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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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I would live to see some kind of scavenging mechanic to go with the cobbled together theme.

Passive: increased revive range/AoE. very situational but occasionally really handy.


1: scavenge parts from enemy corpses, corpus grant overshield, grineer increase armour (either with a cap or with degredation over time/per hit) infested grant health regeneration.


2: ranged tendril burst, either a cone effect or arcing from enemy to enemy, paralyses/impales while channelled and scavenges parts from targets that die.

3: didn't have an idea for 3, but someone suggested collapsing into parts to drop threat and it was a really cool idea. Would also drop all stacks of scavenged parts.

4 shed skin: the void tendrils burst out of the frame and pour into a target, pulling the target to pieces to build a new body. Basically a teleport with a high range that requires a target, drops all stacks of scavenged parts but scavenges from the target and all nearby targets.


What do people think?

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Posted (edited)

Passive: (I honestly didn't know passives existed in warframe, sorry)

Ability 1: Salvage- the broken frame takes a small amount of health or energy from corpses (Energy cost: 30)

Ability 2: Fracture- the frame shatters a targeted enemy, the shards of said enemy can inflict some damage to nearby enemies

(Energy cost: 50)

Ability 3: Void Pulse- using the power of the void "glue" holding this frame together, a pulse of energy is sent out that chains between enemies, dealing damage that decreases the more enemies it passes through

(Energy cost: 65)

Ability 4: Fragment: frame loses health, (could be represented via limbs sections falling off of the actual character) to gain extra damage and a slight energy regen

(Energy cost: 80)


(Fixed for typos in an edit, also, the energy is of course not set in stone, it is just a way to show how strong the ability would be)

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(edited to fix minor typos and grammar issues and needed to clarify something)

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What if there are actualy 3 warframes that couldn't hold it together in the war that the voide fused them and now its a complete warframe made by broken warframes,

So you would cycle trough every warframe by pressing one similarly by how equiniox does, and for example if the tech warframe is in charge, the predominant look should be tech,

What if he feeds off the enemy so for example you would absourb corpus tech and have it scale based on how powerful the corpus was and use that for your abilities.


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Posted (edited)

Ability 1 (life consumer) target one enemy (except bosses and specters) tarn him into an infested hive that will regain life to nearby allies 

Ability2(true pain) Sacrifice some of your health to deal massive damage to all enemies in distants

Ability 3 ( infested vessels) tarn all enemies (except bosses and specters) in a distants to an infested vessels that will regain energy to nearby allies

Ability 4 (broken vessel) tarn broken warframe's right hand into a long sickle that can deal damage from a distants and tarn the lift hand into an Invincible copy of broken warframe that can attack your target form a large distants

Passive : increase status chance by 50% and increase toxic damage

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Posted (edited)


The brittle one


Concept goal: Playing around the idea of a frame that has been broken before and is a patch-job of parts that are not fully capable of surviving their function, I ultimately decided on a frame that is capable of functioning as either a defensive/control oriented frame, or an offensive/damage oriented one. I will leave design notes in the spoiler.

As a side-note: I feel like the concept of a frame that's stitched together from other frames is going to be very difficult to implement, as I see only three possible outcomes: 

1: It steals the parts of other frames, in which case you'd be either yanking away parts from other players, or if you are just replicating them, it breaks immersion a bit.

2: It is an inherently disjointed kit where none of the abilities function well together, to indicate it is a mishmash, but that is not stable from a gameplay design perspective.

3: It is a mishmash of visual representations of abilities, but a cohesive kit, in which case it feels like the theme amounts to little more than visual clutter.

I therefor opted to ignore that part and go for a frame that is unstable and inconsistent in a way that players fully control.


  • Passive: Brittle

Obsidian's body is comprised of five parts: Two arms, two legs, and a torso. For every part that is intact, Obsidian gains 5% additional armour.


The goal of the additional armour value is to further differentiate between offense and defense. This also adds risk to the former, and stability to the latter, while simultaneously introducing a decision to be made: How much are you willing to sacrifice for that damage output?

The way to break a body part is probably the most complex aspect of the kit, and the one part I feel the least comfortable with. I'm hoping it will just be relegated to a background effect where every 'x' uses, it just shatters, although I did add a special way to break things in Grinding Halt to give players a faster way to break the legs that will likely be more opt-in for most players.

  • First ability: Reconstitute

Obsidian can reform their broken body parts. Tap to select between arm, leg and torso, and hold to reform it, regaining health and repairing that part.


This is intended to give the player control over the integrity of Obsidian's body. By reconstituting individual parts, they can customise their ability set and playstyle on the fly. This is moved to the first ability because the rest of the kit doesn't function without it, and because the energy cost has to be kept modest to not act as too much of an obstruction.

  • Second ability: Whipstrike

Obsidian lashes out with stretched arms, swinging them in two wide cones. Enemies hit by intact arms suffer a stagger and impact damage, while enemies hit by broken arms take void damage. If both arms are intact, enemies in front of Obsidian, where the cones overlap, are knocked down instead. If both arms are broken, an explosion of void energy occurs in front of them.

The arms take damage on use, and on hitting enemies. The arms have 25 'hit points', losing 5 on ability use, and one per enemy hit. Upon depleting these, they break.


This is a simple control ability meant to keep enemies dazed for a moment to create some breathing space. A wide enough cone should produce enough CC to give value, resembling a discount version of the map-wide CC offered by frames like Slowva and Vauban. On the flipside, the broken arms are intended to be moderate to high damage, while the explosion from both arms being broken is intended to be the big kicker. This is meant to truly devastate enemies, but requires the player to aim directly at the target, and to have both arms in a broken state. I feel that this is sufficient drawback to allow this to scale to the extent of something like Vauban's Photon Strike.

  • Third ability: Grinding Halt

Obsidian performs a slide in the targeted direction. For every intact leg, they will leave behind a dustcloud that stuns enemies that enter it, while reducing damage of enemy weapons fired through it. For every broken leg, they'll leave behind a curtain of dense void energy, adding void damage to ally weapons fired through it. If both legs are broken, the grinding opens up a spatial rift that draws nearby enemies in, dealing crushing impact damage.

The legs take damage on use and on hard landing. They have 25 hit points, losing 5 on ability use, and 15 on hard landing. Upon depleting these, they break.


A truly defensive ability, this is meant to create a soft cover that gives Obsidian and allies high resistance to attacks from a specific direction. This won't be as hard a counter as Volt's shield, but can be stretched to cover a wider line. When broken, this also amplifies ally damage in a non-intrusive way, allowing the frame to become an interesting pick for the damage boosting role in high level content, such as lengthy Condrix runs or Eidolon fights. 

  • Fourth ability: Fragment

Obsidian sacrifices their structural integrity. Breaking their torso, they scatter the pieces around themselves. These pieces can be picked up by Obsidian or allies, granting a temporary armour boost and a small amount of shields. If the torso is broken, they will instead suffer a transference overload, creating void rifts of strength, range or duration. Allies or Obsidian can crouch in these rifts to pick up a temporary boost to that ability stat.


This took the longest to come up with, as it's difficult to really give personality to a torso-related ability. Starting with the broken state version of this ability, while it would make sense to have some sort of void radiation, this would not only fail to differentiate well enough from Equinox' maim, but it would also re-invite the old 'set it and forget it' problem, which I definitely wanted to avoid. I instead opted for a sort of void leak that amps the area for high damage potentials, turning it into an offensive support style. Bluntly forcing the stats on other warframes is out of the question however, as there are some builds that are dependent on having certain stats be lower than normal, such as mini-Limbo and Slowva. The ability then morphed into a Tribute-like form, where Obsidian offers the bonuses, but it's up to players to capitalise on them. 

This, in turn, informed the solid format, as I attempted to keep the abilities similar in function, to keep the kit concise. The armour distribution seemed like a logical step, deriving slightly off of Atlas' passive, while the shield bonus was added to give Fragment a function for Obsidian themselves. After all, if you reduce your armour to give yourself an armour buff, that's going to feel kind of bad. Conversely, granting shields gives these little motes a lot of value due to the way shield gating works now, which could produce a fun gameplay style. 


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Passive - Constitution

As broken Warframe gets damaged parts of his external armour fall off consisting of 15 parts. With each part attached to him he gains an armour and melee damage buff. But for each part he doesn't have. He gains a movement speed. Attack speed and reload speed buff. Maybe have an appearance change so that when he's got all his parts he looks armoured and tanky. And then without his parts he looks stripped back and nimble


1 - spectral reach

Broken Warframe detaches his arm and flings it forward. The arm passes through enemies and damages any hit. Until it reaches its maximum range where it then returns to broken Warframe and brings all enemies hit into melee range


2 - void clap

Broken Warframe slams his hands together to create an energy shockwave that pushes back and damages enemies


3 - self repair

Broken Warframe reattaches a single peice of himself and regains the armour from his passive. And a small heal.


4 - self destruct

Broken Warframe explodes himself outwards losing all his armour parts causing damage in a wide area. And then extra damage and applying slash to any enemies hit by the parts

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Ability 1 (life consumer) target one enemy (except bosses and specters) tarn him into an infested hive that will regain life to nearby allies

Ability 2(true pain) Sacrifice some of your health to deal massive damage to all enemies in distants

Ability 3 ( infested vessels) tarn all enemies (except bosses and specters) in a distants to an infested vessels that will regain energy to nearby allies

Ability 4 (broken vessel) tarn broken warframe's right hand into a long sickle that can deal damage from a distants and tarn the lift hand into an Invincible copy of broken warframe that can attack your target form a large distants

Passive : increase status chance by 50% and increase toxic damage

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I will not be providing any values here because I don't know how to balance stuff


Scavenge - ammo pickups have a chance to restore health

Disassemble - target a remote cluster of enemies (i.e. targets an enemy and affects also anyone within a radius like Spellbind does) disarming them. Their guns are dissassembled into ammo and melee units' weapons chip off shards reducing their damage and give combo hits when picked up by players

Crumbling Donation - each instant of damage taken gives a random stackable buff to team mates in range as well as providing 1 ammo/combo to their active weapons.

Dismember - if an enemy is below a percentage of their health, dismember one of their limbs and wear a small percentage of their armour/shields for yourself. Dismembering a second limb attaches it to you along with the enemy weapon allowing you to fire it along with your own weapon. This kills the enemy and puts the ability on cooldown

Salvage - cast on a team mate to cycle through their abilities. Hold to cast the selected ability with X% of the range, duration and strength. Toggle abilities are only cast for a fixed duration. If a cooldown is necessary, the same values can be used as in Sanctuary Onslaught for each ability in the roster. If you helped revive this team mate, you gain one free cast if this ability when borrowing from him/her after said revive

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Posted (edited)

So, after some thought on the subject, here is my idea:

First, as a bit of an explanation on the way these are designed: Instead of throwing around the parts of the broken frame, these focus on instead using the void energy bound by the fragments of the frame to attack and lash out. The parts instead act as a limiter to the void, being temporarily discarded to use the abilities before getting drawn back in and chaining the pure void back up. As such, visually, parts are discarded while using the abilites of this frame. I will put the discarded parts in brackets.


Passive: Void Remnant - Adds a unique voidsoul counter. Taking hits slowly increases the counter, passively providing damage reduction.

1st: Void Draw - A wave of void energy is emitted from the frame, dealing true damage and stripping a percentage of enemy armor/shields, filling the voidsoul counter for every enemy hit while also drawing them towards the frame. Double cast to expend a voidsoul charge to invert the wave, striking the foes with the consumed armor/shields as additional damage. Costs Energy/Voidsoul on first/double cast. (Discards Chest while in use)

2nd: Void Tendrils - A stomp generates tendrils of void energy emerging from the ground lashing out at nearby enemies, dealing slight damage and latching onto them, generating an area in which energy is regenerated. Costs Voidsoul instead of energy. (Discards Legs during cast)

3rd: Void Lens - Generates a void lens using one hand, projecting an unfocused beam of void energy dealing damage to enemies. The longer it is kept active, the more focused the beam becomes, increasing range while reducing the width of the beam. Ramps up the damage too. Consumes Energy rapidly. (Discards an arm during use)

4th: Void Demon - Discards the remaining parts of the warframe to unveil the void within, rampaging wildly and moving rapidly, tendrils of void energy reaching out and dragging enemies along while damaging them. Once the duration wears off, the parts are called back onto the demon, chaining the void back up as it releases a final wave of damage based on how much was leeched from the enemies caught by the tendrils this ability creates. Costs Voidsoul and Energy to cast. (All parts are discarded for the duration, revealing a shifting shimmering mass of tendrils)



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Passive: 2x energy, held together by pure will.  

half the health of a normal frame. 2x Shield.

abilitys are a procentage of current energy. the more energy the more range damage duration.

less mod slots since its broken. 6 mods slots.

1 ability : energy discharge: trow energy at enemies 10% of energy , a front cone.

2 ability : stabilise: self heal and shield recharge. held. has to focus on reparing health and shield . sheild does not recharge automaticly its broken.

3 ability : overdrive: increase damage, speed , attack speed, fire rate, 50% of energy. energy leaks into the weapons. has a duration.

4 ability : release all energy. a wave expanding from the frame killing everything. 100% energy, 

the broken warframe cant controll how much energy it puts into its attacks.

and it cant create any real attacks just trow its energy around.

or use it to heal or enhance it self.

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Posted (edited)

Passive: A part of his body (plates fom other warframes he has been build out of) springs of his body everytime he looses a percentage of his health (10% life), he can then pick these seperated bodyparts to restore hiss helth equal to the half of the life he lost per body part (5% life regain if lost 10% life) further more he could loose 1% of his maximun armor value per missing body part. So he doesnt get to squishy he gains a adaptaition like featur as well so he gains resistance  up to 50% stacking in 2% steps everytime he gets damaged by a  damage type (sentiens damage unincluded)

Ability 1: He uses his Void tetrels to hit a minor part of is body (for example his left biceps) into an enemy prosessing them to run to near by enemies where it then explodes in void energy. If no enemies are near by target the target doesnt run to near by enemie since they are not given and just expodes. the body part retuned to the caster.
the Ability doesnt grant him the effect of his passive ability. (no life cost or adaptation bonus)
(energy usage: 25)

Ability 2: He switches within the ability type of his body (assuming he is build out of three different destroyed Warframes)
(ability cost 50 energy | undepending wich Form is used)

First Form (Ability rank 1) (Red parts) - Dropping all his body parts entering a invonruable state in wich his void tendrals quickly crawl in the direcktion you face as a player and leech life per enemy passed through (3% health per enemy for example). After the crawling is done he then pulles his body parts back (including those he lost before entering his crawling state) becoming voruable again.

Second Form (Ability rank 2) (blue parts) - he shoots his left hand in a shotgun like manner in front of him. Enemies hit by the ability become liked by void tendrals, pulled together and stunned. Enemies hit by the ability are prioritised by his first ability.

Third Form (Ability Rank 3) (white parts) - the body parts are held by the Void tentrals in front of him forming a shield that blockes damage equal to his maximum damage. These body parts helt infornt of him benefit the adaptaion effects of his passive ability. once destroyed or stopped being cast the body parts are then pulled back into their original place on his body

Ability 3: He channels void energy through his feet into the ground trgeting enemies around him in a wide area and impales targetes enemies. enemies killed by the ability grand him 10 energy back. The ability can be used during his crawling of his 2. ability and deals 10% incresed damage per body part he has on him (the damage bonus is capped at 100%)
(energy Usage: 75)

Ability 4: He becomes inraged and starts jumping to enemies in front of him, acting like a iron maiden prisoning the the enemies hit in his body parts pircing them with his void tendrals. Enemies killed by this ability heal the Warframe by 5% of his health and trigger his third ability (if the third ability is triggert by the fourth ability it costs no energy, it cant be cast manualy during the fourth ability)
(the ability cost energy per enemie hit (10 energy/enemie) and can be stopped by pressing the ability buttun again)

I hope you like the idees i have and wich all of you who read this a wonderfull time and no stress with our little pandemic problem.
(i should consider becomeing a game designer ^^)

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Posted (edited)

Passive: when dead, moves around as a Void Ghost that haunts enemies with built in Terrify, when in contact with enemies, adds an armor debuff which contributes to a pool of pieces for the Warframe, when enough has been collected, auto-revives the warframe.

Ability 1: Rocket Fist: sends forth a flying fist towards an enemy target that explodes upon impact. Recasting  it on another target before it returns to your hand boosts its power and reduces its energy consumption. (Basic ability)

Ability 2: Dragon Bite: Breaks up and sets the warframe forth in a continuious motion as a storm of shrapnel bits, inflicting bleeding proc on enemies who come in contact with him it and adds damage evasion as a bonus..

Ability 3: Shift Mode: Transforms the warframe into a hound, gaining speed but reducing mobility. Debuffing enemy armor when attacking them whiich to our own in the form of flying  bits, passin an ally provides an ally with a percentage of an armor buff relative to the armor buff received.(Unless Dragon Bite is used),..

Ability 4: idk


Honestly I wanted an ability that involved using other Warframe abilities in squad maybe but I didn't know how would this work in Solo.

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First I was like "hey nice, a glitching reality-breaking wf!" but then I realized that warping through objects, ceilings and ground won't be that fun...

So, well.


Passive: Void Bonds.

Adds new resource: void energy.

Slowly regains void energy bar meter, up to 100%.

Consumes any nearby void energy disturbance (like operator's amp's shooting) to significantly faster fill the void energy bar, up to 100%.

When the void energy bar is at 100%, consumes all the stored void energy to regain +1 ressurection attempt.

Bypasses the Arbitration's "One death" restriction.


1. Void overcharge

Channelling (1 sec, can't be shorten), can be used while other actions, channeling breakes if got any status effect. Consumes energy, consumes void energy.

On enemy: applies a short void damage dot effect, applies void status effect.

On ally: clears of any status effects, for a short time applies a status immunity, for a short time any melee attack of ally or on ally makes a small aoe void damage pulse around ally.

On self: slowly charges void energy bar over time, can get over 50%, can't be re-applied while in the effect.


2. Taclical disassemblance

Instant cast, consumes energy, consumes void energy. Can be overcharged when at 100% void energy bar by holding dowh the ability hotkey.

Warframe busrsts into pieces, dealing moderate phisical damage pulse in large aoe. Breakes containers and cameras. Knocks down (stuns?) enemies in the line of sight. After 1 sec re-assembles back. Immune to damage and statuses while in the effect. If overcharged, greatly increases damage dealt, slightly increases knock down effect duration, consumes all the stored void energy, counts as death (caster can self-ressurect like normal).


3. Void shielding.

Instant cast, consumes void energy.

Clears of any status effects, while under effect gets status immunity (status procs reduce the remaining duration of the effect), gets a small aoe void damage aura, gets % damage reduction (% depends on power strength).

The effect does't fill caster's void energy bar.


4. Sacrifice of the Old War Soldier.

Usable on ally within affinity range only, channeling (5 sec, can't be shorten), counts as death (no affinity/reputation gains). Consumes 100% void energy (can't be reduced).

Warframe falls into pieces, releasing inner void energy, that applies to the targeted ally (grants translucent silhouette over the target), giving it all the frame current mods' bonuses, boosting targeted ally stats (if have any) like health, armor, shields, power strength/efficiency/range/duration, movement, parkour and holster speed (except augment buffs; aura buffs counts; final energy efficiency can't be over 175%). target can't die while under the effect; target's health goes down at 5% per sec rate (can't be reduced, can be healed). if target's health drops to zero, target gets fully healed, but the effect ends. The effect can't be cancelled on wish, only through time-out or health-loss. After the effect ends, caster can self-ressurect like normal.




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Posted (edited)

Pasive: can control any enemy by bullet jumping into them like a doll


1st SPLIT: can split into random warframes depending on how many players in squad. example full squad only you can turn into another frame you oun but if you dont oun 2 or more frames then it will use one playin with you also when you use this ability its a duration ability and your 2nd 3rd and 4th ability change to that frames abilitys

2nd DISASEAMBLE: fall apart and become hidden while your limbs spread out and cause you to attract enemys to the center of your jumbled body then acctivate the ability again to pull yourself together and gain health from every enemy hit gives health

 3rd MANGLE: jumbled their body and let them move along the walls and ceiling at 2x normal speed and gives them silent kill animation from wall and ceiling they are undetectable and cant pick up loot while the ability is being used

4th WHIPS OF WAR: the frame will use the bindings as whips or razor whips that can do fire damage for an offensive stance and freezes them solid with the defense stance


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Posted (edited)

Passive: Abomination (name can change): Each ability cast leaves portion of it's body around that can be picked up to restore it's health (in a similiar manner to Atlas and his Rubble mechanic). Frame doesn't have energy, instead ability use requires frame health (similiar situation to Hildryn using her Shield as cost for her abilities). Death Orbs react to frame emiting pulse that restores it's health instead of energy. That pulse will still restore energy to any other frame (similiar reaction with Death Orbs as Prime Warframes have)


1st Ability: Swiping Pierce: Extends his left (blue) arm and then swipe to the left. Ability deals Puncture damage during extending portion and Slash damage with the swipe.


2nd Ability: Energy Bolt: Sends out a ball (from it's right (red/brown) arm) that is a mixture of energy and parts of Frame's armor that explodes on contact. Cannot be recast while the ability is active, recasting will detonate the ball. While ball travels it will inflict Electric damage in a small radius and will be drawn towards enemies. When it explodes it deals a mixture of Blast and Impact damage (mainly Blast) in radius bigger than it have for Electric damage


3rd Ability: Bubble Field: Creates small area around the user for a short duration. While inside of the area, user and it's allies gain 25-40% damage reduction.


4th Ability: Void Mode: Cloaks itself with void energy gaining 20-30% damage reduction and 10-20% bonus Void Damage to each weapon. While Void Mode is active it's other abilities are replaced with ones described below. Void Mode cannot be activated if Current health is lower than 30% of max Health, it deactivates when current health falls below 30%. Any Void Mode Ability that is active will deactivate once Void Mode is deactivated.


Void Mode 1st Ability: Ethereal Rapier: Replaces Swiping Pierce. Summons Exalted Rapier that deals Slash, Impact, Puncture damage as well as Void damage. Void damage being it's main damage source


Void Mode 2nd Ability: Ethereal Bolt: Replaces Energy Bolt. Works similiar to Energy Bolt, with addition of Void Damage to each part of how it works and doubling radius of traveling portion of damage and 50% increase of explosion radius


Void Mode 3rd Ability: Void Bubble: Replaces Bubble Field. Still creates small area around the user but, gives the user full immunity to damage, and allies within the bubble 70-80% damage reduction. Also switches from duration based to drain based ability (if it stayed as duration it would be too strong). Health drain should be quite big to compensate for benefits of this ability.


Now a little something that I'd like to add to this, mainly my thought process behind this and a little lore that could be used for it (lore will be in spoiler for reasons).

When it comes to it's Abilities what I wanted to do was to give it something that doesn't fit one theme (since it is supposed to be made from different remnants of Warframes) thus it's first ability is related to it's blue/violet parts of it's body, second realted to red/brown parts of it's body, and third ability to it's white/gray parts, while fourth ability is related to void energy that "hold all this together" (Colors described above are based on the concept art). Also the addition of "Void Mode Abilities" was a thing that I thought along the lines: "Well the void changes everything, I mean, look at Corrupted Vor, Rell, or even our interactions with Man in the Wall (mainly the one after "The Sacrifice" ends)"


And now towards lore idea I had:


At the end of Old War, a lone Tenno travels around battlefield filled with what remains of Warframes and Sentients alike in search of his beloved Warframe. Said Tenno cannot believe that it's gone, destroyed by Sentients. As time goes his/her mind gets clouded, corrupted by the Void Energy flowing inside of him/her (yea reference to how Rell ended in Chains of Harrow). Then one day, he/she finds it, his/her beloved Frame. Or rather what was left of it. With his/her mind clouded, saddened by the sight of his/her destroyed frame, a powerfull Void Energy Blast is emited from within Tenno's body. Strong enough to make him/her lose consciousness. When regained what he/she saw was unbelievable. A frame, abomination composed of different parts. And he/she is within it. He/she cannot exit it. He/she became one with it.



Small edit, it won't be inserted in abilities description above, it will be inserted below, so it will be visible what I forgot to add:


While Void Mode is active Frame will have health restoration effects reduced by 75% (with the exception to health regen from it's passive). That was supposed to be there to avoid situation of making him immortal by being teamed up with frames like Trinity or Oberon

Edited by Elbem
Forgot to add one important thing to Void Mode Ability description

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Passive:  After reviving another warframe the broken frame gains additional armor for the duration of the mission.


1-Transference Leak:  The warframe holds out its arm and a tendril of transference energy flails about in front of it.  The tendril causes damage and stuns enemies that come in contact with the tendril.

2-Overextend:  The warframe's void tendrils lengthen allowing for greater reach for melee weapons and increased jump and parkour abilities.

3-Void Tendrils:  The warframe shoots its tendrils into the ground, the tendrils reappear in a radius binding enemies in place.

4-Void Channel:  The warframe channels the void directly, the fragments it has collected release from the frame and begin to orbit the frame and a ghost of it's original form made of pure void energy emerges.  While this form is active the warframe does void damage and has a high percentile of damage reduction.  enemies that get too close take damage from the orbit frame debris.



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I had a “broken” frame idea where it could detach its limbs like weapons, And it’s Head operates like a Sentinel:

”Hyperion” — the Amputee

Passive: Hyperion’s detachable limbs operate like ammunition wielding only 2 hands, but 1 foot—as his lore states he lost his 2nd foot in the Old War, leaving his incomplete blueprint only with a holographic copy. At full ammo however, his aim glide can extend into jet boosters from his hands & foot that allow him unlimited elevation, at the sacrifice of weapon use. When downed, his 4th ability automatically initiates. 
Oculus Mode is an Exalted weapon with its own customization. Utilizes Sentinel mods for the health, shields, & Hyper Beam. 
Health: 200 / 400
Shields: 350 / 600
Armor: 250
Energy: 150 / 250
Speed: 1.15 
Hyper Beam: Precise Laser beam, focuses damage the longer it’s active. 
Assembly: Dismantles himself in a teleport, reassembling wherever he chooses. 
Optimization: Each lost appendage is replaced with a holographic copy & has a 30 second recharge time, unless recalled prematurely (affected by efficiency mods):
  • (2) Palm Unit #1: Fires hand onto an enemy, sending them off in a haywire flight path, following his reticule direction (Duration: 3 - 4 - 5s ~| affected by mods). Fire on an ally to give them a personal jet-pack activated by aim-gliding (Duration: 10 - 15 - 20 seconds). Allies receive a 5 second warning before his Palm is recalled. 
  • (2) Palm Unit #2: Launches fingers as tiny heat-seeking missiles, utilizing the same element(s) as his melee weapon. 
  • (1) Base Unit: Launches his foot at a target, transforming into a net, trapping & draining their life force into a small energy beacon. Detonates after duration. (Duration: 10 - 13 - 16s | affected by mods) targets nearby walls will snare onto it. 
Oculus Mode: Detaches head, acting as a mobile sentry, airborne on the battlefield. Melee to deactivate its airborne state & instead sprout a pair of arachnid-like legs to crawl along the ground, walls, & ceilings. During this mode, secondary toggle may either deactivate & cloak his body or reactivate & follow the head performing all ordinary attacks except abilities. Oculus mode has a 2nd power set:
    • Omni Beams: Large beam reduces to a smaller barrage of lasers—functions like primary weapon
    • Primer: Deactivates head turbine to be picked up by his own body. Charges its laser over time, capping at 1000% damage. Secondary toggle throws the head like a grenade, detonating an energy pulse on impact, reactivating the turbine.
    • Sentry Scan: Scan enemies & download their weaknesses into pickup items—glowing with his energy color. Additionally, scanning Eximus units will employ pickup items with knockdown/ elemental resistance benefits. X-ray the ability through thin obstacles. Each enemy scan applies +0.5% punch-through damage for him & allies—influences 1st ability. 
    • Deactivation: Return to your body—must be within visual range of it. 

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So, i think the broken warframe should be called Khaos. Chaos( Khaos) in greek mythology, was the beginning of things. Furthermore, based on scientific understanding of beginning of life, dark and light matter existed. So, Khaos has control of the two which is in every living or inanimate thing.   Whether the warframe uses light or dark matter energy, is purely dependent on what time of day it is in gameplay. For daytime, warframe will exploit the energy of the light source to charge its own energy store of light energy. While, during the night , it uses dark matter. 

Passive ability: During coop mission, team players get a boost of either dark or light energy which increases damage to equipped weapons. damage also extends to the other team players' warframe abilities. during solo mission, all equipped weapons including pets get boost in dark/light energy thus inflict more damage than usual.

For the four abilities:

1. Vortex blast. Warframe releases a blast of light or dark energy from their hands, directing it towards enemies at close range. The blast inflicts damage on low rank enemies even killing them. As for high rank enemies, little damage is inflicted but renders them paralyzed for a short duration.

2. Ex hostibus manipulation - latin for manipulation of enemiesThrough the ability to manipulate matter. The warframe is equipped with the ability of using this in its favor. Warframe can manipulate the matter within enemies thus make them fight  its battles for a limited time. After which, the enemies become a ticking time bomb which once time is over. it disperses an explosion of light or dark matter inflicting damage to surrounding enemies. 

3. Sphere of Doom. The warframe creates a sphere of light or dark energy that acts as a protective dome against incoming firepower from enemies. It does so by absorbing  damage inflicted on it. Enemies within the sphere go through turmoil as high dense rays of light and dark energy bombard them. Thus inflicting damage to them.

4. Wipe out. Once fully or adequately charged up (i.e. the power bar) the warframe goes critical. Thus, discharging a wave of light/dark energy clearing any oncoming enemies and destroying any enemy atillery.  

Hope this helps in the development of new warframe. looking forward to hearing from you concerning my idea.

Kind Regards,


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Concept - "Tenno you must stay focused to hold yourself, and the frame, together":

Due to this frame being made out of the pieces of other broken and defeated warframes, with it barely being held together just by our (the Operator's) void energy, the frame itself has no abilities. Thus making it so that we have to channel our own abilities though the frame directly and though this is very effective it also risks overloading the frame and causing it great damage.

Passive - Broken Vessel: Your active focus school and current focus energy affect the warframe and it's abilities.

Visual Effect: The more focus energy you have the brighter the void tendrils.

School effect's on warframe:

  • Madurai: 4th ability has 20% greater strength and efficiency.
  • Vazarin: Yourself and allies within affinity range gain 10% health.
  • Naramon: Yourself and allies within affinity range gain 10% sprint speed and your 1st ability and 2nd ability are 20% faster.
  • Unairu: Yourself and allies within affinity range gain 10% armor.
  • Zenurik: Yourself and allies within affinity range gain 10% max energy.


Abilities: Shattered, Recovered, Recycled, and Reforged.

1 - Shattered Dash:

Type: Single Cast, two handed

Cost: 10 energy | 30 focus energy.

Base Effect: Perform a 9 meter void dash with 50% evasion buff for it's duration (the idea is that the void tendrils turn intangible but the frame parts don't), staggers enemies, and regenerates 10 energy per enemy hit. When cast without enough focus energy the frame will overload and short out causing you to be inflicted with transference static (and resetting the static's timer if you already had static) and it strictly doing the above, otherwise the ability gains additional effects based on focus school.

  • Madurai: Dash leaves a flaming trail that lasts for 5 seconds and all enemies who either go across it or were hit with the initial dash are inflicted with 200 fire damage along with a guaranteed proc and a debuff to take 50% more damage from all sources for 10s.
  • Vazarin: At the end of the dash a 10m pulse is sent out staggering all enemies, then yourself and allies within 19m are healed 5%hp for every enemy hit by the wave and initial dash.
  • Naramon: At the end of the dash a 10m pulse is sent out that confuses the enemies hit by it and the initial dash and increases damage they take from melee weapons by 75% for 25s.
  • Unairu: Dash will strip 75% armor from enemys and reduce their damage by 20%. repeated dashes can fully strip armor and reduce enemy's damage output by up to 60%.
  • Zenurik: Dash now pulls 15 energy from each enemy hit and at the end of the dash a 19 meter pulse is sent out giving allies hit the same amount of energy.

2 - Discovered Blast:

Type: Single Cast, two handed

Cost: 10 energy | 25 focus energy.

Base Effect: Perform a 5m Void blast that deals 450 radiation damage and knock-backs enemies. When cast without enough focus energy the same happens as with the previous ability.

  • Madurai: Blast is chargeable allowing you to put more void energy into it generating a fireball lasting 0.4s or until it hits a surface after-which exploding to deal 500 heat damage in a 5 meter radius and blinding enemies within 10m for 15s. The explosion damage increases with how much focus energy is put into it.
  • Vazerin: Blast is chargeable allowing you to put more void energy into it generating a 5m defensive bubble that is immune to damage and expands overtime for 30s until it pops. The amount of time it's active will be increased with how much focus energy is put into it.
  • Naramon: Blast is now 6.5m and both has a 60% chance of disarming the enemies and every enemy hit adds to the melee combo counter.
  • Unairu: Blast is now 7.5m and enemies hit by it have a bit of their essence ripped from them, turning them to stone for 10s and leaving behind wisps that, when picked up by you or allies, boost the strength of your/their next ability cast. The wisp buff can stack
  • Zenurik: Blast now emits a 15m pulse that inflicts 200 electric damage on enemies with a guaranteed proc and pulls them to the origin point of said pulse.

3 - Recycled Parts:

Type: Single cast, one handed

Cost: 20 energy

Base Effect: Energy is pulled from the assembly of broken warframe parts into the operator's essence, converting it with a conversion of 100% into Focus Energy along with another buff depending on focus school. Casts of this ability while you still have an active buff reset the buff timers and add to the buff up until you reach said buff's max.

  • Madurai: 150.0% conversion into a base damage buff for you and allies within 15m for 40s (maxed at 150%).
  • Vazerin: 300.0% conversion into max health buff for 80s (maxed at 300).
  • Naramon: 0.4% conversion into additive melee crit buff for 40s (maxed at 40%).
  • Unairu: 400.0% conversion into armor buff for 80s (maxed at 400)
  • Zenurik: If you have void static then then it's timer will be reduced by 9s but if you don't have void static then it will be converted into additional shields at 300% conversion. these can go into over shields.

4 - Reforged Amp(Takes the name of your amp):

Type: Channeled, exalted weapon

Cost: 15 energy Initial cast | 5 energy p/s | See Effect for focus energy per shot

Visual Effect: The void tendrils holding the broken frame pieces together start to glow even brighter with the tendrils around it's right wrist reshaping into an exalted Amp as Operator and frame truly become one complete whole.

Effect: This "Amp" will be a modable exalted primary weapon with the same fire modes as your operator's equipped amp and base stats that are modified versions of said amp's base stats (something like 2.0x damage and 1.3x status and crit) with the focus energy per shot being calculated by the amp's energy consumption. If you fire the amp while you are out of focus energy then you will overload the frame resulting in you getting kicked out of exalted mode and the ability being put on a 3 second cool down. 

Note: it's damage type will be changed to radiation to avoid it breaking eidolons and other operator based boss phases.

Final notes:

Though the abilities you get from the different schools have their own overall game-plan, goal, and theme they still have a general game-play loop in common. The 1 and 2 abilities feed into each other while supporting and sustaining the other two abilities by providing regular and focus energy respectively along with beneficial buffs to yourself (and allies depending on school) and debuffs to enemies while the 3 and/or 4 abilities are typically the meat your toolkit. All of this together should generate a fun and synergistic set of abilities and actions regardless of school. I also did my best to make it so that for the most part the abilities wouldn't require too much brand new code as most of 1 and 2's abilities are just retools of Operator abilities/focus skills and the 3rd ability is conceptually simple.

Also as to why I chose this kind of concept, I really think this frame or a frame/system similar to this would be good for the game as whole as it would give players like myself who aren't necessarily interested in doing a lot of eidolons or players who built the standard meta amp and haven't made any more past that a reason to go out and get different kinds of amps, as they would suddenly have a use in harder content outside of eidolons. This frame would also help people to see what kind of utility the schools outside of Zenuirk have to offer and feel more comfortable grinding and spending focus to unlock said schools and their abilities. Anyway if you got all the way here then I sincerely thank you for your time and hope you enjoyed reviewing this concept 😀

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passive. enemys affacted by the 3rd abillity who get killd grand a stack for the second abillity

1.target a location and rip himself apart to reattach at the new posison harming enemys in his way. Dealt damage converted to health

2.rush to an enemy and rip him apart. reattach parts of the enemys for damage reduction.

3.the tentacles break out and attach to all enemys slow them and make them more vulnerably for incoming damage

4.something like the tentacle extending and forming a exalted weapon

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Made from scrap and void energy it does the job, but that doesn't mean it's efficient or safe.

Passive: kills grant armor each kill increases instability, going past a threshold causes uncontrolled detonation, instability meter deteriorates over time.

Ability 1: boosts weapon damage, but eats up health per tick. boost and health drain ramp up.

Ability 2: can consume energy for health Regen heals nearby teammates.

Ability 3: use instability meter to create energy for near teammates.

Ability 4: when instability meter is full can create a controlled explosion, armor gained through passive grants additional damage.

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Passive: Your damage over time effects last 10 times as long

effectively making your bleeds, poisons, ignites and gas clouds last 60 seconds.


1st ability: Odyssey 

Become invisible and gain 100% sprint speed for 2 seconds. 

10 second cool down. This skills duration and cool down are unable to be modified. 

While this skill is on cool down, gain 60% damage reduction.


2nd ability: Catalyze

Consume damage over time effects on enemies in an area around you, dealing all remaining damage over time instantly and applying a cold status effect slowing the enemy.

Gain a Soul Charge for each enemy harvested, up to a maximum of 10.

+30 armor for each Soul Charge you have.


3d ability: Ache

Expend all your energy adding base damage and status chance to your attacks, based on energy amount spent. The type of element is based on your emissive color.

red: fire 

green: toxic

yellow: gas

blue: slash


4th ability: Inception

Expend and release all your soul charges. Each Soul Charge will seek out an enemy within line of sight and possess the victim applying its status ailment and staying on the victim for the duration of the status. 

If a Soul Charge lands on an enemy already affected by a Soul Charge, it will instantly consume the remaining damage, before refreshing it's duration.

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Passive: gets lifesteal on all damage that heals nearby allies for 100% more (probably needs to be tweaked)


1st Ability: Shard- If pressed will send out a little shard of the Warframe's body at an enemy to deal damage and cause a puncture debuff. If held, will seek out a nearby ally to buff their damage and healing received from the passive, as well as doubling the range of the Warframe's abilities for allies affected.


2nd Ability: Shrapnel- Send out little shards of the Warframe's body to fill the floor, damaging and slowing the enemies. While under the effect, enemies will create a tendril of energy for allies to pick up on death, giving increased reload speed, weapon swap speed, and fire rate. (potential for augment to cause a tripping effect instead of slowing)


3rd Ability: Drain- Depending on the enemy type, the Warframe will pulse a buffing or restorative wave, after ensnaring an enemy with parts of it's body, and it's energy. The higher the duration the longer the pulses, similar to Trinity, however, the ability restores over time, and the longer the buff is active, the stronger it gets.

                              Robotics- Pulse energy and shields to allies.

                              Armoured Units- Pulse an armour increasing buff, and increases headshot damage.

                              Shielded Units- Pulse an EMP aura to decrease precision of enemies, and gives allies electric damage to weapons.

                              Health Units- Pulse health, movement speed, and attack speed.


4th Ability: Trendil- Enters a state of invulnerably similar to Undertow, however, you can move from wall to wall, exposing yourself to damage, but dropping small shards on the floor that explode to deal puncture damage. On top of this, when bouncing from surface to surface, a web like structure of energy and scrap is left behind. The web will bounce enemies back and will have a shared health bar across all tendrils that can be restored with the 1st Ability (equal to damage dealt by the ability), or destroyed by the 3rd, giving allies in the range a damage buff for the amount of damage dealt to it from enemies attacking it. If the web is destroyed, it will pulse the buff with 50% effectiveness. When the ability is turned off the web remains. All abilities continue to work and can be casted in this form.

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Harrow is already void, Indus is already “broken” however broken look is cool here is some abilities for it from Eidalonian. 

Passive: Chaotic Aura, this ability gives broken extra overshields based off of aura color and absorbs that energy type into over shields.

1st: Reflect Shot: Broken raises his hand and channels energy to reflect blaster fire back at up to 3 targets.

2nd: EMP Pulse: Discharges enemy shields for 3 seconds in a 10m area of Broken. Enough for a team to pick off stragglers.

3rd: Reassemble: Select one destroyed target and reassembled them as a thrall until they are defeated. 

4th “ultimate”: Reconstruct: Uses parts from fallen enemies within 10m and heals the team in same area off effect.

The idea behind him/her as the energy holding him together is the same he uses to rebuild himself and other.

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