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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive: Alters 4th skill based on Aura Mod.


1st - Impale

Shoots a void tentacle. Heavy single target void damage. Augment: grants void traces on kill scaling on target level.


2nd - Systematic disassembly

Disassembled frame parts and reassembles on chosen location (akin to wukong). Splits into parts that auto targets nearby enemy (range scaling) per hit damage. Reassembles on location. Augment: gains damage absorption overshield akin to volt. 

3rd - Void shell

Casts a shield that absorbs damage. Explodes when limit is reached. Permanent shiels until destroyed. Augment: gains a mini-adaptation effect. scales with power strength.

4th - Void echoes

Really thinking how to implement this. The idea is the varying parts of the frame is trying to fight for dominance. Their echoes once fully manifested becomes the 4th skill. Could tie in with the passive that is it gains the passive of the dominant frame. Leaving this open.

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Passive: Boost opaters states and ability, also alive like  umbra excailbur.

Ability 1: Mimic - you can chage this ability of the other warframe 1st ability. Not random think of ivara or vauban ability to change but you are changing with 3 warframe 1st.

Ability 2: Dismantle possession - you dismantle attached to enemy of choice (beside boss type) and controll them as your own.

Ability 3: Void abilitys - you can change to the ability you need.

   1- VoidPort - teleportaion

   2- void blast - you can target up to x mount of enemy and shoot the void at each target.

   3- void struck - buff allies & debuff enemys.

Abilty 4: Broken Void Storm - You creat a void Storm that swirls around you, if you are in or activate dismantle possession. You possess as normal but void still around you but your dismantle parts swirl in the viod witch increase the damage.

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Passive: He/she has spare limbs that fall off after recieving damage. When they do, warframe drops in max healthand armor, but the limbs will slowly regenerate by leaching life from enemie or using the players energy pool. At some point a lost limb will be full and crawl back to the frame. If the player looses all the health. The limbs will return with whateverhealth they could bring(player isn't revived enless the health collect equals a percentage of the max health)

1: The warframe uses one of its limbs to control an enemy, sacrifising max health but gaining an ally. the warframe will also continue to leach life from the controlled enemy. Controlled enemies will have a new health pool, this health pool dictates how much damage can the enemy recieve before the limb falls off. Health pool is affected by the health the targeted enemy has left, plus the health left in the limb, plus power strength. Ability will have set duration.

2: Upun activation, any damage recieve will charge a limb. After loosing the limb, the limb act as a beacon of energy gain were any damage the frame recieves get convertd into energy and divided for all her allies in range and herself. 

3: Warframe drops a limb. For a set duration, the limb acts as a healing tower for other warframe by sacrifising its own health.

4: In a last ditch effort to live, warframe uses a large amount of energy per limb to summon all her limbs returning it's armor and health. Enemies controlled by the frame's 1 take a vast amount of health lost when the limb returns. The Limbs effected by 2 and 3 will explode and stun enemies in large raduis also leeching life before returning. limbs that fail to fully regenerate will seek out nearby enemies to control and leach.

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Passive: Assimilation. Abilities from others warframes have a 10 percent chance of activating when using abilities.

Ability 1: The warframe detaches its parts and latches onto an enemy of choosing. Doing so suffocates the enemy and grants the warframe the properties of the enemy suffocated. 

Ability 2: The warframe unleashes beams of void energy from its finger tips draining enemies of their health and gives the player either energy, armor, health, or shield based on their choosing. The void beam has an aoe that can latch onto other enemies. 

Ability 3: The warframe stores up damage taken from enemies and can give them to teammates for a buff in health and a buff in damage or the warframe consumes this energy to send its limbs rocketing in all directions tracking onto enemies and hitting them with extreme force.

Ability 4: The warframe collapses its void energy into a dense black hole that strips armor and gives it as a buff to it and its teammates. Enemies in the black hole take more damage and when killed drop void energy traces. Teammates make pick this up to get a buff in armor and the caster may pick this up to amp the damage of the black hole.  

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Passive ability: casts of fast leap fills (berserk mode) gains 45% Critical damage and ability range 45% And 45% Ability  damage and to teamates. Ability 1 does a (fast leap) about 25 m in air stays in air until recast can activate other 3 ability and cast again punches the floor with 30 meter range and gains a berserk stack out  of 3 berserk mode stacks. Ability 2 creates a (mega wind ball) u can hold it in first ability with fast leap while aiming to throw it like a football, cast again to throw mega wind ball slashes enemy's within 25m for 15 seconds and the tenno can throw this mega wind ball with razor water mist at 25m if enemy hit gathers the blood explode after 15 seconds so throw it before explodes with more gore . Ability 3 gains (aqua bullets) for 15 seconds this increased bullet jump 20 % and for teamates within 25m.Ability 4 is (Loom fists) Creates a water scarf four water orbs on hand and feet like furax does fracturing wind and kogake grim fury, charge hit does grim fury first combo charge action, sliding quick melee does furax fracturing wind  slide hit, sliding charge or secondary charge does furax fracturing wind secondary charge combo attack . combos from normal quick melee holding backwards direction creates fluid perfect 2 axe kicks left leg axe which reaches forward enemy and then right leg axe which kicks upwards then straight down on enemy which doesn't reach out or steps forward like the left leg first axe kick and moves backwards slightly, left leg does stagger right leg does knock up then kicks downward  staggering enemy in air, impact 100 and slash 100  and puncture 100 = 300 total, critical chance is 20 % Critical damage is 2.5x, Status is 20%  and then holding forward direction does punches 2 rising dragon fist left-hand and then right hand and then holding block does end with 2  back first right hand then left-hand back fist then repeats,  with each enemy hit it display's waves of wind stagering any enemy  within 25m this Ability turns on attack range plus 1 & for teamates within 25m and Ability duration is until energy runs out.Energy drain is 1 Energy per second Cost are only 10 energy to activate within all 4 Ability Cost.And each cast has a 2 seconds  invulnerable after cast finished. Health is 300 r0 to r30 1000 shields r0 200 to r30 300 armor is 225 energy capacity is r0  100 to r30 200 .  

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An ability idea I have is called salvage loot the corpses of fallen enemies that die within a certain radius around the player for armour and Sheilds  whether or not you get armour or Sheilds would depend on enemy type organic enemies Grant armour while synthetic enemies Grant Sheilds note this ability can Grant over Sheilds of up to 30% of base Sheild number as well as plus 50% maximum armour 

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Passive: Battle Scarred (Name) Once an enemy has been killed, a percentage of the enemy armor will be granted to you and nearby allies. You will also stack Broken Shards

Ability 1: Broken Protection: When activated, enemy attacks will be blocked and absorbed, once it reaches a breaking point, the absorbed attacks will be shot back in a large cone area. (When using this ability, you will stack Broken Shards, 10 will be the maximum)

Ability 2: Void Leech: Links yourself  with your tendrils to enemies, adding their health, shield, and armor while also damaging them with radiation. (Killing an enemy that is linked to you will generate 1/2 a Broken Shard)

Ability 3: Fragmented Battlefield: While this ability is active, tendrils come out to your area surrounding the battlefield your fighting on, gain increased attack, movement speed, you also gain extra damage while sacrificing some of your armor (or the enemies your linked to while using Void Leech) OR (Use a Broken Shard and face only half a penalty)

Ability 4: Achilles: Once you have attained 10 Broken Shards, you shall be able to summon your mighty exalted spear Achilles, once used to protect others from both Orokin and Grineer. (Once you have sacrificed all 10 of your Broken Shards to summon Achilles, it will drain your energy at a slow rate)


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On 2020-04-17 at 1:02 PM, [DE]Helen said:


We’re calling upon the Warframe community to create the next Warframe! You can stay up-to-date on the design phases in the official Community-Designed Warframe thread.

Community artist, Eornheit has created the official Warframe concept art based on the Broken Warframe submitted by eaterofstorms!

We need four Abilities and a Passive to complete the community-designed Warframe. Share your ideas with us! The Warframe team will be using your ideas in-game.

Official Concept Art by Eornheit:

Broken_Warframe_Concept (1).png

The Dev Team has expounded eaterofstorms’s Broken Warframe theme. Use this description to inspire your Ability ideas!

Assembled from the remnants of Warframes destroyed during the Old War and held together by Void energy. 

How to submit:

In this thread, share a description of 1-4 Warframe Abilities and a Passive. Base your ideas on the Broken Warframe theme and Eornheit’s concept art!

You may include values with your Ability ideas, but please keep in mind that these values might be changed by the Dev Team later in the design phase.


  • One submission per player. Be sure to include all of your Ability ideas in one post!
  • 1-4 Ability ideas and 1 Passive idea per player.
  • Ability ideas can’t be changed after they are submitted. You may edit your post to make small changes like fixing typos. "Reason for edit" will be reviewed.
  • If there are duplicate submissions, only the one that was first posted will be considered - we’ll be watching!
  • Ability ideas must be original. Your submission can be from a post you made elsewhere as long as it’s your own!
  • Abilities might be slightly altered by the Dev Team as needed to ensure consistency with Warframe’s overall design. 
  • Do not reserve spots in this thread.
  • Only post submissions in this thread.
  • Submissions that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered. 
  • Chosen Ability ideas become property of Digital Extremes.

We understand that we can’t avoid duplicate submissions, so please do your best to submit ideas that have yet to be presented, and we’ll do our best when sorting through to ensure there is a fair opportunity for all!

Selecting the Final Abilities:

Call for submissions will close on Thursday, April 30 at 1:00pm ET.

The Warframe Team will review all submissions to select the community-created Warframe’s Abilities! We may mix and match submissions from multiple players. Please keep in mind that we might make small changes to Abilities to ensure the community-created Warframe is consistent with Warframe’s overall design.


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Passive: Broken Amalgamation; 30% Reduction to all incoming elemental damage

1. Thief: Steal random parts from enemy creatures to add health/shields to yourself (Augment: Robinhood; provides increased health/shield regen buff to teammates)

2. Fragmentation: Warframe breaks into multiple pieces and pretends to be random debris dealing damage overtime (invulnerable). (Augment: Assimilating Fragment; Parts of the warframe can attach to enemies converting them into friendly units.

3. Machine's Revenge: AoE Magnetic attack similar to eidelon (Augment: Machine's Respite; AoE has chance to return health/shields to all friendly units 

4. Metronome: Warframe uses random 4th ability from ANY other warframe. (Augment:Broken Plethora; ability use no longer costs energy but instead uses health/shields.)

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Posted (edited)

ABILITY 1 - OVERHAUL- Charge forward grabbing onto the enemie and absorbing their parts to heal yourself

ABILITY 2 - DECONSTRUCT- Send out a blast of void energy strong enough to breakdown all hit by it into their component parts

ABILITY 3 - RECONSTRUCT- Reassemble the parts of enemies killed by deconstruct into allies to fight for you

ABILITY 4 - ASSIMILATE- Draw all the parts of fallen enemies towards you using void energy and merge with then to increase your size, shields, armor and health. ability is stronger the more parts you absorb

PASSIVE - AUTO-REPAIR- Can revive themself if there are enough component parts close by

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Passive if he takes to much damage over time his void tendrils shoot out of his body and absorb life energy from the enemy and can restore life energy to near by frames 

Ability 1 he can make 5 mini void holes like black holes 5 being the max number at max rank it can rip apart enemys or disintegration 

Ability 2 because he is held together with void energy he can extend his arms and grab enemys from a distance or swipe them way 

Ability 3 he can turn in to pure void energy that radiation can hurt sentients if they get too close and slowly kills organic enemys 

Ability 4 the Omega void hole the most powerful ability it takes all your energy to make a super black void that wipes out massive groups but requires high level of energy to make and has a cool down timer so you will probably get to ues it 1 or 2 times max 

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Did you type that in a couple of seconds? it took me 10 minutes to think of all this augments included. I had fun but now im wayyyyy too invested in this.

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Posted (edited)

Broken Accumulate parts (Red And Blue) with skill 1 and picked drops, this part are used to launch skills 2 and 3, and active 4! 
adding "parts" to your form (To complete him) and providing attack and armor bonuses (like nidus change when staks ) 

reds parts are use to att skils
blue Parts are use to def skills

Skill 1: Who i am? (bad name)

Broken throws energy from the void, with AOE in cone, each hit on enemies (red parts) or caches (blue parts), generates "parts", your own  2 energy bar! 
Consume red parts (cause dmg)  or energy ( just acumulate parts)  

Skill 2: This is me ? (bad name) 

Broken reconfigures its own appearance, being able to move at the same speed as its target,( when consume Blue parts make him undetectable)

Consume normal energy ( detectable ) 

Skill 3: Where am i ?  (bad name)

Broken dismounts itself, creating an AOE that blocks external attacks and deals electrical damage (little) to enemies inside!
Broken cant move i this form! 

Consume Blue parts

Skill 4: It's Me ( Mario😄) (bad name) 

As the exalted weapons (in this case will be its additional parts): Broken activates Its unbroken form, each additional part is revolving around "Broken". 
creating a shield and when you attack those parts they attack together!

Consume Red Parts

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Passive: Haphazard Body: Instead of being downed, enter a void ghost state with full health and shields and brief invincibility (Bleed-out mods are active in this state). While in this state, health drains increasingly over time and will eventually kill the warframe. In order to exit this state, you will need to refill a Haphazard Body meter which is charged from ammo drops, health orbs, and using certain abilities. You can not be revived by squad mates.

1- Absorb: Tendrils reach towards an enemy and drain health and armor from the target while restoring health and Haphazard Body.

2- Reassemble: Disarm nearby enemies, draw in nearby ammo drops, and gain health, armor and Haphazard Body based on the number of enemies disarmed and ammo drops picked up by this effect.

3- Particle Storm: Toggle - Drains health to create a field that surrounds the warframe and has a large chance to intercept enemy fire.

4- Ballistic Armor:

On tap: at the cost of health, shoot a large projectile which explodes on recast dealing a large amount of damage and knockdowns enemies.

On charge: deal massive damage to enemies in a large area around the warframe as well as inflicting many slash and puncture procs. Immediately enter Haphazard Body. Unable to be activated while in Haphazard Body.


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Ability ideas

1st ability: can take parts off of warframe's in the same group and gains one ability off of its allies and replaces its second ability with that, when this ability is held will reset the second ability back to his own ability

2nd ability: fires a blast of void energy causing enemies to become disoriented and knocked down, this ability gets replaced when 1st ability is used

3rd ability: repair, use parts picked up from enemies to heal yourself gain incread armour if used at full health while still having some spare parts

4th ability: deconstruct, break yourself down to a pile of parts that can shift around similarly to Grendel's ball, when you move into an enemy, break them down and add them to your pile of parts. Uses up all spare parts in order to rebuild at the end of this ability

Passive: after going down you will be rebuilt if you have 10 stacks or more of spare parts.

If no primary is equipped will use parts of himself to create a randomised gun (random stats for fire rate and mag size, damage can be modded as an exalted weapon would normally be)

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Posted (edited)

(1)tower:is able to summon one spiked tower on one enemy (if button is held it summons multiple spiked towers to kill a group of enemys)

(2)guardian:builds a small defensive spiked wall that can thrust out spikes to damage enemys.

(3)pest:the warframe throws out a piece of itself that will become a moveable automatic turret.

(4)control:the warframe lashes out a tendril that stabs into an enemy allowing the players warframe to have complete control over the enemy.

(passive):while wall latching the warframe digs its tendrils into whatever Surface its on for longer wall latch duration.

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Posted (edited)

The Broken Frame will use its abilities to add to the next ability such as it's own rebuilding process, and using its enemies as a platform to do so. 


Broken Frame Passive (See through) : Has 5-10% chance for anything to pass through it, bullets, explosions, enemies etc. 


Ability 1 (Energy Grip) : Uses enemies parts to extend Broken frames reach(range) of melee wepons, with a stacking effect uptill a certain range. Eventually breaking off when no enemies are around to take parts from. 


Ability 2 (level up) : When ability 1 reaches max stack, the Broken Frame can be broken apart and rebuilt after a (few seconds of invulnerability) after the frame is rebuilt it will give bonus stats to either: Overall speed boost, shields, heavy armor or Health Regen, being random everytime the Level up ability is used until energy runs out.


Ability 3 (Broken Gifts) : Depending on which perk was granted from Ability 2 (such as Armor), the Broken frame will share its gifts with that of the entire squad for a period of time. Each squad member will gain buffs. 


Ability 4 (Star Dust) The AOE ability will burst a wide (circular) area of effect, which seems to be infused dust particles of what used to be broken parts, finely imbued with energy as it spreads out and around the player. Any enemy that comes in contact with this dust will suffer various damaging affects, being: Armor shattering, health draining, or random combustion (explosions) from an enemy (also creating a slight area effect). 


I look forward to the next Broken frame. And all the ideas put forth by players, gl all! 

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An ability that plays on the void energy that holds it together. The energy leaves the frame and all the parts collapse on to the floor, allowing you to take control of one enemy for a period of time. To take advantage of weaponry, traverse traps or detection lasers or just to hide in plain sight. Duration is obvious, Strength relates to the level of the enemy that you can possess. Possibly there is a choice to detonate a possessed enemy on exit. It may be interesting for the energy to return to the site of the parts to reform - sort of a reverse teleport. I suppose the ability would be called Possess, or overlay something similar.

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TLDR: Fail/Overcharge change for all abilities, most abilities have a sacrifice for their use beyond having a chance to fail. My favorite ones are the passive, the 2, and the 3. Also bare with me the names of the abilities kinda suck.

Passive: The Binds of the Void cause the abilities of [this frame] to be unstable, having a chance to fail (-25% strength) or be overcharged (+75% strength), with the chances changing based on the mods equipped in an unconventional way

  • At 100% strength: 25 and 175, and at 200% strength: 50 and 275

  • Mods have a general trend to boost some OC rate at the cost of increasing the Fail rate of another ability, and decreasing fail rate at the cost of decreasing OC rate. 

    • Minum percent is 0, and the maximum percent is 50

  • Abilities can have their own additional fail and overcharge effects, that which are baseline and cannot be altered, only how frequent/infrequent


1 - Void Ball: Launches a ball of energy dealing Void damage as it flies past enemies, bouncing off surfaces and enemies. Comboing this increases the chance for it to Overcharge

  • F/OC is 5%/5%

    • Overcharge: Damage becomes 85% Void and 15% True

    • Failing causes the ball to fizzle and the ability rendered unusable for half the duration of the ability. 

2 - Conversion: Tap to swap between two different abilities; Speed and Tank. Hold to cast

  • Both have a base 5% Fail and 10% OC, but can be changed independent of each other 

    • Most common to boost at the cost of the other

  • Speed - Lower armor and disables shield gating, gains speed boost, high evasion, and allowing for [the frame] to change the direction of momentum during aim-glide once

  • Tank - disables most maneuvering techniques to just a slow walk or run, gains armor and shield boost, adaptation to damage, and allows 50% of this to carry to allies

    • Cannot be recast while active, however cycling is still available

3 - Break Free: Tap to swap between 3 different summons, at the cost of losing access to its respective ability. 

  • Fail/OC is at 10%/10%, for the summoned unit’s associated ability it is 15%/15% at base.

    • Failing on cast makes the summoned unit’s F/OC of 20%/5%

    • Overcharge on cast causes the F/OC to become 5%/20%

  • Offence - loses 1, general attacker unit

  • Priority/Dispersion - loses speed half of 2, prioritizes VIPs (Nullifier Bubbles, Ancient Healer, Energy Leach, Bombards, etc.), if no VIP is in range, will distract enemies 

  • Tank - loses tank half of 2, defends objectives and targeted players (similar to Venari Heal)

    • Cannot be recast while ability is active, however cycling is still available

4 - Guardian of the Void: Embody the binds of the Void and become a stationary Tree, or a stedfast Ent

  • F/OC of 0%/5%

    • Fail: Ability fizzes, causing a knockdown. Duration is still maintained and cannot be recast

    • Overcharge: Ability refunds energy spent and lasts 25% of the duration

  • Tree: Allows direct directed and AoE support and sniper-like use of the 1, trading bounce for speed and precision

  • Ent: Allows for speedy strikes and shotgun-like use of the 1, trading bounce for speed and coverage with 3 orbs

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Passive: Truly Adaptive - this frame can only be affected by one status effect at a time and cannot be ragdolled

1: Spike - 50 - a shard of void energy is thrown in a straight line (passing through all objects and walls) for a set range, enemies hit by this take 150 damage of a randomized damage type, allies hit gain 25 energy.

2: Siphon - 50 - <warframe name> tears a rift in the wall between realities creating a pulse that siphons hp and shields at a rate of 25 dmg/sec to enemy units in a 30m radius for 15 seconds; at the end of the duration the total hp and shields taken by the siphon are restored to allies within the radius.

3: Rescind - 50 - <warframe name> creates a 5x5m barrier which absorbs incoming fire for 20 seconds; at the end of the duration the total amount of damage absorbed is fired directly forward for a set range (passing through all objects and walls) in a randomized damage type. There can be up to 4 of these active at once.

4: Reform - 150 - <warframe name> reforms itself into its 3 predecessor frames (using void energy for the missing pieces) for a set duration; at the end of the duration the two Ai controlled Frames are teleported back to the player controlled one and reform into the original frame in a fantastical explosion of void energy creating a 40m radius knockdown/stagger and setting <warframe name>’s HP and Shields to 75% of their max value.

Frame 1 can use the first ability, the primary weapon, and is controlled by the player. The player can choose to teleport to either of its Ai counterparts by aiming at one and pressing the 4th ability button again or teleport them to the player by holding the button. It has 100% of the max HP and shields but 50% of the armor of the original frame.

Frame 2 can use the second ability, the melee weapon, and is an Ai. It has 100% of the max HP and armor but 50% of the max shields of the original frame.

Frame 3 can use the third ability, the secondary weapon, and is an Ai. It has 100% of the max shields and armor but 50% of the max HP of the original frame.

(All the sub-frames have the passive of the original and have 100 energy upon creation)

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Passive: Void Instability
 Using abilities 1/3/4 drains [Broken's] stability meter.
 Stability regenerates at a slow rate (1%? a second, and only starts 1? second after casting an ability)
 Visually the "void tendrils" holding the frame together become more pronounced as Stability scales down, possibly with more of them "bursting out" of the body.
 If an ability would reduce Stability below 0% when used, then it can still be cast but you take direct health damage based on the amount of "negative" stability you would generate.
 As Stability scales down from the following stats scale:
 - Shield Capacity scales down from 100% to 20%
 -  - "excess" shield is converted into overshield when capacity is lowered, and overshield is "consumed" to refill normal shields when stability goes back up
 - Shield Regeneration and Armour scale down from 100% to 0%
 - Sprint Speed scales down from 100% to 75%

 ("Lore Reasoning": Unstable void tendrils become exposed in order to restabilize, but doing so interferes with the defenses and movement of the frame)

[Broken] Has lowish health, medium Armour, and highish shield capacity
 This is to give the frame stats that make them decently durable with high stability, but very fragile with low stability


1: Void Lash (One-handed cast, like Volts shock)
 Void tendril lashes out from an arm and on impact / on reaching maximum range creates a small explosion of a random damage type (with 100% status chance).

(Idea behind this ability is just a simple somewhat generic damage ability, that has utility by merit of the 100% status proc despite being somewhat inconsistent in damage type)


2: Void Purge
 Detaches and fires off unstable void tendrils in a radial spread.
 Enemies within the AoE are tangled up in the tendrils, being immobilized for a short duration and inflicts weak damage ticks on the targets while immobilized.
 Damage, Range and Duration of This ability scales up with lower Stability
 Cannot be recast while still active, and still has a timer even if it didn't hit any enemies.
 Unlike other abilities doesn't drain stability on use, and instead increases it, and also doesn't have any delay before stability regeneration.

(a way to regenerate your Stability, as well as a CC option. The prevention of recasting, is because this is not intended to let you be able to instantly return to maximum stability on demand, but to recover some of it quickly)


3: Void Remnant (Three Cyclable Abilities like Ivaras Quiver)
 3-1: Reactive Barrier (red?)
  Generates a wall in front of the frame, wide enough to block most doors and narrower corridors.
  Reduces the damage of any hostile attack that passes through the barrier by 50%(?), the amount any attack is reduced by is stored for "retaliation"
  Has 6(?) "retaliation" charges, whenever an enemy approaches within a short distance of the barrier, a charge is consumed, and 50% of the currently stored damage is released in an AoE shockwave with a 50% status chance.
    (The shockwave also has 100 Blast damage added to give it a guarantee to at least do some damage if none was absorbed.)
    (If 100 Heat damage is stored, then the shockwave will do 100 Blast and 50 Heat damage, and then have 50 Heat damage stored for the next activation)
  Shockwave has longer range than the trigger range, to allow for it to potentially hit multiple enemies.
  Barrier despawns on running out of charges.

 3-2: Triage Field (blue?)
  Deploys a circular field that heals all allies within it at a rate of 10% of their missing health once per second, has a battery of healing charge that is used up when healing anything, despawns on running out of energy.
    (Each Pulse of healing will always heal at least 5 health, just to make it reasonable to top off lower amounts of damage)
    (More Rapidly heals low-health targets, as they are "high priority" but slows the healing the closer to maximum health a target is)
  If anyone takes health damage while stood in the field, then it gains more healing charge based on the amount of damage taken, at a rate of 50%
  Enemies within the field take 10% of their current health as slash damage with every healing "pulse" with a 20% status chance, this damage also drains the healing charge of the field.

 3-3: Volley Drone (white?)
  Deploys a void construct that follows behind your shoulder.
  Whenever you hit an enemy with an attack, the drone will lock onto it and fire a volley of energy bolts that detonate in the area surrounding the target. (Deals Impact damage, 30% status chance)
  It takes the drone ~0.5 seconds to lock on and fire, and it has a 2 second delay before it can fire again.
    (lock on time is to make it so the drone should only fire on enemies that aren't already dead)
  Has a limited number of volleys that it can fire, but for every time an enemy that has had a volley deal damage to it dies, the drone gains another volley.

("Recovered" abilities from the three frames that [Broken] is composed from)
(Ability Stats not modified by lower Stability)
(When each ability is used, only the relevant parts of the frame would glow/light up, as they are what is focusing the ability)
(only one of the three can be active at a time (possibility for an augment that allows multiple to be active at the same time?) anything previously cast would despawn on recast)


4: Void Overcharge (Toggled ability)
 Overcharges [Broken's] systems to release uncontrolled bursts of void energy.
 Generates detonations of random damage types around the frame (which have 100% status chance)
 Stability constantly decays while this ability is active.
 Damage and Range of the detonations scales up with lower Stability.
 If Stability reaches 0 while this ability is active then [Broken's] systems overload and unleash a rapid barrage of even stronger explosions, and [Broken] is briefly left immobile while they recover.

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Passive - Attract

Every time an enemy die near to you, you have a 25% change of gain one of his body members, this parts stays floating around you, for each part you gain +X of HP

Skill 1- Possesion

You can destroy an weak enemy to gain barrier exactely like his life + his barrier, gaining his bonus effects, like the nule fire dome, and gaining all his body members

Skill 2- Death zone 

You create a circular zone around of you, stealing life from the enemies that die in that area, this zone stay for 10s, and make you immune to take an instakill one time in 20s, for each enemy that dies around you,healing you 10% of his life

Skill 3- Eyes of the dead

You can target that skill in a creature that you can see, dashing on it, causing a lot of damage, if the enemy die you have 2 sec to dash in another enemy without casting the hability again, for enemy that dies in 1 cast of that skill high the damage of the skill in 25%

Skill 4 - Cursed Body

You creat an area that the parts of bodies that you have attracted with your passive, attack nearby enemies, the arms shoots with the weapon from the enemy that it was, the foot kick enemies casing you weapon damage and heads stay headbutting the enemies, during for 10s, before that all the body parts broke and you loose all the buffs from them, each anemy that dies for Cursed body has a 100% of drop a member part that desappear in the end of the skill, for each 20 parts that you gain with this skill you gain +5 s of this skill


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On 2020-04-17 at 2:20 PM, Atamanel said:

I have a graet idea for passiv! Warframe using random ability! 

bring back abilitys mods ( for a long time ago ) 

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Posted (edited)

This Frame being parts of many Frames has an adaptive passive that hints at it's origin, and abilities that echo both its broken status and the general powers that can be found in other Frames such as damage, heals, crowd control, and buffs. This Frame's unique feel comes from how these abilities manifest. Things such as having an element of randomness, or inflicting its own pain onto others, show the Frame's background. While other abilities and the passive display just how this Frame is strong enough to stand shoulder to mismatched shoulder with its allies.


AdaptiveProcess: Regenerate whatever the last pickup grabbed was. (Health, Energy, or Ammo type)

FlavorText: These cobbled together systems refuse to stop, going so far as to use supplies found in the field to maintain maximum effectiveness.


Ability 1

Reassembly: Self or Targeted aoe heal, tap for target hold for self. Augment: Aggressive Construction, enemies within the aoe take damage equal to healing done.

Flavor Text: After so much time spent slowly repairing itself in the Void <Name> has become quite proficient at both self repair and can extend this ability to effect to allies as well.

Ability 2

Energy Surge: Beam style attack of a random energy type 0 (can effect eidolons) cost to activate eliminates getting a bad energy type cost is per second only.

Flavor Text: Channeling a flood of void energy through its systems <Name> erupts with a beam of destructive energy, which part catches the surge the strongest imparts its own powers to the beam released.

Ability 3

Somatic Webbing: Large long lasting aoe stun/knockdown. Damages enemies invulnerable to status effects.

Flavor Text: Tendrils of Void infused Somatic fibers attach to enemies in an area flooding them with centuries of pain either rendering then incapable of acting or manifesting damage directly.

Ability 4

No Weak Frames: Buff all stats at long range. (Range is the same as Trinity's Blessing) Buff cost is all energy and 50% of max health. Thenbuff includes a 25% heal for <Name> so long as the Frame survives the casting

Flavor Text: Being made from the scraps and broken shards of its fallen siblings <Name> knows all too well that there are no Frames so Fragile as to fall easily. <Name> temporarily boosts allies and itself to their utmost capacity.



Edited by (XB1)Nahli
Added a theme description.

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