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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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1 void ability creates a void hole which pulls the enemies into it then upon collapse creates a void rupture which tears them apart.

2. Rupture explosion that strips away armour with explosive void ruptures 

3. Bullet attack that creates a portal allowing broken to phase through enemies causing radioactive and or cold and or electrical and heat or viral.

4 creates a exhausted bow that shoots void energy arrows ( single arrow  at first level then burst shot min 2-3 at 2nd level, by 3rd and fourth level 4 maximum) crowd control 

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I won't include values, so take these simply as concept ideas.


Passive: Amalgamate - Able to revive itself from nearby fallen enemies by absorbing and attaching their parts with residual void energy left from it's destruction.

Ability 1: Scrap Stinger - With it's limbs held together by void energy, it can easily launch its own arm out like a harpoon, increasing it's range and efficiency as it ranks up.

Ability 2: Reinforce - Extending the range of the void energy holding it together, it will strip armor from it's enemies to protect its own weak construct.

Ability 3: Junker - A burst of it's void energy will launch debris and bodies away from itself in an AoE of scrap. It also works in tandem with Reinforce, stripping the armor it has applied to itself and increasing the damage output.

Ability 4: Sum of it's Parts - The frame is weak, barely able to hold itself together at times, but it can become more. It can become better. Within groups of enemies, it will run the void within it through their bodies and draw their lifeforce into itself, applying buffs to the frame depending on what kind of enemies are around it. This also works for allies within it's proximity, with the frame gaining a frame specific buff from their frames, as well as sharing what buffs they accumulated from the enemies with their allies.

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1 - Spirit Break : Vents a wave of energy, freezing enemies in a radius momentarily before they regain movement slowly over a period of time. Costs energy

2 - Siphon Strike : Charge to drain health and form part of an exalted greatsword for a single melee heavy attack. 1st stage, damage as heavy attack. 2nd stage, increased damage with wider swing. 3rd stage instant ground pound which automatically casts a weaker spirit break along with damage in a radius.

3 - Immaterial State : Marks enemies affected by Spirit Break in a area around him, disarming and enraging enemies giving them bonus movement and attack speed while bleeding their  health with a +1 stack status. If cast without Spirit Break then will only disarm enemies with no stacks. Costs energy

4 - Reformed Fury : Dashes to each enemy marked, damaging and consuming the mark and adding a stack. Each stack gives armor and raises possible max health, repairing the frame and bringing an exalted greatsword closer to existence. Maximum will have the frame as 'complete' with a full power exalted greatsword to use for a duration. Siphon Strike can be cast without cost but will reduce duration but providing additional benefits; charge will be faster, break time longer, instant disarm when affected by break. Melee 'heavy attack' will automatically use stage 2 Siphon Strike. Additional casts will consume further marks created by Immaterial State to extend duration, dealing more damage when he dashes. Drains energy

Passive: Warframes broken state renders him unable to have shields and bleeds energy. Any enemies affected by his skills will give a small amount of health regeneration, while killing them will grant a sum of health and energy. Constantly effected by energy vamp, effect is heightened the more he has in reserve. 


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Ability 1- dissemble 

The warframe falls apart and is held together with surrounding materials and can either a) roll around colliding  with enemies and absorbing materials or B) if activated again the void core goes critical and releases a massive explosion that does different rotating procs on the first 3 blasts then the final blast is the big one .

Ability 2 snatch and grab.

The warframe can copy abilities from other warframes or enemies and greatly buff them beyond there limits.

( ex so if wisps resuviours max are 960 health, 80% speed and 56% reload and 1000 electric dmg with a range of 25m.

Everything is doubled and has a set duration.

And for an enemy, let's say the one grineer soldier who always  steals your weapons,  well you could  steal that ability and use it and just disarm enemies,  or the ability to call upon those dogs, now you get 5 dogs for a limited time. Or that one aoe bubble explosion some enemies have, double the dmg and now you can do it too)


Ability 3. Wave of assistance.

For 10 seconds the warframe increases drops from enemies and has a chance to drop ammo,health, and energy.

Ability 4 broken code

The warframe glitches under the map where it has a 50% dmg reduction. The warframe can still shoot or use void energy to revive others. But the warframe  utilizes its signature weapon that pulls enemies under the map. Causing them to be more susceptible to damage.

( imo this warframe  should  be unique so it should  use void tendrils that form from its body, think of carnage from marvel.. or maybe it has a different  style  where it drips of its limb and forms a spear,  sword etc. It can still be usable above the map but for the best effectiveness it needs to be used underground.)

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First I apologize if one of many power name don't make sens, I don't know the entire english vocabulary.

Passive : Emergency Repair
Each time you take damage, you have 3% to lose a part, you can pick the part (Vacumm don't work, the part have a pillar of energy to retreive it easily(with your first energy color)) When you pick the part you gain a buff (don't want to give anything, it's up to you DE) for 12s, can stack up to 3 times (each time you take a part and gain a stack duration is refresh)
Why the proc chance is hecking low ? because you take a lot of damage instances in warframe and in this scenario 3% is a lot
Ability 1 : Ricochet
Toggle ability but don't stop energy regen, Toss a slow moving orb of freezing energy that home in the nearest enemy and bounce on another one and again, if you don't have any ennemie around you the orb will hover above your head
low damage, low energy consumption (damage, efficiency and speed can be altered by modding)

Ability 2 : Dismantle
Toggle ability, shrink yourself into a tiny flying orb of energy and gain a move speed buff, when a enemy hit you with a range or melee attack you retaliate with lightning wave and damaging any close ennemy.

Ability 3 :
Chaotic Adaptation (because many part looks like sentient's body part)
Toogle ability, give yourself a precise element high damage reduction buff (puncture or slash or fire or corrosif ect..) that change every x seconds and a low damage reduction buff in the others, consume a high ammount of energy. Synergize with Ricochet, the orb now deal a damage type depending of the current health type (corrosif on armor, toxin/gas on flesh, electric on shield ect..)

Ability 4 : Emergency Laser
Emergency Laser is a toogle ability that consume all your energy you have and the energy you are going to gain/recover/regen (energizing dash, energy orb, rage, Trinity's energy vampire, Harrow's thurible ect.. Don't work with energy pad and Kavat energy recovering buff !!!!) and once you cast the ability again you'll unleashe a powerfull or not laser that deal electricity and puncture damage, if you cast the laser on Ricochet you make it explode and dealing a % of the laser damage (work also with the synergy between Ricochet and Chaotic Adaptation) in a medium/small area (can't deal statuts effect)

Edited by Aisu9
Grammatical correction and added detail for the Ability n°4
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Passive: utilizing beam weapons cause a reaction of void energy, creating a 5m aura of void energy to cause 20 void damage to each enemy within range.

1- Void link- Void energy erupts around you linking your allies to you. Allies effected by this ability have a 15% increase of power strength and range.

2- System freeze- All enemies within 20m drop their weapons and grab shards of metal to attack you. Each enemy killed with a shard grants an additional +150 armor for 5 seconds, stacking up to 5 times.

3- Blunderbuss- Shards that are not utilized for armor begin to flow into your primary and secondary weapons causing a constant barrage of debris to be fired with from your weapon. Each shard consumed deals 8% of your weapons modded damage as slash damage to the enemy hit. Allies within a 20m range of you have the ability to create more shards by meleeing enemies.

4- Salvage yard- Create a massive bubble of body parts from fallen enemies in a 20m range around you that blocks and reflects incoming damage back at the attacker from outside the bubble. Enemies that are foolish enough to try to pass through the debris field have a 40% chance to have their weapons torn from them, causing more debris in the bubble. Any mechanical body parts or weapons that are effected by this ability return to you, healing you for 10% of your max health. Allies within the AoE are also healed 5% of your max health.  


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Passive broken energy. everytime he cast and ability he breaks gaining speed and losing health collecting the part restores health and 25 energy.             1st void misfire. Charge up a blast the repels enemys but charge to long or short and you missfire costing 2 more parts but increasing power of the blast also stunning you and near by enemys for 2seconds                                                                                                                                                                 2cd malfunction. donate parts to your teamates boosting the health and strength recast instantly regain all lost parts with explosives force                          3rd broken beatdown. Launch yourself at an enemy and then latch on to target completely stopping them and killing them and jump from one enemy to the next costing half the enegy and increasing damge but rapidly lose parts                                                                                                                             4th broken battlement. Turn into a turret launching parts at friend or foe inflicting huge damge minigun fashion but when striking a friend heal them and restore 5 energy to them this channaled ablity will consume energy and losing parts over time every kill also generates a part for you to retrieve later


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  • Passive - Everlast - Lower health, higher armor
  • Ability 1 - Longinus - Forms a chargeable projectile shaped from sword-steel, charge to spear your enemies to wall, multiple targets can be pierced. Knockdown occurs if enemy is not killed, projectile persists for 10 seconds.
  • Ability 2 - Blossom - Any Longinus projectiles present bloom for a IPS type damage and cause a gas cloud to occur. Small AOE on the Longinus projectiles with a larger AOE on the warframe itself.
  • Ability 3 - Power yield - selectable - sacrifice 100 health for 200 armor - sacrifice 100 energy for 100% power strength increase - sacrifice 200 shields for 100% efficiency. Only one can be active at a time.
  • Ability 4 - Flesh Garden - Pull enemies in a certain range towards the Broken Warframe using long tendrils, AOE heal for friendlies and defense targets occurs. Channeled ability. Warframe does not move or attack, abilities such as Blossom can be activated

    Thank you for reading!
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Passive- reassemble

use enemy body parts to revive like inuros 

ability 1- Dissemble 

inviable to enemy's with slower movement speed attacking cancels ability 

ability 2- shield

changes void energy to gain extra shields/armor 

ability 3- EMP blast

wave of void energy disabling enemy weapons and stunning sentients 


ability 4- exalted void fists and feet

charges void energy into hands and feet and knocking down enemies 

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Passive ability - The more abilities that are active the more Ammo you regenerate per second. Ammo conversion is always active. 

Ability 1- Ammo Case

All nearby allies regenerate ammunition. If full on ammunition, add extra bullets to the magazine. 

Ability 2- Frags

Toss a shrapnel grenade that deals slash damage on targets that survive. Can cook grenades or toss overhand. (Duration affects the Slash status length not length until detonation. Grenade cooldown is based off of slash status duration, if slash status duration is active, effect counts towards the passive ability) 

Ability 3-Filled Rounds

Fuel rounds with void energy allowing status effects on a target to last longer or to be more effective. 

Ability 4-Firing Squad

Increase rate of fire, mag size, reload speed, and multi-shot for a short period of time for all nearby allies and self. Weapons do not use ammo during this time but ammo can still be regained. 

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Well, considering he/she is a "broken" Warframe, I feel they should want to be fixing themselves when possible, or something else altogether. So how about a survivable shapeshifter Warframe?

Passive: Shattered Stance/Melee Range increase at the cost of attack speed for melee weapons

Ability 1: Cold Shoulder/Detach your shoulder and imbue it with Cold damage, then throw it at an enemy in front of you. You have to pick it back up to use it again.

Ability 2: Reboot/(Channeled ability) You drain energy to increase your shield recharge rate and heal rate while Reboot is active

Ability 3: Scavenge/You may steal armor parts of dead enemies to fortify health/shields/armor for a duration.

Ability 4: Takeover/[channeled ability]Swap life essence with a targeted enemy. You gain that enemy's weapons, health bar, abilities, etc. for the duration of Takeover, but you cannot recharge Health or Shields. When ability is broken or your new form dies, you "rebuild" yourself over the course of 5 seconds where you are vulnerable to enemy fire.

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Passive: "Stiching" mechanic - Casting abilities "loosens" the binds holding him together, increasing his damage (up to +100%) while decreasing his armor (up to -50%).

1: Casts out a rope of void energy (with hand attached), latching onto the first enemy hit and pulling them in. Opens said enemy up to ground finishers.

2: 'Repairs' himself by tightening his fastenings, granting health/shield regen while restoring his armor and providing the same amount to allies. Consumes half of current passive value.

3: Detaches up to two fragments of his body that is left at his current area. The fragment taunts enemies and casting 2 'sews' the fragment back on or is returned after the duration expires.

4: (can only be activated with no 'missing' fragments and with at least 25% passive strength) Undoes all of the bindings and scatters himself as high damage projectiles at 200% passive strength. Casting 2 returns him to functional use and resets his passive to 0%.

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Basically the concept I had for this Broken Warframe, is that it uses its exposed circuitry and cables as weapons, while being capable of generating whatever extra parts it may need. Going with the theme of a scavenged Warframe created from broken pieces, it can do a little bit of everything, with Tanking, CC, Damage, and minor team support. 


Passive: Standing near corpses drains them, and slowly replenishes Health and Shields. Health for Humanoid enemies, and Shields for Robotics.

1st Ability: Hold to cast channels Energy to reconstruct armor over time. Warframe visually produces more armor plates over the exposed parts, and gains much higher armor values. Tapping once shatters all armor pieces to deal AoE damage and removes armor, granting the Warframe a short boost of movement, attack, and reload speed.

2nd Ability: The Warframe lashes out with cables in a cone, tethering enemies to wherever they're standing, and dealing bursts of damage every few seconds.

3rd Ability: Inserts cables directly into the ground, sapping the nearby area of energy, temporarily rooting the Warframe, while slowly replenishing Energy for both itself and nearby allies, as well as slowing nearby enemies.

4th Ability: Exalted Weapon: Arm Cannon. The Warframe uses its energy to create a powerful weapon around its right arm, a beam weapon with high Status. Alternate Fire changes the beam into a charged Railgun shot with increased Punch Through and a higher Critical Chance/Multiplier. 

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Passive: finishing moves and stealth kills give this warframe armor

1:when activated, last for 6/8/10 seconds:drain armor and gives énergie Can't be uncasted (50 armor=25 energie) 

2:punch in the ground making multiples of the "tentacles" he got on his body, to get out of him, going on 4/6/8 nearby ennemies for 8/10/12 seconds, slowing them down, dealing damage and giving back armor to the broken warframe equal to half the damage dealt, also, ennemies take more damage from weapons while they are under the effect of the "tentacles" but the damage dealt with weapons don't give back armor

3:makes an explosion, making ennemies fall, making them open for ground finishers, but stripping 25% of the warframe's armor, the more armor is used, the more damage the explosion deal

4:the warframe creates a weapon with some of his body's parts, creating a shotgun (or another weapon) each shot drains some armor and it continuesly drains energy, if the warframe shoot at an enemy with this weapon, it stagers the ennemy, making it open for a finisher on a small widow of time 



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Passive: Reflects 25% of all incoming projectiles or shock-type strikes.
1 - Stretches his arm making a horizontal swipe that knocks over enemies and deals damage.
2 - Collects items from defeated enemies and adds them as additional armor, the collected armor will give additional damage to abilities depending on its amount.
3 - Explodes scattering around the collected parts of enemies with the second ability, the closer the enemies are to the epicenter of the explosion, the more damage that consumes all the parts collected from the enemies.
4 - Absorbs all items collected from enemies, increasing your HP and ability damage. In this mode, it attacks with its outstretched limbs at an average distance (10 m~), and the first ability begins to attract it to walls and enemies. The duration depends on the number of enemy parts consumed and cannot be reused during use.

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Passive: Casting abilities increases "Void Siphon" - meter full at 100% and empty at 0%, which decreases with 0.5%/second speed. When Void Siphon above 50 %, abilities gain additional power strength and duration. If Broken Warframe would die when Siphon is above 50%, Siphon becomes emptied and health of Warframe is replenished and becomes invurnerable for 3 seconds.


1. Scrap - Broken Warframe infuses one enemy with Void energy, stunning him. Stunned enemy regenerates health of Broken, speeds up his shield regeneration and shorten shield regeneration delay. If Void Siphon is above 50%, regeneration is faster, delay even shorter and Scrapped enemy gives an energy orb once for 5 seconds.

2. Void Ghost - Broken leaves his physical body, becoming invurnerable ghost for 5 seconds. Each enemy touched by him while ghosted gives energy to Broken and suffers radiation damage and becomes affected by Radiation status. If Void Siphon is above 50%, damage and energy return doubles.

3. All in One - Pieces of warframes that create Broken's body explode from him, spinning around him, dealing impact and slash damage to enemies who dare to approach. While ability is active, Broken's armor is halved, his sprint speed doubled and other abilities cost is halved. If Void Siphon is above 50%, spinning pieces are ragdolling enemies and deal more damage. 

4. Journey through The Void - Broken releases Void energy creating his body, becoming invurnerable and immovable, while enemies around him are violently banished into The Void for 5 seconds. After return they're suffering massive radiation damage and status effect. If Void Siphon is above 50%, Broken restores 50% of maximum health to allies and permanently halves health of affected enemies.

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Passive - Bullet Jumps gives a 2 second debuff to enemies around warframe due to the Energy stemming from his roots

1st Ability - Tendrils- lashes out with Tendrils stemming from warframes self piercing enemies directly in front and going through them. Can be held down to lash out in area.

2nd Ability - Wall Of Roots - Creates a shield similar to that of volt's but with roots that doesn't allow enemies to pass through it, but downside being  you can't attack through it either. 5-10s Lasting

3rd Ability - Nurtured - Creates Tiny and adorable root minions to protect you and do slash damage until killed. Low health but fair amounts of damage.

4th Ability -  Forces all of the roots on the warframe's body to simultaneously expand in all direction causing massive damage to all enemies in the vicinity

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First off all he look more like sentient mini boss enemy then a frame. But then again you are looking for some change and different direction so his powers need to bee something totally new. For example: power 1- he can pool all his parts together and transform and complited versions of him in that state he is more complited form so hee is more powerful and he can have some more armor and he can give more damage and around him this snake looking cables can protect him and give different effects damage (fire, toxic and so on) in every 2-3 strikes.  Power 2- he becomes invisible like predator and stunn enemies with timer on them attach mini bomb that exploding around them. In that time he can trapped them in that state and no 1 can see him for that time, and when he is doing this his energy is going to max for him and other players. Power 3- on his arm he create robotic looking gun that shoots automatically all around you and on your next arm you have available to stunn enemies and slowly you create fire effects globe that is giving massive plasma explosives every 2-5 seconds all around you. Power 4- can create 1 big melee weapon that shoots bullets in every strike with range of 20-30m similar what excalted from Excalibur have waves in every strikes but this is much faster and they are spreading bullets, and when you on heavy attack he strikes with explosives waves and melee look different and heavier so that you know when you are in faster and heavy combat melee mod... Passive can bee that he is missing every 3 attacks and when he is missing he regenerate his health and energy. But when his dead he is getting bonus damage on all his weapons for 35% and every other from 2x more then before. 

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Passive ability-When you die, instead of going to the bleed out phase, your body explodes with shrapnel flying everywhere dealing damage to enemies whenever one of them hits an enemy. But over time the body parts will come back together automatically and uses up a revive

Displacement-Dismantles itself into smaller chunks of scrap allowing It for faster movement and damages any enemies you come into contact with for a short amount of time

Breakdown-breaks off chunks of its body decreasing its shield capacity but having those broken off parts become drones to assist you in combat by ramming themselves into the closest enemies which decrease their health every time they do so until they have no more health in which they return to you recovering the lost shield capacity. (Maxed at 5 drones)

Scrapheap-sends a wave of energy that lifts enemies off the ground and dismantles their body parts dealing damage to them until they die or the ability duration expires. While this happens any bullets shot at the player gets absorbed and increases the armor by 1 with every ammo shot.  

Shrapnel Storm-Fires projectiles from its body in every direction dealing massive damage but sacrifices only the armor GAINED from the use of the Scrap Heap ability.



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Passive: Salvage - +20% Health and/or Energy when robotic companion dies.

Ability 1: Short Circuit - Cast an energy bolt on target, dealing damage and reducing ammo or shields

Ability 2: Scrap - Loot boxes and lockers(if unlocked) open within radius, adding armor to caster. Armored enemies within radius have reduced armor, this does not apply armor buff to warframe

Ability 3: Coolant Leak - Warframe leaves a damaging trail on grounded movement, dealing corrosive damage to all who walk on it.

Ability 4: Rebuild - Single target has either shield, armor, or health(specific to enemy type) siphoned off, adding it to the warframe for extended period and dealing massive damage to target, high knockdown potential

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I think a poison based warfame would be amazing !!

Viper -  should be able to shoot poison at the enemy, causing them to take direct damage and damage over time.

Poison ivy  - can use poisonous leaves to tangle the enemy making them stop and cant move, this will also cause damage over time

Control - can control enemys around her for a duration to help the user using her poison.

venomous mist - can make a cloud of poison around her dealing damage to enermys

Passive - immune to poison and whoever kills her will take damage over time as a poisonous back fire

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Ability1- Romba Raid: activating this ability constructs 3 colorful rombas whos search out targets and deal shock damage aswell as knockdown when they plow into an enemy leg. (Exception of bosses of course)

Ability2-Miter Stomp: causes a radial spiral of Saws that run along the ground away from point of orgin which cause severe slash and bleed damage

Ability3- breakdown:   warframe lashes a circle of broken pieces around him. Aproximatly 2ft apart in all directions.  This circle causes enemies to take shock damage as well as increased damage to all enemies within the circle

Ability4-razorwire:  thia ability causes broken pieces of enemy gear to form tendrils to lash out in all directions dealing major damage to all within close range.     Ability range mod would increase the range of damage


Passive: warframe has a 10%chance to heal itself a portion for every 10 enemies slain and gain a minor speed boost

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Passive: Reconstruct. The warframe will be able to scavenge and collect parts from killed enemies and loot increasing its armour and health up to an additional 1,000 health and armour which degrade over time. (affected by dur).

Ability 1: Reconfigure. The warframe converts its arms into either dual laser/flak launchers/cannons (modded seperately) or dual etherial wrist/elbow blades (modded seperately). This ability drains energy over time.

Ability 2: Enhance. The warframe sacrifices some of the built armour it has collected to attach it to another warframe/player (affected by strength) ex. Broken wf gives up 300 armour. Abl strength is 200%+. wf 2 recieves 900 armour which degrades over time.

Ability 3: Mechanise. The warframe converts some built up armour into up to 2 automated flak/laser turret which targets and attacks enemies. (damage output affected by strength) set range of 25m (increased with range). 

Ability 4: Maximise. The warframe and turrets placed recieve a x2 attack speed, and x2 damage buff for the duration of the ability. (affected by duration and strength) base duration 30 sec.

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Reconstruction-Slowly regenerate health

Power 1=

Detatch- Throw a limb at an enemy. Each limb has a different proc

Power 2=

Short Circuit-  Sacrifice one area of the Broken Warframe to bolster another

Power 3=

Collapse- The Broken Warframe scatters into pieces, void energy connecting everything together. Enemies that walk through the energy take damage

Power 4=

Remote Corruption- Broken Warframe corrupts an enemy, controlling their actions

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