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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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On 2020-04-17 at 1:48 PM, TwoWolves said:

I’d be more impressed if the devs would finish the Nezha Prime rather than churning out yet another unasked for warframe. No wonder it’s become a running joke among Nezha fans. 

“When are they going to release Nezha Prime??”

”Right after they release the next Warframe.”

”When will that be?”

”Right after the community designs it for them.”

Psh...at this rate, I’ll be in a retirement home before I see the release of Nezha Prime...

Nezha Prime should be the summer frame if they stick to their release order and MMFF schedule..  Expect to see him end of June. 

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Passive- collect floating debris and enemy parts

1- grasp an enemy with void energy and hurl it away (as a projectile) (fun!) 

2- actively use the debris to shield yourself or project them at enemies

3- float around and touched enemies will (be put asleep) (sucked in) (hypnotized) 

4 - pull all enemies and debris to you and then yeet em away

Ps: Thank you for this opportunity DE, ur de best

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Passive - Unstable Void
Your weapon attacks have an increased status chance and also deal a small amount of void damage.

1. Sticky Amputation
The Broken Warframe sacrifices a part of itself, losing a small portion of health and sticks it onto an enemy using void energy. This deals damage over time.

Energy Cost: 25 Energy.
Health Cost: -5% Max Health until reassembly.

2. Forceful Connection
The Broken Warframe yanks it's detached pieces back to itself, damaging the target and pulling them off their feet. This restores Warframe's lost max health.

Energy Cost: 50 Energy.

3. Possesion
The Broken Warframe molds it's broken parts around an enemy target, allowing you to control them. During this ability, the Warframe gains the target's stats, including a portion of their health, shield, armour and damage. Over the duration of the ability, the target is nullified, rendering them harmless inside your newly acquired body, and takes void damage over-time. If the target dies, the ability ends, in addition to this, a small portion of the damage dealt to you is directly transferred onto the target.

Energy Cost: 75 Energy.
Energy Drain: 3 Energy/s.

4. Eternal Void
The Broken Warframe explodes, scattering it's parts in a (x/1.5x/2x)m radius. Powered by the void powers that bonded this Warframe together since the Old War, the scattered parts slowly (over 3-5s) reconnect themself in the middle, catching any enemy present within the radius and consuming them, healing the Warframe by a portion of it's health.

Energy Cost: 100 Energy.
(Invulnerable but unable to move whilst channeling this ability.)

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Passive - Ghost in the Machine: Killing enemies turns them into parts which fill up a stockpile meter. Increased hacking time.

1st ability - Breakdown: Shoots tendrils at enemies that take them apart from the inside over time,

  • The tendrils creates more parts for stockpile until it kills them.
  • Enemies with tendrils can still move and try to resist.
  • Does not affect bosses.
  • Enemies killed by Breakdown explode.

2nd ability - Technician: Cycles through and uses one of four abilities.

  • Repair: uses parts from stockpile to fix the warfame and to restore a bit of health
  • Reinforce: combines parts from stockpile to create a temporary armour 
  • Drain: drains residual energy from parts to restore energy reserves
  • Shielding: creates a wall of parts taken from enemies


3rd ability - Psychic Burst: unleashes a radial blast that attacks enemies

  • using parts from the stockpile fragments of enemies with the warframe at the center.
  • First pulls enemies closer like a whirlpool, then the blast knocks everything back


4th ability - Poltergeist: gathered parts detach and float around the warframe,

  • Automatically attacking enemies within range and blocking a portion of ranged attacks.
  • Uses up a portion of the stockpile parts to begin and drains energy over time.
  • Damaged surrounding parts will be replaced with parts from the stockpile.
  • Ability ends when cancelled, when no more energy is left, or when stockpile is empty

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1- Puppeteer: Controls an enemy increasing his stats

2- Consume: heals yourself by killing the controlled enemy

3- Mass Control: spreads yours parts to controll multiples enemies or to stick in your allies

4- Nutritious parts: buffs anything affected by Mass Controll

Passive: Can take your fallen parts to increase armor and heal yourself

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 So from the description of this frame i get the idea of somewhat even more mindless, frankensteins monster frame stiched together with void energy. Maybe build as a last resort to survive in some cave.  So. It was made for the last hoorah mission: defend others trapped in this perril at your own cost and/or give the enemies the taste of unstable void power as revenge. (iron man mark 1) 

Passive: Loose bodyparts/Void Stiching

As "frame" takes damage, its parts brake, causing the "frame" take more damage but powering damage output from all sources. Cause, Void magic. 

-Part brakes when frame takes solid number of health damage. (every 100 health.)

-When part brakes, a solid prosentage of armor is reduced and solid prosentage output damage is increased. (-10% total armor, +10% damage output per part broken.)

-There is a limited amount of parts that can be broken. Break all of the armor for maximum power. 

1: Reassemble

Summon all your loosen parts to fly back with void energy into yourself, stunning nearby enemies and dealing damage as parts fly into them (iron man 3 armor style) And gain bonus shields for a limited time. If no parts are missing then void energy just stunns nearby enemies giving only little bonus shields. 

Gives survivability back and damage and bonus shields scale with passive. Resets the passive fully. So there is no "loose 6 parts and keep it like that for maximum minmaxing damage". Its all or nothing with this frame. 

2: Blast

 Cone area of random damage/effect.

This is the Broken frame after all. So 100% proc of one of the elemental damages or something wacky as Rhinos stomp, Atlases petrify etc. As long it is some sort of stun and damage scales with passive.

3: Protection

Activates random defensive ability for everyone in range. Ability changes into random ability over time. Consumes energy while ability is on. 

So this can be like a true end game build ability. Keeping energy flowing and send parts flying for that maximum damage output. But in exchange gain ironskin but only for 30 seconds until it changes into bonus regeratives shields or health recovery. You never know whats coming next. Git gud or press 1. 


4: Void overflow/overcharge/discharge

"Frame" explodes void energy from itself dealing damage and stuns survived enemies in wide area. But also loses all of its damage stacks from passive. 

Damage scales with passive. Resets passive ability power back to 0% but no armor gain back. That way it is still spammable but not as effective after the first time. 


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Abillity one: Curling finger

Discription: An cyclable abillity like titania profiding three diffrent buffs each giving a powerfull buff but it comes at a big cost

Energy cost: 25

Duration: 30 seconds

Buff one: boosts your primary and secondary damage output by 250% base but reduces your remaining projectile speed by -75%

Buff two: boosts melee damage output by 500% however cuts status chance, crit chance and crit damage in half.

Buff three: Boosts parkour velocity by 50% by however cuts speed in half


a.)Only one buff can be active at the same time, selecting a new one will overwrite the last one. 

b.)Buffs scale with power strenght, debuffs do not scale.

c.) Parkour velocity scales with parkour velocity mods and speed boosting mods ironically.

d.) Animation time is minimal or none, instant buffs and instant change in your playstyle.




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Posted (edited)

PASSIVE: for every minion within x range you get y damage resistance (kind of like shield of shadows) 

ABILITY #1: summon drone (summons a random drone (ie: sheild, mutalist, oxium))

ABILITY #2: summon golem which give elemental dmg buff (maybe this could go in exalted slot and highest dmg type  is the buffed or it could be random element ie: fire, ice, toxic, etc)

ABILITY #3: summon 5 random enemies to fight for you (literally anything execpt bosses) would be equal lvl with whatever your fighting 

ABILITY #4: summon 3 uncommon units (pretty much everything excluding chargers, the base grineer types and the base corpus types) with z% dmg/ health boost 


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did not finish 4th before submitting :face palm:

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Ability 1: No strings - temporary status + knockdown immunity.

Ability 2: Shrapnel - Launch void infused peices of scrap in all directions that pierce (or explode with augment mod) 

Ability 3: Junk barrier - Create a floating ring of junk parts that deflect missiles and damage enemies entering it.

Ability 4: Make me whole - Lines of void energy latch onto all nearby enemies and strip armor and sheild while restoring your own. (Augment mod puts impact/punctured status on enemies) 

Passive: Bits and peices - everytime you lose max sheild you get an energy orb drop. 

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Let me start by saying that I used the name Splint as a place holder because its fitting.

I went with the idea of when bodies are broken they fix themselves over time to be stronger, and transplants are used in the medical field to replace things that don't work and sort of mesh those two concepts together.

Passive - Spare Parts

Spare Parts is a secondary resource bar, The resource can be replenished when an enemy is killed or when finding an energy orb (5 stacks of Spare Parts is given) at a max of 100 stacks. Spare Parts are assimilated into Split’s body allowing them to create a buff that significantly increases armor while also reducing speed. Explosive Damage drops additional parts.


Spare Parts are used to fuel Split’s abilities. When they use any of their abilities the spare parts they assimilated are flung around him dealing aoe damage based on the amount of the Spare Parts are consumed


1- Callused Bones

10% Spare Parts 

Callused Bones allows Splint’s body to hardening creating a damage reduction buff based on the spare parts consumed for a duration.


2- Harden/Weaken

10% Spare Parts 

Harden/Weaken does different things when casted on either allies or enemies.


When used on an ally it hardens their defenses and any nearby ally. It heals shields to allies and gives a slight damage resistance buff for the duration.


When used on an enemy Splint gives nearby enemies a damage over time and giving them damage vulnerability. 


3- Full Body Assimilation

Consumes a % of Spare Parts Overtime or 10% of Spare Parts

Splint breaks apart either latching onto an entity in range or flings its detached body a fixed distance to then reattach itself together.


If you attached to an ally, you become a sentient organism latched on to them, able to attack with your primary weapon secondary weapon and giving them half of the armor bonus you get from your Spare Parts passive.


If you latch to an enemy it deals damage to the creature and you gain full control of it, but keeping your load out. During this time you lose the armor bonus given to you by Spare Parts but gaining their health pool.


4- Peak Assimilation

100% of Spare Parts

You keep half of the armor bonus you had from the passive for the duration of the ability, and the speed reduction is loss.


For the duration you deal extra damage from all weapons and abilities, the consumed spare parts are then used as a damage absorption, the more spare parts consumed the larger the damage absorption.


The damage absorption will automatically end when the ability ends.

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Posted (edited)


1. Sentient Destroyer: It dismantle sentient 

2. Complete control: in which it controls sentient

3. Complete build: it builds sentient from dismantled sentient for allies

4. Summoner: it summons a crew of sentients to fight with it


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I got a good idea for  warframe ability (time warp) cause everytime we go into a mision thats already close to finish we can warp back to the start of the mission like we are supose to and all start together at the same time


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Passive: Half Mod slots (Normal Capacity), but all mods slotted have increased stats (Positives and Negatives)

1st (Blood Ties): Request half of an ally's energy pool to become whole. You and you're ally gain energy regen, damage, and health buffs. The more energy consumed the longer you are bound

2nd (Broken Triage): Radial heal. Ability is cast through bound ally (1st ability)

3rd (Broken Roar): Radial burst. Ability is cast through bound ally (1st ability). Buffs allies stuns enemies.

4th (Shattered Frenzy): If bound (1st ability) you and bound ally gain increased crit chance, kills increase duration and drain. If unbound become invulnerable and turn into a maelstrom of shattered pieces, kills increase damage and drain.

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Passive: Reassemble - when downed unable to secondary fire, but will lash out with void tendrils to reassemble self from parts of nearby enemies to revive. Gains additional stats based on enemies type and level.

  • Infected - Health
  • Corpus - Shields
  • Grineer - Armor
  • All provide power strength scaling based on total number of enemies hit and their level
  1. Void burst - Press to send void energy at an enemy. Does initial damage and void corruption dot.
    1. Can long press to imbue weapons and ally weapons with void energy dealing additional damage (could be standard ability mod)
  2. Void Lash - Sends out a void tendril dealing damage, disarming, and taking possession of enemy's weapon. This enfuses the weapon with void energy causing additional damage. After duration will discard weapon and resume use of weapons in inventory, or can swap weapons at any time.
    1. Casting on target of void burst will further increase additional weapon damage and spreads void corruption dot to nearby enemies.
  3. Reconfigure - Rotates between presets in a cycle (Health -> Shield -> Armor -> Power Strength -> Health) Each is given a % over a set value (if cast with no shields would cycle a 1% value into corresponding attribute) This would be able to be cycled like Ivara's Arrows.
    1. Health - will give health the highest percentage value and cycle other values cycle accordingly
    2. Shield - will give shield the highest percentage value and cycle other values cycle accordingly
    3. Armor - will give armor the highest percentage value and cycle other values cycle accordingly
    4. Power Strength - will give power strength the highest percentage value and cycle other values cycle accordingly
  4. Amalgamation - Release a void burst in a massive AOE stripping a percentage of current health, shields, and armor from enemies in the area, and gaining a portion of each attribute stripped and gaining power strength based on total units hit and their level. As all attribute percentages rise would cause a debuff to movement speed. (This would not scale with power strength)
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How about his first ability randomly changing his other 3 according to a pool of the multiple broken warframes? There would have to be a power deficit, and a new void affect on each ability. Also, it'd be fun if he gained a different passive every 90 sec.

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Broken Frame


A health only frame 


Passive - “Hunting Season” upon death frame morphs into Primal hunter and must Find and kill an increasing number of enemies previously marked by “pheromones”  to avoid being knocked down that scales up based on how many times you have gone into “hunting season” dmg is based off of melee weapon


1. “Pheromones” a spreading ability that can be cycled through. (A slowdown) ( A speed up for the enemies) (A Agro reductive that allows (broken frame to stealth attack)

2. “Ethereal Roar” a knockdown that slows enemies in LoS. Can be casted in (Hunting Season)

3. “Bloodlust” (Broken Frame) Converts the damage it into a speed and attack speed

4. “Predatory Rage” (broken frame) Drains all of its HP to boost its dmg and time in “Hunting Season”  before it can be downed. 


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Traitor: When activated the warframe will do extra damage to the faction specific to the chosen mission for a short period of time.

Infiltrate: When used the warframe will be able to walk among enemies of the faction specific to the chosen mission for a short period of time but will not work if you are in conflict or the alarm has been raised and won’t work on assassination targets.

Confusion: When enemies of the faction specific to the chosen mission damage you they will become confused thinking that you are one of them causing them to stand still for a moment but after a short period of time they will come to their senses and will realise that you are in fact not one of them.

friendly fire: When used enemies of the faction specific to the chosen mission will not be able to damage you for a few seconds

passive: When near an enemy of the faction specific to the chosen mission you will gain energy but only if you are undetected.Being in conflict will disable this until you are no longer detected.


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Passive: Freak Anomaly

Enemies effected by COLD status effects, Broken gains 50 armor and 5% Power Range per enemy, lingering for 5 seconds after no more enemies are afflicted with COLD status.


Ability 1: Chilling Visage

Draining it’s own energy, Broken generates a COLD damage aura from it, causing COLD status against enemies within the Aura.


Ability 2: Eternal Servitude

While targeting an ally, Broken jumps to that ally and boosts their abilities and survivability. This drains no energy, you cannot shoot your own guns, you act as a first line to your ally, taking all the damage they take instead, defending them while their powers receive a portion of your own power stats


Ability 3: Creeping Entropy

Broken stomps on the ground, rupturing parts of its leg and draining some health, and from the cast point, void tendrils creep out in a radius around Broken and drains enemies who are caught within. This drain heals Broken and recharges energy.


Ability 4: Void Tearing

Broken sunders it’s form, effectively dying and becoming one with the void for a set time. During this, Broken’s First ability is always on, its abilities are free, and it’s melee strikes drain health. When the duration ends, Broken reforms and knocks down nearby enemies.

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Posted (edited)

Passive: Gains a x% damage reduction for every enemy within x radius, stacking up to x times per frame (see first ability).


  1. Split: Strips parts off itself to create clones for a maximum of 3 clones, Splitting reduces overall health by x% per cast. Clones are exact duplicates, and will use whatever weapon is selected upon cast. Casting this ability a fourth time will absorb all clones back into frame for an instant heal. 
  2. Focus: Sets a targeter on either a specific enemy or the ground. If a specific target is chosen the clones will relentlessly attack the target until it dies or they are destroyed. If the ground is targeted they will attack an enemy without discretion within x radius. 
  3. Molecular Breakdown: Upon cast Clones will breakdown and self-destruct after x seconds dealing void damage to all targets in an x radius. Enemies struck will be knocked back and blinded for x seconds. 
  4. Mutation: Duplicates all clones and the frame once again (for a total of 8.) further decreasing the health of the frame and clones but gaining a substantial damage increase. 
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Posted (edited)

(Abilities) 1st Spirit Lash- Summon the power of the tenno or sentient that resides with in the warframe that lash at single or multiple target.

              2nd Solar Crack- Summon cracks along the floors, walls, and or ceilings that damage damages enemies with radiation when walk through or stay in but when a warframe walks in it or through the warframe gets a radiation buff to damage.

              3rd Spirit Summon- Summon the tenno or sentient that resides with in the warframe that damage enemies when it goes through them and or buff the warframe when it goes through them.

              4th Spirit Bloom- Summon the ancient spirit tree roots that's entangle and ensnares the enemies to bury or drag them to the darkest depth of the spirit realm.

(Passive) Spirit Guard- on revive only there is a small chance to get the spirit with in the warframe to get a instant revive.

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She looks so much like a Teralyst. I'm hoping she would have teralyst abilites.

First ability could be exactly like REGENERATING SCREAM. As the warframe runs past enemies the warframe take in 5% of their shield and health.

Second ability could be related to SEEKING BULLETS. As the warframe cast her abilites, they'll cast out at least 10 of those bullets, stunning enemies.

Third ability probably something that has to do with SUMMONING SCREAM. The warframe summon 2 Orokin enemies. For 10 seconds that'll help the warframe attack its enemies and regenrate 3% of its health.

Fourth ability, no need words to say ENERGY SPIKE. As the warframe uses her ability, it'll cast 3 walls consecutively damaging enemies, reducing enemies armour and shield while regenerating 2% energy every time she kills an enemy.

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Posted (edited)

Passive: Death Defying: The first time the warframe is to be downed, he will simply fall apart and reassemble himself, returning to half health and becoming invincible for 3 seconds

Ability 1: Intake: He sends a tendril to the target and drains them of their health to replenish his own

Ability 2: Make an Entrance: He disassembles himself for his tendrils to relocate in the targeted area, when he reaches the targeted location his tendrils shoot out in a spear like form around him and then he reassembles

Ability 3: Shatter: He breaks a part of himself to gain a buff, He can select which part breaks

Arms: Gain 5%/10%/15% power strength 

Legs: Increase weapon damage by 10%/20%/30% 

Torso: Increases sprint speed by 10%/20%/30%

All buffs cost health to cast and do not stack, he cannot regain the health he lost until the time expires

Ability 4: Exoskeleton: He drops his husk to join with another warframe to boost their health and armor by 35% of his maximum. Make an entrance cancels the ability as well as running out of energy, he can attack, but the player he is joined with is in control of his movement. Due to his state he and the player he is joined with gains all buffs at no health cost while joined

Mods affect all abilities

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On 2020-04-17 at 12:02 PM, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

Community artist, Eornheit has created the official Warframe concept art based on the Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

We need four Abilities and a Passive to complete the community-designed Warframe. Share your ideas with us! The Warframe team will be using your ideas in-game.

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

You may include values with your Ability ideas, but please keep in mind that these values might be changed by the Dev Team later in the design phase.


  • One submission per player. Be sure to include all of your Ability ideas in one post!
  • 1-4 Ability ideas and 1 Passive idea per player.
  • Ability ideas can’t be changed after they are submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Ability ideas must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Abilities might be slightly altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design. 
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Chosen Ability ideas become property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate submissions, so please do your best to submit ideas that have yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Abilities:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET.

The Warframe Team will review all submissions to select the community-created Warframe’s Abilities! We may mix and match submissions from multiple players. Please keep in mind that we might make small changes to Abilities to ensure the community-created Warframe is consistent with Warframe’s overall design.

Ability 1: detachment, your Warframe shoots off one of his limbs off at an enemy can shoot off all 4 of his limbs shoot of one of his legs give a 10 percent speed boost until you recall it, hold ability 1 to summon all limbs back to him.

Ability 2: transmutation, completely Deconstruct your frame while shooting forward pausing through all enemies in your path and burning them with your energy, damage and distance scales with available energy.

Ability 3: deconstruction, Your frames Brady completely deconstructs leaving only energy. Rendering you invisible for a short time.

Ability 4: scrap heap, your frame gathers scraps from around and build them up on it at at rate of 5 stacks per second. Then on reactivation it deals 100 damage per stack to all enemies within range.

passive: rebuilding, gains 50 health per second and armor stripped is brought back much faster.

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Posted (edited)

Passive: If no primary is equipped use your arm as a gun.

1st abillity: Summon a sentinal from spare parts of the frame. holding down ability again will send it like a rocket at selected target for massive damage.

Augment: Sentinal will tether other enemys to selected target (draging them along for the ride)

2nd ability: Using organic material and tenticals grab an enemy and pull them to you then infect them with one tentical making them an ally. (can hold to multi-grab other targets)

Augment: Controlled enemies that die will explode into a cloud doing X radiation damage.

3rd ability: Swap the stance of your sentinal thus changing its weapon.

Turret mode: Swap to machine gun and becomes stationary mowing down anything that comes near.( controling a radial area 360 degrees around sentinal)

Rail connon: Super charges sentinal to fire a piece of metal that pierces all in its path doing slash and puncture with a small amount of electrical ( destroying the sentinal in the process from knock back)

Split: Will split sentinal into two smaller ones that will auto target anything around you.

Augment: Allows you/allys to rip the sentry from the floor and use it like a heavy weapon.

4th ability: You merge with your sentinal and turned enemies. Turning you into a massive monster that can rip and tear anything near you into piles of scrap and meat thus losing some mobility but can leap far in directon you look. Can also blast a rail cannon from your arm. (causing you to slide backward).

Augment: You can fire rail cannon on the move without siding backward.

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Keep in mind that these ideas are not meant to be on the Warframe altogether

1st ability: The broken frame can take control of an enemy via launching its head and attaching itself, enemies abilities are based on the enemy higher ranking units will need to be weakened [just a weird thought I had seeing the tendrils]

2nd ability: A toggle/hold skill based on support, the broken frame can lend its power to its allies (Ability Strength / Range  / Duration) but sacrifices a part of itself (stat-wise in the form of equivalent exchange, Alchemy style) [and because I like playing support and complex characters]

3rd ability: Highlights a weak point on the enemy that increases the chance of loot to drop [pulling from the idea of it trying to repair itself with what looks most useful on the target]

4th ability (Ultimate) : A immobilizing AoE skill around the Warframe that causes all ally abilities to increase in Strength, Range , and Duration but the power of the ability is too much for the frame to maintain for a long period of time due to its condition [of being broken and me liking complex support characters]

Passive: Less parts means more movement speed and Ability Efficiency, but also means less Hp and power

Sorry if there are any duplicates (similar posts of the same ideas)

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