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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive: Whilst low on health, running over enemy body parts will replenish health as the warfame attaches the part to itself also giving a slight damage boost                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ability 1:Impale: The warframe will project deadly spikes from itself to impale any nearby enimies, if it hits an ally they gain a health boost                                                                            Ability 2:Disperse: The warframe disperses some of itself onto allies giving them a temporary shield and you a damage buff but lower health                                                                             Ability 3:Eject: The warfame ejects swords from its hands to strike down any oponents standing in its way                                                                                                                             Ability 4:Increase: When active, killing an enemy will cause the warfame to attach the remaining body parts causing it to increase in size, mass and density making the warframe stronger

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0 shield, pure life frame, would be awsome.

Passive : Gain 1 hp per enemy slain.

1st ability - Decay : Applies corrosive, and halves armor and shield of affected enemies

2nd ability - Rot : Slowly drains life, and halves life pool.

3rd ability - Plague ; Applies viral. (Possibly spreads like Saryns Spores)

4th ability - Death. x% chance to insta-kill any enemy affected by Plague.

 Possible name : Rottin', or Gravedigger

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Seeing as the frame is an amalgam of other destroyed frames, it stands to reason that it would carry whispers of the powers its component parts once held. I decided to focus on this theme for the most part.

Gimmick: Hybridize. This Warframe selects an arsenal of abilities borrowed from other frames, albeit with diminished effect. (Average ability is approx. 1/2 - 2/3 as effective as the original. Perhaps configured with a custom UI, similar to Octavia's Mandachord?) Each ability can only be selected in the same ability slot as the original (i.e. you can only have another Warframe's 1st ability as your 1st ability, and only one at a time) and certain abilities cannot be selected (both for balancing and lore/mechanical reasons.) This only applies to the first 3 abilities- the 4th ability is unique to this frame. Perhaps use account mastery records to make it so that you have to have ranked up a Warframe to be able to use its powers?

Passive: Scavenger. Killing an enemy with a Mercy or Finisher steals some of their Armor and triggers Health Regeneration for a short duration. Stealth Finishers also generate additional loot drops.

1st-3rd abilities: Configured as explained above. Ability names are prefixed by "Hybridized" ("Hybridized Shuriken", "Hybridized Iron Skin", etc.)

4th ability: Broken Design. The Warframe disengages fine control of its binding substructure, causing Void tendrils to spear all enemies in a 15m radius, dragging them in and dealing damage over time while healing the user for a percentage of the damage dealt. Enemies killed by this ability are corrupted by the Void energy, becoming puppets that seek out nearby enemies and self-destruct near them. Sentients damaged by this ability lose their damage resistance (due to the ability dealing Void damage).

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Broken warframe or i can say Kowareta that's his name in Japanese.

Ability 1: Salvage- he can take armor off of dead enemies body and add to his own.

Ability 2: Given- he can take off a piece of armor to gave to ally. Red-health Blue-shield Gray-armor

Ability 3: Shiny thorn- he can tangle up enemies in shiny thorn that you or your team can damage if so will do 1000 damage to the target (Max 5 thorns)

Ability 4: Taken- he can drop all of his armor to take control enemies or shield allies with more health and shield.

Passive: When a piece of armor get shoot off he get 150 energy boost for 60 seconds

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After spending some hours looking into the design of the Broken Warframe, these are the abilities I've come up with. 

Ability 1 - Wireball (Cost 25 Energy)

- Summon the wireball to roll over enemies. Each kill will strengthen wires (color changes from cyan to gold). It will also return 20% shield/ health/ energy. Extras including ammo will be stored in the Reform Chamber (Reform Meter)

> Slightly inspired by Octavia's Mallet and Vauban's Teslas. 

Ability 2 - Reform (35 Energy) 

- Use the Reform Chamber to toggle between 2 Bionic Arms. Right arm (health arm) uses extra health orbs stored to transform arm into a void beam. While the Left arm (shield arm) uses extra shield orbs to transform arm into a parazon type long melee sword. 

Health Arm kills returns health to allies while Shield Arm kills return shield to allies

Ability 3 - Tangled Armor (75 Energy)

- Temporarily imbue in steel armor as wires wrap the whole warframe from taking heavy damage (builds on passive). Toggle the ability to release tangled wires into enemies like steel arrows. 

Ability 4 - Black Shield (100 Energy) 

- Activate Black Shield to consume damage then hold ability again to explode that damage into an area of effect. Attack speed/ reload speed and weapon damage increased by 75% when Tangled Armor is active. Each kill will add time to Tangled Armor and Wireball.

> Slightly inspired by Equinox and her Maim.

Passive - Wires temporarily wrap the Warframe in a steel cacoon to prevent taking damage.

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Passive (Liquidation) - whilst being hit by enemy projectiles the warframe is able to move in a liquid like state where projectiles phase through it, with some being absorbed giving the frame momentary resistance to incoming damage and a short health boost. The warframe also forms a small shield around it from disassembling parts of its body to give that slight projectile resistance. Active for 5 or 10 second after each spawn in.


Ability 1 (Phaseshifter) - The Warframe is able to morph parts of their body to create weapons coming off of themselves. For example: the warframe could have 2 weapons they can morph their arm into, one could be a light attack/fast attacking blade and the other could be a slower/heavy hitting axe or mace/hammer


Ability 2 (Phantoms) - this gives the warframe the ability to dismantle some parts of itself to create small mobile turrets that stay within a certain radius of which the user places them. They will attack any enemy that is near the surrounding area with multiple spikes that they project at the enemy causing the enemy to stagger. However this reduces the amount of health the frame has but also increases movement speed until both turrets are called back to the frame disabled by enemies. 


Ability 3 (Seize) - the warframe is able to dismantle itself so only the "membrane" (clear/white liquid inside of it) is showing. This then allows the frame to take over the body of a low health enemy within range and control it as well as being able to control parts of its dismantled body to damage the enemies. While in control the frame gains an armour buff to make up for the enemy being low health. After the frame leaves the host body it will gain a small health buff and momentary damage buff as the frame begins to repair/rebuilds itself over time. 

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Passive - Abberation: The amalgamation of disparate warframes has lead to a particularly unpredictable threat response, as well as a generally unknowable physiology. This warframe will randomly cycle between 5% bonus shielding, 5% bonus armor, 5% bonus health, or 10% of a random resistance when affected by a status effect. This effect can only cycle once every 30 seconds. Additionally, the warframe is immune to crits, thanks to its aberrant physiology.

1st ability - Grave Blast: Fire a frontal beam of void energy. Shots fired in quick succession widen the beam as the warframe appears to fall apart more and more until the fourth shot, a massive cone that can go through walls. Takes some time to recharge if fired 4 times. You have 2.5 seconds to recast for the more improved shot, if not fired again in that 2.5 second window, it will revert back to the first shot. If the fourth shot is fired, the warframe appears broken down, and movement speed is reduced slightly.

2nd Ability - Void Pulse: Unleash a ping of void energy that radiates out and applies a debuff to your enemies, and a buff to your allies. You and your allies will gain 2x your current cycled bonus (10% shields, 10% armor, 10% health, etc.) while your enemy will gain a debuff that reduces their health/armor/shields/resistance by the same amount. Base 30 yard range, 20 second duration. Re-casting will replace and refresh duration. This also marks enemies and makes them easier to see.

3rd ability - Assimilate: The warframe locks on to an enemy you are currently facing, closest to your crosshair, and envelops them. You still move about on arms, legs, and head, held together with an ephemeral void energy body beneath. The enemy is mind controlled and fights on behalf of the warframe. The more damaged it becomes, the easier it is to assimilate. Press 2 again before it dies to immediately kill it and gain a damage boost whose power and duration is inversely proportionate to how close the enemy is to death. Perhaps a secondary buff based on the type of enemy assimilated. I feel like this ability would require a lot more fine-tuning for balance reasons than the first two abilities.

4th Ability - Call of the Void: The warframe gathers energy and slams its hands into the ground, shattering the frame entirely and it's turned into a whirling ball of broken parts and crackling void energy. Immune to all direct projectile damage, but can still take damage from any emissive or burst (grenades, shockwaves, etc). Any enemy inside the orb deals a large amount of damage per second. Additionally large arcs of void lightning crackle out and strike nearby enemies. Range slightly increases the size of the orb, but directly increases the range of the lightning bolts.

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Broken Warframe Abilities

Passive: Forever Evolving

Description: The Broken Warframe collects parts from fallen enemies to enhance this frame’s power. The parts will have a random chance of dropping (some enemies may drop all the parts and some may not drop any at all) and is not affected by loot augments (unless that seems fun to DE). Part drop chance is doubled when an enemy is killed by this frame or is killed with its abilities.

Types of Parts: Armor, Shield, Gun, Melee, and Ability parts.

What the Parts Do


Armor (instant): 3 armor per part, stacks up to 100.

Shield (instant): 4 shield per part, stacks up to 100. (Make sure that it does not take advantage of shield gatting by making the part it picks up as empty but it adds on to the max amount)

Gun (ability activated): Does nothing when picked up. 0.2% multishot, status, critical chance per part, stacks up to 100.

Melee (ability activated): Does nothing when picked up. 0.2% attack speed, status, and critical chance per part, stacks up to 100.

Ability (ability interaction): Does nothing when picked up, stacks up to 5. Improves an ability when fully stacked by holding down the ability you wish to augment.


Drop Chances for Parts


Armor and Shield: 33%

Weapon and Melee: 25%

Warframe: 5%


Ability 1: Corrupting Void

Description: Shooting an enemy with your own void energy to slowly corrupt them from the inside. Once fully corrupted, their bodies will glow and be more susceptible to damage and the void energy will seek enemies around them and repeat the process.

Improving this ability with parts will increase the vulnerability and decrease the time for them to be fully corrupted. (As for how many times you can augment/improve this ability or any ability, it would either be a set amount like 5 or an unlimited amount of improvements to combat the always stronger enemies. I would love for this warframe to sort of always be broken and incomplete but always trying to feel complete.)


Ability 2: Amalgamation

Description: You wrap your enemies in void energy, (those tendrils) killing them while under this effect will absorb a part of them into yourself, trying to understand their weaponry and armor. The amount of enemies absorbed will slowly increase your damage resistance. And also based on how many enemies you have absorbed, once cast again, the enemies that are affected will have their resistances nullified and the tendrils will deliver periodic damage that they are weak to.

Improving this ability with parts will decrease the amount of enemies it will take to get up to 90% damage reduction and to nullify the enemies resistances, while also increasing the damage of the tendrils.


Ability 3: Void Link

Description: You link your void energy into your arsenal,(does not consume the parts on activation) increasing its effectiveness based on the parts you have collected. This buff will only multiply (the multiplier is not affected by power strength) the effect on you because it's your energy and your parts you have collected. (So for instance, normally if you had 100 weapon parts, activating this buff would give you 20% multishot/status/critical chance. But on yourself it will multiply by 2x so it would be 40% to all)

Improving this ability with parts will allow you to target allies in range and give them the normal boost, while also increasing the multiplier onto yourself. I was thinking of giving the allies a reduction in the multiplier but I will leave that up to DE.


Ability 4: Assimilation

Description: You absorb all of your armor, shield, weapon, and melee parts. Allowing you to gain their results permanently and being able to re-stack the parts. When activated, it gives you a damaging aura that pulses out every second due to the result of your new condensed form (Different parts will give this aura different effects while also). Armor parts will give this aura corrosive damage, shield parts will give this aura magnetic damage, weapon parts will give this viral damage, and melee parts will give this slash damage. (It's very important to note that this pulse will not just be one pulse and take the combined total of these damages, it will be 4 different pulses at the same time, dealing each of their damage individually so it can proc all the above status)

Side Note: can only be activated when you have 50 parts of each, having 50 parts will make the damage 50% while 100 parts will make the damage 100%, and having a mix will take the average of each and set the damage to the average)

Improving this ability with parts will increase the range and duration of this ability, while also increasing the damage of the ticks.


End note: I leave all of the balancing to DE, I just wanted to put the fun stuff in so we can imagine this while they do all the heavy lifting if this gets through. But thank you for reading this, I appreciate it.

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The main concept is that you're able to detach your limbs to do things for you.

Note: when I say detached limb I assume the red part from the concept art is detached and is not visible on the frame. Some void energy is taking its place.

Passive - Spare parts - dropped resources restore health depending on rarity, ammo drops restore energy, mods give you extra hit points like Frost's Avalanche.

Alternative or additional passive - detaching your limbs will take a portion of your health, and attaching it back will restore it. Health restored above maximum is converted into energy.

Ability 1 - Void Grip - Detach your arm and let it behave autonomously for a set amount of time. Tapping 1 will switch between strangle, shoot and wield modes, holding will activate it.

  • Strangle will sent out the arm to strangle a single target. It will deal increasing amount of damage until it is recalled (hold 1) or the duration expires.
  • Shoot will grab your secondary weapon and shoot nearby targets automatically. Fire rate affected by your ability strength. Low or no chance of head shots. Will switch to your primary weapon if you're currently wielding your secondary.
  • Swing will grab your melee weapon and attack nearby targets. Can parry projectiles if no enemies are in range. Reach is increased by ability range
  • You have a reduced fire rate/attack speed while your arm is detached. Mitigated by ability strength.
  • Dual-wielded weapons have half the effectiveness. Two-handed weapons act slower and parry less(mitigated by ability strength).

Ability 2 - Void Kick - Detach and shoot your leg into the ground/enemy.

  • If it hits the ground there's an AoE Impact/Blast damage with stagger/knockdown.
  • If it hits an enemy they receive a bigger amount of damage and are ragdolled back.
  • Affected by ability range and power. No cool-down but you can't use this until the limb returns back to you. Tapping 2 will recall your limb immediately.
  • While the leg is detached you can't bullet jump or get a movement speed penalty.

Ability 3 - Void Pocket - Temporarily hide your face and chest in the void. Doing so will drain all your shields and it'll start regenerating immediately. You can use it again to bring back your stored shield with some bonus as overshield. Ability Strength increases the overshield bonus.

Ability 4 - Void Channel - Gain unlimited amount of limbs for a set duration. Affects all the other abilities.

  • Void Grip - no longer decreases your fire rate/attack speed. You still can't use weapons you gave out to your other limbs but now you can have two floating weapons and unlimited amount of strangling arms. One target can't be strangled by multiple arms (tho it would be funny to see). Trying to summon another wielding/shooting arm will recall it back.
  • Void Kick - no longer prevents you from bullet jumping. Can shoot your legs as much as you like.
  • Void Pocket - doesn't drain your shield and simply copies your current shield into the void.
  • When deactivated all the detached limbs are recalled. Extra limbs are absorbed back into your frame and heal you for a percentage of your health Each arm restores 5%, legs restore 10%, chest restores 25%. Restored health above maximum is converted back into energy
  • Affected by ability duration and efficiency

While I'm at it some Augment suggestions:

  • Giving a hand - Void Grip Augment - if you target an ally it will attach your limb to them instead. Trying to strangle your allies will restore their energy/health
  • Heavy-footed - Void Kick Augment - your leg now does not return to you automatically. If you shot at the ground it will continue stomping it with reduced effectiveness. If you shoot at a target it will continue kicking it into the wall.

    You can kick your allies too now, works the opposite of Valkyrie's harpoon

  • Comfy pocket - Void Pocket Augment - detached chest regenerates shields in the void
  • Endless Channel - Void Channel Augment - becomes a channeled ability
  • Cosmetic: All augments also detach the white part of the frame

Something like this might have already been suggested but I'm not reading 126 pages of replies, sorry.

Edited by Rinastina
switched abilities 1 and 2 because it makes more sense this way. Also please dont' disable bullet jump, it's gonna mess up with people
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Passive: Each enemy killed has a chance to drop 1 scrap. When the Warframe falls or dies its buffs will not be removed

1- A buff that permanently improves every 5 (or more) passive scraps depending on the color (red, blue and white)
  1.1 Buff for the red color: increases health and armor, and also gives a health regeneration similar to that of shields
  1.2 Buff for blue color: Increases energy regeneration and also gives a little efficiency, and makes shields used as energy.
  Increases shield reload speed and causes energy to be used as shields
  1.3 Buff for white color: Increases the movement speed of attack and fire rate, as well as the damage.
  *Just the damage, the shields, the health and the health and shields regeneration stacks each 5 scraps

2. When just touched: Attracts scraps dropped in an area for you healing a certain amount of life / shield / energy (very low for scrap)
   When held, scraps explode and the damage is based on the amount of scraps accumulated in its shape (red, blue or white)

3.If it gives a fortified buff depending on its color and a debuff on the other two
  (ex: If Eornheit is red, he gains more life and a reduction of damage, while losing energy and receives a decrease in reload and mov speed

4.Insert your leg into the ground so that the void's roots penetrate the ground, leaving it paralyzed and, in one area, all enemies are impaled by the roots.
  The type of damage varies according to its color (red, blue or white) and its damage based on the amount of scrap in the GENERAL. (He can use his secondary)

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1 - Assembly - The warframe switches through options to assemble different pieces of it's body that are alike (switching like Ivara's arrows). The assembly of blue body parts lays down a protective shield (similar to Atlas' tectonics ability). The assembly of red parts lays down a turret of sorts to kill enemies. The assembly of white parts lays down a totem of some sort that gives a buff to self and nearby allies (like Wisp's resevoirs). (When any option of this ability is active, shields and armor will be reduced, but movement speed will be increased. When ability is active, activate again to deactivate and return to normal)

2 - Void Shot - The warframe shoots out void energy to pierce and do damge to enemies. Hold for a charged shot with more damage and range.

3 - Void Calling - The warframe opens a small portal to the void and calls upon a being also made of broken parts. They then tear through enemies, growing stronger with each kill. After they are satisfied, they return to the void, waiting to be called upon once more.

4 - Hellgate - The warframe opens up another portal to the void, this time much larger, to rain down hell upon the enemies. Those that don't succumb to the wrath of the void, are weakend and discombobulated.

Passive - System Overload - When faced with death, the warframe's void energy peeks into the void to try and find replacement parts in order to escape death, if the energy cannot find new parts for a new body, death strikes. (25% chance to cheat death)

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I can't read every submission at this point to avoid repeats, so bear with me if something has been repeated (great minds think alike and all that jazz, heh)

I think the idea of a broken warframe is good for the art and overall theme, but I caution leaning too hard into this for abilities. The abilities should play into the design of the frame, but they themselves do not need to be broken, I doubt many players would be happy with an ability that basically glitches out.


My idea is that the white tendrils/cables running through the frame are actually the white Orokin trees we see on the Void and Lua tile sets. The idea is that the tree itself somehow acts as a conduit or wire or power source in the Orokin buildings for this Void energy, so who's to say that the degree of control the Orokin had over it couldn't extend to guiding its movement as well? The idea is that the broken warframes are put together, and are given new life by the tree and the Void energy that runs through them.

I think that the core idea that the Orokin wood is somehow able to pull energy from its surroundings (like how a tree pulls energy from soil) is how it is able to provide power, but maybe this works both ways and the tree can inject power into enemies. The passive sets up this energy/health exchange, and the abilities play with that.

Description is my idea of what the ability has to do, suggestion is what I envision the ability to be like, and detailed is how I think the ability should be implemented. I will ultimately leave the flavor text up to you if this is somehow liked enough to use.


Description: This will introduce a special energy gauge for this warframe, based on the premise of the Orokin tree's "wood-void energy"

Suggestion: The Orokin wood uses enemies as a power source, continuously taking health from surrounding enemies and replacing it with "wood-void energy" health. The enemies would suffer no actual reduction in health, the part of their health pool where the energy of the wood is replacing would turn white. You get a gauge of wood-void energy, dealing damage to the "wood-void energy" health with weapons will fill this gauge.

Detailed suggestion: I would suggest the wood-void energy replacement to be a percentage, not a flat amount and have it grow faster the more of the target's health has been replaced. I would suggest range of this passive to be very large, as this is something that needs to be ticking before you see the enemy, as we Tenno aren't here to dawdle around.

Ability Idea:

Description: Use the wood-void energy to damage the ones affected by it

Suggestion: probably don't want this to be a wave thing like Saryn's 4, more like a targetable cast that hurts enemies

Detailed suggestion: hit targets with a sweeping area cast to instantly remove the "wood-void energy" health for targets in that area and deal its value (flat or percentage) as damage to itself and surrounding enemies in an explosion of wood outgrowth (so if wood-void energy health is at 50%, the damage would be fatal for those hit). Secondary enemies hit by the outgrowth explosion radius triggers the same wood outgrowth removing their "wood-void energy" health but not exploding.

Range could increase the range of the initial cast and the explosion radius. Strength could be a multiplier for how much damage the wood health explosion would do. 

Ability Idea: 

Description: Somehow increase the amount of the wood-void energy present in each target hit by this and provide survivability

Suggestion: this should be a wave pulse of some kind, we shouldn't need to pick out each target we want to have control over, but this cannot be just a increase in energy, it has to do something.

Detailed suggestion: Cast to begin an invulnerability phase, hold the button to CC enemies and pull them into melee range while costing wood-void energy. As this happens, your warframe visibly shifts in form to expose a core of the tree, the origin of the pull. All damage dealt the frame are stored (like Wukong), then are sent out in a pulse of health-replacing wood-void energy, knocking them down with a guaranteed Blast proc when the wave touches them. Perhaps decrease speed of warframe movement to a crawl. Perhaps depending on the damage stored, there can be several waves dealing one knockdown but multiple Blast procs. The Blast procs are for survivability.

Strength could increase the multiplier for the pulse (indirectly affecting the amount of Blast procs), Range could increase the pull radius and pulse radius. Duration could increase the invulnerability phase, maybe knockdown phase, as well as reduce "wood-void energy" cost from the pull. Efficiency can reduce casting cost and the pull's "wood-void energy".

Ability idea:

Description: CC/buffing ability/loot ability

Suggestion: wave of wood-void energy washes over enemies and allies, damage increase for allies, freeze for enemies

Detailed suggestion: Upon cast enemies are frozen by the wood-void energy in their body and the "wood-void energy" health on them acts like a timer, removing their "wood-void energy" health and unfreezing them when the wood-void energy is depleted. Killing a frozen enemy before the timer runs out increases loot drops and increases the duration of the damage buff for all in certain range. Charging the ability with wood-void energy provides a period of time that the freeze does not drain "wood-void energy" health (best for looting). Allies receive a flat damage buff on cast that increases in strength based on how long you charge the ability.

Strength can affect the initial damage buff strength, Duration can decrease the speed the "wood-void energy" health drains (increasing the freeze). Range increases the wave radius and the duration increase for damage radius. Efficiency decreases the initial cast cost and the hold to charge "wood-void energy" cost.

Ability Idea:

Description: Exalted weapon

Suggestion: a whip/sword/staff/javelin (thrown) melee weapon formed out of the while Orokin tree wood

Detailed Suggestion: This weapon drains your "wood-void energy", but hits from the weapon changes some of the health to the white "wood-void energy" health (applies before the damage is done to the target). This would mean the weapon would still get an gauge refill of some amount even if they killed in one strike and the target has little or no "wood-void energy" health. Small chance to freeze an enemy when struck (see previous ability for details on what the freeze entails).

Strength could increase weapon damage and wood-void energy change amounts. Duration could decrease drain on the wood-void energy. Efficiency could do the same too.

Edited by JHC2
Clarification for the lore section at the top and changing the wood energy to wood-void energy for clarity, added javelin as exalted weapon suggestion under urging of alliance mate
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since he's multiple warframes assembled in one, i'd be fitting to add a variety of different abilities.
The design gives me sentient + hydroid vibes so...

1: Void tendril: Grabs enemies in a cone shape in front of him using void tendrils and slams them together in the center. (Hit a grineer with another grineer lol.)

2: disassemble: dismantles himself and becomes an immobile pile of parts on the floor to regenerate health or energy. The player can't act while the ability is active. Enemies will ignore the "dead" warframe. Grenades might still damage it.

3: voided blades: all melee attacks deal void damage for a duration. Basically Saryn's 3rd but void instead of toxin.

4: soul pierce: numerous tendrils burst out of his torso impaling enemies in a globe around him. Same radius as frost's globe. Strength determines number of enemies and damage. Impaled enemies are affected by bleed and knocked down.

Passive: Adaptive Armor. Similar to sentients, The warframe adapts to damage types. But each damage type has a threshold of damage it can negate. Once that threshold is breached, pieces of the warframe will fall apart and as the warframe loses parts it also loses it's adaptation. The armor can be regenerated via the 2nd ability or by dying.
(i was debating switching the passive and the 2nd ability. Feel free to do so if you feel it makes more sense)

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Passive: [Pieces] Frame can heal itself by picking up broken pieces found during missions. 

1st ability: [Teleport] Frame can teleport across the map at targeting enemies. This can cause enemies to fall. 

2nd ability: [Strings] Frame can use strings of energy to attack enemies, much like a whip weapon it can be used to grab enemies and throw them to the ground, across the room, or as a whip to inflict damage to the opponents.     

3rd ability: [Vanish] Frame can break into pieces causing itself to become invisible to enemies this can either rise the shields or attack damage to the party. When this ability ends the enemies get hit by shards of frame pieces.

4th ability: [Void] Frame pulls near by enemies into a pool of energy draining the health of the enemies when this ability runs out all enemies that have died in the pool either hit other enemies with shards; or (alternative) the pieces of the deceased enemies leave healing items for frame and team.  

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Passive: Damage mitigation - The Warframe gains immunity (up to a set percentage) of incoming damage types for up to 1 minute (Because how do you hurt that which is already broken?)

1. Void tendrils: The tendrils holding the Warframes arms together detach from said arms and fly out to hit an enemy and can chain to additional enemies (To a max) dealing void damage (Or whatever type you desire) to the enemies. If charged the tendrils pull the enemies back to you still dealing void damage but detaches from the enemies early

2. Possession: Send the essence of your Warframe into an enemy and take control of said enemy (If no alarm is raised you can sneak about as the enemy however staying in other enemies view for too long will reveal you)

3. Debuff/Buff shriek: The Warframe lets out a shriek that will give a random buff to your allies and a random debuff to your enemies.

4. Broken Strength: Gain immense levels of shields, health, armor and melee damage for sacrificing half your speed.

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1:Void Whip-Exalted Weapon. Energy Drain: 5-keeping active 25-activation. 20m

-[Warframe Name] deploys a whip of unstable void energy, cutting and slashing enemy units that may stand in it's way

2:Dismantlement-Single use. Energy Cost:25. Range 25m

-Like Helios, [Warframe Name] dismantles it's self and launches it's dismantled parts at enemies. Reactivation of this ability attracts other parts and uses them as well.

3:Repair-Channeled. Energy drain: 15 for each healed, Activation:50. Range-15m

-[Warframe Name] spreads it's vine like tendrils to heal it's self and near by allies. This can also be used as an attack.

4:Void Discharge-Single use. Energy Cost-150. Range-50m

-[Warframe Name] expels a large amount of energy violently in the form of a large blast. After it's use, [Warframe Name] must recharge.

Passive:Unstable Core

-With more damage taken, the stronger and less efficient [Warframe Name]'s ability becomes. If it's health drops to 0, all energy will be dispersed as an AOE, also heals self 50% of the total energy dispersed.

Slight bit of lore:[Warframe Name] was originally created by the orokin as an ultimate weapon against the sentients with experimental void technology. But while in development, the orokin research facility was ambushed. [Warframe Name]'s core was damaged, spilling void energy. Grabbing random parts lying around and prepared for war.

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So when i see that image, my mind immediately sees a spinal cord and nervous system that has been removed from a body, piloting a bootstrap body composed of parts that don't match. so with that in mind, lemme throw this in the pit.

Passive: Reconfigure: This warframe takes 50% less damage from any basic damage type (S/P/B) after taking 10% of its max health from that damage type. This warframe can only have one resistance at a time. This warframe gains 5% damage reduction to elemental damage it has a disposition towards.    (In other words, if you take 10% of your health from slashing, you take 50% less slashing damage, until you take 10% of your life from bludgeoning, at which point your resistance switches. All resistance types cause a different visual change to the model. Dispositions are modifiers gained by using your Reconstitute or Modulate Disposition Skills, and they decay over time.)

Ability 1: Violent Ejection: This warframe permanently reduces its maximum health by 10%, and launches a piece of its own body as a massive slug to deal overwhelming Bludgeoning damage. Additional elemental damage is added, depending on the Warframe's current primary elemental disposition.  If the warframe's max health would be reduced to 30%, it becomes immobile and incapable of casting any skill other than Reconstitute. However, it will NOT die, and enemies will not prioritize it to attack.    (In my mind, since the white tendrils are a conscious nervous system piloting a bootstrap pile of junk, the junk is actually disposable. Additionally, since the warframe is the tendrils and not the body, the body isn't necessary to survive, and at 30% health it has lost enough junk to not properly function. Utilizing this skill to avoid death will use a lot of forethought.)

Ability 2: Reconstitute: This warframe reconstitutes a portion of its missing health, prioritizing fixing lost parts over damaged of existing parts. This ability works 3x faster when this warframe picks  un-used ammo drops. If it is not damaged and not missing any body parts, it will grab any enemy within immediate grabbing range, and siphon any elemental particles afflicting that enemy into its body, enhancing itself with that element and leaving itself with an Elemental Disposition that gradually consumes energy and decays.    (This skill will heal you. Firstly, it will recreate any missing parts. If no parts need to be re-made, it will fix existing parts. If it does not need to fix anything, you will grab a nearby enemy and hold them in a grip that keeps them in stasis, like Inaros' Devour. If that enemy has an elemental affliction, you will be granted a disposition of any one element at random. Holding a disposition drains energy, and you can have two individual dispositions, and dispositions stack as normal [holding an electrical disposition, and grabbing a toxin, would merge them into one corrosive disposition], and for each individual disposition the energy consumption increases.)

Ability 3: Modulate Disposition: This warframe alters its disposition. It may press 3 to add an elemental disposition by shooting itself with its primary weapon, dealing 2% of its max health in damage to itself. It may hold 3 to consume its disposition to overload its current primary or secondary weapon, causing its next clip to have added elemental damage that matches the consumed dispositions. Its makeshift body, however, is not adept at containing this energy and will suffer one of the effects of its own disposition upon use.   (If your Disposition is, say, Corrosive/Electric/Radiation, you have an equal chance of experiencing the effects of one of those elements upon use. This ability is clearly more useful towards larger clips such as the Soma.)

Ability 4: Redefine: This warframe partially disassembles itself, lashing its body and parts towards an enemy. Upon fully infesting the enemy, it remakes its body in the form of a fully operational Exalted gun that uses the health of the infested host at a rate of 0.25% of its health per bullet. The warframe does not control its host. Your disposition is counted towards total damage. The host will panic and attempt to run at first, but as its health depletes it will rapidly lose the ability to move and will ultimately be broken down into a quivering mess that has no ability to move or stop itself from being disassembled into bullets. Damage deal to the warframe during this time is dealt to the host instead. This ability cannot be cancelled until the host is dead.    (Your warframe first turns into a giant flying tentacle of tendrils and trash that lunges at an enemy, then turns into a parasite gun. Choose an unfortunate soul, get ready to spray their buddies with their body. Choose enemies in corners with strategic views; the fewer enemies attack you, the more ammo you get. [up to a clip of 400!])

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Passive: Taking damage builds up Quintessence, from 0% to 100%. Gains resistance to Impact/Puncture/Slash equal to half of the current Quintessence level.

1- Rap Tap Tap: Channels Void Energy into one of its limbs and releases it in a mighty blow. Deals Impact and Void damage, and scales with how much Quintessence is stored up. Consumes up to 25% Quintessence.

2- Grasping a Dream: Temporarily shunts the Warframe into the Void. Tapping this causes one arm to pass through the Void, grasping a targeted enemy and pulling them directly in front of you. Holding causes the Warframe to dash through the Void and appear where you're aiming, either directly in front of a highlighted enemy, or to where you have targeted if there's no enemies there. In either case, this increases Quintessence by 10%.

3- Channel the Zariman: Infuses the Warframe and your allies with Void Energy. You gain health and shields equal to half of your Quintessence level. For example, if you have 500 max health and 50% Quintessence, you gain 125 health and shields when using this ability. Squadmates gain the same effects, calculated based on their individual max health and shields, plus the same amount of Energy. Requires at least 50% Quintessence to use, and consumes 50% Quintessence on use.

4- Remember your New Self: Temporarily fuse the broken pieces of your Warframe into a cohesive unit. Your resistance gained from having Quintessence applies to Elemental damage as well as Physical, and all of your attacks deal Void damage instead of their original damage types.

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I don't know just make the abilities as broken as heck.

PASSIVE: "Unease": Enemies are unsure what to do upon Detection of you, you radiate unnerving Void Energy. Weaker enemies, like the melee types, will be scared and run in the opposite direction. Tougher enemies, such as Eximus, Nox, etc, will attack upon detection.


1st ability "breakdown":

Crumble apart and overheat and throw yourself at enemies, burning them. Use this ability again to pull effected enemies back towards you to your feet, and release a Blast of energy.


2nd ability "Repair": absorb the life essence of your enemies to regain hp and energy


3rd ability "Scavenge" collect fallen enemy weapons to create your exalted weapon, "The Junker Cannon" a shoulder mounted flak cannon that deals pulsing AoE Dmg that staggers enemies, and might make them Ragdoll.

4th ability "Ascend, or *different name*": What the Tenno used to have, "The Anti-Sentient Void laser of mass destruction", Erupt a Laser from your chest that deals... "A broken amount of dmg", that means A LOT of dmg. Drains energy, AND HP.


But once the 4th ability ends, you suffer a Cool down Effect, something like inaros's "Undying Tomb" except it's a "Repair chamber".

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1. Bio metrics - Broken Frame can adjust power to different parts of the body to adjust it's stats bonus. Arms>attack speed and range, legs> movement speed and evasion, chest> armor and health, head>ability power and duration.

2. Re purposed - Broken Frame can reuse the weaponry of the fallen to boost his/her own. (kind of like being used by his/her tendrils, to be an addition to the current equipped weapon.)

3. Disassemble -  Those caught in the field will be deconstructed to their base components. (They will lose a percentage of their current health pool per second in the field.)

4. Fractured will - Those affected will be overcome with grief and lose the will to fight. They will also lose a percentage of their max health pool for the duration. Those who are strong willed (bosses) will resist this skill and be affected to a lesser degree.

(Passive) Recycle - Broken Frame can reuse the essence of the fallen to regenerate his/her energy.      

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>Passive Ability:

  • A player's alignment affects Remnant's (my placeholder name for the frame pls don't sue me DE) 2nd ability 

>Ability One: Degradation

  • Remnant sends out their own "Void pollen" that scatters onto nearby enemies, corrupting them. Not only will enemies fight other enemies but they have a chance to spread the "corruption" further, relies heavily on duration

> Ability Two: Corrupted Consequences (Based around their passive ability/alignment)

  • Sun: Remnant's able to boost both themselves and allies' health the more they kill enemies at the cost of efficiency.
  • Neutral: While draining their energy, Remnant levels out the playing field by matching their & ally's weapon damage to nearby enemy's strength. 
  • Moon: The more damage taken by Remnant and allies, the higher armor goes (also efficiency heavy). 

>Ability Three: Unnerving Oscillation

  • Remnant unhinges their arm and uses it as a grappling hook to swing from long or short distances, Remnant becomes shrouded in the Void while suspended in the air.

>Ability Four: Devil's Wrath

  • They shed their amalgamation of a husk and become nothing but pure Void energy. Growing extra appendages, Remnant lashes out at any nearby enemy whether by their own volition or not. They also occasionally send out waves of their energy that knock or stagger enemies as they walk or run about. While unhinged, Remnant is completely invulnerable. 
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This is more of a "support" approach:

Passive: Void Veins

Void energy Flows through this frame, granting it invincibility for a short period of time instead of dying. (3x per Mission). Regenerates energy and health at a slow rate.

1st Ability: Shared Fate

Bind to an ally, giving damage reduction. Energy lashes out between you and your ally, damaging and blinding nearby enemies. 


2nd Ability: Unity

The parts combine with each other to reform a single warframe. Tap to cycle, hold to cast.

Blue: Grants the bound target energy over time.

Red: grants heal over time.

White: grants this frames passive.

Note: this is a durarion basedability, it is active for a duration after casting, even while swapping through forms.

3rd Ability: Void memory

Blue: Blizzard: use element of ice to create a small area in which enemies are slowed.

Red: Firestorm: use element of fire to create a small area in which enemies stagger and are burned.

White: Disruption: uses void energy to amplify the range of Waterstorm and Firestorm. After a short period of time, enemies around the storm(s) are dragged in, then the storm(s) collapse, dealing damage to all tarrgets, knocking them down and rooting them on the ground. (Makes storms collapse after a short time upon cast)

Note: changes which power is used based on form chosen by Unity

4th Ability: United as one!

Binds to all nearby allies. They gain access to void memories of the form you are currently in, making them able to cast one of Firestorm or Blizzard for themselves. (?press 5 maybe?)

Note: A lot of fire and icestorms could be placed like this, they are supposed to be low in range and dmg, but provide cc.


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When I look at the design of "Broken", I can't help but see the resemblance to an eidolon. So the ideas come from that perspective.

Passive: crumble

  •  Movement speed increases as health decreases
  •  Small pieces fall off as "Broken" takes damage

First Ability: Tau wave

  •  "Broken" paunches the ground sending the same blast pillars as the eidolon
  • blasts is sent out at a 30 degree wide sweep attack

Second Ability:  Adrenaline

  •  temporally increases armor for self and status chance for allies
  •  restores shields for self and all allies by 50% 

Third Ability: Tremor

  •  "Broken" Stomps the ground send a pulse wave on all the directions
  • Cases all nearby "grounded" enemies to suffer knockback
  •  Cases all nearby "air" enemies to suffer magnetic damage

Forth Ability: Stormfront

  •  cases lighting to strike randomly around the player like Embers old "world on fire" ability
  •  low damage but high chance to stun enimies
  •  Allies struck gain a short energy regen starting at 5 energy/second for 10 seconds
  •  future augment mod could allow the lighting to chance element based on emissive colors (first setting primary, second creating a combo element like Radiation)
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