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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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1st ability “stutter”: shots fired from enemies will go back and forth in the air, stuttering in a somewhat frozen state. This could be a toggle or a cast with a timer. Once ended, the bullets will fire backwards in the direction they were previously fired from

2nd “scatter”: the Warframe detaches it’s limbs from its body, but keeps them anchored through void energy, spreading his body apart allows shots and attacks from enemies to go through the empty parts in his build. Toggle ability. 

3rd ability “swap”: activated a random 3rd ability from any random Warframe and casts it with 50% damage but extra effectivity. If the ability is held, the icon will continuously cycle through multiple abilities, timing it correctly, could give the caster the ability they wanted 


4th ability “assimilate”: turns into an entirely different Warframe for a minute with boosted attack and defense. If you die while in this state, then you will return to normal with 50% of that Warframe’s health and shield. 

passive “crumble”: when killed, the Warframe does not bleed out, but instead, bursts with energy and scatters body parts in a wide area. In this state, the player can be put back together by moving around as a head and collecting their parts. Fellow Tenno or pets can retrieve your parts for you as well. If they fail to retrieve their parts in 30 seconds, they will die. Killing enemies with shots of void energy can extend your time by 5 seconds. After all parts are retrieved, they assemble themselves back with 50% of their own health. 

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These abilities all revolve around the idea that the Brokenframe is a collection of parts

Passive)  Scavenger - All resource and ammo pickups provide 5 health and 3 energy

1) Part Cannon - Launches a stream of parts at the enemy that does high Impact damage for as long as the button is held down. This causes Brokenframe to slowly disassemble itself, and if held for 5 seconds, Brokenframe will have completely disassembled and disappeared from original location, and a pile of parts will on the ground where the ability was aimed, which reassemble themselves back into Brokenframe at that new location.

2) Scout A Head - Brokenframe's head detaches from its body, and the head uses jet thrusters to fly around swiftly like Titania, while the body continues to fight like Umbra in operator form.

3) Arm Turrets - Tapping ability button cycles between Primary, Secondary, and Melee, holding ability button removes one of Brokenframe's arms and deploys it as a turret equipped with the selected weapon. (that weapon is unusable by Brokenframe until turret is recovered, of course). Only 2 turrets may be active at once, and if both are active, Brokenframe may not attack with any weapons, only abilities.

4) Voidsplosion - The void energies within the Brokenframe are released, activating a random *radial* ability of another warframe. (e.g. Rhino's stomp, or Ember's flames, but never a non-radial 4 ability like Ivara's bow.)

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Sentiant Trasfiguration.

1.Sentiant Damage Boost

2. Transforms into 3 or 2 Sentiant Creature's or Camouflages its Tenno form to not be detected by Sentiants for 30 minutes at a time with 20 percent energy use

3. Sentiant hacking efficientcy. Hacking is almost 100% efficient when faced with Orokin hacking conscoles.

4. Teleportation Speed to long locations within a second or void jump ability.

That's all I got lol ^w^

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I want to mention first that I will refer to this broken Warframe as "Warframe" as opposed to their "teammates"

Passive : Null and Void : Once per mission, can come back to life with half health and no armor

1) The art of Old War : throw a part from one of his body components towards an enemy with various effects available through cycling =

-Coiling Corruption (the targetted enemy now fights on your side, your thrown part can be recovered by holding the ability button or will return naturally when the "corrupted" dies)

-Shock (targetted enemy will receive Electricity damage over time, thrown part can be recovered naturally at enemy death or hold button to trigger an AoE Electricty attack inflicting bonus damage on the original target + enemies nearby. Damage and range increase for each ability level)

-Poison Void (a cloud of gas inflicting Poison damage appears with targetted enemy at the center and suffering the most damage from this AoE attack. Damage and range increase for each ability level. Warframe and teammates are not affected by the cloud.)

-Heavy Emptiness (on impact, the projectile will detonate causing all nearbies enemies to be stunned or knocked down depending on strength. If an enemy is directly hit, he will also suffer Blast damage. Strength of blast, duration of status effects and Blast damage increase with each ability level.

2) Thieving Tether : latch onto an enemy to drain his health. Using another ability or getting too far from target will break the tether. Health stolen increase with each ability level. Health only given to Warframe

3) Obsolete ? Delete ! (reference to Broken Matt Hardy) : trigger to turn all debuffs on Warframe and teammates into health (all debuffs across the team are registered but benefits are shared equally : for example, one player with only 1 debuff can benefit from 3 debuffs that a teammate had). If health is already maxed, the remaining points are turned into temporary armor (until armor is replenished or disappears if the Warframe cannot have armor). Health and armor received increase for each ability level

4) Void Run : Channel the power of the Void by creating a portal from one point to another. Energy drained depending on how long Warframe takes to create the exit but no damage is taken. A little amount of energy is regained by Warframe for each teammate using the portal, teammates receive 10% less damage for a short period of time after stepping out of portal.

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Ability 1: Hand Grenade- Literally throw your hand charged with explosive energy. You can only perform one handed actions until you go pick up your hand from the floor. If you throw both you are temporarily unarmed. (All puns intended)

Ability 2: Disassemble- Break into pieces in a powerful explosion and force transference. Enemies could be blinded and affected by random damage types. Performing transference again will reassemble parts, including any hands you threw before casting this.  

Ability 3: Transference beacon- Void tree tendrils lock into the ground, and your frame becomes immobile. The raw power coming from the frame gives operators increased amp ammo, recharge, range, crit chance, crit damage, energy, or some combination of balanced but strong buffs. The range should be pretty large.

Ability 4: Void Leakage- The incomplete void energy containment systems of the Warframe are temporarily dampened. This ability creates an aura of void and maybe radiation damage that ramps up exponentially in damage and energy drain. Maybe a few seconds of persisting in areas you are in as well. 

Passive: Damage caused by abilities is volatile, and rolls random elements. This would include void damage as well, but this is mainly for procs. 

The idea for Warframes is to contain, control, and amplify the power of the Tenno. A broken Warframe would sort of do some or most of those things, but in flawed ways that are still powerful. I think this is a good chance for a frame that is a support for your operator rather than the usual reversed role. 3rd ability could be useful for sentients and eidolons. I think elements of randomness as well as explosive and dealing with parts fit the theme and can be fun/useful. 

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Changed the wording in the passive to reflect that abilities should do meaningful damage. Previous wording was that this was only for status procs, not actual damage.
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Passive: Void dmg heals frame. (Can even hop out into operator mode and heal your frame)

1. Gather: steals parts from falling enemies for armor buff or extra layer of protection like iron skin. Based of range 

2. Overload: void energy explodes send a shockwave outward that stuns enemies. Based of range and duration

3. Spin to win: torso becomes detached and spins around with void strands(tentacles) out dealing dmg in 360 aoe. Based of range n strength

4.Big Bang: All enemies in range are pulled towards Warframe while holding ability, on release massive explosion. Based of range and strength

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Passive: (randomly) gains an ability (for each slot) from each squad member*

1) use gained 1) ability

2) use gained 2) ability

3) use gained 3) ability

4) re-randomly select the gained abilities

*If not squad members, maybe random from a pool of abilities related to the enemies of the level:

(fighting Grineer = gain Commander teleport, eximus powers, etc.)

(fighting sents, gain adaptability, spin attack, etc.)

(fighting infested, gain ancient heal, toxin, etc.)

Or from a pool of all warframe abilities.

Or maybe random abilities from warframes, enemies, etc.

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Passive: Prevents lethal damage at the cost of an ability (at random) until back to full health (or 50% if full is too punishing)

Ability 1 (Shredding Shard): Warframe fires shards of armor out of their wrist doing void damage to enemies. (Costs 25 energy & Armor)

Ability 2 (Assimilate): Warframe latches onto a target and adds 40% shield and armor values to his own for 30 seconds and deals considerable damage to the target. (Costs 50 energy, is close range, only targets one enemy at a time, can't recast until time is out.)

Ability 3 (Disrupt): Warframe emits a wave of void energy that disrupts Enemy Robots and Jams Enemy Weapons for a short time. (Costs 75 energy and 25% health, is cast similar to Zephyr's air burst.)

Ability 4 (Broken Core): Warframe overloads in void energy, expelling it in violent bursts, doing damage and procking Void damage to all enemies in a 20m radius. No one can forget those screams. (Costs 25 energy on initial cast, but drains 2 energy a second, warframe is stationary for this ability.)   

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1. System overload; Opens all near by lockers, and auto-hacks all terminals within ability range.

2. Ruination; Uses energy to form an energy field that strip armor/shields from near by enemies, stacking charges that provide armor and shield boosts to self and allies.

3. Repurpose; Use remaining stored Ruination charges to heal life of self and allies.

4. Automaton contamination; Uses remaining stored Ruination charges to hack all robotic units in ability range turning the units into allies.

Passive; Emits a low frequency repeating pulse that interferes with robotic targeting systems, and energy based weapons causing them to lose a percentage of accuracy and damage.

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Passive: Rearrange: When the Warframe goes into a bleedout state, Parts of the frame will scatter nearby; The frame can slowly crawl towards each piece to collect them and revive themselves.
I see this as a very fitting passive for a frame composed or broken parts and would make him possibly a very unique warframe similarly to Inaros and his tomb passive. It would also make mods deemed useless by some like Undying Will into a more viable mod when it comes to them at least.

1st Ability: Limb Throw: The frame will toss one of it's body parts (Most likely an arm) at an opponent and immobilize them in place, Opening them up to finishers. Once the finisher ends, Or the limb misses, The frame can pick it back up by running into it, Giving it a boost depending on the picked limb (More reload/casting speed if arm, More running speed or jump height with leg). Missing arms or legs will make the frame slower on it's respective area, Like melee swings speed on missing arm or slower running speed on missing leg
On a different take of the ability, The frame can throw it's arm carrying a melee, Causing damage equal to the melee weapon plus a small multiplier and a higher chance of slash procs, Helping it's 2nd ability.

2nd Ability: Assimilation: The frame absorbs all nearby bodies into itself, Giving itself a defensive boost/Immunity towards a certain number of hits depending on how many bodies were absorbed. If casted on enemies currently alive, It'll only pull them close while dealing damage.
This is the frame's main survival tool and also a manner of CC on higher levels, Similar to Mag's pull.

3rd Ability: Arm for a Leg: The frame throws it's arm at an ally, Attaching itself onto them. This acts as something akin to a mobile shield on the ally. It will attack any enemies closing onto them by hitting them or just pushing them away, It also works similar to Zephyr's Turbulence, Redirecting some bullets away from the ally.
Just the usual ability made to contribute to a team. This however makes melee swing speed a bit slower on the main frame.

4th Ability: 1000 Limbs: A duration self-boost. This summons multiple limbs around the frame, Letting it utilize it's 1st and 3rd limbs with no negative drawbacks at all.
Think of it as similar to Gauss's Redline. It's an ability that most players will want to keep up to maximize the frame's potential

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Passive Broken - slash breaks the void energy causing an aoe blast of void energy, hits on critical joints such as the elbow or knee will hinder weaponry and movement.

ability 1 reassemble - the Warframe starts healing and repairing itself, all parts broken off have waypoints.

ability 2 parasite - the Warframe/void energy ditches it’s frame and launches itself to the enemy in its crosshair and takes control of the enemy. The void energy has little armor and must manually return to its vessel after the enemy has died. (the enemy is corrupted and fights with you, if the ability is canceled)

ability 3 sacrifice - the warframe throws itself around an enemy and entangles it at a cost of health until the enemy is killed. Nearby enemies are frightened and hide behind cover (not peaking out to shoot).

ability 4 infest - the warframe is able to ditch its vessel and infest any mangled enemy... and not be detected in line of sight by enemies as long as they don’t get close enough to notice the cuts and blood.

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Passive: The warframe adapts to status effects inflicted upon it. All inflicted status effects last for half the time and deal less damage to the warframe. Increased tau resistance.

First Ability: [Void Tranquility]- send out a blast of void energy. Every enemy within the radius will have their shields removed and will buff the warframe's shields. The warframe's shields will be reapplied if it has none.

Second Ability: [Void Beam]- fire off some excess void energy in the form of a charged beam. Holding will initiate the charge. The longer it is held the more powerful. Leaves a random status effect at full power.

Third Ability: [Reformation]- Enhances your overall defense as your parts grow closer together. Incoming damage is reflected for a short period of time.

Ultimate Ability: [Memory Recall]- Your squad's warframes brings back old memories in your frame. Have the ability to copy your squad's ultimate abilities and enhance their power with void energy.

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Ideas for  Broken Frame

Passive- Health & Energy Orbs absorbed by frame shared by Companions & Squad at a prcentage

1) Feel my Pain! -targeted attack: enimies instantaniously stunned for 3 seconds and then suffer reduction in ability to aim , and damage by mele and aimed weapons reduced  for 7 seconds 

2) Compound Fracture! -  Area of affect: enemies in affected area greatly reduced speed, agilitiy, strength, targeting, mele

3) That'll Do Ya!'- Self and Squad Armour, Shield, Health and Energy Maxed out and stay so for 5 seconds BUT  after time limit reduced to pre-cast levels and can not br recast using boosted enegy 

4) Melt Down- area of affect: aflicted enemies  instanataniously  dissolve  in to  slurry for 10 seconds causing any enemies which manouver across or over to become mired and recieve  toxin damage (by aflicted organics) or Magnetic damage (aflicted robotics) 

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Collapsing: Warframe will fall apart when it takes damage to its health, scattering pieces of itself on the floor. Picking these pieces up again will heal a small amount. 

1st Ability: Death grip - Tendrils emerge from the warframe's body and latch onto an enemy, dragging the enemy towards itself and holding it there. 2 enemies held with 100% power strength, amount scales with power strength. While enemies are held, the warframe has some power drain Pressing one again will quickly squeeze enemies and let them go, where they either die or fall to the ground (basically acting like a blast proc). Holding down the 1 button for a second or two will drain additional power and throw the enemy a great distance. The throw speed will also scale off of power strength

2nd Ability: Slither - Warframe dismantles itself into a string of it's own parts and flings forward, re-assembling at a certain distance. Pressing the button mid-air will allow the user to stop the full process. Distance traveled scales with ability range, enemies take a slash proc when in contact. The warframe is invulnerable in this state, but cannot change directions drastically while slithering (Max 15 degree adjustment)

3rd Ability: Stretch - Warframe Tendrils will stretch out from the warframe's hand, grabbing everything in a radius and pulling it towards the hand. Player can press the button again to drop the things collected down, but after the timer to grab is expired, the arm will retract, dropping the enemies and items down in front of the warframe. While using the move, the FOV will follow the end of the hand, and the player can control where it goes. (Distance allowed to travel will be affected by ability duration, as the hand is at a fixed speed but not a fixed length.)

4th Ability: Divide - Warframe separates into 3 different, creatures.  one blue, one red, and one white (based on the main body colors). They are the same size, but the body parts that went to the two other clones are replaced by the while tendril-like material. The player can control any one of these creatures at a time and swap by pressing 4 again, with a 30 second cooldown between swaps. Holding the 4 button down will return the warframe back to normal. When a player isn't controlling one of the separated parts, it will function similarly to a specter. I'll call these creatures "Red", "Blue" and "white" based on their color. Each separated body gets a certain buff

Red: When occupying, player will receive a damage boost. Allies in range of the red section when the user swaps to it will receive the same damage buff for 30 seconds

Blue: When occupying, player will receive energy over time. Allies in range of the red section when the user swaps to it will receive energy over time for 30 seconds

White: When occupying, the armor and shields of a player will increase. Allies in range of the red section when the user swaps to it will receive the same health and armor butt for 30 seconds
All ally buffs are affected by ability duration

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Passive: On kill have a chance to drop a body part to heal a portion of the warframe’s health, when the warframe collects parts from the enemys it changes the appears similar the appearance of faction parts most collected. In addition to this health damage taken will affect the appearance of the frame more damage will have the frame’s parts fall off.

Ability 1: Dismemberment – this ability the frame will disassemble its self and you choose to control a part of the body to move around(hand,foot,head,ect) when activated again you will reassemble. Enemies have a hard time hitting you while in this form.

Ability 2: Lonely world – You want a friend like you, activate on an enemy to resemble them into a ally. The ally will only die if it is kill by an enemy.

Ability 3: Tinker – when activated it will increase the damage of whichever weapon is equipped, this will also change the appear of the weapon slightly. This is duration based

Ability 4: Soul Generator – steal portions of the enemy’s soul to regen your health, this is an area of effect ability that drains energy over time.

Note the abilities 1-3 use health to activate

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1st ability- Tendralic Spears- Frame suddenly spews void tentacles that grab at projectiles and weapons disarming enemies while damaging and even killing incompatible foes. While overcharged tendrils will take enemies melting them in composite parts all parts acquired increase the power of the frame.

2nd ability-Composite Weapon-Using the weapons and parts it gathers creates a powerful makeshift weapon varying from a small arm cannon to a powerful makeshift armblade. If partless energy erratically spews out in front of it as hot plasma.  While Overcharged weapons oozes hot plasma while also gaining power

3rd ability-Hungering Golem- Hungering for the ability to become whole it tranforms the parts its acquired into pure energy that in turn overcharges it's abilities

4th ability- Amalgamation: Frame becomes one with enemies or objects consumed turning into a creation of its own making until its body falls apart. While overcharged parts will suddenly mesh into a tougher shell making them harder to detach

Passive- Unstable energy while in possession of parts energy oozes out turning into toxic plasma that damages enemies that touch it. While partless energy goes up slowly. 

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1- Scrap Skin 

The ability is a toggle that at first activavtion gives a set 60% armor but the true power is when he gets hit by different types of damage type as when the armor is finally stripped off the type of attack that did the damage will give him a type of buff Toxin gives him crit chance, fire gives him a speed boost, ice gives health regen and electric gives energy.

2- Junk yard 

He summons a portion of his Junk yard, while inside all enemies he kills get turned I to scrap that he then can acquire to put on more armor. Also all allies inside get a 25% boost to their health and armor 

3- A friend! 

Lonely from being alone for so long in junk yard, he uses the scrap to build himself a friend that orbit around himself, while around him they healed his soul five him a 20% health regeneration. When he meets an enemy they protect him by hurling themselves at the target and deal damage.

4- Noble Soul 

The Warframe remembers memories of his past glory, determined he pushes himself past the breaking point giving him a enormous attack boost to all sources of 100%, a 75% speed boost and 50% critical chance boost. However instead of costing energy to maintain when he uses all of his energy it will start using his health instead.

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Passive:    Jumbled stats can be boosted by pickups.

Ability 1:    Jumble - Shields, Health and Armor are randomly switched.

Ability 2:    Fair Trade - An attack that rips off the limb of an enemy allowing you to replace it as your own. Should Health be low, it increases. 

Ability 3:    Anomic Surge - Right arm pulses with energy making held weapon be buffed. Selection wheel allows you to choose buffed stat.

Ability 4:    Hollow Wish - Frame goes into a fit of rage that is uncontrolable by operator. Frame will continuously tear apart it's enemies until operator regains control. 

My idea of the frame is that it's subconsciousness is still angered by the old war and no longer being a whole one frame


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Passive: Disassembly

Crouching disassembles the warframe, making it less likely for enemies to detect the player. Bullet jumps have increase speed and strip armour when passing through enemies.

1: Scrap toss

Throw ricocheting (number of bounces determined by ability duration) debris at enemies that inflicts slash damage. Decreases armour by 5% for each use, lasting 3 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

2: Detonation

The warframe explodes violently, sending pieces in all directions in a similar fashion to scrap toss. Initial blast deals high radial damage, whilst debris causes lower impact damage.

3: Sacrifice

User sacrifices all shield to regenerate allies shield within range with an amount equal to shield sacrificed , and bolster their armour for 10s (increased with ability duration). 

4: Transference overload

User exposes the core of the warframe, creating a zone of [x]m void-damage atmosphere. Can be focused into a beam (not dissimilar from iron-man's chest beam) to cause lethal void damage to all that pass it. User's shield, health and armour are drastically decreased while casting, however. Cannot recast for two minutes after effects finish, to allow warframe to recover.

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Passive: Eat,Pray,Love
Killing enemies adds their corpses and limbs to a counter (10/100/1000)
10 increases max health and armor and maybe weapon/warframe dmg/strength by 1%
500 kills gives an extra life similar to nidus or wukong
1000 kills nukes the map, or heals and maxes energy + 10 sec inv for everyone

Broken Warframe can see special enemies through walls.
0 kills= 0% opacity, 100 kills=100% opacity

1 Waste
shoots an arm to an enemy causing an explosion opening them up to finishers or mercy kills (holding 1 shoots yourself directly to the targeted area increasing the explosion range (eximus unity hit are getting overtaken Instantly, which results in an instakill))

2 Heartbeat
sends out a pulse, jaming eximus auras while making eximus units visible through walls for everyone.
killing them, adds their aura to the killer for a few sec

3 Breathing
Broken Warframe uses his tendrills to enhance his current weapon.
Bullets(hitscan or not) start to glow, get sentient and seek for enemies (prefered visible eximus unity).
killed enemies (up to 7) turn into zombies, connect Broken Warframe to them. 
those zombie enemies are easy to die and are mainly used as a buffer before death for Broken Warframe

4 Dying
Broken Warframe dies, leaves his body(think of wukongs cloud walker), he chooses an enemy to overtake and (slowly? if possible) transform him into Broken Warframe.
Enemies ignor him for a while like he would be invisible. When he is "reborn" his health and energy are restored and kill-o-meter is increased by 20% of the current kills

Holding 4 on 1000+ kills lets you choose another Loadout with the current passive boost active until the end of the mission

I was thinking of a syntetic demon mass comming to life, going after his creator, surpassing death
oh and he is broken because his abilities are unaffected by nullies or arbi drones lol x)

i hope my broken english set the right tone, have a nice day

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Only 1 ability idea, they break apart there body parts go on an enemy and they take control of it. The visuals could be that all their parts go to enemy and land on the body and those tendrils connect to the different parts. And a passive could be that upon taking damage little parts of him could fall off and and connect to teams mates or him and give armor.

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[passive] increases void damage by 13% when damaged (does not stack)

1st ability: {energize} he switches between 2 buffs
                 1st: he gives up 20% of his attack speed to increase allies damage by 20%
                 2nd: he gives up 50% of his ability efficiency to increase allies ability strength by 50%

2nd ability: {void weave} he creates a wave of void energy hitting enemies within 10 meters right in front of him dealing 380 puncture and 520 slash damage

3rd ability: {void plant} he creates a plant made out of void energy trapping enemies and slowing their speed by 30% while giving him and his allies 1% increased ability power strength per enemies affected and killed by any source (except for other faction kills) this capps at 30% based of power strength

4th ability: {the seven} he releases his void energy within causing him to fall apart, the energy he released get a chance to deal 7 strikes of void damage after 7 seconds everything will be released at 1 point after the ability ends he will lose 50% of his health (ability can not be spammed) this ability gives allies 20% extra ability range and efficiency for 10 seconds when hitting allies, you cant hit enemies and buff allies at the same time also the buffs does not stack

I hope something of this concept is usefull for the upcoming frame, i tried to create differend synergies and possibilities as a crowd control support frame bringing honor to his falling allies he is made of.

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Passive: Living weapon: Warframe embeds helminth nano-machines in any projectile/shrapnel weapons or melee weapons equipped, when dealing damage to enemies with any of these weapons, the nano-machines will transfer into the target, reducing their damage resistances.

Ability 1: Attack from within: Nano-machines attack any enemy they are embedded in, dealing small damage and distracting the enemy, causing them to have trouble aiming and making them less focused on attacking.

Ability 2: Improvise: The Warframe expands its mechanical parts to damage enemies, if crouched, the attack will be with an arm turning into a blade and slicing in the direction you are aiming. If standing the Warframe will spin and expand its mechanical parts to whip enemies around it. If airborne, the Warframe will expand and launch spinning in the direction you are aiming to damage enemies along its path and relocate. This ability infects damaged enemies with nano-machines.

Ability 3: Reforge: The Warframe repurposes material from nano-machine infested enemies in range and nearby corpses to heal itself and remove debuffs. The effectiveness is determined by the available material.

Ability 4: Shred: Rips all nano-machines from targets dealing damage and returns them to the Warframe, damaging all targets along the path and covering the Warframe in temporary armor determined by the amount of damage dealt.

Edited by (PS4)Bugman657
Forgot to include one detail of an ability. Ability still works the same as originally intended.
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Since the Warframe looks like its made out of 3 different "Things"

This is "CHIMERA"  the hybrid,the abandoned, the survivor. 

All though looking broken or unfit, do not let looks fool you Tenno, Chimera has over centuries of combat expertise in situational adaptation.


Passive Ability: "Survival instinct"

when downed the Chimera does not fall, but he can still walk all though slowly dragging one lag behind and only shoots with secondary with half dmg. 

Chimera can Use His reservoirs to heal him self.


Ability 1: "Active Component" 

Tap to cycle trough 3 different Component Sets:

-Void: Grants 40% Movement speed and a 15% chance to be undetected.

-Infestation: Grants 30% Armor and Health.

-Sentient: Grants 25% Weapon DMG and 10% Ammo Mutation


Ability 2:

-Void Speed: CHIMERA Void Dashes forward up to 15 m, Rag dolling all weaker enemies in his path.

-Infested Swarm: CHIMERA launches a swarm of tentacles from his Left arm,grappling up to 3 targets in front of him. The targets are pulled towards you and part of the 300 Viral DMG dealt is given to CHIMERA as health.

-Sentient Charges: CHIMERA launches 3 energy homing missiles to his target in front. Each missile does 150 adaptive dmg depending on enemies weakens.


Ability 3:

-Void Ethereal Form: CHIMERA enters VOID MODE, making him immune to all kinds of DMG and detection systems. It consumes 10 energy per second. In void mode the CHIMERA cant attack but can use his VOID abilities.

-Infested spores: CHIMERA Emits Spores in his radius of 5m, the spores paralyses the enemies and deals a small amount of Toxic/gas DMG to enemies for 15 sec.

-Sentient Rebound Field: CHIMERA activates Rebound Shields that have 70% chance to Deflects enemies fire. Enemies fire has a 30% chance to hit them back.


Ability 4:

-Void Radiance: Tap to unleash the VOID radiation that confuses and terrorizes your enemies with vivid mental images.  80% chance of confusing enemies making them fight each other for 15 sec and 20% chance to make enemies drop on their knees acting like lunatics.

-Infestation Gestation: CHIMERA Spits forward small Larvae that attach to enemies transforming them into Reservoirs for you and your team mates to replenish health and Energy. (Health from organic, Energy from robotics) (when downed Chimera can move close to health reservoirs to heal him self)

-Sentient ShockWave: Tap to unleash a radial shock wave eruption from the ground that deals heavy adaptive DMG. ShockWaves knocks smaller enemies upwards. Heavy enemies get stunned.


Health: 130

Armor:  130

Shield: 130

Energy: 130

Sprint: 1,0


Even when abandoned on his own. CHIMERA survives, adapts and thrives. Can you Tenno?

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