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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Was thinking of this since I herd about new frame

1-"defigure' you break apart and lunge at an enemy pushing them down then you remake. And take no damage in the process

2-"break up" you will be split up and be harder to hit. Also have longer melee range.

3-"Take" you will take enemies abilities depending on there type, (example grineer would lose armor but you will get some you get more and there resistance perks or corpus you get extra shield and resist puncture.)

-4 "true self" you will become bigger in size have increased armor and health with moderately increase speed. Also get a big axe or hammer that has splash damage. 

Passive- "horror" many melee kills can cause fear in enemies.

Also by the way I the only frames I used are frost, ember, and Valkyrie so if I accidentally stole some abilities from other frames well darn.



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Status Effects are less effective on Warframe, the more Status procs you have on your warframe the faster it runs/deals more damage/gains more temporary armor

(the idea behind it is that this Warframe is the master of erosion, adding more erosion to the warframe only makes it stronger, which is unfortunately kinda dangerous, but that's what other abilities are for)

Ability no1: UNMAKE
Warframe blasts foe with an energy blast causing the enemies to take damage as they are taken apart and put back together in a split second. Ability can be held for an increased AOE. Enemies killed that way are raised back as shambling horrors that home in on the nearest enemy, throw themselves at them and explode. Mechanical enemies instead of being turned into some shambling monstrosities simply drop bonus resources

(The idea behind it is something similar to the humble Ember Fireball, except with the added bonus of limited crowd control by transforming enemies into cannon fodder that distracts other enemies from the warframe, the Shamblers die fast though so it's a temporaty solution)

Ability no2: TRANSREINFORCEMENT (as in Transient Reinforcement)
Warframe temporarily bolsters its health by forcing the "Roots" to grow out in an outward fashion. It's an additional flat ammount of health added on top of your health with armor that depletes over time. Similar to Ironflesh but if Ironflesh was depleting on its own and was visible on your health ammount. Used for Sustaining self during fight but unreliable and must be watched closely. During the time said ability is active Warframe cannot be fell, but after it runs out and the frame has got 0 health you die.

(Idea is to somehow make the frame more survivable while still keeping the Broken theme, the additional health depletes rather fast so you're suppoused to use it to escape or to keep fireing at the enemy despite the fact you're on your death throes.)

Ability no3: MALFUNCTION
Warframe attacks in a Conical Area of Effect, swinging his noodly appendage causing enemy weapons to jam, Nullifier fields to Vanish, Cameras to be destroyed and Robotics to be stunned for a short while. Small chances of opening locked chests if hit. Causes a lockdown if you strike a console with it. On bosses it instead debuffs their damage

(General Crowd Control ability, rather short range.)

Warframe channels the powers of entropy to force out an area of effect centered on warframe. Warframe can walk around with this area of effect at a slower pace (Similar to Mesa's Waltz Augment) Enemies inside of the Area of Effect are ragdolled until they leave the AOE or Warframe stops channeling the ability. Enemies in the radius take damge from the continuous use of the ability. The closer they are to the Warframe the more damage they take


(Crowd Control BIG TIME, enemies are incapacitated and easy to kill off one by one as they hopelessly lie on the ground)
these are my ideas, would be nice if You liked it, even nicer if it got to the game

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  • Potentially modify parts of him to look more like Bone                                                                                                                                             Passive- As shields deplete they are turned into bone fragment stacks max stacks being current shield capacity.                                                           1. causes Broken to erupt using bone fragment stacks damaging nearby enemies, stacks are split based on number of enemies hit. Each hit applies a bone fragment stack the enemy.On enemy death Fragment stacks are consumed and dealt to nearby enemies.                                                             2.  consume fragment stacks on an enemy to replinish shields.                                                                                                                                                  3. an aura that causes enemies affected by fragments to internally fracture increasing fragment stacks.                                                                                            4. Forces enemies affected by fragments to erupt damaging nearby enemies
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Broken warframe abilities


Passive - Lucky: _all_ enemies lose 20-50% accurate and are easily knocked down, enables friendly fire (for friends and foes) within a 10 m radius.

It moves in a drunken boxing style, always 3 steps at a time to keep its balance.

All abilities are silent, because it's only survived this long by being good at hiding; unless either energy or health is full, then all abilities make noise, and all movements are at running speed (including ability 4) because it becomes overconfident.

"If you cannot be good, be lucky"



Ability 1 Whipped (starting ability): uses an exalted whip made of red and green electrical cabeling and hydraulic hoses, held together with metallic radial bands resembling duct tape (not a tendered, it should look improvised), as an area attack. It randomly deals a secondary elemental damage, or lifesteal or entropy. 

As it levels up, more effects are added to the random list; but there is a 2% chance it'll backfire. 

"You pay your quarter; you take your chances'"


Ability 2 Bullseye: uses exalted whip held backward so the handle acts as a meteor hammer for selectable secondary elemental damage to a single target. 1% chance for it to do nothing, 1% chance of backfire. As the ability levels up, the whip's reach increases from barely arms length to 4 m.


Ability 3 Pull yourself together: All weapon %chance and accuracy increase up to 15% for 10 seconds. % increases with leveling up the ability; but the closest allies lose what you gained due to your incessant self reassuring chattering. 



Ability 4 Going to Pieces: visually similar to Hydroid's undertow, but with the warframe falling apart and reassembling for stealth (enemies can still see it, but disregard it as scrap, can be attacked, cannot attack, increased defense somehow in this form). Movement speed starts off reduced similar to Ivara, but slower, and this speed increases with leveling up, but the faster you move, the more likely you are to be noticed.

Can randomly trigger unexpectedly once every 30 login days, at which point the frame cannot reassemble until the next logon day (if possible, in pieces on orbiter/ relays, else automatically fall to pieces at the start of all future missions that day)

"And only 2 screws left over this time"

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Passive (Salvage): Picking up rare materials provides a temporary health buff.

1 (Give & Take): The warframe's right arm shoots out and tears off a chunk of a selected enemy's armour, taking away a chunk of the enemy's armour while repearing the warframe.

2 ( Idk a name): The warframe breaks down in to a blob of tendrils and armour that can sneak around and climb walls undetected.

3 ( Corruption): The warframe shoots out  it's left arm and when making contact with an enemy, it corrupts the enemy making it fight along side of it.

4 ( Tendril Whip):Whip-like tendrils covered in scraps of metal come out of the warframes arms and well exalted whips.

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[Passive] Scavenged Shell

When this Warframe kills an enemy, it will gain 2% of the enemies' armor in stacks. This armor [Scavenged Shell] is of a separate "Health bar" and taking damage will reduce it's amount. This effect can stack up to 300 points. Taking damage reduces the amount of stacks gained to .3%. This affect also takes the space of the "Energy bar" therefore, "Flow" will increase the amount of stacks that can be gained. Effects like flow will be doubled. When energy is picked up, it is converted to [Scavenged Shell] stacks, but only 5% of the energy drop.

[1] Needle Point (75 Stacks)

When activated, the Warframe will send out a thin piercing bolt that will deal a moderate amount of damage, this bolt can jump from up to 3 different enemies, inflicting radiation damage. Each enemy hit will grant .5% of their armor to [Scavenged Shell]

[2] Steel Bloom (120 Stacks)

When activated, the Warframe will lose all of it's [Scavenged Shell] stacks and burst in magnificent void glory, leaving it's shell behind. The Warframe gains 1% lifesteal on hit, and takes 5% reduced damage from all types. This ability will only heal the Warframe, however, when using [Pulse], any ally the Warframe goes through will be healed for up 10% of the Warframe's missing health. When using [Lethal Salvage], the shell will explode, healing allies for 5% of their max health. Both [Pulse] and [Lethal Salvage] abilities gain these effects when the buff is active.

[3a] Pulse (50 Stacks)

When activated, the Warframe will blink 5 metres (similar to void dash) forward. After this effect, Pulse's new ability become's [Lethal Salvage].

[3b] Lethal Salvage (80 Stacks)

When activated, the Warframe spontaneously explode, dealing radiation damage (dependent on 50% of Scavenged Shell stacks) to all enemies in it's blast. After this effect, Lethal Salvage's new ability become's [Pulse]. After 5 seconds of inactivity, this ability becomes [Pulse] anyways.

[4] Mechanical Sunder (100 initial Stacks)

When activated, the Warframe recoils and bellows into the air. It will pull out a very much over-sized axe of armor, and start to swing wildly. Every swing will reduce [Scavenged Shell] stacks by 2%. Doing a heavy attack will throw the axe, causing it to go through up to 5 enemies before landing. Picking up the axe will cause [Lethal Salvage] to proc, whether or not pulse was used. Using [Pulse] however will blink the Warframe onto the axe, procing [Lethal Salvage] aswell as using a [Lethal Salvage] charge for no cost. If the Warframe runs out of armor to use, this ability will end.


>very rough, but it's a thing.

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Sooo I have some ideas for the different abilities nothing special don’t much think this will be seen

Ability 1: Grab- the broken frame uses its inner tangled arm thingies to pull a group of enemies into itself.

Ability 2: Dismembered- tears enemies apart at a close range that deals puncture and slash damage.

Ability 3: Absorb- absorbs parts of dead enemies bodies and uses them as a protective armor like rhinos iron skin but depending on the type of enemy you take upon their certain damage profiles like a using grineer body parts makes you more immune to impact and gas but you take more from slash and heat 

Ability 4: Visceral blast- takes all the built up body parts from Absorb and powerfully releases them from the frames body causing extreme aoe damage to the surrounding enemies and knocking them down.

Passive: Back Together- when you die the frames limbs get shot around and will slowly come back together if an enemy does not attack them (sorry this is the weakest idea I had I was stumped on what to do but thought this would be cool to see)

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Passive:  a distortion effect applied on random to weapon bullet to daze enemies hit by that bullet, or give it a chance of 20% happening for high fire rate weapons, and a 40% on slow firing ones doesn't effect bosses or VIP's

1st ability: shoot broken parts of his body same as Deconstructor, on level 0 + 1 he can shoot 1, level 2 shoots 2, level 3 shoots 3, it can ricochet between enemies, affected by range + strength and efficiency. cannot be modded. Costs 20 for first shot, another 20 for the second and 15 for the last one. cannot get lower than 15 energy total cost at max eff. initial range can be 15-20 meters.

2nd ability: random bugged code buff or debuff in an AOE, buffs might include (you can change it if you want) some distortion bullets, high jump or speed, stagger reduction and so on for allies, debuffs might include and not limited to disarm, radiation like effect, lose sight/interest in player. cannot affect bosses or VIP's, affected by all stat mods. Costs 50 energy. initial range can be 8-10 meters.

3rd ability: make a buggy clone of an enemy that will switch to another enemy every X seconds, e.g. you copy a bombard and after 5 seconds it changes to a scorpion and so on till it ends. affected by duration, efficiency and strength, cannot copy VIP's or bosses, also nullies are out of the question. Costs 80 energy, LOS cast range.

4th ability: clone abilities of selected frame from squad (or random) and can use 1st, 2nd and 3rd ability of that frame, e.g. copy Wisp --> can place his own motes but they'll disappear when the ability timer ends. affected by duration and efficiency only. copies the stats of copied frame and doesn't stack with his own stats especially duration since the ability relies on it. Costs 100 energy.

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1: Crash- Freezes targeted enemy and stores all damage dealt to it. When the effect ends, enemy receives damage and excess is converted into a damaging wave. 

2: Reallocate- Warframe converts X amount of a stat into another stat (ex. Shields->Health, Health->Armor) for a certain amount of time.

3: Backup- A timer begins for X amount of time. When the timer runs out, all damage and procs dealt to the Warframe is reversed.

4: Overload- Warframe overloads its systems, dealing a random type of damage to all nearby enemies and causing a short stagger effect to itself.

Passive: Materials heal the Warframe a little, scaling based on rarity. Excess becomes a small healing wave for allies.

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Passive: Upon death you can use the enemy corpses to "rebuild yourself" with half hp and shields and get 1 out of 3 buffs. HP buff,shield buff,or armor buff.

1 ability: Turn your arms into "void chains" to cc a large group of enemys and drain hp from them (similar to revenants 3)

2 ability: sacrfice all your shields to summon 2 "void copies" of yourself that can heal you.When the copies die you get a portion of the sacrificed shields back,or you can detonate them when you want to get an armor buff.

3 ability: dash upto 3 times leaving void energy behind that damages enemys and heals your "void copies"

4 ability: Activate this ability to go into "armor mode"(gets animation similar to the nidus phyrke skin but more void like xd).While in this mode gain a large portion of armor and a damage buff as long as you are killing enemys.While in this mode shields are not active and you lose hp every second (instead of energy)that you are not "feeding" yourself.

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Abilities can be empowered with extra parts that this Warframe gets from this passive. Hitting enemies with abilities apply Jigsaw. Jigsaw creates an orb above an enemy that applies a unique status effect when shot. If the orb is hit with an ability or primary weapon it drops parts that the Warframe can pick up. Abilities used will use up to a certain amount of parts with the Warframe only being able to store 10 parts at most. If other players hit this orb then they will deal 25% bonus damage but not destroy the orb. These stacks deteriorate over time scaling with ability duration.


1st Ability: Dismember (costs energy and health over time)

This ability selects the three closest targets and chains limbs to them, breaking after a certain distance is met. If these chains break while the ability was used without the (Jigsaw) empowerment the orb on the applied enemies will instantly burst for 1 (Jigsaw) stack each and bring the parts back to the Warframe. If this ability is used above 6 stacks of (Jigsaw) the ability will pull the enemies with the warframe if they attempt to leave the distance. If damage is dealt to the chained enemies it heals the Warframe while restoring a small amount of energy on kill. After the enemies die the player will latch onto a new set of enemies with no additional cost.

2nd Ability: Assimilate (costs health and energy over time)

This ability causes the Warframe to consume all current (Jigsaw) stacks increasing damage, armor, and health based on the amount of stacks consumed while increasing the size of the warframe up to 2.5x of the base size. (Size can be increased up to 3.5x with ability effectiveness increases)


3rd Ability: Corruption (costs energy)

NOTE: This ability doesn't apply damage directly so it doesn't apply (Jigsaw)

The warframe splits all of his (Jigsaw) parts into thirds and applies them to enemies in a radius, keeping the unexpended (Jigsaw) parts. These parts latch to the enemy, slowing them and making them take 20% more damage from attacks from players and 40% more damage from the Warframe's abilities


4th Ability: Extension (costs health over time)

The Warframe expends all of its (Jigsaw) stacks to replace its weapons with its own body, making a weapon out of itself that fires a beam of void energy. This ability costs health when fired as well as operator void energy and will deal damage (not as good as an operator beam though) to sentients and eidolons. 


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A: Haul: Warframe errupts with tethers pulling all enemies within mele range. Action: Throws arms wide sending parasitic tendrils out from its torso and arms then, with great effort retracts the parasite bringing enemies hurtling towards it

X: Miasma: AOE Warframe sucks the life from nearby enemies. Warfram makes a lifting motion 

B: Bind: AOE The warframe turns the very ground against its foes sending  tendrils to bind the feet of its foes rooting them in place the A: parasitic tendrils writhe along the left arm as the warframe punches the ground. Tendrils errupt and foul up the feet of enemies paralysing them 

Y: Resurrection:  (exalted) Instead of energy this warframe sacrifices half its health to assume its uncorrupted form gaining a boost to armor energy and attack speed. Exiting this form drops energy to zero. Activation Action:  Warframe arches its spine as it regrows its wrent and rotted flesh becoming whole once more. Deactivation Action: Warframe slumps as its outer shell crumbles away revealing the nightmare beneath


Passive: Parasitic recovery on death has a chance to drain an enemy to revive itself 90 sec cooldown 3 seconds invulnerability


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Passive- Scrounger

Every so often (maybe like 30 seconds), will scavenge for a part, providing one of 3 buffs to nearby allies. The duration is capped at 30 seconds. Hopefully this gives off the feel that since they're composed of different warframes that not everything is completely cohesive like other warframes

Buff 1- All allies reload 20% faster (scales off strength)

Buff 2- Allies gain 10% bonus armor and shield regen (scales off own armor increasing effects)

Buff 3- Allies gain 10% bonus attack speed (scales off strength)


Ability 1- Void Charge

Charges your primary with void energy, increasing fire rate, reload speed, and gives bonus fire damage.


Ability 2- Self Repair

Decrease your armor by a small amount for a limited time (goes down with duration) to heal yourself for an amount scaling with armor consumed.


Ability 3- Void Shriek

Deals a small amount of blast damage in a radius, knocking down enemies. (Scales off strength)


Ability 4- System Overload

Gives allies in a radius bonus blast damage to their weapons. While active you are unable to take damage, but in addition to energy drain, you lose health and move much slower.

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Passive: With each piece of his body lost, he loses up to 3% armor but increases melee attack speed by 5% (stacks up to 5), each piece lays on the battle field and can be picked up individually.


Ability 1: Fragment: Launch parts of the body up to 5 times, each doing impact damage, hold the button to launch all 5 parts at once for extra damage as well as added blast damage.


Ability 2: Stitch: Using this ability with any pieces laying on the battle field will return to the frame and heals him up to 10% for 5 seconds.


Ability 3: Revenge: Using this ability with broken pieces on the ground will cause them to grow void vines and charge at the nearest enemy to the pieces, holding the button will cause the pieces to explode at the location that they are at, enemies are stunned if the pieces are seeking enemies, after the explosion, all the pieces that explode will instantly return to the body.


Ability 4: Crushing Hammer: Using Rocks and other debris, creating a hammer that the frame can use that drains energy and deals impact, at the end of the ability or when the button is pressed again, the frame throws the hammer to where he is aiming, dealing blast and impact damage to nearby enemies and causing knock back. (this ability throws all 5 removable pieces to where the hammer was thrown to.

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Passive: Each enemy killed by its skills will leave small fragments of the frame that will heal it when picked up and re-making the frame.
think DOOM ETERNAL ammo and stuff when you get glory kills and something like that.

1- Void shotgun (RED ARM) A blast from the red parts of the frame that fragments and shoot like a shotgun dealing void damage and impact damage.
In appearance it should progressively take out small bits of the red arm leaving only the white stuff that holds it together to avoid missing stuff in animations and floating weapons.
Reasoning: void damage was never seen into a warframe so the broken one is an nice place to start with it, because its broken so it can do stuff that is strange. also works great with the passive of retreaving the lost parts and putting it back together that fits the theme in my eyes.

2- Head-Ache - Take off the head and throw out like a granade, it'll pull all the near by enemies to the location with the white stuff, similar to nidus pull and then explode in a big boom. and then it would come back to you. Pulling the fragments from the dead enemies - passive.
This needs to work like the vauban orb that scales based on the level of nearby enemies, doing so will prevent having no fragments in high level because you didnt killed enemies.
This would be the only way to get the passive fragments like a vaccum, because the passive fragments should NOT work with normal vaccum.

3- Who wants some friends? - (blue parts)  Part 1 take off a small part of itself and make into a spider like creature (4 legs) that follows you around for some time and buffs you and allies for a time.
Part 2: When the spider DIES it'll split up into 4 smaller spiders (one for each leg) that are super fast and will latch into enemies, they'll only last for 10 seconds tho and will explode after the time expires.
part 1 buff could be a random buff since the frame is broken and glithy. And the "part 2" spiders would deal a random elemental damage to enemies.

4- Big Boom- Explode itself leaving only the white stuff for a brief time and all the parts that are hold together become little projectiles.
this should be a big AOE Damage but also leaves you VERY vulnerable for about 4 or 5 seconds.

any of this skills would fit the broken frame greatly. thak you for your time.

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I can’t think of 4 but how about

Boomerang: Rip off three small parts of the Warframe’s body and throw them in rapid succession like a boomerang. Then the rocket back onto the Warframe’s body like Iron Man parts.

Passive: An ephemera-like vapor that drops radioactive parts of the Warframe’s body when sprinting which damages enemies within 5m.

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1. Scrap Pile: Fall apart upon first activation. Upon second activation, reassemble into one of three forms. 1st: Tank with high survival stats but low damage and ability effectiveness. 2nd: Glass Cannon with high damage but really low survival stats. 3rd: Average Joe with relatively balanced damage and survival stats

2. Weak Joints: Tear off an arm or leg to use as a club with some conditions. Arm: Unable to use two handed weapons. Leg: Movement speed and jump height/Length reduced. Reactivate to reattach

3. Lose Your Head: Throw your head at the enemy, exploding into marking fragments. For each enemy marked, weapon status effect and critical damage are increased. Numbers vary depending on form. Accuracy is reduced due to lack of a head. Kill marked enemies to restore head and accuracy.

4. Repair and Self-Destruct: At high energy cost and drain, repair into your original state with all abilities active with reduced debuffs. In place of using a limb as a club, a 'bat' of sorts is used. Instead of using a head, a lunaro ball is used.

Passive: Upon killing marked enemies, ability effectiveness is increased. Maxing at 25-50% per stat ()as in range, strength, duration, and efficiency)

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1:When used on the ground, it performs a dropkick that blows the enemy it hits in front of it, damaging even the enemy caught in it.

When used in the air, it shoots out in a targeted direction and creates a shockwave that damages a wide range of enemies at the point where it lands.

2:Depletes the shield or armor of enemies in the range at a certain rate, dealing lasting damage.

3:Generates a space that slows down the enemy's movement in a wide area from the point of activation.

4:The energy blade rotates around itself, gradually expanding its range.

Enemies that were in range would receive a high attack power and be blown outwards.

passive:Defeating enemies will give you resistance to random state disorders.

Share it with the allies around you.

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Passive:  Porous

Bullets have a chance to become lodged in its body.  Bullet jump to release them at nearby enemies.

1: Meatshield

Dislodges its arm to grab an enemy, and holds the enemy on its back.  The victim will block attacks from behind.  Recast to fling the enemy, knocking over others.

2: Shamble

Unfolds itself and quickly crawls forward.  Increases movement speed greatly, and will disarm enemies in your path.

3: Collect

Picks up all nearby health, energy, and ammo.  Health and energy orbs will release radial healing and energizing pulses, and ammo will buff the attack of nearby allies.

4: Overload

Hold to charge up a massive blast of void energy.  Energy is drained as the attack is charged, and incoming damage is reduced while charging.  Release to create a radial blast dealing void damage.

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Story: He was a test made to see what would happen if multiple warframes could be combined considered a broken failure


1st Chaotic Transformation: randomly between all warframes choose one and replace all abilities 1 of the 4 would become chaotic transformation (this could be random or set to be 1 of the 4) activating this again would change him back Note: Had a secondary idea that one of the random transformations would be the stalker that would be extra cool

2nd Root: Roots an enemy to the ground and provides a buff for a duration in an area of effect the buffs change depending on the enemy Robots= energy and shield generation Living Light=health regen Living Heavy: armor buffs dont stack but you can root multiple enemies as its duration based

3rd Chaotic Release: Depending on how much "chaos" you have built up apply several negative effects on enemies the amount of effects depends on the amount of "chaos" built

4th True Form: become your most played warframe for a duration and get a strength range efficiency duration buff based on how many buffs you receive depends on chaos built but the strength of the buff scales off power strength the if amalgam/Chimera is your most played warframe you stay amalgam/chimera and recieve all buffs for the duration but you cannot build chaos

Passive: Chaos building: killing enemies and casting other warframes abilities builds chaos this can randomly apply your warframe with buffs or debuffs on base stats for a duration a negative and a positive buff for the same stat cant be active at the same time as the number gets higher it gets more frequent for the amount of chaos required for the effects on 3rd and 4th ability that can change depending on balance

Final Note Important: when you transform into another warframe you still receive all mod bonuses e.g strength. range. etc

Extra Note: an augment could be that when you transform into a warframe you get all abilities with augments have their augments activated cool idea but this is already a coding nightmare i can imagine but a man can dream cant he?

Edit: chaotic release is supposed to reset the chaos passive same thing for true form

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