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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive Ability: Right Arm/Leg Attacks deals heat damage to all enemies. Left Arm/Leg attacks deal cold damage

1: Enemy Wield - Grabs an enemy and uses them as a weapon against other enemies (Can be stacked up to four enemies. The more enemies, the more damage dealt) (if enemy is closest to right side, it will deal heat, if closest to left side it deals cold damage.) Length of time Tier 1 Time length: 30 seconds Tier 2: 40 seconds Tier 3: 50 Seconds Tier 4: 60 Seconds

2: Fractured Void Eruption: Drives both fists into the ground and eruptions of Void Energy rise up under the ground, dealing both heat and cold damage. Eruption lasts for 5-10 seconds. 
Damage increases at each Tier. Developers Discretion

3: Void Guardian: Drives both arms and all void tendrils into the ground channeling all energy into the surface. Once stabilized, Void energy provides a massive protective barrier to all incoming fire. While it protects from incoming fire, it allows outgoing fire to continue to engage hostiles. Range is 15m on each side of Eornheit's body  Each Tier Absorbs more damage until it finally is destroyed by enough incoming fire or melee attacks. Tiers of barrier can be determined by Developers. 

4: Walking Void: Upon activation, The Eornheits body glows and void energy spills out. All damage from ranged and melee weapons from Eornheit is increased with void damage until Energy is depleted. All enemies that come in a close proximity take additional void damage. Last's as long as the Warframe has energy. 


Best of luck. Do we at least get a shout out? That would be cool.  


- Alex Kirsch
GT: N7Smoke27

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Passive: Reaper- the frame can pick up health orbs and continue to add health up to a cap.


1: Deconstruct- You tear apart targeted enemy around you and dismember their bodies dealing slash damage to them.


2: Improvise- You take nearby "junk" to add to your weapon and gives a damage buff to your weapon.


3: Complete- Using pieces of fallen enemies on the ground you add them to your body to make armor for yourself.


4: Adaptation- You copy one random ability from another warframe on your team and the ability copied is buffed depending on what ability is copied.


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Upon ability cast a virus spreads that turns machine against owners if not reduces enemy shields or stuns all in range(affected by range mods)

1 - JAM
Enemy weapons malfunction and deal damage via an explosion

2 - Cycle
all abilities become buffed based on a cycled buff

3 - Crash
Enemy's hit are proced with a random pool effect


Summons copy's that spam weaker versions of first three abilities

P.S.please tell me if this is in line with the broken theme

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Passive: On Tap - Energy constantly runs through the threads of void energy on the Warframe, causing it to slowly regain energy over time.


Ability 1: (Hold) Constrict - Lash out at targets with the void, sapping them of their life force or giving them yours. You regain health when targeted at an enemy and can give health when casted upon a friendly. 


Ability 2: (Cast) Weld - Repair damage done to your body. Clears status effects. 


Ability 3: (Cast) Suit Up - Take what was theirs and make it yours. Grabbing an enemy you strip them of armor or shields, making it your own. 


Ability 4: (Toggle) As One - An extension of you. You form a bond with your weapon for a short time getting a different set of effects. While this bond is in effect you aren’t able to switch your weapons. 

Primary and Secondary: Increased reload speed, critical chance, and fire rate. 

Melee: Increased swing speed, critical chance, and heavy attack charge rate. 

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passive-damage to shields will give armor to whatever damage broke the shield (ex:blast+fire broke shield= blast+fire resistant armor) only resets if dead or a nulifier buble

1-let out a burst of overheated energy to damage enemies in strait line in front of you, enemies hit become priority for 3rd ablity

2-release gas in all directions that block enemy sight and have small air born proxy mines (like fog with sea mines)that can be detoinated with the first ability for an aoe blast

3-summon 3 drones (one for each rank) that hover around like a vomvalyst can shoot but can heal only you ,will die to restore your shields

4-summon the rest of you lost parts in an ethereal way and become whole for a short time or for as long as you have energy, making your ablities stronger and turning your drones into mini sentiants with increased fire power and can restore health and shield to you without a sacrifice. you would also get a health and armor boost and posibly other buffs.

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Passive: When killed, he blows up and attempts to rejoin all the parts of his body resulting in one extra life.

1st Ability: Summon a sentient fighter, it'll be random from Aerolysts to Vomvalysts.

2nd Ability: Siphons health/armor from enemies and turns it into void armor which allows you to gain resistance to status effects, resistance increases in accordance with strength

3rd Ability: Use the abilites of other warframes in your squad something like how Railjack can utilize abilites of those in the squad.

4th Ability: Energy runs through the veins or whatever that tube is in his body as he ascends into a void state like the vomvalysts, immune to damage but unable to use weapons. He can however, walk through enemies and cause them to take some void damage or cause them to get knocked down. Or something like Baruuk's 1st but that wouldnt be a good 4th ability.

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Ability ideas :

1) Corruption : The Ground Under the  enemies starts cracking, causing them to get consumed by the void (500 void damage per 2s)Augment : After getting consumed, enemies can be converted into blueprints, mods, items.

2) Mimic : Any enemy's abilities  can get converted into this ability slot, duration 30s, then copied ability gets replaced back with Mimic. Augment : Can copy 2 abilities at the same time (both triggered same time) and duration is increased at 40s.

3) The Curse : Every enemy in an 5m area will get 500 void damage for 8 seconds and the killed enemies will get converted into corrupted (Machinery gets converted into sentient). Augment : Consumed enemies will have 55% chance to get converted into more elite enemies (Aerolysts, Eximus, etc)

4) The Call : 4 Sentients get summoned from the ground for 20s. Augment : When ability triggered, a fake transmission of Hunhow will appear, giving enemies the effect of Terrify and stun, while allies and summoned sentients get an shield boost and increased armor

Passive : Every Orokin/Sentient killed grants 50 bonus armor for 20s and 10 energy

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Passive- Dust layer: Instead of normal shields, warframe has a physical (set energy colored) barrier/coat of dust and sand that appears when hit and on the side of the warframe it was hit from, this cannot be regained with time, but rather must be recovered through either melee attacks or by gathering the fallen dust and sand.

Ability 1- Segment Shot: Warframe fires high velocity segments and parts from its arms as projectiles, that return to warframe after hitting either the enemy or ground. damage randomizes between impact, puncture, and slash. projectile damage is increased based on warframe armor and ability strength. Can be rapid fired with repeated casts, ability casting speed mods assist this further. (Can regen sheilds)

Ability 2- String Sever: Release your strings Tenno. warframe breaks apart, turning into a moving mass of limbs and parts, traveling along the ground, draining energy over time. While stationary, the warframe becomes unnoticeable to enemies. Can be applied in combat, upon activating the ability, so long as the user dosen't move, the enemy will believe the warframe has died. While ability is active, the user can attack enemies, like a swarm of blades using the melee button -like being a razorfly swarm-  chipping and slicing at enemies (can regen shields), or use 3rd ability while in this form. (Efficiency)

Ability 3- Puppeteer: Show them who's truly in control, Tenno. Release your strings, and be ready. Once casted, warframe bundles together and bounds forward towards a targeted enemy, latching onto their body. The targeted enemy is then taken over by the warframe, allowing them to use the enemies weapon (with their weapon equivalents mods active) as well as have their own weapon poke out the side as an auto turret. since the warframe is acting as a controlling layer, the warfame will be the first to take damage, but will allow drain from enemy health and armor during possession. Upon release, strings are left behind, detonating after a short period.(Efficiency, Strength)

Ability 4- Jade Break: Let your strings become your blade, Tenno. Upon casting, the warframe's strings are released, As a vortex of void energy gathers the parts into a stringless serrated mass, pulling in and damaging enemies that come to close, as well as stacking damage from enemy gunfire. Energy begins to charge at the center of this mess, building up over time, draining your energy pool. Upon ability release, the built up energy fires charged enemy bodies and warframe parts in every direction, turning the warframe into a living storm of glaives, even bouncing of walls and locking onto enemies. after a short while, when the energy is burned up, the warframe returns to it's humanoid form. Gather together faster with 1st, 2nd, or 3rd ability cast. (Strength, Efficiency, Range)


I honestly doubt DE will ever see this, or even acknowledge it. But at least I can say I tried and participated.

Edited by (PS4)Kyuubi-no-Tenshi
Correcting typos, and adding further detail. srry.
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Passive: (it’s not a glitch, it’s a feature) gain random sub 25% ability boost to 1 stat (range, strength, duration, efficiency) 

Ability 1: deals instant damage to targeted enemy with a random damage type (including void damage) 

Ability 2: buffs random amount of health, shields or armour to random squad mates (sometimes 1 sometimes 3 sometimes everyone) 

Ability 3: can use random 3s from 3 pre selected warframes (selection can be something like octavia’s mandachord from warframes you’ve used before) 

Ability 4: uses his own left arm as a melee weapon that deals random status effects (can be modded like an exhaled weapon) 

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Passive: Reclaim used parts from the battlefield to replenish health.  used parts drop from certain abilities and dead enemies. 

(Faster revive speed?)


Ability 1: Soulful Reach: Fling your gauntlet, connected by a string of void energy. Hitting enemies staggers them, and drags them to you. Generates parts upon successful enemy grabs, more parts if enemy is killed by this ability 


Ability 2: Focused repair: Stationary, repair your wounds, uses parts to restore health


Ability 3: Arsenal: choose from several options, creates a weapon (sword, hammer, cannon) which deals damage (Slash, impact, blast) based on weapon type. Uses parts, value depends on weapon used, and weapon will break after a period of time. 


Ability 4: From Beyond: hover in air and release tendrils of void energy, sapping enemies of health and armor, which replenishes the user as well as the team, if they’re in range. Collects parts from enemies killed with this ability


Parts can be affected my vacuum and fetch, and other players can generate parts by killing enemies for amalgam

idk if they had a name for him yet so I made one anyway. 

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Void Malfeasance - Broken Frame emits a wave of void energy, the wave causes enemies to become stuck in place, unable to move and a 5% chance to open them up to parazon finishers if they are below 50% health. 

  • 20 energy 10 shield 
  • Duration: 10/15/20/25 s.  
  • Range: 15/20/25/30 m 
  • Cannot be refreshed

Shield of the Devastated - Broken Frame reforms left arm into a shield using his void tendrils absorbs damage. Absorbed damage increases damage of Discombobulate Cannon. Base absorption range is 75 degrees up to 120 degrees at max range. Absorbs 45%/55%/65%/75% of incoming damage as charged increase damage for Discombobulate Cannon

Uses 5/10/15/20 shield per second

In my mind it looks like the shield the Symbilyst use on the murex to keep with the void ascetic/theme

Splintered Return - Broken frame links to enemy using void tendrils regenerates shield/health per second for duration of ability. Linked Enemy explodes upon release a base 500 void damage scales on power strength.

  • 50 energy to cast
  • Cannot link to allies
  • Duration 15/30/45/60 s
  • Return 6/12/18/22 shield/health 50/50 return ( 3 shield/3 health, 6 shield/6 health,9 shield/9 health, 11 shield/11 health)
  • Range 8/12/16/20 m

Discombobulate Cannon - Broken Frame reforms right arm into an exalted charge shot cannon (a la mega man buster arm) damage is boosted by damage absorbed by Shield of the Shattered. Utilizes shotgun weapon mods. Projectile energy ball shot from cannon. 

  • 75 energy to cast, Uses 5 hp per shot cannot down Broken Frame at 5 hp cannon will not fire
  • 1 Madurai polarity
  • Single projectile per shot
  • Total base damage
    • 500 (125 impact 375 based on energy color)
    • Greens - Toxic
    • Blues - Electric
    • Red - Heat
    • White - Cold 
  • 30% Critical Chance
  • 2.0 Critical Multiplier
  • 30% base status
  • 4 fire rate
  • .2 Charge time
  • Punch through 0.25 m
  • 80 m/s
  • Full Damage up to 40 m Min damage at 80 m 45% max reduction
  • Noise Alarming
  • Accuracy 35

Passive - Health pick ups increase shield regeneration 15% , 1% chance go into over shield. Upon death Broken Frame explodes dealing 500 void damage in affinity range. 

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Passive Sacrifice: If shield's were to be broken, instead, half shields are restored and a shadow is consumed.

Ability 1 Scavenge: Consume an enemy(ies?), and created a shadow (stackable).  Each shadow restores part of the warframe, increasing team's armor, max energy and boosting other abilities.

Ability 2 Ambush: Use your shadows to ambush enemies around you, each shadow attacks an enemy with damage that enemy is weak against, knocking them over. Each enemy ambushed consumes a shadow.

Ability 3 Ancestral Blessing: Consume all enemies in a radius, and grant nearby allies their shadows for a short duration, granting them armor and energy. For each shadow consumed, 1 shadow is granted to each nearby ally. The shadows are consumed if, ability timer expires, Psychosis is activated, or if an ally is lethally wounded.

Ability 4 Psychosis: Consume all shadows. For each attack, a number of shadows will follow up with the exact same attack with fading strength. Amount of shadows and strength is proportional to shadows consumed. 

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To go with the theme of a broken warframe I’ve themed the abilities around risk and reward and the idea that he has to keep his battery topped up to remain dangerous.

Passive- Energy leeching. For every ability toggled on the amount of energy leeched from damaging/killing enemies increases with there being a base percentage so energy can be regained in the event of the energy pool being totally drained.

1- Overload: Damage buff toggle that decreases shield total and/or recharge rate.

2- Patch: A self repair toggle that heals, decreases movement speed, but also increases armor by a percentage.

3- Twitch: Attack speed buff toggle that decreases ranged weapon accuracy and increases reload speed.

4- Restore: An ultimate form shift in the vein of Valkyr. Something that temporarily “repairs” the broken warframe and makes it whole. In this form the negatives of the three other abilities are partially or totally negated in exchange for increased energy consumption (perhaps in the form of a multiplier rather than an set amount for the ultimate ability).


The general idea is to make the broken warframe something of a glass cannon. He can activate the first three abilities, do significantly more damage (particularly up close), but in exchange he’s an easier target and has more difficulty closing the distance. The ultimate ability can negate the negatives to some degree, but it makes it more difficult to do enough damage or kill enough enemies to keep his energy pool from being drained. 

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Some ideas, not the whole moveset, but I thought of some abilities that would seem "weird" or "buggy" to fit the theme. Note that I thought of these before the design look was revealed, but I'll stick to what I came up with.


Passive ability: Chaotic

Every 60 seconds, this warframe gains a random buff to one of his Warframe stats (Duration, Strength, Efficiency, Range, Sprint Speed, Max HP, Max Shields, Max Energy) which lasts until the next activation of this passive.

It's to give the feel of instability and randomness to a broken and buggy frame that challenges the player to adapt to the changing circumstances. Buffs will always be positive, it'll be up to the user to make the best of it.


Activated Ability 1: Misstep

For a limited time, allows this Warframe to walk and jump on walls and ceilings as though it was the floor. Grants slight damage resistance and evasion while walking on walls and ceilings. Dodge Roll to quickly come back down to the ground without canceling the effect.

My main ideas for the abilities were something that would make you say "Wait, that's not how that's supposed to work". This may be a bit of a challenge to code and to apply in some missions, but it offers an incredibly unique (and hilarious) ability for both movement and protection.


Activated Ability 2: Hybridization

Cast on an enemy to heal them, but temporarily grant this Warframe's weapons bonus damage of the element that enemy is weakest against. Cast on an ally to heal them and grant this Warframe a higher element damage to all his weapons according to which warframe the ally is using.

A simple self-buff ability inspired on a bug causing some warframes models to mix and match weirdly in the arsenal or articulas. I think a good way to show the buff is on would be using the same system Kuva Liches use to show their progenitor: a replica of the helmet on their shoulder. The on-ally effect should probably also use the same Kuva Lich system to determine which Warframe confers what element.


Activated Ability 3: Improvised Projectile

This warframe will toss his own weapon as an energized bomb-like projectile, dealing damage around the area of impact according to the weapon's own damage and statistics. Only one of this warframe's weapon can be thrown at a time and the thrown weapon must be retrieved to use this ability again. The weapon will automatically return to this warframe's hands after a time or if they walk too far away from it.

Another ability inspired by a mechanic in warframe. Not a buggy one, but certainly irritating at times. Players having their weapons disarmed by attacks such as Drakk Master's thrown weapon. But with this, the weapon will actually be used as a last resort type of attack... by throwing it! Sure, it will be energized by void magicks and make an explosion almost like a thrown grenade, but it's still throwing it. Could probably also have some extra effects like boosting the thrown weapon when retrieved in some way, but the basic concept is to throw the weapon and make it explode stuff like a grenade. Could probably conflict with Spearguns, but this is essentially giving the speargun throwing ability to any weapon we choose.



And... that's it! I didn't have any idea for a 4th ability and I'm really not feeling inspired enough, so these 3 and the passive will have to do. Use whichever.

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Modular abilities. For example: the player can choose whatever abilities from order owned Warframes [Democracy rules baby] or player can choose which ones they wanna use from some limited numbers of abilities chosen [not given] by DE.

Or The ability to mimic other warframe or mimic other warframes ability. 

Or Mimic the enemies (visually and its abilities too).

Means ability [none].


Cause it's broken. So it mimics others to become perfect like we (humans) do. We humans are perfect but we are useless/broken without others. We need other to survive. 

Thank you.

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I was thinking about ability that can heal  for few amount at same time remove status effects from teammates and deal minimum amount of damage and stun them for few seconds 

And 2 ability that can be like hildryn haven instead of giving shield how about few cc immunity and deal damage and give damage buff for allied teammates

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Passive : When damaged , there is a 3% chance to lose shards of himself and every pick up of a shard will grant additional bonus effects for  him or his allies such as : Instant reload ( for 1 mag every time you pick up a shard ) , heal over time( 5% heal / sec )  , DoT aura around himself for 5 seconds. 



1 Skill SWARM  Releasing his "skin" as a swarm of dmg over time particles , it has an 4 M spread range and it will allow him to CC enemies while spreading the swarm into bigger crowds , every time the swarm spreads the warframe will loose health ( it triggers his passive ) the abillity does 300 puncture dmg/sec however holding the ability key will switch your swarm to DPS mode primarily doing 300 slash dmg / sec , holding the ability again will change your swarm of particles to viral dmg but doing less dmg , allowing the frame to take advantage of the viral effect and by doing so benifit every teammate with CC or Debuffing the enemies. SWARM has a 40 energy cost and a 25% base status chance scales with strength. Casting this ability drains 30 energy


2 Skill Purity : He makes a Chaotic pillar from an enemy by forming his hand into a deadly claw , the pillar will grant you and your teammates status immunity , the enemy will be immune to any dmg However he will chain every effect in a 10 m radius that is affecting him to nearby enemies( up to 8 enemies ). If the " broken frame " uses his SWARM on the target it will spread to every nearby enemy with an 50% efficiency so as the other abilites , status effects , debuffs of any ally. Only 1 pillar can be active at a time. Costs 50 energy and drains 5 energy / sec while a pillar is active. 


3 Skill Doorway : He Sacrifices his shields to gain energy while dashing into an enemy , 50% of the shields will be converted with 200% efficiency into energy. By holding the ability he opens a doorway and instantly teleports the the closest enemy , this will drain all of his shields but it will grant a 2 sec immortality and a mark on the enemy. killing the enemy will instantly restore all of your shields , casting SWARM or PURITY on the marked enemy will grant you overshields . 



4 Skill Death Nation : He uses his dual kama that he forms out of his hand to rip himself into two parts. His flesh part will stay on the ground until he returns to it or the flesh dies ( the flesh will have a 600% max health bonus while the ability is active ) his soul part can freely walk around with an 50%+ movement speed ( based on strength ) And using his kama to embrace the souls of the enemies , every soul will heal the flesh part , give increased damage to his dual kama and abilities and grant these buffs to every ally that he targets. While using the ability the frame is  invisible for any enemy. This ability costs 100 energy and has a 10 sec duration , after he returns to his flesh the increased dmg will stay for 3 sec and than starts to decay ,allowing him to recast the ability and stack further. 


(While in soul form you can't pick up loot , energy or ammo or use any energy replenishing methods)


The Gameplay loop of the " broken frame " : Casting his Purity allowing to have his SWARM a better spread radius( for CC , dmg or debuff  based on the mode you are in ) , his SWARM triggering his passive giving him health over time , balancing your energy pool and shields with your Doorway to use your Death Nation , stacking dmg to your kama's and abilities in your 4 to unleash it to the pillar allowing the swarm to do more dmg and by killing enemies in the Death nation healing your flesh . After returning to your flesh using your 3 to gain energy so you can recast and go back and stack your Dmg further , using your Purity to keep the SWARM spreading , using Doorway to gain energy and shields and the loop continues. 

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Welp since he is a broken warframe, made of pices sewed together.

Passive: Gather limbs from dead enemies, each 10 give him a buff in hp % but also slows him down

1.-Spare parts: Drops X limbs in exchange for a random buff on itself

                       -Speed boost

                       -Hp regeneration

                       -Litle Increase in slash damage

2.-Contorsion: transfoms itself into a quadruped to move faster, if impacts an enemy drag him arround dealing impact damage on the run(more enemies draged, higer the cost/ or just put a cap based on strength)

3.-Deconstruction: trows itself on the ground, setting a trap that slows enemies and deals damage over time, in case of the enemy dying in the trap doubles the limb count (of the enemy). Canott move in deconstruction state, enemies that are in the trap in the moment of reconstruction will be dragged near the warframe stunned (not opended to finishers, dont want this be overpowered and get nerfed due minmax builds XD). With contorsion rolls arround a bit, movement highly restricted, drags enemies arround.

4.-Sewed nightmares: with the limbs gathered creates 1-5 flesh distortioned golems, goes over time due to flesh rots, spare parts nar a golem replaces the limbs and the timer.

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passive: adaptation. You will adapt to status effects like sentients

1st ability: detach 

You will lose one limb for increased mobility and attack speed/efficiency at the cost of some armour. Energy cost 15. (detached limb will come back after 20 seconds)

2nd ability: unbind

When this ability is cast all status effects will be removed from yourself and other allies at the cost of 15% of health. energy cost: 25

3rd ability: Domino

when this ability on a foe all enemies within 10 will be tethered to the enemy and all damage dealt to one will be dealt as well to the tethered. Energy cost: 75      duration: 10 seconds 

4th ability: eclipse 

Surround the world around you with darkness. When cast this ability any enemy within 50m will have their aura shown to you and teammates, and will take 20 damage per second that they are enveloped by the darkness. Energy cost: 100.   Energy per second: 10.   duration: till energy runs out. 

(when the 4th ability is cast you will see everything in black but everything is outlined in white and, enemy auras can be seen through walls. Movement speed is increased by 75% and you take 25% less damage. This visual change can only be seen by you) (the 4th ability can be toggled on and off) 

if these abilities seem random its because hes broken so i felt like his abilities seem out of the ordinary 





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Passive - converts every picked ammo type to the one of the used weapon and restores 10 Health

1 - Bullet splicer - Makes the frame body blade like and can hurl through enemies via increased speed bullet jump creating slash damage on contact/proximity

2 - Spiked wall - Converts body parts into splintered shields that deflect incoming damage

3 - 2 x 4 - Converts the 2 arms into 4 energy cannons

4 - Destroy, Erase, Improve - Sends outward a blast that engulf enemies in radiation damage, retracts and removes their weaponry and increases overshields, armor and health of the frame for set amount of time

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passive - receive a damage resistance against all damage, more so for sentient damage, small percentage of damage taken is converted into health and energy(if either is full then the other receives a bigger boost)

1 rooted - lash out at an enemy with sentient energy, if it hits it chains to any nearby enemies, cast again to detach self from the root

2 drain - activate to leach any rooted enemies of their life force, draining them of their energy and health, evenly distributing both to all allies in range(we need more energy giving frames let’s be honest)

3 spawn a sentient catalyst, cast again while aimed at an ally to have it follow them around, shooting at enemies and giving them a portion of the passives’ damage resistance 

4 eruption - rapidly combust with sentient energy, causing all enemies in range to receive a damage-over-time effect, while under the effect enemies move slower, deal less damage, and are more susceptible to damage

this is meant to be more of a support frame, so all the abilities i mention aren’t meant to do tons of damage for balancing. wouldn’t be fair for one frame to be such a heavy support and nuke build

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  • Passive: Self Destruct 
    • If an enemy knocks down your shields they get stunned for 5 seconds , and if an enemy kills you, they get stunned for 15 seconds. When you die you release a shock wave of energy which deals damage, and stuns enemies nearby.
  • Ability 1: Corruption
    •  Buffs your weapons with more damage, which also stuns your enemies for every time you hit them (does not work on bosses)
  • Ability 2: Void Blink
    • Teleports you to wherever your aiming (the more this ability levels, the farther it reaches.). Every time you use this ability, it speeds you up for 10 seconds (Speed does not stack, but duration does.)
  • Ability 3: Chaos 
    • An AOE attack that releases energy geysers around you for a few seconds
  • Ability 4: Blast of Desolation 
    • Releases a blast full of energy out of your hand, dealing a lot of damage 
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