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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Passive: Doing sudden ”violent” movements(ex: melee, dodging, bullet jumping, hard landing) will cause the warframe to expand outward slightly, dealing damage to nearby enemies/terrain. If an ability is cast within 10s after, this will give it a slight strength increase(capping at 15%).

Doing several of the same actions will not keep reactivating this passive, but alternating actions will, reactivating the passive will stack the effect, and refresh the time.
(ex: dodging six times consecutively will only activate this passive once, but alternating dodging and melee for a total of six times will activate this passive six times)



The “Void cords” extend out(scales with ability range) and attack an enemy dealing W/X/Y/Z damage(scales with ability strength) and gives the enemy a debuff that temporarily strips 50% of armor and/or shields for X/Y/Z/15s (scales with duration). Additionally if casted on self(hold ability button) or allies, this will grant a buff that gives 25% extra max armor and shields for X/Y/Z/30s (scales with duration).


The void cords reach out, lock on to, and drag in 3/5/7/9 enemies, deals W/X/Y/Z damage and stuns them for X/Y/Z/10s (scales with duration).

Synergy with 4: Will replace current enemies in the orbit with some of the ones dragged in, the enemies that come out of the orbit are stunned for ability two’s duration.



The void cords wrap around the warframe and render it invisible as well as give it a speed boost (scales with strength) and a damage percent increase(scales with strength) for X/Y/Z/15s.(scales with duration).



The void cords reach out, and drag in 1/2/3/4 enemies and place them in orbit around you and under your “control” for X/Y/Z/30s (scales with duration). You cannot command where the enemies go, nor will they act under their own A.I., instead they will circle around you at a set distance and attack any enemies they can. Enemies will agro onto the orbit rather than you, however if you are damaged, 25% of the damage is redirected and distributed evenly to the enemies in the orbit.
Casting the ability again while active will refresh the enemy count if any have died, but this will not reset the duration. Holding the ability will cancel it.
If there are enemies still in orbit by the time the duration is up or if the ability is canceled, the enemies will be dropped and dealt damage as well as stunned for 3s.

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My Abilitys for Broken Warframe will mostly Revolve around his body and orokiny "stuff"

Passive: Leech Any enemys that are foolish enough to get close to broken frame have there Armor(enemys that have alloy or ferrite armor)and Shields(if Corpus) (only 1 type at a time) and Some health Leeched from them and given to broken warframe to boost health, armor, shields for a time. 


1st Ability: Broken warframe uses a part of his body to unleash a deadly targeted attack (number of enemys affected scales with range or Strength) each select able  piece  of Broken Warframe does a different ability  (ideas:elemental attacks with each piece doing a different element or emmisive color determines element and each piece doing different style of attack) 


2nd Ability: Exalted weapon Broken Warframe Shoots pieces of his self as a Shotgun of sorts (shooting either pieces of himself or he generates pieces of the ropes that hold him together and shoots them,the gun can come from his arm or he can just generate it using orokin power turning anything into a weapon even an enemy xD) it will probably be like a Drakgoon Shooting sharp bolts of Ropes or maybe energy.To Add Another Element to This  the bolts will come from a gauge which you increase by affecting enemys with abilitys the more gauge you have the more damage it will do After its depleted the gun will explode into a thousand pieces doing bleed dmg to enemys in range (maybe make an augment where it changes  Damage type xD)


3rd Ability:A: Void Pulse Broken warframe sends out a pulse of void energy that Forces Enemys to pulse out blue  waves that removes their built in resistences and armor and dmg resistences over time, the pulses then get absorbed by the team with every thing the enemy lost armor health and some dmg resistence (and shields if corpus)

3rd Ability: B:Sundering Smoke: Broken Warframe Breaks a Part of his body to Blast out smoke (color can change with energy color ) like tiny nanomachines that seeks enemys and goes into their body absorbing their armor and removing some damage resistences over time  (basicly ability A but Different delivery ) and then the smoke is absorbed by team mates gifting armor health or over shields if the enemys are corpus 

B ability sounds More unique and more like him :D


4th Ability: Halting Vines: using the Power of the void and the orokin Broken warframe  reaches into the ground and makes Ropes Erupt out of the ground and tie up every enemy in range This Removes half of their armor (or health) and team mates that go near one of the enemys affected get bonus armor (or a random buff) If 5-6 enemys are affected by Halting Vines broken warframe gets a random buff after casting(ideas: bonus armor,health,being able to cast leech on some enemys for a short time,energy using the enemys like Death orbs in orokin tilesets, ability strength, etc)

PS: if you Guys go with the whole emissive color for the 1st ability then emissive can probably affect other abilitys

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I could see a kit revolving around tearing pieces off of enemies to add to yourself for various stacking buffs, which you could then expend for some more immediate effects.


Passive: Base stats start out low, but stat mods offer bonus flat increases to ability stats and ability mods vice versa for base stats.

1: Extends arm forward to impale enemies, hold to tear pieces off to add to yourself at the cost of a longer cast time and/or additional energy. Depending on whether damage was dealt to health, shields, or armor, gain a stack of Salvaged Health, Salvaged Shields, or Salvaged Armor, which provide bonus Max Health, Max Shields, or Armor, respectively. Ability Strength increases damage dealt and possibly benefits of each stack, Ability Range increases... well, range; Ability Duration increases duration and/or maximum number of total Salvage stacks that can be held at a time.

2: Tap to cycle between Salvaged Health, Salvaged Armor, or Salvaged Shield; hold to consume one of that respective stack (if any) to trade their buff for an immediate benefit:
    Salvaged Health- Restores health at the cost of bonus max health
    Salvaged Shields- Restores energy at the cost of bonus max shield
    Salvaged Armor- Restores ammunition at the cost of bonus armor
Ability Strength increases returns for each buff, duration increases duration of buff. Range probably has no effect unless benefits are offered to nearby allies as well, either as a part of the base ability or an Augment.

3: Toggle to drain energy over time to restore energy of allies within radius, as well as increase ability range and casting speed and add bonus Void damage to all abilities. Ability Strength increases bonus Void damage and amount of energy restored to allies, Ability Range increases energy restore radius and ability range bonus, Ability Duration reduces energy consumption rate.

4: Consumes all stacks of Salvage to eject a mass of sword-flesh spikes and Void energy tendrils in a cone in front of him- either from his chest or from his arm Akira-style- impaling and dealing Finisher damage to all caught within, range and damage scaling with the number of stacks used regardless of type. When this mass withdraws, each enemy struck grants the Warframe a new stack of Salvage for each health type they possess, and enemies killed while impaled (either by the attack itself or the efforts of allies) also grant their respective benefits for consuming a stack of Salvage of the appropriate type. Ability Damage increases damage dealt, Ability Range increases width of cone, Ability Duration increases length of cone.

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I'm not sure about any of the abilities, but since this is a bunch of different warframes, what if you could choose which broken part you use to assemble the warframe, so you could choose from a bundle of abilities and stats?

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Idea based on containment and the side effects of not being properly built to contain void energy.

Passive- Heals a set amount after healing warframes and gains +15% to a random stat (power strength, duration, efficiency, range) for 60 seconds.


1. Hibernation- In order to recoup loss of void energy due to being an inadequate containment warframe, the warframe stops functioning in order to heal. Hold ability similar to Inaros' 4.

2. Void lance- The warframe fires a beam with infinite punch through straight forward in a cylindrical path, to increase power, hold. It costs health to increase strength.

3. Breach containment- The warframe gains an "Aura" in that energy tendrils seep from it and attack nearby enemies and randomly push them back or bring them closer. If active prior to activating Unleash Phantasm, it carries over but increases health loss during phantasm.

4. Unleash Phantasm- The void energy (phantasm) leaves the broken warframe on the floor and flies similarly to Titania's 4. During this time it gains the abilities to fire  energy waves that damage and knockback enemies, blink back into the warframe, and melee energy tendrils. However, because it has no protective vessel, health is slowly lost over time. If it dies, it teleports back to the warframe (similar to operator death) and continues but with the warframe having minimal health.

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Passive: Darwin's law

Killing enemies will drop "parts" that he can absorp to channel abilities and gain resistances based on which faction the parts belong to as well as how many he has.

(strenght of all abilities scales with amount of parts hold and or used)

1. Ability(ies) - Break/Reforge:

Break: After channeling, perform a crush via airvibrations with his hand, that shatters enemies in a cone-area before you, dealing damage based on units weakness + staggering them once. note: cone-angle shouldn't scale with range, distance should

Reforge: Hold 1 to perform a duration-based AOE around you, healing you and allies, as well as granting shielddamage-resistance, at the cost of around 10-20% of parts hold.

2. Ability(ies) - Scrap/Tune-up

Scrap: Target an enemy and rip a part of him. Enemie will take around 10-50% max health damage in slash and get stunned for a short duration. Usable against dead enemies for increased partgain. - note: maybe low energy cost?

Tune-up: Hold 2 to give  attackspeed, firerate and bonusdamage for the faction you have the most parts of to you and allies. Should cost around 10-20% of parts.

3. Ability - Wartotem:

Create a statue, made out of parts (consumes about 5-10%) that fears trespassing enemies for a moderate duration and slows them afterwards. note: maybe a max of 4-6 totems based on range and duration

Channel 3 while targeting a wartotem to dissemble and reassamble with its parts at the targeted totem.

4. Ability - Apex Predator:

constantly consumes parts

Gain Parkour-valocity, shieldgain on kill, Damage and shieldrecharge-rate based on amount.

Also gain additional bonuses based on what faction's parts he holds most of:

Grineer: gain damage resistance; Break strips armor; part-gain of Scrap increased

Corpus: abilites cant be deactivated (through nullifier for example); Break stuns robotics for around 5 seconds; Reforge grants shieldrecharge-rate in addition

Infested: energy can't be drained; break ignores healer and disruptor buffs; scrap restores energy

corrupted: break destroys nullifier bubbles on hit and ignores healer buffs; stronger bonuses for Apex Predator- and Tune-up-buffs

sentient: become immune to cc; shred sentient resistances on hit; tune-up ads a portion of flat void damage

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Passive: Arcane Shielding - Ability use charges a meter based rhino like shield. The shield blocks knockdown and a small percent of DR scaling with the meters strength, The shield only drains once knockdown but the shield would only give a very small amount of DR over all.

1st Ability: Primal Shock - The warframe channels raw energy into a limb. If aimed at the sky he will blast seeking bolts into the sky using an arm,knocking enemies to the floor. If aimed at the ground he will use a leg to blast the ground, sending a high reaching wave of energy that holds enemies in the sky and that buffs allies Tau resistance.

2nd Ability: Rupture - The warframe will charge a large explosive of energy in his palm. Once charged it will violently release causing a soul piercing blast that sends the warframe flying back into a self blast animation, the extreme blast will send crowds ahead of the warframe out of their bodies and making them vulnerable.The souls will claw they're way back into the body but if the warframe can mitigate the blast using their passive they will be able to freeze the souls out of their body using his 1.

3rd Ability: Rooted Donation - The warframe throws a spear to the location of the cursor, the spear erupts with long reaching roots those of which deal a small amount of damage, the damage is stored and can be received as energy to any ally that is near the spear. If the energy is not received it will deal a heavy amount of damage in the range of the roots.

4th Ability: Void Inherent - The warfame holds energy to his core and charges himself with his energy, the act ripping and pulling the frame out to its pieces. Once all his energy is drained he will send the stardust and energy from the void itself in a massive explosion around him, the stardust will spread throughout the level incinerating the bodies of enemies and forcing only their souls out to fight. Only sentient amalgam and knox plating can withstand, but at the cost of any destructible parts being broken and disabling sentient resistances forever.


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I think the idea of broken warframes parts assembled by void energy should evolve with abilities exploiting this energy with parts and particles. I would like to use often in abilities effects of making a parts and particles from enemies and decreasing their armor, so shorten it to P&A.

1. Shot void energy ball to one enemy which damage target, P&A. Hold to charge and ball will explode on touch effecting all enemies in area (adding blast damage).

2. Cell can use on enemy or ally:

 - Catch an enemy into cell made from particles. When time is up cell explodes with blast damage, P&A. Hold 2 to squeeze all cells with caught enemies (piercing damage), P&A. Crashed cells become particles.

- Cover an ally with cell made from particles which increase armor. Hold 2 don't affect on ally's cells!

3. Warframe partly dismounts and become a whirlwind-on-legs using self-particles and particles in area (channeling ability). Warframe can move in whirlwind form, but slower, attaching all particles in area. Enemy particles (like bullets, rockets, grenades) have a chance to attach to a wirlwind. Enemies in area have all types of IPS damage from particles, P&A. In the whirlwind form warframe have synergy with all other abilities even transition to energy ball form (whirlwind explode). When energy out or press 3 again Warframe return to it's normal form.

4. Self-explode dismounts warframe into particles damaging all enemies in big area (IPS and blast damage), P&A. Tenno is capable to move with flying energy ball (archwing style) left from warframe (channeling ability). Ball is fast, invincible and capable to going through enemies with void damage, P&A. In the ball form warframe have synergy with all other abilities even transition to whirlwind form (parts and particles move to the ball and spinning, partialy forming warframe). When energy out or press 4 again warframe will assemble again around a ball, damaging enemies again (inverted explosion, IPS and blast damage).


- Parts and particles in area around warframe will attach to increasing armor and later will use with abilities like self parts or parts and particles around.

- Particles fired to warframe have a chance (relays on power) to attach without damage.

- I hope it's possible to synergize with Mag abilities to make them good pair.


- I hope it's possible to synergize with [DE]Helen to make us good pair. 🥰

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Passive: Upon losing 50% of your max health (Scales inversely with ability efficiency, minimum of 25% max health), automatically create a clone of yourself that deals 150% damage (+0.5x ability strength) and has 50% of your max health (+1x ability strength, minimum of 25% max health). Can have up to 2 clones active at once. Each clone lasts for 15s (no scaling).

(Clones only use weapons equipped at the time of ability trigger)

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Hello there Tenno

For starters I feel its gonna be a actual sentient frame thats been created by broken up sentient parts and can reconfigure itself and use stuff from its environment to replace parts some what like eidolons, (one of the arms of a eidolon is a branch for terry and so on) i feel cause of the sentient aspect it may have one of two passives, 1. being able to pick up parts of fallen enemies and second has a lesser sentient like adaptation that weakens its damage taken and does not stack with the mod adaptation. For Abilities 1. I feel its first skill would either be a mini prism that battalysts do that scale with enemy level. 2. Skill two if it turns out his passive would be part pickup then i'd like for the frame to have a sentient like adaptation that soaks up damage and creats a buff that gives your weapons tau damage buff making it easier to kill sentients. 3. On to skill three i feel it would be a eidolon like stomp that  pushes enemies away and also damages enemies with the status their weak to. 4. I feel would make the broken frames parts come off him one by one and home in on targets dealing a 5m explosion each and each enemy killed drops a part for the broken frame to pick up and drops a orange orb that when picked up restores 5% hp and energy to the frame and allies, also gives a temporary boosts the entire squads health by 5% and stacks up to 5 times. And for the frames lore id feel it would be, A failed amalgam attempt has risen from the ashess to claim its revenge. Thank you for reading and sorry for the bad punctuation. 

Keep doing you Tenno

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I apologize for not following the format, but here is a couple of ideas i had.  Maybe some others had the same.  If he is "broken" frame why not have one of his abilities be blank.  Then have another ability allow him to clone an ability from a frame in the group.  This could provide additional help in many ways.  The penalties for borrowing could be inflicted on the loaner frame or on the frame in other ways or both.


Another idea i had not related to this could be something like a synergy or multiplication of abilities.  An example would be frames that are like Frost and Ember.  They both execute an ability at the same time and create a large blast.  Only works with this combo and with pairings in the 4 player group. Other combos could be based on like abilities, male \female, or other relationships based on abilities.  They could even be undocumented and discoverable by players.


Okay thanks for a great game  and for listening to players.


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Broken warframe

passive: on pick up any kind of option can happen: any pick up turned into something else - more ammo, more energy, more life, shield recharge etc

1st: a piece for everyone -  kicks of a part or his good leg on enemy, other player or ground - random debuff/damage (random elemental) or buff  - well. it is broken by design

2nd: not working - fires a white bit of his broken structure and passes his bad luck to enemies around him - they can join the party (fight for player), be blinded, run away, fire at other enemies not hit by the cast. It is adding a random damage to them or healing the player/all players in a range

3rd: internal error - different options to choose: mind reset = change all ongoing buffs/debuffs and keep them going or intensify them; armor reset = toss all pieces of his armor in front of him at enemy groups (status damage like slash, impact); energy reset = overheat is vented trough his arms/hands for a brief period (like a living flame thrower; elemental damage); helpless scream = all casts on enemies break and instead of ticking over time cause one spike of damage,

 4th: broken mecha warrior - picks up all stuff lying around the warframe (like loot crates, stones etc) building up a larger crappy version of a mechanoid with some parts missing and using a huge hammer or too large sword (mechanoid gives more armor, more damage) but with every use the mechanoid and weapon fall apart which causes an area effect damage but also losing damage

broken sword or hammer - only for 4th ability

I am not sure how much of the randomness is possible. To me broken by design includes things don't work out as you planned. Sounds funny thinking about it but I am not sure if it might work as a frame. I had Saryns abilities in mind for 1 and 3, Titanias casts for two and a living atlas golem for 4; 3 includes also vaubans "choose" options; 1 is meant similarly to 1st ablilities of frost, ember, volt but with buff option of by 3; Of course all needs to be balanced not to get it two crasy ^^.

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Passive- Entropy Armor
Random Buff or Debuff Aura  effect and color changes ever 1 minute
Buffs include speed, melee, fire rate etc., Debuffs Slows enemies, weakens random resistance.

Ability 1- Feedback Loop-Toggle
While active damage taken is adjusted for, and resistances are redistributed to optimize performance, deactivating will freeze the current resistances for a duration before resetting back to default. (Can't be toggled again till the default has reset.)
Ability 2- Butterfly Effect
Sacrifices a small amount of own health , to boost 1 random stat of you and your teammates for a duration. 
Ability 3- Chaotic Scattering
The User collect and concentrates a blast of  Void Partials, spraying in a small AOE around the user. does large damage but has a long cool down. 
Ability 4- Evolution
Build up a damage sustained gauge(can only activate when full), when gauge is full and skill is activated changes form based on Current Entropy Armor Buff/Debuff. Stuck in Evolution till the end of duration.

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Ability 1-life chains :You will share your hp with any allay within your ability range.

                 - this ability will drain energy only when your friend is hurt. 

Ability 2- executioner:You can execute an enemy.From the dead body will grow flowers that spread an cloud or fog that heal alllay and damage enemy based on the energy color. 

Ability 3 : Dummy- Use this ability to gather body parts from the enemy that you executed. Gather 7 body parts and combine them to crate a friendly that can hold one of your weppons.

             - this ability can be used only on executioner 

             - every part you have gathered is hunged on your warframe and shields you from damage for a certain number of hp based on ability strength. 

              - Life chains can be used on dummy 

Ability 4: Infiltrator- A tiny millipede will drop from your warframe in search for a host. You will control the millipede in to an enemy and take over his body. While the millipede pierced the enemy and took over his body, the host will constantly blleed until death. 

                - while outside your warframe you will consume really fast energy. 

                - inside the host you energy will replanish 

                 - while inside the host you can cast again the ability to teleport your warframe inside the host couseing him to explode in to bits. 

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I cant quite think of a full kit atm but i do have a good idea for a passive/mechanic for a support style of this frame.

Passive: Void Roots- Enemies hit by certain abilities/attacks are afflicted by Void Root's slowing and making them more susceptible to void damage. When you or a player kills an enemy with void roots they gain a stack of Void Buff giving them a 5% damage reduction (scales with PS) and 5% extra shield health (scale with PD). Lasts 20 seconds and can stack up to 10 stacks gaining stacks resets stack timer.

this doesnt help in all missions but in higher level wave missions this would really help with player survive-ability while being more balanced out with having to build stacks.

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Warframes are an odd and volatile blend of organic and technology, infested flesh held together by ancient Orokin technology and a generous dollop of void energy. The creation of a Warframe is an experimental process with little room for error. How strange, then, that the Tenno found a new champion in one such mistake that survived...

Passive: Systems Glitch- due to the frame's construction, it is unable to differentiate health from energy. Drops for one will refill the other (at a percentage), but all casts have a 50% chance to be cast from health instead of energy. If energy is depleted, all casts will use health instead. (I would also make the frame have a tiny energy pool- most of it's energy is bound in holding itself together after all!)

1) Root Process- The frame uses the void energy holding it together to lock enemies in place with twisting roots. These roots slowly eat away at enemy life and feed it back to the frame, but the frame is notably slowed while the roots are active.

2) Recursive Growth- Repeated actions accumulate buffs for the frame, either at random or according to the action performed. If three or more buffs are activated, the frame gains speed and armor from irritating it's infested flesh into activating cancerous growths.

3) Debug- Any rooted enemy, if below 50-25% health, is suddenly overcome by a wave of infestation traveling through the vines. They explode into maggots, which will seek out other enemies to deal damage. Casting again will call the maggots back to you, to be reassimilated for bonus health/armor.

4) Null and Void- Void energy explodes outward, unbound from a material form. Any enemy trapped in roots will receive increased damage, and active buffs transformed into secondary shock-waves. The frame now travels as pure energy, unable to interact with physical objects, but devouring all in its path, scaling off of weapon mods. Cast again to return to your physical form as it was when you left, creating an uncontrolled burst of maggots that can be recalled with 3, or devour X amount of enemies to recreate your physical form at full health.

lbr here half the reason for writing this is for word play power names

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Passive: Picking up parts grants bonus armor and is required to cast some abilities

1: Void Scrap- A damaging wave of void energy that makes enemies drop parts that can be picked up by the warframe. if the enemy is killed, more parts are dropped (Energy-Single Cast)

2: Barrier- manifests a shield of parts that absorbs oncoming damage and converts it into parts (Energy- Duration)

3: Duplicate- Create a doppelgänger of a chosen enemy or warframe at the cost of parts to fight for you. Hold ability button to clone your warframe and cancel ability (Parts-Single Cast) 

4: Amalgamation- The warframe surrounds itself with void energy and merges with the parts it has collected over time. Any enemies near it are absorbed becoming a hulking golem that smashes its foes. (Parts-Drain)

additional notes: Any Active doppelgängers get absorbed by 4th add to the strength of the ability.

The 2nd ability is granted additional duration when it absorbs damage.

The 1st ability gets a damage boost during 4th ability.


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First I would like to say when I saw this I thought zawframe I can't think of a passive or a first power 2nd ability Power surge he's send out a pulse that Fry's everything in the tile enemies weapons consoles things like that 3rd ability quick fix a toggle ability with a long animation so shouldnt do it in the middle of a fight where he sacrifices all his shields for health (inaros) half health for more shields and shield gateing and half of both for more energy 4th ability pupiter if there are ten body's or limbs around him he can mix them into an abomination with enemie scaling it's stats going of the enemies and the frame and it's weapons are from the enemies it's made from always has a range and melee attack if grineer gets machine gun and saw blade if corpos gets a laser and stun baton and if infested gets giant arm and toxic spit glob and as a concept instead of focusing on how broken he is focus on how he wants the world to be as broken as he is.

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<Broken Warframe> Stats:

  • Health: 100 (300 at rank 30)
  • Shield: 100 (300 at rank 30)
  • Armor: 150 (300 at rank 30)
  • Energy: 200 (300 at rank 30)
  • Sprint: 1.0

Passive - Void Battery a secondary resource that charges as <Broken Warframe> uses abilities when full <Broken Warframe> can use Amalgamation.


1.       Metamorphosis - <Broken Warframe> changes into the 3 different Warframes that was used to build <Broken Warframe> utilizing each of the unique abilities and gives passive and active buffs depending on which Warframe/mode is selected.

  • Warframe 1 / Tank mode:
    • Passive - increase health, shield, and armor
    • Active - Damage reduction for a certain duration nearby allies also get the buff
  • Warframe 2 / Stealth mode:
    • Passive- increase movement (movement speed, parkour velocity, etc.)
    • Active - <Broken Warframe> turns invisible for a certain duration nearby a         allies also get the buff
  • Warframe 3 / Damage mode:
    • Passive – increase weapon holster and projectile weapons gain explosive ammo
    • Active – adds an elemental dmg and increase reload speed and fire rate for primary and secondary while attack speed for melee for a certain duration, nearby allies also get the buff
  • Chimera ModeMetamorphosis becomes Roaring Chimera applies all buffs from all modes


  • Tank mode - <Broken Warframe> leaps forward dealing blast dmg on impact
  • Stealth mode - <Broken Warframe> projects an outward energy blast that procs radiation to nearby enemies
  • Damage mode - <Broken Warframe> stomps the ground causing an AOE heat blast that also procs heat
  • Chimera mode - combine all 3 abilities in to one


  • Tank mode – <Broken Warframe> throws an exalted spear that on impact deals blast dmg and pulls enemies to the exalted spear
  • Stealth mode – <Broken Warframe> throws multiple energy based attack which seeks out enemies debuffing (slow or armor strip or deal more dmg) them
  • Damage mode – <Broken Warframe> throws multiple energy orbs that explode and blinds the enemies
  • Chimera mode – combines all abilities into one

4.       Amalgamation – <Broken Warframe> switches to Chimera mode enabling <Broken Warframe> to use the combined abilities of the 3 different Warframes it is composed off


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Sweep- Eronheit extends his arms and sweeps the ground of enemies dropping their weapons and falling

Ground spike- Eronheit targets multiple enemies, extends his arm through the ground and uses it to plunge a spear through their chest

vanish- Eronheit disappears into the ground and reappears in a nearby area

Broken Wrath- Eronheit turns his arms into blades and cuts through the enemy (ability lasts as long as you have energy)

Passive- every ability kill grants a small speed boost for a small duration

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I'll be referring to the frame as Broken

Passive: Improvise 

Broken has built in ammo conversion in a conversion rate similar to the Primed Mutation mods


1st ability: Explosive Jam

Broken shots a pulse forward, which explodes the weapons of the enemies disarming and damaging them. Enemies disarmed by this ability give more drops than usual on death.


2nd ability: Recycle

Broken pulls drops towards themselves, creating a protective layer, gaining (iron skin/warding halo-esque) bonus armor and generating energy per second. The strength of armor bonus is determined by the amount of drops picked up on initial pull and by power strength. The amount of energy per second is based on amount of drops and ability efficiency. Ability can be recast to increase/restore the bubble.


3rd ability: Disconnect

Broken detaches their left arm grabs it with their right hand and performs a forward slide attack with the arm as their melee weapon. Damage increases based on recycle's armor bonus.

Think something along the lines of Excalibur's slash dash, but with a warframe arm instead of an exalted weapon.


4th ability: Void Scream

Broken is decapitated as their head suddenly appears on their hand. The head now acts as an exalted beam weapon and can also be thrown with alt fire, causing a massive explosion on impact.


How this kit fits the theme:

  • 2nd ability follows the idea of a Warframe put together in a jerry rigged manner. They use stuff found on the ground to put themselves together.
  • Passive and 1st ability exist to ensure enough drops to feed 2nd ability.
  • 3rd and 4th focus on them being poorly put together so they fall apart and disconnect mid battle. Broken improvises and uses these as a means to attack.
  • 3rd is an attempt of a homage to coptering. but that would depend on how far it could go. it would be better if its base dash distance is high.
  • 4th is based on the bugs that make frames lose their heads.


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so, i was thinking something along the lines of, combine abilities from warframes...

first- mad dash- kind of a mix of gauss' mach rush/ volt's speed/ nezha's firewallker/ whatever else im forgetting, but weakened, so as to not be op

second- void whip- extends from arm, connects to an enemy, flings them in the next direction you look, enemies hit take damage according to projectile speed

third-  rage- increases casting speed, weapon damage, and movement speed, while decreasing damage taken, takes small amount of health to begin

fourth- overload- blast, electricity, and a small amount of radiation emit in a shockwave (similar to volts discharge) as well as shoot out pieces of itself that cause physical damage, on top of having tendrils shoot out and grab enemies and pull them closer, in that order. Costs large amount of health, but gains an invulnerability counter for every enemy hit

passive- part compability- with every warframe inside affinity range, gain a 1.25x boost to aura and ability strength for each warframe 

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I don't know about abilities but I do know how it should obtained. It should be a drop from any boss but rare. It would make sense because it's a broken warframe and the bosses would have taken down a lot of tenno. It should also be more common with the stalker and other assassin type enemys

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