take "Broken" as failing to perform a function, and what functuon is better to aspire to than every function? Flavourwise I am imagining an attempt at everythingframe going horibly wrong due to all the demerits. For ease of reading I'll call him "Able", but this is a terrible name.

Passive: He has a modable "weapon" called Potentia. There is no weapon but mods affect other things. It takes Rifle mods. (probably a bad idea, but the slots have some bad polarities, like forma'd by someone with no idea what they are doing, like two Vazarins)

Additionally Able is more effective with enemy weapons because he can use them to the point of breaking.

To be exact:If he starts a mission with unfilled weapon slots some enemies carrying usable weapons of apropriate categories will be marked (for example Lancers, while having no primary). Killing the marked enemy drops the weapon, and Able can pick it up. He supercharges the weapon, applying Potentia mods, but also his Power Strength to it. Other than that it's a normal weapon as accessible to tenno. The weapon is under an immense stress: guns break if reloaded, melee breaks if combo counter resets.

Executing Thrash(1): Able grabs an enemy who's movement is interupted by extending one arm and finishes breaking them with the other.

To be exact:Able rapidly pulls an enemy towards himself (and himself towards the enemy if airborne). If at the time of casting the enemy is under a potentially immoblilzing effect, like Fire status effect or inside Limbo's Stasis the enemy takes 600 + 600 for each of such effects (affected by Potentia mods) damage on impact. The damage is of the same type as the supressing Status or Impact if no statuses are present. If the enemy is not suppressed Able deals only the base 600 (affected by mods) damage and is ragdolled on impact (usable for mobility sometimes).

Damage Purge(2): After a longish animation the tentacles lash out fully healing and cleansing Able of Status effects and inflicting enemies around with random Status effects, but reducing his maximum health by 10% for 25 seconds divided by Power Duration (stacking up to -50%)

Macabre Reconstruction(3): While draining energy tentacles grab severed or overwise separated bodyparts in a small radius and attach them to armor attachment points giving up to 60% damage reduction for 6 gibs. If the body is whole enouth(a single hole, good enouth to do a death animation), it instead is raised as a weak melee fighter with the wound being covered in energy. Any enemy within 20m of either Able or one of the puppets sees them as abominations and prioritizes them as targets over anything. There is no aditional energy drain for the puppets but they have around 10% of the original's HP.

Shards of Everything(4): At the beginning of the mission Able gets 6 random abilties in a selector(like Ivara). The abilities include warframe abilities, eximus actives, Precepts, Lich Abilities and anything else that isn't a big hassle to adapt. No warframe abilities that have prerequisite abilities or special resources. Any ability using weapon mods uses Potentia mods. For Precepts Able is still considered the player. Warframe abilities have drasticaly lower chance of appearing. Rig skeletons not matching well is not a problem, it serves to sell the bad copying.

After use an ability it has an (average of ability-affecting stats divided by 4) chance of breaking for a minute divided by Ability Duration (Percepts have a cooldown anyway). Non-traditional abilities have a base cost of 10 energy, deal double damage and are still not affected by mods. One of the abilities is always from a squad member(including companions).

While standing still and cycling the selector the tentacles on Able's body emmit bursts of particles to indicate the source and purpose of selected ability to help remembering what it is(Source with special symbols like the lich one, purpose with polarity symbols like Madurai for nukes)(the abilities are named in the selector, but the help is nice).

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Passive: {master of assembly} when the bleed out count down begins (name of broken warframe) will explode scattering its parts, (name of broken warframe) can reassemble its self by moving toward its scattered (highlighted) parts or by hooking itself to the scattered parts using void tendrils (just look at highlighted parts). Allies can pick up (broken warframes) scattered parts and bring it to the bleeding out warframe to speed up the assembly and revive the warframe.


Ability 1:{ burst} (name of broken warframe)  Launches a random limb at a target to ether cause a void explosion or the grapple to a wall or ceiling trough void tendrils


Ability 2:{Disassembly} Using the voids power and (name of broken warframe) max shield capacity, can decide to make a void clone of  broken warframe and the equipped Primary weapon. the more clones made the less shield and armor is left on the original warframe ( max of 5 clones)


Ability 3: {consuming void}  (name) will expand the void energy to launch out void tendril from its back to attack depending on who are most dangerous and hold them up  and steal their health.


Ability 4:{Gear 2...I couldn't think of a name} (name of warframe) will take specific exalted weapons and throw that idea out the window and will be the exalted weapon, like burst the warframe will throw kicks and punches with extreme reach with an explosion at each impact, the style of kicks and punches will have its own stance. (its just a warframe with the gum gum fruit)



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I kind of picture it being almost like equinox in that it has multiple forms based on the three primary colors it has those being red, black, and white

I've tried to keep each form to a sort of theme, 

The black focus is an assassin/spy lithe almost feminine, turn enemies to allies, snipe from afar, or slid the knife in when it suits you, for when close up isn't doing it for you

The white focus is a lumbering knight, armoured, slow to move but physically powerful, it deals crushing blows either with melee or it's exalted weapon

The red focus is a savage beast, soaked in blood, it focuses on the biggest threat and rips it apart, restoring itself both physically and mentally in the process.


Passive: 3 strikes, any time this warframe would take fatal damage one of the three sets of parts of is disabled and it regains 50% health and is invulnerable for 3 seconds. It is reset upon using a revive, but as a tradeoff there is no or very little bleedout timer. Additionally there is a 10% chance for abilities to malfunction and do damage equal to the abilities cost when cast.


First ability, mode switch, the operator switches their focus and becomes more in tune with one of the three sets of parts that make up this frame,

Black frame- this focus grants a bonus to sprint speed, doubles, finisher damage and raises the threshold for parazon finishers allowing for finishers to be used more often,  as a trade off health, armor, and shields are lowered, 

White frame- this focus grants increased armor, a 10% bonus to melee damage and melee attack speed, and an 80% resistance to knockdowns, as a trade off, sprint speed and  health are reduced

Red frame- this focus grants increased health, a 10 % bonus to all damage, and regenerates 10 health points per kill, as a trade off this frame has reduced armor and sacrifices all shields.


Second ability void binding, it shoots the void vines at enemies and the effect changes based on the focus from the first ability 

Black focus- the vines bind the targets limbs, opening them up to finishers for 4 seconds as the vines turn them into puppets that fight on your side while doing damage over time for X seconds, mid to longish duration,  the idea is to do finishers on powerful enemies and let the vines control weak ones that would die from the DOT

White focus, the vines shoot in all directions immobilizing up to X enemies they touch for a short duration, while bound any any damage done to a bound enemy is inflicted with 50% efficiency on all other bound enemies, ex. Doing 100 damage to one bound enemy means all other bound enemies take 50 damage each. 

Red focus, the vines bind a single target for a long duration, during which it takes X% more damage from all sources, upon death all allies within X meters are instantly healed for 25% of their max health.

3rd ability, past glory, sacrifices up to 50% health to give a party wide buff based on the current focus that lasts X seconds

Black focus, gives reload speed, gun damage, and ammo per kill

White focus gives, melee damage and melee attack speed, and health on kill

Red focus, gives power strength, duration, and energy per kill

The percentage of all above stats and the buff duration are based on the amount of sacrificed health and the ability cannot be recast until the duration runs out.

4th ability, double down, use void energy to suppress inactive aspects and enhance the current one, cannot shift focus while active, cannot shift focus for X seconds after deactivating. Increases the passive effects of your current focus such as red focus gets even more health and regenerates 20 health per kill but it now loses even more armor. 2nd and third ability also get stat increases.

It will also activate an exalted weapon based on the active focus. 

Black focus, an exalted melee weapon, either a dagger, dual dagger, whip, or sword and whip, something very assassin like or exotic. It has high status chance and does a mix of slash, puncture, and toxin but no impact.


White focus, either a charge based weapon like opticor or drakgoon or a grenade launcher like penta 


Red focus, an exalted dual secondary, I'm thinking dual shotguns similar to twin kohmak or something like akstiletto, full auto very savage,


As I said before I tried to keep each focus to a theme even as I tried to mesh those themes together. I did it like this because of the description.

'Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void Energy.'

I took three warframes and stuck them together. The parts carry the 'essence' as it were of the original warframes but the void energy meshes them together so instead of twelve abilities you get four with three distinct flavors each. A self buff, a crowd control, a party buff, and an exalted weapon.

The broken part is mostly shown in the passive which is why it has so many healing abilities otherwise it would fall apart. The operator who put it together was obviously in dire straits but clever enough to balance the three frames personalities without compromising combat capability. I hope I've managed to stick to the idea adequately. I really think we need more transforming frames.

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Posted (edited)

the broken frame ability package

1st Ability (void steal) the broken frame plunges its hand/arm(in which void tendrils extend from) into an enemy on the cursor or retina and drains of health from it but is unable to move in the process (animation isn't long).

2nd Ability (dashing branches ):the frame extends its tendrils form both arms forward and form quick spikes to impale enemies in its sight and covers a reasonable distance and retracts killing enemies and if some are left standing will suffer puncture damage

3rd ability (tactical detatchment): the frame seemingly widens(slightly detaches) its limbs with void tendrils to reduce damage taken for a limited amount of time (the frame can move in this state)

4th ability (destructive awakening): the frame lets out a burst of void energy depending on the school the players operator has equiped do deal an AOE of elemental properties , energy with damage included ( during the cast the void tendrils disappear and become the energy while the frame falls down on its knees and at the end of the ability the tendrils return to the frame.) 

and i think this frame should appear in the new war if we lose the war and we don't have access to our warframe and as a tenno we have to survive on our own on lua (a chance for operator melee or unlock more powers) where we use those void tendrils to make a frame that can act as a substitute until we can claim our old frame

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Guess I'll shotgun my ideas.


1. Unit Cohesion, the more affinity you aquire as a squad the more bleed out time for all squad mates, and companions. In addition the team when nearby will receive a boost to accuracy, reload, an movement speed while aiming down sights.

2. Orders, selet between 1 of 4 commands to grant various buffs for allies and yourself.

* Attack: adversaries marked will take additional damage from team however you will not receive this buff.

* Defend: when allies remain within 15 m of you everyone receives armor bonus, stagger and knockdown resilience.

* Loot (or pillage): If any lockers or crates are opened within your vicinity the resources and credits obtained are doubled.

 * Escort: those around you move faster, but you take all aggro.

3. FIRE (Devs can pick better name), Summon the spirits of Dax soldiers who you shared a battlefield with to fire at your command. (longer held more damage)

4. Rally, your service in the old war inspires all allies nearby to have increased damage, shield regeneration, and melee speed. (animation involves frame slamming old war banner into ground. Creating a sigil of energy that invigorates team)

Best of luck to all. Cannot wait to see who's ideas are chosen.

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Azazel, The Sacrificed, The Broken.

Azazel's incomplete form is the result of a long lost battle against the Sentients while holding a position long enough for an entire city to evacuate. Once he fell, his remains where scattered through the system as retaliation, never to be whole again. The Broken preys on enemies to harvest energy hoping to bring back his former glory. Once a gilded knight, traces of what he was appear when enough energy is collected.
His decaying body cannot hold it for long, though. So he jumps into battle again and again hoping to become what once was and shall never be again.

Passive: Entropy.
The Broken's Void energy cannot be contained by his lacking body. Azazel starts with maximum Energy that depletes over time. His abilities are different ways to regain lost Energy while affecting friends and foes. 

1 Ability: Reach.
Azazel Infected core reaches out to a target in the form of a tentacle that whips out viciously. It deals damage equal to the equipped melee weapon, but holding the attack button makes it grapple the target to syphon Energy from it.

2 Ability: Switch.
After a successful grapple, The Broken Warframe misshapen body exchanges parts with the targeted enemy (thus re-directing enemy fire towards target) or ally (drawing fire from that ally to itself) for a short time.
During that period, every damage the target gets recharges Azazel's Energy.

3 Ability: Glitch.
Azazel's shields malfunction briefly allowing him to absorb damage, effectively transforming 1/3/5/7% of melee damage received and 0.5/1/2.5/4% of ranged damage into Energy. 

4 Ability: Shift.
The Void can bring things from the past into the present.
Azazel's Void Energy rises materializing the Prime manifestation of Azazel. For a time Armor is doubled and Energy is depleted completely.

Abilities 1-4 during Shift.
1- An arch of Void energy emanates like a lightning whip, dealing energy damage. No cost during Shift.
2- Azazel teleports to and switches places with a targeted foe or ally. If the target is a foe, every damage it takes adds duration to Shift. If the target is an ally, every damage it deals adds duration to Shift. No energy cost during Shift, cancelling or re-activating this ability negates all the Shift duration bonuses obtained.
3- Azazel armor emits a powerful aura that pulses thru enemies and allies alike, damaging with Radiation the former and restoring Shields of the latter. No energy cost during Shift, but it has a cool down.
4- Azazel's Prime form goes nuclear, dealing Void damage to all surrounding enemies and giving all the surviving foes a weakness to energy damage.

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Broken warframe interpretation

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy.

It looks to me that Broken is held loosely together by the orokin white tree magic roots. Broken appears to be made from three main warframes, rusty blue and white. Or this could be states of decay.

Broken sounds like he has lain in an orokin mass grave since the time of the old war. Dormant and not one of the original Orokin disigns this warframe is unusual. I imagine he never had a specific tenno master but his bodyparts recall transference.

Possibly we meet him first as an unaffiliated specter like in "the new strange" We can trace him back to a mass grave for his Blueprint.
Systems can only be found while wearing a Grustag Bolt, after being defeated by the G3.
Nuroptics can only be found in the Zanuka recovery mission.
Chassis, should be something to do with the infested... Maybe can be found from any infested unit but only if you are playing with zero mods equipped like the Grendal maps. I really enjoyed that challenge but no longer have any motivation to play like that now that I have Grendal.



Passive: fragile
Broken is has a tenuous grip on life. He has damage gates, at 75,50,25% damage taken a body part falls off, reducing his armor by 33%.
body parts can be collected again (pickup or walked on?) to restore the 33% armor and 20%of max hp
at the last 25% Broken is naked and looks like a mass of white magic tree roots, has 0 armor. (unless he uses Empathy to hide his nakedness)
Base stats would have very high armor, high health, very low shields

Also missing body parts does not slow the Broken warframe at all. He is able to cast all abilities while reloading, wall latching ect.

First: Empathy
Broken is empathetic towards the recently/almost dead, He can teleport to a corps and relive their last moments.
On enemy
    this ability can be cast on Grineer, Corpus and Infested corpses. Broken takes on their appearance for XXseconds and passifies nearby enemies of that faction (aka Baruuk).
    This can be used similar to invisibility for stealth finishers and would be good in spy maps as all the door and lazer walls identify you as an ally. Particularly good for the Kuva rescue mission doors.
    Also useful in arbitrations to give everybody a bit of breathing space, though the arbitration drones will remove all your other buffs.
    You can lose invisibility (if you have it) but remain cloaked when using abilities/weapons.
    When combined with Life-touch, stealth finishers are instant and there is no animation. If Life-touch is active it cannot create corrupted clones from killed units.
On allied Warframes
    this ability lets you relive their last moments while also instantly reviving a downed player. for XXseconds you appear as that player and your 2,3,4th abilities are replaced by theirs. Recast #1 to end the empathic link early.
    Reanimate, Reinforce, Life-touch cannot be cast while imitating another warframe.
Second: Reanimate
Sacrificing all your shields, any bodyparts that have become abandoned by you regenerate. Gaining a life of their own they become a specter of you. As an ally they have no weaponds and can only melee attack with your life-touch.
Enemies killed by your reanimated corpses cannot generate corrupted units, that would feel too much like a zombie and fill the map.
Specters have passive health drain, after which they go back to being a bodypart pickup.
This ability is to be very high risk/reward. Will you play it safe and regenerate your own HP, collecting every body part? Or will you leave them for reanimation, buff them with Reinforce and try to clear the area with sturdy allies and zero armor and zero shields.
Cast Reanimate while active to bring back all your bodyparts from where you lost them across the map. Restoring armor and shields but not HP.

Third: Reinforce
Life giving energy of the void explodes above you. Any allies within range receive a random "Reactant Buff" (possibly at half strength). If there are less that 4 allies in range then instead an allied Corrupted unit is spawned from the void.
If this buff hits a specter generated by Reanimate or life-touch, then its HP is increased by 50% of current.

Fourth: Lifetouch
Thousands have died to give you life, now it is your turn to live. For a short time the magic tree roots swell to fill in all the gaps of your warframe, smoothing it over.
Let you use an exalted fist weapon. looks like you are giving them a high five. Finisher animation is slow and can OHKO 5 units.
On deactivation, any unused kill charges reduce the cooldown.

Exalted palm
Status and critical chance is the same as your power strength
only 10 impact damage to start with, you are being gentle with this attack. Each time a target has been finished off, this palm gains ~100 viral damage as his infested flesh reacts to the new death/life.
if high HP then likely to get a lethal finisher 80% chance at max HP, 10% at 1HP.
Finisher activates max of 5 times, takes 200ms by default, during which time you are both invulnerable. The roots grow out of your palm overcoming the opponent.
On kill, if low HP then likely to get a corrupted clone 80% at 0HP, 0% at max HP.

This ability is a panic button to be rarely used. Primarily for challenging units like Nox, to be used similar to the old [Covert Lethality] dagger mod. Do you attack a high HP target to make it go away, or a low HP target to get an extra ally? The 5 KO limit is to prevent modding it for attack speed and nothing else.
Even when it does not activate has a good chance to benefit from [Condition overload], [Healing Return] and [organ shatter].



How to use?

In easy maps, this Broken warframe will not be very exiting. I'd probably activate Reinforce and leave it at that. Or try to complete a steath run by empathizing and then killing unalerted enemies.

But in hard maps where you and your allies are dying it becomes more interesting. There should be a reall ebb and flow in the battle as you occasionally swarm the enemy (But only once you are almost dead). Lifetouch could either be used on the final challenger, or to initiate combat taking the most dangerous target out of play, but not both due to its cooldown.

imagine arriving last to a mobile defence because you have been collecting all your bodyparts from the previous fight. All three allies are downed. You cast Empathy on the trinity, then manually revive the last two. Cast a blessing (because you are good at the game and remember what trinity does) Then return to your normal body for a Reinforcement buff as you are still surrounded.
If you have taken a lot of damage reviving you might Reanimate, or just go for a priority target with lifetouch.
By then you have spent all your abilities and energy and have to rely on weapons and team mates to stabilise the situation.

If it is a long protracted fight you might want to flee to another room, double tap reanimate then come back in as one solid unit. Or you might try to hold out and hide among your summons, taking on the appearance of an enemy and cheekily buff allies.

In ESO, you will be safe for the first few seconds due to your high armor. If they do a high burst of damage to you in the beginning you can cast Reanimate to shield your true self with shadow clones, or quickly pick up the pieces to restore your armor. Once you have your bearings go with a Reinforcement and try to maintain that ability at all times. Both the extra allies and the Reactant Buff will help other warframes in ESO with you. I don't imagine you will want to solo ESO with this character. but you could help another warframe a lot.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this feels like a warframe that has been found in a mass grave and re-animated by void energy due to the arrival of the Sentients. Broken does not want die again and does not like to see his new friends downed.



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Theme: cycle through different ability sources to optimize against the current enemy.

Passive: Shield damage is converted to energy

1.TBD: Cycle between Fire, Frost, Shock and Toxin damage (like how Ivara and Vaubaun cycle). Damage all nearby enemies with that damage type and prime them

2. TBD: Cycle between Fire, Frost, Shock and Toxin. Deal heavy damage of that type to a single enemy. Damaging a primed enemy deals bonus damage of the combined type between first and second ability (Mag, Corr, etc.) and deals that damage to nearby enemies. This can cause a chain reaction of damage procs.

3. Assimilate: Lash out at an enemy and tear a part of them off giving you a bonus to your Shield, Health, or Armor depending on the enemy.

4. Fusion: Attach yourself to an ally allowing you to cast your abilities from their location and blocking damage.


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Posted (edited)

Passive - 50% energy regen (held together by void so why not)

1st Ability - Annihilation - Assemble primary weapon and arm into a void damage dealing railgun/plasma cannon; Ability scales off of primary weapon mods and frame so maybe exalted weapon (Old War so sentient killing ability is needed).

2nd Ability - Reunion - Enhance self and allies damage, regenerative, and defensive capabilities(buffs damage, energy, health,maybe armor).

3rd Ability - Entanglement - Using the void, tether and incapacitate enemies in a 15 meter radius(base) and increase loot drops such as health, energy orbs, and ammo; Enemies caught share damage taken across the board.

4th Ability - Collapse - Combine health and energy values into one bar (multiply to get collapse value) and value of the bar is base amount of damage dealt while collapsed, all other abilities are activated while Collapse is in use. As duration of Collapse decreases so does value of collapse in increments of thirds(base)(30/20/10s)(15K/10K/5K); Enemies are entangled in a 20 meter radius (base). 

Emphasized moreso on the void part since it's around 25% actual frame.

Health: 100, Energy: 150, Armor: 150, Shields: 100

Edited by (PS4)Reign1368
Clarifying passive ability

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Passive: HAPPY ACCIDENT: - Equipping a mod in a warframe slot with the wrong symbol increases it’s strength/effectiveness by 15%.

Ability 1: GHOST IN THE MACHINE: -Can be cast on terminals to instantly autohack. Can also be cast on protection terminal targets to either: Speed up countdown timer by 5 seconds OR increase its health OR increase its shield. (Health and shield go back to normal when ability duration ends.) 

Ability 2: SHORT CIRCUIT: - Emits a radial aura that looks like a live wire shorting out around the warframe. Throughout ability’s duration lose health.  Zaps any robotic enemy that it contacts, disabling them for 10 seconds. Confuses any other enemy type it effects for 10 seconds. Each enemy effected recharges the Broken Warframe’s energy by 25.

Ability 3: WALL HACK: - Highlights enemies (through walls and floors) in a radius that’s boosted by equipped mods. While ability is active, any equipped weapon can shoot through walls/floors.

Ability 4: GLITCH CANNON (Exalted Weapon) - Energy from hand swirl out to meld parts of Broken frame into sentient-style energy weapon. Saps energy  instead of using ammo.
Alternate fire mode makes a hole in the fabric of space on the ground that enemies can fall through, warping them somewhere random within 250 meters and proccing radiation. Broken warframe can fall through the hole to randomly teleport away from danger as well.

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(From what I read of the theme, this frame feels like a Frankenstein/zombie thus my idea for its abilities is about juggling corpses and body parts in order to fuel its abilities)


1: void tendril: The void energy holding the body together lashes out at a nearby enemy tearing them apart.

2: armour of the dead: The frame pulls in the corpses and parts of fallen enemies Granting a bonus to the nearby squad mates and itself (choosing armour, shields, health regeneration or energy) (More parts would equate to a larger bonus).

3: shred: Nearby fallen enemies are torn apart (generating more parts for ability 2 and 4) if a squad mate or the frame are on a body as it is torn a small amount of health is granted to that frame.

4: entangle/horde: Body parts of fallen enemies that litter the battlefield are reanimated and (option 1)hold enemies in place, (option 2) chase and attack enemies.


Passive: the more corpses/parts that are around the frame grant it a damage bonus. (As abilities are used parts are consumed lowering the bonus)

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Warframe passive: 1 additional revive by default

1st: "Rocket Punch"

Your fist becomes a grenade and your arm, the grenade launcher. Deals explosive damage in 5 meter radius from impact.
Fist reassembles after detonation.

2nd: "No pain, no gain"

For duration, convert 10% of all damage taken to health into power strength. Power strength held until expended by next warframe ability.

3rd: "Raw Deal"

Sacrifice all shields, radial discharge strips all nearby enemies of all shields and armor

4th: "Temporary Sacrifice"

Self-destruct, exlposion carries shrapnel doing puncture damagfe to all enemies in range
Warframe reassambles self, after exploding. Self-destruct does not "down", broken warframe.


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Posted (edited)

Ok so his passive will be that if he starts to bleed out the enemies corpses will be grabbed onto by his roots/tendrils that we see is holding his limbs together.

similar to ember or gauss he has a meter on the side which shows all damage absorbed this damage is turned into void energy and fuels his 2nd 3rd and 4th abilities his first ability will be usable by picking up energy normally, but because only his first ability uses energy his energy pool will be very low which also enforces the idea of the warframe being broken.

  1 ability - He is able to launch/stretch his arms forward using the roots/tendrils to grab the enemy, enemies grabbed will be overloaded with void energy(they will take void damage).

2 ability - he is able to absorb all incoming damage and increase the meter, if ability used again he releases a stream of void energy reminiscent of captain vor's janus key and is rooted in place by his roots/tendril he is able to turn 360 degrees but cannot move.

3 ability - He is able to use the void energy he stored and buff him and his allies with void energy as long as his allies are near him similar to chromas elemental ward, this ability will overcharge his allies and increase their ability strength and movement speed slightly.   

4 ability- Using all stored void energy his body parts and roots/tendrils move around trying to fix his broken body, but instead changes him into a quadrupedal amalgamation, enraged at his imperfections he becomes wild and is basically a beast.  In this form you cannot use your weapons but have teeth formed from void energy and roots/tendrils, being quadrupedal you gain higher movement speed then base form and are able to climb/run on walls or ceilings, using the first ability in this form makes you grab an enemy and pulls your body onto the target then drain its life force by biting into them which changes into void energy to keep the form up, when void energy depletes you change back to normal. you can use duration mods to slow down the void energy drain. you can also mod the teeth just like Excaliburs blade or valkyrs talons. with your new void teeth  you can rip apart enemies similar to the attack venom does in marvel vs capcom 2 except it would be roots/tendrils and not symbiote and it would be a mixture of bites and wild swings with your mouth extending out and then retracting when not attacking.


Venom (Marvel Vs. Capcom) GIF Animations

I really just went all out here and some of my ideas may be hard to implement  but i really love my concept for moves and wanted to share it with the warframe community. 

Edit: I couldn't think of ability names sorry. 


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1 (Nullifying Pulse):
    /* Blue/Corpus */
Shoots his blue arm up it pulses outward with a short-lived (1s) outward
    bursting nullifying orb that makes enemies attack each other (radiation 
    proc?), and Nullifying Nullifier orbs 🙂 . Arm regrows 
2 (Armed Assault): // I'm sorry, I had to...
    /* Red/Grineer */
Shoots red arm as a rocket lancher that explodes, and staggers enemies.
    Regrows arm.
3 (Infested Growth):
    /* White/Infested */
White leg detaches and becomes an arachnid-like creature that jumps on the
    specified enemy, and mind-controls it for a specific amount of time.
4 (BFG):
    /* Energy/Sentient */
Entire Upper body turns into cannon that can be charged (With increased
    energy drain) to release a massive energy cannonball (Takes a while to

Consumes health instead of energy (Since he is using his own body!), but
    Regenerates health automatically at a rate that is hopefully balanced, OR
    Regenerates health with energy mods/arcanes/abilities/pickups

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restores 1.5 energy per second  OR  permanent mission buff after reviving teammate OR buffs after each death of self or teammate

Ability 1

launches tendril at enemy, killing them and stealing energy OR gains their element resistances OR replenishes shields 

Ability 2

Creates an area that drains the energy/removes shields of enemies in it and gives the energy to teamamtes

Ability 3

tendrils spike out to a certain radius and opens every inaccessible locker in that radius

Ability 4

exalted energy tendrils weapon OR changes into a broken beast form with speed and attack buffs (i think the second one is cooler)

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I like the idea of a broken warframe trying to repair itself with the parts of enemies, but only managing to do so temporarily. Kind of like a reverse 3D printer.

Passive: Reassemble - Using warframe abilities and killing enemies drop parts. Parts grant buffs based on faction (such as armor from grineer parts) temporarily. If the warframe manages to gather enough parts it becomes assembled for a short time gaining power strength and being able to cast abilities at no cost for a short time.

1st ability: Disassemble - Disarms and causes the enemy to take true damage based on its maximum hp. If the enemy dies while affected by this ability it drops a guaranteed part and any remaining duration on disassemble is transferred to a nearby enemy.

2nd ability: Segmented shielding - Creates levitating shields using parts that block incoming projectiles and strike at nearby enemies dealing impact damage and staggering them.

3rd ability: Eject Components - Shoots out all parts in a circle dealing damage based on the amount of parts, damage type is based on the part. Guaranteed status procs.

4th ability: Splintering Wave - Shoots out a wave in a cone that lifts enemies up and begins to disassemble them. Enemies being disassembled become disarmed and lose armor and shields at a rapid rate. Shooting at the enemies causes them to take extra damage based on power strength and have a chance to drop extra parts.

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Void Energy. This warframe has no shields, instead it has health regeneration. This warframe does not have a typical energy pool, instead it is replaced with Void Energy (displayed in the place of the shield pool). Void energy regenerates equal to your health regeneration. Maximum void energy may be increased by your abilities and as your health is decreased from damage or other sources. As maximum void energy is increased it empowers your abilities but decreases your maximum health, likewise, when maximum health increases, it debuffs ability strength and decreases maximum void energy.

Assembled from Parts. During construction, or afterwards as an upgrade option in the forge, you may install a systems, neuroptics, and or chassis from any other Warframe. Doing so replaces a Broken Warframe ability with one ability from the chosen warframe according to which part is used:
Neuroptics, Ability 3.
Chassis, Ability 2.
Systems, Ability 1.

(Example: installing Mesa Neuroptics, Hildryn Chassis, and Nova Systems makes Broken Warframe’s 3rd ability Shatter Shield, 2nd ability Pillage, and 1st ability Null Star.)

This feature may not be used to install exalted weapons or abilities that rely on an exalted weapon.

Favored Appearance. This warframe may equip any collected helmet skin from any warframe. Additionally, if this warframe has installed a part from another warframe, a collected skin from that warframe may be installed.

Ability 1:
Harvest. Channel this ability to collect parts from nearby dead to refuel your void energy. Doing so grants a (X%) increase in health regeneration to self and allies within range during the channel and for (X seconds) after channeling. 

Ability 2: 
Disassemble. Reduce max health by (X) to increase max void energy by (X). These effects last until death, activation of Expulsion, deactivation of Void Enhancements or Alternate Frame, or mission completion, whichever comes first. 

Ability 3: 
Void Release. Release a surge of energy that hits all enemies within (X meters) with Radiation damage that scales off missing max health and current void energy. This ability resets all maximum Health and Void pools and Disassemble affects. Additionally, allies within range have their current energy increased in proportion to the damage dealt.

(this ability is intended to be a powerful aoe dps and decent, but not overpowered, support.)

Ability 4: 
Void Enhancements. Activating this ability exalts your primary weapon, fueling it with your void energy, granting it a (X%) increase in damage, and allowing it to ignore the ammo and reload properties for the duration. During this form, no energy can be collected or regenerated, however, ammo drops will increase health regeneration (X seconds). This ability lasts until all void energy has been expended or the ability is deactivated, whichever comes first. When the ability ends it resets any Disassemble affects.

Alternate Frame. Charging this ability brings up a selector that allows the operator to change into any warframe that has a part installed on this warframe copying all the currently installed mods. Additionally, the operator may change into any warframe that is currently in your squad (excluding other Broken Frames), copying their current level and mods but none of their weapons. The alternate frame will spawn with full energy and cannot be affected by any type of energy leech. This ability resets Harvest affects. Alternate frame lasts for (X seconds) and scales with duration mods. 

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So trying to make themes around the fact it's held together with void energy, as if the Warframe itself is void energy and just needs parts for a physical form, with completely mastery over the energy.

I presented to you Ethereal!

Passive (Amplify);   Buffs the strength of passive for other Warframes within a party by %25.

1st (disintegrate);   Send out a blast of void energy stripping X health and shield from enemy's and refilling health and shield of Ethereal. Uses all of operators focus [the energy required to us the operator and there abilitys] and X is a percentage increase of the focus consumed.

2nd (Incorporate);   Unable to switch from equipped primary or secondary weapon to other weapons or items wile active. Equiped weapon now uses Y health points pr a round of that weapons usage, does not need to be reloaded and the damage of that weapon is increased or decreased by the strength of your Ethereal build. Y(pistol)=1hp , Y(rifle)=2hp, Y(shotgun)=4hp, Y(sniper/bow)=8hp & Y(heavy)=16hp.     {Ethereal incorporates the equiped weapon into his own assembled physical form, breaking that form down for ammo to use again his enemy's}

3rd (Mutate);   Possesses the body of enemies defeated by slash damage, draining 10 shield pr a second and losing half of remaining health and shield. Is able to activate the ability, if presant, of the possessed enemy and will not be attacked by other enemy's unless you attacked first. Bullet jump is disabled in this mode. 

4th (Duplicate);   Is able to activate a copy of the ability which last which applied a buff to Ethereal. The stats of the ability still uses Ethereal's Due/Eff/Ran/Str for percentage increases/decreases, -%25 .

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•Passive: (void ghost) enemi attacks pass trought the broken parts of your body, giving you a chance to ignor them

•Ability 1: (cry of the shattered) the memories of your fragments reléase their pain upon your enemies, sending them in a transe of pain and sorrow , all enemies in an área arround You receive damage and get confused for a comple of seconds

•Ability 2:(spare parts)You can mark an enemy to search for parts, killing marked enemies will give you health and a staking bonus of armor for a couple of seconds

•Ability 3:(void invasion) You can invade an enemi ir ally latching onto them and controlling them(enemy) or assiating them(ally) ,you can still use your first 2 abilityes but if you are latched on an ally the health and buff of your second goes yo them

•Ability 4(broken existence) the void projects itself trought you, invading the world arround You disrupting reality itself. For the duration of the skill You deal damage in area ignoring enemy resistences , your passive gets doubled( double the chance to ignore), your •(cry of the shattered) deals more damage and you receive more health from •(spare parts) but You can't use weapons and your movement speed is decresed ( i imaginé the skill like leaving the warframes parts and walking like a humanoid mass of void energy, and after the skill ends either the parts come to you or you return to them).

Aaaaand thats My idea, i like the idea of a warframes secretli conected to the void's conscience (the man behind the wall) and powered by a primitive instinct to survive and reasamble itself like the idolons 


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Posted (edited)

passive: uses armor from fallen foes to buff own armor. armor would start low and gain a small amount of armor from fallen foes up to a certain amount.

ability 1: Override: overrides normal warframe limitations to buff the power of other abilities at the cost of efficiency. like blind rage

ability 2: Wire Wrap: wraps enemies in it's void wires disabling them will shocking the enemy. can be duration or energy per second based

Ability 3: Skill Share; links to an teammate and gains one of their abilities at reduced effectiveness or links to an enemy to gain a unique ability.

Ability 4: Power surge: AOE ability that leaks void energy out to damage enemies or energize teammates. 

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Passive- Amalgamation Since this warframe is so damaged that the only thing holding him together is energy, as such instead of an energy bar this tenno uses health. The less health he has the more buffed his ability or weapon damage is. Energy pickups are treated as health instead

1. Void javelin- The warframe reaches inside the hole in his stomach and pulls out void energy which he proceeds to toss as 3 javelins. The ability costs anywhere from 5-15% current hp. The cost is random and the damage corresponds to the cost. The javelins pin targets to the wall if they die.

2.Volatile-The warframe consumes his shield to regain hp, the hp regain is 1/2 of the shield consumed, ability can be re-cast once the shield reaches 30%.

3.Self-destruct -The warframe overcharges himself  and proceeds to explode in void energy, stunning all enemies and dealing aoe damage . The ability costs 20-50% current hp same principle applies as in the first ability.

4. Shoddy wiring-The warframe either heals himself , deals damage to itself and enemies around him or buffs his next ability with ability power and a new effect:

Javelins Buffed- 12 javelins instead of 3 and they pierce all targets

Volatile buffed-Shield to health ratio becomes 1 to 1 and grants himself 30% damage resistance

Self-Destruct Buffed-  The range is greatly increased and all enemies are knocked back

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Posted (edited)

Passive- when killed the warframe body is blown up and the body parts go flying hitting enemies near the player with different types of damage 

ability 1- Malfunction ? enemies shocked by electric dam for ? Amount of time

ability 2- Broken toy strips nearby enemies armor and does explosive damage

ability 3- Gamble strike ability has 3 modes those 3 are each a different warframe ability 

abillity 4- Fixed ? Amount of enemies health is transferred into the warframe health or if warframe health or shield is full than ? percent of it is upgraded for ? time also when enemies are extracted from their health they die or their health is cut in half

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Passive; Broken warframe will regenerate health and shields at an accelerated rate, nearly double the original amount.

1st: Spring

Warframe jumps up into the air, leaving behind a blinding smoke 5/7/10 meters. Pressing the button again will cause him to land at the cursor and create a shockwave 5/7/10 meters. This ability consumes 50/30/15 energy.

2nd: Probe

Warframe extends part of self to knock enemies back. A wave of tentacles lash out, and any enemy caught takes 500/700/1200 damage and the is ragdolled away from the warframe. Any other enemies that get caught by the ragdolling enemy are ragdolled as well. Any enemy that strikes a wall due to this ability takes 10%/20%/30% of their armor as damage. This ability consumes 130/90/50 energy.

3rd: Fluctuate

Warframe enters period of breif invincibility. Any damage type that it is struck by it becomes 60%/75%/90% resistant to. When the duration ends, the warframe releases a 15ft shockwave that deals damage equal to the damage it took and of the same damage type that was inflicted. This ability consumes 160/100/70 energy.

4th: Harness

Warframe temporarily unleashes self, causing the white debris around it to act up and crackled, dealing 100/250/500 electric damage to nearby enemies. Any ability cast while using this ability have an additional 25%/40%/55% efficiency. In addition, pressing the button to end the duration causes a blast of void energy to come out, dealing 5000 damage to all enemies within 10 meters. This ability consumes 20/15/10 energy per second.


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