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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive - The frame is about hoarding. Orbs of all varieties and ammo pickups are more efficient, with automatic ammo mutation properties

Mechanic - Scavenged armor. Stealing things with Scavenge causes you to bulk up, acting as ablative hitpoints and enhancing your other abilities 

1 - Gadgetry. Exploit your inherently splintered nature and lash out your telescoping parts. The more scavenged parts you've stacked onto yourself the more hitboxes/range you can whip out.

2 - Scavenge. Those tendrils aren't for show; leap onto something and start stripping it for parts. Tear chunks off enemies (alive or dead) and use them as ablative hitpoints, or steal Corpus shields, or borrow power/buffs/something from allied Warframes.

3 - Scrap Trap. Spend ablative hitpoints to craft shrapnel bombs, either proximity mines or a big spiky contraption to bash heads in with

4 - Legacy. The Warframe parts what so graciously made up your body until now reanimate with new life. This spends all your ablative hitpoints to buff up the drones you've just unleashed. If you've Scavenged from allied Warframes, the drones get the buffs/powers you've borrowed. In a pinch, Scavenge your drones for free to get your armor and hitpoints back. Perhaps this could be done while you're downed to save yourself?

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Taking damage builds up a damage multipyer. 

Ability 1:

Fires parts of his body that deal damage based on power strength and armor.

Ability 2:

Reduces armour and movement speed greatly for a short duration to gain a burst of both crit and status chance.

Ability 3:

Turns sheilds into a number of volitile void mines covering a small area.

Ability 4:

As the ability button is held down lose energy at a rapid rate wonese out of energy will drain life instead. When button is released all the charged energy is blasted from within creating a large explotion dealing radiation damage With 100% status chance.

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Posted (edited)

(Ability 1)Ammo Sacrifice. Exchanges ammo for health and energy (self). 

(Ability 2)Sacrificed Strike. Exchanges shields to damage (self).

(Ability 3)Core Sacrifice. Exchanges 50% HP to Shields (self).

(Ability 4)Sacrific Ritual. -50% ammo/shield/health/-30%speed

to revive and grant allies health/energy/shield/damage

+30% attack/reload/sprint speed within affinity range(Takes 5s to finish)

[passive] When taking damage the lower your HP higher the reload/run/attack/revive speed up to 25%


If someone posted something similar then i didnt know and i apologize.




Edited by (XB1)WH1T3B0YR3MIX
Ability tweaks plus changed a name of on to kinda fit the frame

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Passive: Spare parts - killing enemies, looting containers give you parts that fuel your skills.


1st ability: Fistful of Scrap - short range heavy damage cone, damage increases the more scarp you have - uses energy


2nd ability: Upgrade - Uses parts to upgrade highest ability stat Self/others (if multiple stats are same bonus is divided between),

if used on turret sends drone to repair & upgrade it.


3nd ability: Turret - send drone to location and it builds long range rapid fire turret, hold ability to build short range mobile turret - use upgrade ability to give them more arsenal


4nd ability: Broken discharge: - uses all your scrap and energy, more you have more effective ability is.

Speed up timer on timed missions (% of used scrap), disarm enemies weapons & skills, random high status chance element explosions, duration (% of used energy).

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Sticking with the "built out of the remnants of those fallen in the old war" idea and the whole "broken warframe" ambiguity I have thought about how a warframe that has survived that war, using the parts of other, older, warframes who have lost the battle, would probably be one of the most clever warframes in history, learning what worked and what didn't work for his allies and his enemies, broken in many ways this warframe learned from those in the old war, long before any updates, those parts and that intelligence kept him alive all this time.


P. Passive: for a warframe that has survived this long and is in such bad shape, it is essential to get out of danger extremely quickly, dodge-rolling reconfigures the warframe's body parts to allow it to run on four legs and reach high speeds with incredibly high parkour agility, jump strength and bullet jump distance, perfect for tactical retreats, direct target interception and stealthy ambushes, also very nimble on rough terrain, capable of "slipping through" and around obstacles without getting stuck and losing momentum.


1. Parasite: opens its entire body and throws tendrils towards targeted enemy, pulling itself towards the enemy and wrapping itself around it to use him as a living armor, reducing the warframe's incoming damage to almost none until the victim dies from enemy/friendly? fire and on death give damage immunity for a few seconds for the player to run away, if the ability is held then the player will leach the health of the victim, tap the ability button again to let go of the victim.


2. Scavenger's instinct: killing and looting its enemies quickly, this warframe makes sure that the enemy never takes him by surprise, this toggle ability outlines or marks all enemies in a railjack-sized room with a very noticeable shape and color while drastically increasing warframe's speed and agility.


3. Tethers and jagged parts: as a survivalist with the pieces of those who have fallen in the old war, this broken warframe has learned that those who are smart know when to run away and those who actually survive are the the ones that make sure that they are not being followed, by tapping the ability button the warframe will throw a complex 3 dimensional rope maze that attaches itself to all nearby walls like an expandable self-adjusting barricade that lasts for a good while, enough time to run far and heal a little or enough time for the backup to arrive, like an "Octopus ink" kind of trap made out of those tendrils on the warframe and jagged warframe pieces from the fallen, entangling or slowing to a crawl all enemies that touch them, and dealing small lingering damage, holding the ability button will pull all enemies in a big radius towards the warframe to a melee distance for as long as the ability is held dealing little or no damage to the enemy but completely immobilizing them, the player can or cannot attack the enemies but the objective is to group up the enemies into a very compact space.


4. Critical Meltdown: Toggle ability where the warframe readjusts its components to generate a massive radius of radioactivity, heat or void damage that quickly kills enemies with gradually higher damage per second as they get closer to the warframe, the warframe can use this ability while moving and sprinting in any form, even when the speed buff is active turning it into a moving incinerator.

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Receives health regeneration when health is under 20%.

(Second passive idea, I know its only one passive allowed, but you could switch this out with the first one) Turns 10% of damage received into additional armor.

(Appearance passive just to make it look cool) the lower its health is, the more broken it appears.


Ability One, Flying Parts: Drains 25 energy, 3 energy/second per limb. (Can be used up to four times for each arm and leg) Detaches a limb which sentiently attacks enemy’s. When a limb is used, you cannot perform attacks or actions that would require the limb, i.e. when you use a leg, you cannot move and remaking on the floor in a position similar to the bleed out position. When you use an arm, you can only attack using one handed weapons like a sword. The body parts deal pretty high damage and move around at a high speed.

Ability Two, Detached: Drains 25 energy and lasts for a limited time. The Warframe’s entire body breaks into small pieces and can move around the map very fast. Enemies that come into contact with you while you are in this state get dealt a small amount of damage and knocked down.

Ability Three, Reused Scraps: Drains 75 energy and lasts for a limited time. The Warframe bursts into pieces, which then attach to all allies (team members, companions, etc.). This boosts their damage output and health at a high rate, though at the cost of them being slowed down, and the broken Warframe is unable to attack or use another ability (you can still recast this one to deactivate it).

Ability Four, Destroyed: Drains 100 energy. Enemies in the surrounding area are knocked down and dealt heavy damage. In return, the Warframe receives health in the form of lifesteal of 10% of damage dealt. If or when you are at maximum health, the extra amount stacks on to your maximum health at 2% or damage dealt.

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I feel sorry for everyone not on page 1.
The first ones on page one have hundreds of votes,
while the most anyone has after page one is 8.

Most don't even click next page once.
Feels bad man.
There are some really great ideas past page one.

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1) I'm your Huckleberry - 25 energy - Gain x% increased fire rate with pistols for x seconds

2) Eagle Eye - 25 energy - Gain x% increased accuracy with rifles for x seconds

3) This is my Boomstick - 25 energy - Gain x% increase damage with shotguns for x seconds

4) Bullet Hell - Drain , 10 energy per second -  gain unlimited ammunition and have no need to reload

Passive - 20% increased magazine size for all equipped weapons

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Gathers Scrap from killed enemies. Reviving allies will be hastened based on the amount of Scrap accrued.

25 Energy + over time, toggle on/off. Melee attacks add a value to Scrap, with greater Scrap gains against armored/shielded enemies.

50 Scrap. Expend Scrap to restore health and gain Armor.

75 Energy. Point blank area of effect that depletes increments of Scrap value for multiple Puncture attacks.  Example, if it consumes 25 scrap per blast and the player has 120 Scrap, it would hit nearby enemies 4 times and leave the player with 20 Scrap.

100 Energy + over time, 100 Scrap, toggle on/off. Prevent enemy projectile attacks from penetrating an area around yourself. Energy expenditure increases over time.


DEBT COLLECTION AUGMENT - Effect also applies to secondary weapon fire.

KLEPTOPLASTY AUGMENT - Affects allies within a range.

SHRAPNEL AUGMENT - Hold cast to add Puncture damage to attacks for self and allies.

CHAFF CLOUD AUGMENT - Damage absorbed by the cloud increases the cloud's range.

I know the inclusion of Augments wasn't a part of the deal, but I wanted to include a way to get Scrap for encounters that don't facilitate gathering scrap from melee or downing trash mobs. From there, why do just one? Additionally, while I thought the idea of expending Scrap to rez allies instantly or very quickly would be neat, with a broken warframe doing it's best to put others back together, it would probably lead to people avoiding rezzing to keep their stash high for SHRAPNEL blasts. I think this build provides a strong, directly in the action tank that can provide a safe harbor for allies.

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As this is a warframe to be build from spare parts of other warframes, supposing that those other warframes are the same ones we currently have and not complete new/unknown warframes, it would be great to have it getting one of the abilities of the warframe it inherited the part from. This way, you obtain a Blueprint and use the existing in game parts of other frames to build it, giving us the ability to pick and choose the probable/desired abilities mix, including ability mods we already have.


Blueprint (net new)

Parts/Abilities: pick and choose from existing, randomly giving one of the four abilities of the warframe from where that said part came from.

Passive: from the warframe from where the systems came from.

Sample build


Rhino chassis: inherited Iron skin (at random)

Saryn systems: inherited passive (defined) and contagions cloud (at random)

Nyx neuroptics: inherited Mind control (at random)

This gives the players the flexibility to use any weapon and mod that gives the existing warframes and weapons buffs, with a great combination to choose from.



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Passive: Spare Parts: When an enemy is killed by Grapple, they drop a spare part, once he has enough spare parts he can buff his abilities and use Lua Monster. Each spare part adds an additional 60 armor.

Ability 1: Grapple: He launches his hand out and grabs an enemy bringing them to him, he can press the finisher button to melee finish that grants 50 health or recast to toss the enemy.

Ability 2: Sike: He falls apart acting like he's dead. He can still move his parts around and won't be detected, if he has a spare part he can press the ability button to launch a part out to distract enemies, hold to cancel the ability.

Ability 3: Model Update: Toggel the ability to cycle throught 3 different models, hold to activate.

Mode 1: Turret: He transforms his body into a turret that uses energy to shoot. If he has a spare part it increases the damage delt.

Mode 2: Balistic: He launches his parts out like missiles that lock on to the nearest enemy, upon contact the enemy gets damaged and he reverts back to warframe mode. If a spare part is available the ability will do increased damage.

Mode 3: Upgrade: He uses a spare part to grant three buffs. Health, damage, and crit.

Ability 4: Lua Monster: He sends out Lua vines that grab nearby enimies and drag them to him, he grows in size and lozes access to his weapons. He can still melee and enemies that are on him will shoot at there allies. He also has increased health and armor.

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Ability: Monofilament thread

This is an Ability Weapon. Monofilament (monomolecular) thread hidden in warframe's index finger. When pulled out, it can be unwinded for the length of, say, up to 10 meters (can be increased by Range adding mods), and enemies would be receiving severe Slash damage when it touches them, slicing off their limbs and butchering bodies.With customizable colouring / shine and cinematographic movements it will have all chances to become very beautiful.

If you've read/seen "Johnny Mnemonic" or Alastair Reynolds' "Absolution Gap" you already have an idea of this classic science-fictional hidden weapon.



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So 4 abilities and 1 passive

It looks like the warframe is made from 3 others and held together by the white vines that we see on Orokin void maps, Lua maps and in the transference chamber. So my ideas are to go off that.

Passive: Void Rift Siphon - The Warframe gains a small buff that regenerates energy whenever it kills an enemy. Siphoning energy from the Void through the rift created by the death at a Warframe's hand.

Ability 1: [blue frame's name]'s Echo - The Warframe uses gravity to pull enemies to it or itself to surfaces, hold to create a gravity well that pulls everything to it and slows it down.

Ability 2: [red frame's name]'s Echo - The Warframe summons 1/2/3/4 turrets floating around it that shoot lasers at enemies in range.

Ability 3: [white frame's name]'s Echo - The Warframe gains Sentient-like shielding absorbing up to 4 types of damage past a certain threshold and releasing it all in a directionalized blast with addittional Void and Tau damage up to 10%/20%/30%/50% each on top of the absorbed damage. 

Ability 4: Echoes of the Old War - The Warframe surges Void energy through itself creating 1/2/3 specters based on the Warframes it is comprised of that last for a set amount of time before returning to the Warframe. These specters use the parts and abilities that are from them as well as one of the weapons equipped, the others use other weapons. The Warframe is only the white Void Roots until the ability is over or deactivated, the Warframe only has whatever abilities the an operated would have during this time.



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Passive Beastly frame: while in operator mode your frame contorts itself into a beast and starts killing enemies to regain Health and gain Armor.

1: Corrupted Void Tendril: you throw one of your tendrils at an enemy causing them to be rooted and take Dot giving every squad member some energy 

2: Corrupted Void Storm: you conjure an alien mass of tendrils in an area that will grab enemies and give out dots as well as cause them to be frightened.

3:Fissure: several tears of Corrupted Void Energy appear in the ground centered on you, all allies within the area gain massive energy regen that persists after a while after leaving the Fissure and all enemies take mediocre Dot Damage

4:Of two wills: the Corrupted Tendril like energy temperately separates itself from the warframe parts and starts causing havoc among your enemies, while your operator is under a bit more strain holding together the warframe parts, you can only use your items and weapons as the ability's would put too much strain on the operator.

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Posted (edited)

Passive: More armor when you use ability 1

  1. Summon void shield (spartan style) does (radiation damage)
  2. Throw void spear (void spear pierce enemies with radiation damage)
  3. War cry, (stuns enemies)
  4. Rain of spears (throw multiply spears into the air to a marked ground spot or straight forward)
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     My idea for the broken warframe is something that can use ennemies as source of power : breaking ennemy armor and shields will create fragments wich the warframe can turn into a new set of abilities and weapons. You can adapt to any situation by breaking your main body and rebuilding it into a protective, offensive or support one.


Stats : Armor 200 / Energy 200 / Health 300 / Shield 300 / Sprint Speed 1.00

Passive :

Dodging breaks shield recharge to drop energy bomb. The bomb shatters ennemy armor and shields wich can be picked up by the broken warframe. Direct contact with the bomb opens to a parazon finisher, staggers ennemies in the blast radius.

     Blast range : 5m

     Fragments for each ennemy : 100 on contact, 50 in blast radius

1st Ability : Shatter :

Break your skeleton to rebuild yourself and switch between Tank mode, Support mode and Damage dealer mode (names not defined yet) :

     Drain : 50 Energy

     • Tank mode : Armor set to 500, Shield set to 500, Energy set to 125, Sprint speed set to 1.5

     • Support mode : Armor set to 100, Health set to 400, Shield set to 500, Sprint speed set to 1.25

     Damage dealer mode : Energy set to 300, Health set to  400, Shield set to 200, Sprint Speed set to 0.75


2nd Ability : Salvage :

Convert the picked fragments into protective drones, Healing drones, Offensive drones. Each drone is unique to one active mode.

     Drain : 30 energy on cast + 10 fragments /second

     • Tank mode : Create 5 protective drone, each drone can absorb received damage (similar to Nezha's Warding Halo) and explodes once out of durability or if the ability is stopped.

          Damage absorption : 300 for each drone.

          Explosion damage : 500 (Blast) for each drone.

          Stun radius : 3m

          Stun duration : 3sec

     • Support mode : Create healing nano drones. You and your allies in range have their health then shield restored. Affected allies can leave the healing area with one drone wich prevents from status and can increase energy and healing orbs value for the target.

          Radius : 25m

          Restoration /second : 20%

          Drone duration : 10sec

     • Damage dealer mode : Create Offensive nano drones. You and your allies have additionnal strength and weapon damage. Affected allies can leave the buff area with one drone wich reflects received damage and increases sentinel's / pet's damage.

          Radius : 20m

          Strength : 20%

          Weapon damage : 40%

          Drone duration : 15sec

          Sentinel / pet damage : 100%


3rd Ability : Recycle :

Tap to break your own energy reserve and convert it into fragments for yourself or, hold to break your shields and use its fragments to affect targets.

     Energy drain (fixed) : 20% energy for 15% fragments (if ou don't have fragments you can't cast this effect).

     Shield drain (fixed) : 25%

     • Tank mode : Break your shields for a stunning effect on the ennemies in range. Ennemies killed with finisher attacks have their armor broken and give you additionnal fragments.

          Radius : 10m

          Stun duration : 5sec

     • Healing mode : Break your shield for a slowing effect on the ennemies in range. Killing slowed ennemies has a chance to generate healing or energy orbs.

          Radius : 15m

          Slow duration : 10sec

          Drop chance : 20%

     • Damage dealer mode : Breaking your shield creates an explosion of shards wich can weaken ennemies. Weakened ennemies will take more damage and have hight chances to be exposed to a parazon finisher.

          Radius : 15m

          Damage received : x1.5

          Finisher chance (fixed) : 20%


4th Ability : Scrap Baron :

Consume all fragments to create a super body immune to status wich will use unique attacks instead of its weapons. Using more fragments to build the super body will increase its duration, attacking and taking hits will reduce the duration while the super body is active. Base stats are applied when using the super body. The super body is too heavy to jump !

     Damage reduction : 50%

     Drain : 100 energy + 500 Fragments

     Drain /hit : 5 fragments /hit

     Duration : 20sec +2sec for each additionnal 50 fragments

     • Melee replaced by Ground slam : Use all the weight of the super body to slam the ground and create a massive seismic impact wich will stun the ennemies.

          Drain : 30 fragments

          Radius : 20m

          Stun duration : 10sec

     • Primary / Secondary replaced by Scrap Artillery : Aim to create a deadly super rifle. Tap to shoot or, hold for 2sec to consume more fragments to overcharge it and increase the damage and blast radius.

          Drain : 20 fragments


Scrap Artillery weapon stats :

Accuracy                                  100

Charge rate                            2sec

Critical Chance                       30%

Critical Damage                      x2.2

Multishot                                     1

Noise                               Alarming

Reload                                     0.5

Status                                    30%


Puncture                                 600


impact                                     300

Slash                                       300

Blast                                      1200







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I've assumed that Broken Warframe is made up of 3 frames due to colour scheme so I made my abilities reflect this.

1: The Warrior's Blade: Throw a blade of void energy wherever the cross-hairs are pointing (max range 20m initially?) that deals damage and passes through enemies until it stops at its max range or the ability is activated again. When it stops, the blade hovers on the spot for 12 seconds and can be picked up to make the blade explode (5m) to deal damage and also refund half the initial energy cost, maximum of 3 blades hovering at once. They deal 10% less damage for each successive enemy they pass through to a minimum of 40% damage.

2: The Guardian's Repose  - Activate to cloak yourself in void-light for 15 seconds. Each kill within a radius around Broken Warframe adds a stack to the ability, up to a maximum of 5/10/15/20 stacks. When the ability expires or is reactivated, release the stored stacks as a healing aura that lasts for 5 seconds, healing all allies within a slightly smaller radius (maybe 75% of initial) each second for 4 health per stack consumed.

3: The Cutthroat's Mark - Blink to a target using the power of the void, dealing damage in a small area on arrival and marking the target, increasing the subsequent damage it takes from all sources by 5/7.5/10/12.5% . Can be used on a Warrior's Blade, causing an explosion equal to 2x the Blade's normal explosion radius and dealing 1.5x the damage.

4: Together as One - Release the power of all 3 frames at once, causing 3 quick pulses that expand out from the Broken Warframe, each dealing 600 damage to each enemy they hit, staggering them and creating a void-infused ground effect centred where the ability was activated for 5/10/15/20 seconds, with half the radius of the pulses, that increases the armour of allies who stand on the effect by 12.5/15/17.5/20%. Further activations of the ability remove the old ground effect.

Passive: When shields are depleted, the  void energy holding the Broken Warframe together starts to seep out, creating a cloud of void energy for 5 seconds that shocks up to 4 nearby enemies within 10m for a small amount of damage every 0.5 seconds. This cannot trigger more than once every 90 seconds.

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Posted (edited)

A passive ability would be void poison since the void can be harmful it can give it a slow damaging affect to the surrounding enemies

Ability 1- Collect he slowly heals up as he takes in parts from surrounding area                                                                                                                                           Ability 2- Scrap shield it uses stored up scraps to created a shock to block damage                                                                                                                                   Ability 3- Detonation it explode it's parts while also having some void energy to  give a lasting damage to the enemies                                                                              Ability 4- Copy since to takes in scraps it can have a chance to take in another warframe's part and copy one of it's ability                                                                                                                             

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I would like to see an ability that makes you able to use all of your wepaons at the same time. 

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Honestly dunno what type of passive ability this frame would have, maybe a void burst where you gain X amount of energy a second.

1st Ability - Tendrils (kinda like Nidus where he stomps the ground, void-like tendrils will come up out of the ground sapping energy + health from the enemy)

2nd Abilty - Void Surge (causes enemies to freeze for a few moments, sapping energy + health for you & your team whilst jamming enemy weapons)

3rd Ability - Ethereal (become invulnerable for a period of time, incoming dmg is stacked & reflected back on the enemy)

4th Ability - Tendril Slam (Warframe can turn one arm into a large mass of void tendrils, hitting enemies or slamming the ground will grant a significant amount of energy depending on 3rd's stack ability)

And that's it. I guess.

Animated GIF

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shoddily installed plating and exposed wiring causes it to constantly leak void energy making everything around it more susceptible, increases void damage done in a radius around the frame.

1st Ability - Dropped something

Parts of the frame are unstable and highly volatile, break off a piece and fling it at an enemy, it explodes after a short while.

2nd Ability - Jank

Off balance and quirky movement make it harder to hit, and when hit there's a high chance the void cabling was damaged with an explosive surprise for the attacker.

3rd Ability - "Inventive" programming

Shortcuts made during coding have unexpected results. Crash the frame dumping the operator outside until it reboots, and at the same time crash everything mechanical outside the frame. Non-mechanical targets are angered by this and lash out at whatever's nearest.

4th Ability - Host migration

Disables the frame while you find another host, it lets you take control of any target within its passive radius. Does increased damage for a short time and when killed or out of time the target explodes with void damage and bright sparkles. you automatically jump to another target until there are no more targets available or the ability is cancelled.


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Bug: Warframe abilities change their order and a voidblast is released at random times. Using transference resets the order back to default.

Only one ability can be active at a time.


Aimbot: Increase accuracy, zoom, range and firerate of ranged weapons. Activates warframes shields. Melee disabled.

Visuals: Visible laser sight/red dot from warframes right arm. Color determined by warframe energy color.

Seduce: Melee critical chance increased. Puff of feromones is released from the player and enemies flock towards it. All pickups disabled.

Visuals: Custom seductive animation set.

Bone marrow: Activates renegeration and increases armor. Regeneration decreases and armor increases if player takes damage. Acrobatics disabled.

Visuals: Void tendrils swell with healing energy and the warframe increases in size.

Void overclock: Activates all three abilities at once without the negative aspects. If energy runs out, the void tendrils explode, the warframe collapses and is downed, and a huge Voidblast is released.

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Warframe abilities
Ability 1: Void Surge
⁃ All enemies around you within a close proximity will become corrupted and attack all nearby enemies including each other.
Ability 2: Void detention
⁃ Sacrifice shield to charge up a explosive void blast that sends enemies through the air.
Ability 3: Void Displace
⁃ Pull enemies into a broken rift that deals damage at the cost of the more enemies within the broken rift the more energy is rapidly drained. After 6 seconds of the enemy being in the broken rift portal they come out corrupted for an additional 15 seconds.
Ability 4: Void Chaos
⁃ Unleash the void within your Warframe with void energy exploding out of its cracks and sending a massive shock wave that deals magnetic damage to enemies.
When being downed for the first time your Warframe will resemble itself and create a super explosion.

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Adaptation (Passive): Though broken, this frame has the uncanny ability to adapt rapidly. After taking damage bolster your defense against that damage type to a cap. Once that cap is reached, you gain a bonus to damage dealt with that damage type. Once the bonus depletes the process may start again. 

Parts Theft: Lash out with your incomplete limb dealing damage to a target, if that target dies steal their limb and make it your own. Repeat the process making each additional hit deal more damage based on how many times you have successfully stolen a limb. Damage and range scale as your "new limb" grows.

Part-ial Relocation: Once your limb is restored sacrifice the offensive power for speed and flight or bolster your defense further. With your highly adaptable frame you distribute the stolen parts across yourself molding them to your needs. 

Part Rejection: Unable to fully recapture your unbroken self you reject that which you have made. Unleash your resentment into the foes around you by detonating the aquired limb(s). 

Unbroken: Lashing out at nearby enemies absorb them, mold them and once again be made whole. Regain your lost parts and bolster/adapt your frame's abilities for a time.


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