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Open Call for Warframe Ability Ideas!

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Really cool to see those white roots, or "Orokin power cables" as i've been calling them, be put to use in the design!
I like the idea of Broken being a support-focused frame, able to separate and modify different aspects of any warframe, and so my suggestions below will follow that theme;

Passive idea: Broken uses the design of its' allied warframes to identify and optimize weaknesses among them.
Broken and all allied warframes (in the mission or within affinity range) has their base health, shields, armor, max energy and sprint speed changed to whichever is the highest among warframes in the squad.
An example to clarify: if there is a Rhino and a Loki in the squad, then both frames (disregarding Broken's stats for the sake of this example) will have their base stats become 100 health, 150 shields, 225 armor, 150 maximum energy and 1.25 sprint speed, all calculated before applying level scaling, mods and other stat increases. (Maybe add a cap to not make it too broken with frames like Hildryn and Inaros)

Ability idea 1: Costs 25 energy and casts a random warframe ability from among any warframe in the game / any warframe in the current mission / a limited but large pool of abilities. Maybe this ability could be cycled between different categories such as 'damaging', 'buffing' and 'mobility' (or maybe even categorized after the focus schools/mod polarities?), allowing for some degree of control when using it.

Ability idea 2: Broken takes a moment to review recent damage taken and reworking its' defenses to better face the current threat.
Upon activation, Broken gains damage reduction to each type of damage it has been dealt in the last 5-10 seconds or so, with the degree of resistance being based on the proportional damage from each different element.
For example: If the damage broken had taken in the window before activating the ability consisted of 20% impact, 50% puncture and 30% slash, then broken would gain that same percentage of damage resistance to those elements. Though, i would suggest maybe a damage reduction multiplier that starts higher and/or scales with power strength. So if we take the same example with a 1.5x multiplier, Broken would gain 30% damage reduction from impact, 75% from puncture and 45% from slash. All up to a cap, of course.

Ability idea 3: Broken infuses the air around it with void energy, facilitating the channeling of void energy from all sources.
Warframes within the area gain slightly increased duration, efficiency, range and strength when using their abilities, as well as having those abilities reset sentient resistances on when damaging them. Operators deal moderately increased damage within the area as well, as they channel void energy directly with their amps or abilities.

Ability idea 4: Broken temporarily breaks itself apart into spectral reconstructions of its' three original frames, each wielding one of Broken's currently equipped weapons.
Creates three specters with greatly increased damage and speed but a short lifespan that aggressively seek out enemies, each appearing as its' respective parts that previously made up Broken, with the rest of the body being completed into a rough humanoid shape by void energy and some white roots. During the time that the ability is active, the player controls the remnants of Broken itself: a mass comprised entirely of white roots and void energy. Possibly humanoid and with normal controls, or with an unrecognizable shape and floating with controls similar to Hildryn's Aegis Storm. Broken can cast abilities and pick up items during this, but cannot attack or interact with things like lockers and consoles.
After a short duration of (hopefully) mayhem, the specters break down and their parts return to Broken to reform it again. Can be recast early to cancel the ability.

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Changed formatting very slightly.

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Passive: increased hacking speed. It’s simple, it makes sense because of the cables coming out of this dude’s body. I think it would work.

1. Short Circuit: discharges void energy and releases a small pulse of electricity, damaging enemies in a small radius.


2. Siphon: he throws out a cable which hits an enemy, connecting the two and draining health as long as the target is within range. When the target or Warframe leaves range the cable retracts.


3. Entropic Boon: because of the random parts on his body he is able to give his allies an elemental damage buff. But it is random. This could be very versatile and fun.


4. Deconstruction: the Warframe falls a part, leaving the void core and cables in. E middle as a mass of void energy. Any enemy trapped in the radius of this attack will be hit by bits and pieces of the Warframe’s body dealing heavy physical damage during the duration of this ability.

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Enemies that die close to him have a small chance to be scavanged. (5-15% in a 20 meter radius)
He can scavenge some of the dead bodies to find 75% health and 25% energy orbs.

-1st ability: UPGRADE
He reaches forward and void energy branches grab onto 1/2/3/4 enemies staggering and pulling them closer, stealing 50 health and a part of their attributes for himself for 10 seconds (50 shield for corpus, 50 health for infested, 50 armour for grineer).
Costs 25 energy.
Does not stack!
Cone shaped area.
Upper body animation, does not interupt movement.

-2nd ability: UNSTABLE
Parts start falling from him, enemies who step on them are damaged and staggered, ally's can collect the parts to gain some health.
Costs 30 energy on cast and 1 health per second.
Works in a circular area or like a trail depending movement.
Upper body animation, does not interupt movement.

-3rd ability: BREAKDOWN
He can charge to deal damage in an area and to himself, the more its charged the more damge it will deal and the more health it will take. He will remain a pile of parts for 5-10 seconds staggering enemies the firs time they pass through. Can be cast again to assemble instantly after the damaging phase.
Casting takes 10% of his max health, and aditional 1% per second to a maximum of 50%, resulting in a 100% increased damage.
Circular area.
Full body animation, interupting movement.

-4th ability: VOID ENERGY
By tapping the ability a radial void energy wave is triggerd knockbacking close enemies and knokdowning far enemies.
By holding the ability all enemies within range are pierced by void branches and pulled together.
Enemies hit by either suffer from confusion and 10% reduced accuracy for 15 seconds.
Costs 100 energy.
Full body animation, interupting movement.

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What if its 4th was a huge energy using one that could use 1 ability from someone else in the squad like if he used i and its just him and a excal he has a chance to use slash dash blind or javelin but not something like the blade or valkyrs claws

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Passive - Instability - As [warframe name] uses his abilities, the void energy within him becomes more unstable leaving him prone to losing parts while providing evasion.

Ability 1 - Part Magnet - Pull parts towards you from the nearby area, stripping armour and shields from enemies while restoring energy and armour to you and nearby allies. (Has no base energy cost but costs a certain amount per enemy, like Embers Inferno.)

Ability 2 - Junk Pile - Become a pile of parts (drains a small amount of energy per second), making enemies investigate and come close. While a pile, charge and release to explode with void energy, damaging nearby enemies and throwing them back. The massively decreases your stability.

Ability 3 - Seekers - Send out a swarm of parts (amount affected by power strength) that seek out nearby enemies, pinning them to the ground for a short time (only a few seconds because of balance). Pinned enemies yeild more parts and have a reduced Pull Magnet cost.

Ability 4 - Void Shroud - Become one with the void, restoring your stability while shedding all parts picked up and becoming less visible to enemies. This also increases your sprint speed and shield recharge. (Appearance after using this ability is completely void energy, no parts at all.)

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passive scavenger :warframe's armour health and shields is dependent on the enemy. therefore its base stats are very very low. (minimum of 10 units :P) Kills with this warframe drops parts.

example corpus enemy has 1000 shield the waframe passive takes x% of that enemy shield. if multiple corpus of different shield values will take x% of every corpus enemy max shield value. all shield percentages added cannot exceed 100%. So lets say the waframe can extract 10% of a single enemy. so if there 5 corpus, one corpus with 500 shield 2 with 100 shield, 1 with 200 shield and one with 300 shield. the waframe now has 50+10+10+20+30= 120 shield. The waframe still has another 50% that can be salvaged.

-Corpus parts: extra shields

-grineer parts: extra armour 

-infested parts: extra health

-orokin parts: weapon boost.

-sentient parts: resistance boost.

Warframe parts: (should an ally warframe die, this waframe can salvage their parts) Grants bonus max Y stat of fallen frame


ability 1 turret: pressing ability converts 25% of its parts into a turret its survivability is based 25% of the warframe's stat can up to 4 turrets with 12.5% of damage each.

example. if the new warframe has grineer parts say the warframe has 1000 armour the turret will have 250 armour and the warframe now has 750 armour. It works similar to inaros's 4th ability.

Holding ability creates one massive turret with all the warframes added stats and 100% damage. massive turret can be piloted.

grineer: high armour and piercing bullets

corpus: high shield and energy bullets

infested: high health and creates infested bombs that explode into clusters of damaging pus.

orokin: High damage and radioactive bullets average health.

sentient parts: adaptive armour and void damage

warframe parts: (if you manage to get enough parts from the deaths of your allies) tapping ability creates a special ability turret up to 2. ally that stands in it have their first Attack ability copied with 100% more damage as ammo and has high armour, shield and health.

Holding the ability with warframe parts equipped creates a super turret that copies the allied warframes final attack ability with 500% more damage after copying the allied warframes modding. if the warframe creates a singular attack like mirage or Vauban (spawns vortex) it will spawn another after the first attack ends. If it is continuous like wisp or revenant then it will constantly be firing. It can also spawn rumblers and shadows of the dead. (the shadows of the dead are based on enemies the new warframe kills) it will increase the minions stats by 500% after copying the allied warframes mods.


Ability 2 salvage: warframe uses any and all parts of any enemy or ally to build itself. Any enemy or Allied frame that dies in a certain radius now drop extra loot and gives parts.


ability 3 balancing pulse: warframe removes parts from body and creates a pulse. Tapping ability uses 25% of parts makes all enemies in a certain range be knocked down and 25% weakened depending on the enemy. allies get 12.5% added stats of the new warframe is dependent on the 

Holding ability removes all parts regardless of how much parts its accumulated and weakens enemies by that percentage. Allies get 50% of the warframes stats before parts were removed. The 50% is affected by the warframe total stat so if the warframe still can collect more parts but uses this ability the stats it has currently Is used for calculation.

-grineer: on ability tap: 25% armour reduced. allies get 12.5% armour of the new warframes total armour

on ability hold: reduces armour by percentage of parts the warframe has accumulated Allies get 50% of the new warframes total armour

-corpus: on tap: 25% shields reduced. allies get 12.5% shields of the new warframe total shields

on ability hold: reduces shields by percentage of parts the warframe has collected. Allies get 50% of the warframes total shield

-infested: increases damage from all sources by 25% allies get 12.5% of the warframes total health

on ability hold increases damage from all sources by 100% . Allies get 50% of warframes total health.

-orokin: reduces damage by 25%. allies get a 25% weapons damage boost on ability tap.

on ability hold removes all orokin weapons switching to melee and damage reduced by 99.9 recurrring%<----joke ( I mean 90%) and allies have their weapons increased by 100%

-sentient: short stun and removes all adapted damage when ability is tapped.

on ability hold makes sentient stunned for the entire duration and extremely susceptible to all types of damage.

-warframe: you guys already get the stats from the new warframe and you want more....????

on ability tab: special abilities of allies are boosted by 50% 

on ability hold ( if all parts are warframe): All enemies within 100m of every ally instantly die  lol<==joke (special abilities of all allied warframes increase by X% times 100 where X is the number of warframe parts that the new warframe has) the greater the sacrifice the greater the reward.


Ability 4 attach: warframe attached to allied warframe as a attached gun suit. it will take all damage instead of ally, grants allied warframe 50% of its ability strength, duration and range and camera will follow ally. It also adds two turret that is attached to the shoulders or back of allied warframe which the new warframe controls. the suit can also use the allied warframes abilities using its own energy with the same modding configuration. 

the turrets have same damage configuration as ability 1 with warframe parts allies press x to give their ultimate to the turret otherwise it will use the host.

once the ability duration ends or the suit health goes to zero it forms back into a warframe with no added components.

Imagine creating two effigies hahaha or 8 mirages lol.

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Had the idea of a frame who's abilities change depending on enemy type for a little while now. The design of the warframe kind of matches what I had in mind, sort of something broken apart, and through the use of his abilities would put him more and more back together using parts from fallen enemies.

His passive would be thus, in a mission where you are fighting Grineer, you boost the armor of the party members. With Corpus you boost shields. Infested you boost health. Lastly with the sentients you boost Tau resistance.

1 - (ransack) Stun an enemy for a short time. Upon taking damage, the enemy will boost the passive of said warframe by a certain amount based on the damage.

2 - (cleanse) Remove current status effects on yourself, and redirect it to a selected enemy.

3 - (bulwark) create a field in front of yourself that will store damage taken to it, and on expiration will replenish health, or shields/ increase armor, or tau resistance.

4 - (torrent) strip away a large portion of all the enhancements you have built up, use them to create a channeled blast that would deal either corrosive, viral, or gas damage (you know to counter what you are currently fighting). The blast would slowly decrease in damage as more and more of your enhancements dwindle.

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I feel like this frame should be a meme frame, but one that is brokenly OP

So in honor of warframe's many broken parts, i've named each ability based on some of them:


Passive: Digital Extreme - console hacking is one tier easier.

Ability 1: Conclave - CC Ability. all allies in range get a Damage reduction buff. somewhere around 50%, scales with power?

Ability 2: RailJack - Defense ability. summon a spirit form of the Railjack, to serve like Frost's bubble, but in a RJ shape?
maybe the guns can be like defense drones that shoot enemies?

ability 3: New player experiance - make all enemies around you slower and take more damage (so.. nova's 4?)

Ability 4: ENDGAME - Dr. strange shows up and tells you he saw 16 million possible futures, you won in all of them cause this game is so easy (JK!)

Ok, actual ability - channeled ability - increases the strength of your other abilities, but makes you take more damage from all sources. damage % increase over time?

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Passive: For every ability used there is a chance, the warframe gains a random buff from another warframe in the game, such as you use your first and get abuff similar to shatter shield or etc

1st, Void Negation: The warframe emits an aura of void energy strengthening all nearby allies and himself with void energy negating all statuses and debuffs as well as providing a damage buff

2nd, Self Sacrifice: Shedding parts of himself away the warframe gains in movement speed, reload speed, attack speed and etc, the parts of him left behind become ethereal in the void and draw away enemy fire

3rd, Borrowing Empower: The warframe draws in enemy armor and scrap from around the area and gains shields, health, and armor, while the enemies lose a percentage of shields, health, and armor, for a set energy drain per enemy. The effects increase per enemy as well as the energy drain

4th, Essence Transfer: The warframe takes all enemy weapons or copies their weapons and begins to hover as the tendrils holding him begin to attach to the weapons leaving the warframe behind, you gain control of this mass of weapons able to aim and move with it mowing down all in your path with their own toys, at the end of the ability all the weapons exploded with void energy disarming the enemies the weapons were taken from if still alive and the tendrils or tubes call back the warframe and put him back together in an invulnerability period.

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Passive-able to use one random ability from other warframes in the party

Void tendrils-Snakes out tendrils of void energy to trip, strangle, and suffocate enemies

Void physics- Causes enemies to float helplessly in the air

Disassembly- disassembles its parts, causing enemies a higher chance to miss the target. Regens health during disassembly and is immune to damage during reassembly.

Void eruption- Release a Shockwave of void energy stunning and downing targets in the area

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while downed the warframe can still move freely for a limited amount of time


1. Vines

The void energy from within the Warframe latches onto a nearby enemy and drains their health for energy

2. Dismantle

The Warframe detaches parts of its body to attack ( like Titania’s razorflies ) lowering the Warframe’s health

3. Specters

The Warframe can summon the spectral forms of the warframes used to make it, to fight ( using a unique ability) by his side ( while this ability is active you can’t use any other ability except 4 )

Specters Abilities 

White Frame-uses a weblike substances to stop enemies from moving

Blue Frame-has an area of effect in which enemies nearby are weakened 

Red Frame-places down a barrier which stops enemies bullets but improves allies bullets

4. Surge

The warframes drops all of its parts and turns into pure void, while this is in effect enemies around you are take constant damage and nearby allies energy is charged ( when used with spectars they become Studier, Faster, and  Stronger )

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Posted (edited)

J'ai eu une super idée pour cette warframe, et pourquoi broken ne serais pas, le MAÎTRE DES NANO ROBOT !!

600 d'armure
800 de santé

1) Constructeur-démonteur : Choisissez une cible cette dernière va émaner autour d'elle dans un petit rayon (genre 3m) un nuage de nano robot, allié et ennemie peuvent être choisis, si un ennemie et visé ou se trouve dans le nuage et subit des très léger dommage de perforation et en plus son armure ou son bouclier continuellement, les alliées visé ou dans le nuage eux soigne légèrement leurs vie et pourrait gagner un bonus d'armure. Chaque personne toucher par des nano robot peut contaminer les autres et ansie de suite, (le pouvoir pourrait avoir une duré max pour être moins fort) temps que les gens passe dans la portée d'un des porteur, les nano-robot se démultiplie à grande vitesse. à la fin les drone explose en corrosif. 
+3 pièces par nano-robot qui attaque

2) Apocalypse robotique : Tout atour de vous sur une zone assez petite (taille d'une bulle de frost par exemple), déploie des drones assassins, infligeant de lourd dégâts tranchant, à tout les ennemies située dans la zone, à la fin les drones exploses infligeant peux de dommage, mais laissant derrière eux des nuages de gaz
+2 pièces par nano-robot qui attaque

3)  L'ère des machines : Libère le chaos, des nano robot sont envoyez tout autour de vous sur une grande portée,  un nombre limite de cible va être choisie avec un maximum de 3-5 robot par cible, ces dernier ne sont pas la pour tuer, m'ais inflige rapidement de nombreux statut d'impact bloquant continuellement le déplacement et les actions des ennemies, à la fin du pouvoir les nano-robot explose et inflige le statut explosif pour faire tomber leurs cibles, les dégâts seront aussi plus puissant.
+1 pièces par nano-robot qui attaque

4) Nanovolution : Activer ce pouvoir va offrir pas mal d'armure, bcp de régénération de santé et un peu de puissance de pouvoir, Pour chaque nano-drone qui inflige des dégâts, (sauf les explosions) les nano-robot amassasse des ressources sur les ennemies pour renforcer broken. (Ce pouvoir coûte cher et il est dangereux car il peux vite vous tuer, mais si il y as bcp de drone actif qui inflige des dommages quand le pouvoir et lancer, le bonus de régénération peux vite annuler les dommages violant infliger à vous même pas ce pouvoir. Les stacks diminues, même quand des drones infliges de dommage il faux donc continuellement infliger des dommages avec les drone pour conserver un bonus puissant) (draine 10 santés par seconde)
50 pièces - 10% d'armure - 2 santés/s - 10% de puissance
120 pièces - 25% d'armure - 4 santés/s - 15% de puissance
300 pièces - 60% d'armure - 6 santés/s - 25% de puissance
720 pièces - 100% d'armure - 8 santés/s - 40% de puissance
1200 pièces - 200% d'armure - 10 santés/s - 75% de puissance
2000 pièces - 300% d'armure - 12 santés/s - 90% de puissance
3400 pièces - 400% d'armure - 14 santés/s - 100% de puissance
9999 pièces - 1000% d'armure - 100 santés/s - 300% de puissance
(les nano robot attaque environ 1 à 3 fois pas seconde par cibles)

Pasif : Quand on passe en opérateur, les nano robot d’attache a se dernier lui apportant de nombreux bonus, comme de l'armure, (du bouclier ???? s'ilvousplaitmettezduboucliersurleséporateur), et une régénération de vie. Broken n'as pas de bouclier et sa santé représente son nombre de nano-robot (ou ses ressource pour en fabriquer), Broken utilise donc sa santé comme énergie.

I wrote in French because my English is not very good and I prefer not to pass it under google trad, because if "someone" speaks French with you it will understand better than if google trad had translated it (ha yeah writing mistakes also sorry)

edit : quelque correction apporter je ne touche plus à rien

Edited by --WOG--Zedrinyth

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Posted (edited)

Abilities for 'The Broken'

Passive (Splintered Conduits): When The Broken casts an ability, he causes an explosion around himself that deals damage based on the amount of energy spent.

1st Ability (Fragmented Blast): The Broken fires a bolt of energy straight forward. On impacting an entity or object, the bolt explodes, damaging the target (if an enemy) and all enemies near them.

2nd Ability (Blast Thruster) The Broken tags an enemy with a bust of energy, knocking the target towards him and slightly damaging them.

3rd Ability (Shard Burst): The Broken summons a mass of energy at a target location. After a moment, the mass detonates, creating a zone that lasts for a short time and continuously damages all enemies inside it.

Ultimate (Mangled Overload): The Broken holds position as he creates an implosion, dragging enemies over to him, before exploding, knocking himself prone and dealing massive damage to all enemies in range.


The concept of a broken Warframe to me speaks of a frame who's abilities don't work properly. While there are several ways to indicate that, there are few quite so fun as explosions. This design was based on the concept of a support frame with corrupted abilities. A buff/harm skill stuck on harm. A mobility tool stuck pointing at the caster. A defensive zone that no longer provides a defensive effect. And a system overload that knocks the caster around just like his enemies.

Edited by Gamine_Vaarta

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Passive:- equalizing:

the When shields, health or energy drop below 80%, [Frame] starts pulling from whichever it has over 80% in order to replace the lost part (at a possible ratio like health> energy);


First skill: Agressive Recycling: he can use corpses (and ammo drops) at an area around the target and fling them towards the enemy, giving a area damage (area increases with how diverse the stuff around is (and with a blast proc);

Second skill: Varied Reinforcement: [Frame] cannibalizes enemies around itself, giving himself energy (shield enemies); extra armor (armored enemies) or power strengh (health only enemies), depriving them a portion of shield/armor/max life. Bonus is small, but increases if there is synergy (aka if there are both armored and armor stripped enemies, or enemies around with both shields and only shields) they feed on each other, increasing the max bonuses. (augment option, share that with allies);

Third skill: Partial dismantling: by sacrificing a % of its health/energy/shield (up to remaining with 80% of its max values; power strength dont increase how much it loses, but changes how much it gives to others), it can boost those of allies warframes around it. Gives more if it sacrifices multiple types at once (augment option, share armor instead of health for the duration). (can't be recast until it finishes the buff time so you don't make a feedback eternal loop/ or recasting makes it lose the overshield/health boost given)

Fourth skills: Chaotic reassembling: if there are enemies and corpses around, consumes a portion of the enemies and corpses in ordert to create hybrids of the corpses around (like a grineer with shields, or a mutalist osprey with armor) that work similarly to nekros summons. If there are no corpses, make corpses appear while damaging enemies around and area stripping them of max health/life/armor. If there are no enemies around, make a weaker variant of mini versions of the [Frame] with increased aggro pull.

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So in my mind the fame dont have health or shield like others instead they will have Parts, so for each x health and armor the frame gets y Parts which functions somewhat like revenants "Mesmer Skin", total damage absorbes based on charges without the stun or reflect.
This way the frame cant get healed by others besides the use of "Last Phalanx" and the warframe passive. The amount of parts should be capped but havnt done the numbers on how high the cap should be.
I'm hopeing with the Parts system that to make a frame that dosnt get one shot but is slowly whitled down. But also is encouraging team play.
Depending on how much percentage parts there is left the warframe could look more broken, so the frame is literally breaking apart form being.

Heavy gunners will shred this warframe if not careful or correctly using ability 2

One of us - 
When a warframe goes down near the broken frame regain "tiny" amount of parts
When a warframes "pet" goes down near the broken frame regain "minuscule" amount of part

Ability 1: Small Energy cost
The "Mind" - Tight configutation or loose configutation.
Tight configutation gives strike through and status chance to range weapons and additional slash damage to melee weapons.
Loose configutation gives reload speed and firerate to range weapons and range to melee weapons.

Ability 2: Medium Energy cost
The "Body" - shields the left side of the frame, all "shields" shatters on configutation switch.
Tight configutation gives a small shield that can quickly breaks but replenishes "tiny" amount of parts on the frame.
Loose configutation gives a large round shield that slowly breaks based on hits not damage, base "8" hits absorbed from the left but replenishes "minuscule" amount of parts on the frame

Ability 3: This ability costs "tiny" amount in % remaining parts
The "Fist" - depending on Ability 1 you make an attack with eigther a spear or a sword
Tight configutation throws a spear in a like dealing little damage, but all who got hit by the spear is gathered and grounded/cc for a duration. if the gathered is hit with the Loose attack replenishes 1 part per target hit this way.
Loose configutation attacks with a cone of shrapnel infront of the warframe dealing allot of damage and fears targets hit. if hitting targets affected by the fear is hit by the Tight spear replenishes 2 part per target hit this way.

Ability 4: This ability costs "significant" amount in % remaining parts.
The Last Phalanx -  The broken frame breaks apart pieces of it self and gives it to its allies. Every friendly within range gets the shield based on configutation(until it breaks) and brifly the benifit of the formation the broken warframe is in at the moment.
When the shields given this way breaks the broken frame regains parts based on the configutation shield type.
The broken frame gains double from this effect, shield breaking and configutation.

Hope my English was comprehensible

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Passive: Repair state: regenerates health and replenishes shields faster


Assimilation: Take a % of shields, armor, health, strength from defeated enemies.

Hybrid: When creating, the combination of warframe parts used to build will hybridize a unique ability. (Ex. Volt and rhino parts can give an ability to speed up and give iron skin, but not as much of each as the original abilities)

Unstable: Void energy holding the warframe together surges with power. Reflects incoming projectiles and increases stats. 

Lash: Extend limbs into a void whip to damage and steal energy from foes. Can be done in a combo.

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TL;DR Summary on the bottom, in-depth 4 abilities are in the main body.

I'm going to play with the broken theme a bit. I'll lean heavily with the new shield gating mechanics as well as twist the theme "broken" to 'repair and destruction'. I put a bit of thought into how the gameplay loop would work; instead of having Warframes constantly at 100% health, why not make one that goes through all the phases from being critically injured, to somewhat healthy, then back to critical. All the while making full use of the shield gate as a tool, unlike Hildryn which just has a lot of shield. I imagine the tendrils of the Warframe in the design to be like the shield, supporting the main body. A rickety machine that cannot support itself without energy (shield) for long, but can reroute its power as needed.

Note: While thinking of the abilities, I was imagining the shield/health split of the Warframe to be 100/500 ratio. I know this is a lot, but it's just a placeholder.

Passive: While shields are down, the Warframe loses a % of its health rapidly. The moment the shield goes down, only the shield portion goes into an invulnerability state, letting it freely regenerate after a second to full without anything impeding it. It loses the invulnerability when fully charged. (damage taken while shield is grayed out is directed to health instead)

1st ability (toggle): Activate to enter a vulnerability state where the Warframe takes increased external damage but shield recharges faster.
Strength affects how much more damage the Warframe takes (high strength means more energy is diverted to shield, risky, but rapid shield regen), duration affects the cooldown of the ability before you can toggle it back to normal where high duration means it'll take longer before you can switch back (if you choose to take more damage, stick with it for a while), range does not have an affect on this ability, efficiency may not affect this ability.

2nd ability Forces the complete depletion of its shield to get a temporary damage reduction buff while regenerating health rapidly over time. (similar to the effect of Roadhog's take a breather in overwatch) Health depletes after healing expires while the shield is down.
Strength affects dmg reduction, duration may affect the dmg reduction buff, range does not affect this ability, efficiency affects health restored

3rd ability (toggle): Forces the complete depletion of its shield to overcharge itself, gaining movement speed, attack speed and firerate/reload speed.. Health drains even faster while the buff is active. (Health regen is stopped while this is active)
Strength affects the buff %, duration affects how fast the health drains, range does not affect this ability (unless DE wants this ability to affect allies as well), efficiency affects how fast health drains.

4th ability (ability activates only at full shield, but can queue up the command to trigger beforehand)While shield is either full or invulnerable (recharging), queues up a self destruct command. After a second (gives the player enough time to cancel) the Warframe goes into an invulnerable state where it gets increased mobility, attack speed, fire rate/reload speed. Dealing and receiving damage in this state increases the damage dealt by the resulting self destruct explosion. (Doesn't have to be flashy with particles, can be similar to volt's 4th where he fries everything around him) After the self destruct is complete, the Warframe is slowed and cannot cast abilities for a brief period and will be at low health. Shield will be inactive during this phase of vulnerability. After a few seconds, abilities become active and the player can cast it's 1st ability to heal up and return to the cycle. (The speed boost and revival is similar to a hero called 'Alpha' in the MOBA "Vainglory" who also is of a broken marionette theme)
Strength affects dmg of explosion, duration affects buff duration and how long until the explosion happens, range affects aoe of explosion, efficiency may not have an affect (I cant think of one)


Passive: While shield is down, the warframe loses health. Shield is inactive and invulnerable until full. Shield regens faster and with less delay than normal.
First ability: allows the warframe to recharge its main resource for abilities (shield) faster at a cost.
Second ability: is a damage reduction buff and quick heal rolled into one.
Third ability: buffs the action speed of the warframe at a cost in the form of health drain.
Fourth ability: starts a self destruct sequence, makes the warframe go invulnerable and gain the above third ability's effects. Big boom occurs afterwards. Warframe is temporarily weakened afterwards.

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Passive- pragmatist. Gain a stackable 5 second buff when near a corpse (this does not consume the corpse and cannot reproc on the same corpse twice). The buff depends on the faction the corpse belongs to grineer=max armor/corpus=max shield/infested=max health/orokin=max energy/sentient=%damage reduction

1- Relocate. Rapidly deconstruct and teleport to a target location reconstructing there and dealing damage to any enemy/enemies you pass through.

2- Void Form. Your frame becomes a spectral version of itself, it is untargetable and invisible but any aggressive action (shooting/melee) or interact ends the ability.

3- Void Mark. You target an area and all enemies in the targeted area become marked by the void. If two or more enemies that are marked are within 30m of one another they link, linked enemies will all talk the same amount of damage if even one of them takes damage.

4- Offering. Summon a dagger of void energy and honer the past (if it could look like the Karyst, that would be super sweet and also nice lore bait)

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Hello everyone! Because he/she/it is assembled from parts of dead warframes and ovreflown by void energy he can use his knowledge to adapt to any fight and survive because many failed already. Death any more warframe is fail for him. And fail is not an option! So there is my idea how he can success in his quest; no more deaths. His focus is on guns - because who don't like guns?! - and ability to protect and buff teammates. I hope you'll like it!


War Supply

Standing still regenerate his health x/s while moving regenerate ammo for x/s.


First Ability:

Void Seeker

Broken Warframe dashes forward and adapt to the targeted enemy it hits by finding his weaknesses, deals damage to the target and buffing Broken Warframe for a short time. Ability can be used again after bonuses ends. If the target is flesh - bonus slash, shield - bonus impact, armor - bonus puncture.

While used in 4th ability Broken Warframe gains all bonuses by dashing (fly to the crosshair direction) without the need of target. Ability can be used again after bonuses ends.

Dash Distance: 5 meters

Duration: 30 seconds

Bonus damage: ???% slash/impact/puncture


Second Ability:

Void Overflow

Sends wave of void energy stunning nearby enemies and bonuses from the first ability are shared to nearby teammates. Can be used in 4th ability.

Stun duration: 2 seconds

Range: 15 meters.

Third Ability:


Broken Warframe creates barrier around him that absorbs damage. This ability can be cast on teammate. If barrier on teammate is destroyed, both Broken Warframe and teammate gain massive bonus to reload speed. Can be used in 4th ability.

Barrier Health: 750 until destroyed

Reload Speed Bonus: 250%

Duration: 10 seconds

Fourth Ability:


Broken warframe unleash his hidden potential by floating in mid-air, buffing his weapon while unable to move. He can use his weapons except melee. Any weapon gains increased accuracy, holster speed and projectile flight speed. He gains bonus health regeneration from his passive. His holstered weapon is instantly reloaded after short delay. Can use first ability to dash forward without the need of target and gain additional bonuses. This ability consumes energy over time.

Accuracy: 50%

Holster speed: 250%

Projectile Flight Speed 25%

Bonus health regeneration: x5 of passive ability



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Since it's assembled from multiple broken frames we should probanly lean in more to that aspect by having it help or get help from other warframes being damaged.

Passive: Fix-em-upper

When an ally dies within (x)meters of the warframe, gain a stack of white parts (max. 10) that bolster your own survivability (buff of 5% DR/piece). Can expend half of these stacks to revive an ally instantly.

3: Junkyard

When an enemy within (x)meters dies gain one stack per enemy (two for machine enemies) of red parts (max. 10) that increase the output of damage (5% weapon damage/piece). Can recast the ability to grant the buff to your allies at the cost of half your own stacks.

4: Bug 01001110 01100110 01100011 01110100

Dismantle your warframe forgoing your extra parts to seep into the inner mechanisms of your surroundings repairing allies and dismantling enemies. (Can only use with at least 5 of each part) 

This one's gonna need a bit more detail. I'm thinking that you could drop to a pile on the floor (making you lose aggro) with an effect of void energy constantly eminating from the warframe. It could deal damage to enemies and heal allies.


Perhaps I'm just suggesting these because I'm a sucker for support frames but, I do believe we could use another healer in game especially one that has some i-frames for the higher level stuff. ;zP

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Passive- short circuit- attacker get electrocuted. damaged over time and stuned, another comes in contact with him repeats short circuit 100% chance.

1:Stand by- hides in plain sight till it's still. Generates energy.

2:lose luggage- warframe loses part of its body to lose movement speed and health to gain bonus damage and fire rate(attack speed for malee) by having more power because of less body parts to spend it on. Can also be triggered automatically when damaged by enemies.

3:over heat- movement,using abilities and firing weapon charge up the heat bar. when triggered the warframe releases the heat to get bonus fire rate and deal heat damage. Also heats up the air around the frame to burn anyone close by. Auto triggered when heat bar maxed. Standby cools it down.

4: error- warframe trys to use an ability but ends up blasting a wave of emp. Disabling all electronic and weapons in the blast radius.

Will I get bonus if I get selected?

Just I case I am I want war bp.


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Posted (edited)

System Error - Passive -> Whenever you suffer damage, convert part of that damage into random adaptive damage. This random damage will converge to the 6 primary damage, and can be converted to weapon damage.

Adaptation Bug - First Ability -> When activated, it is linked to another warframe, expanding the type of damage it will cause at the cost of its energy drain. Affected by distance and skill strength. Recognizing the skill stops activation. If the ally's energy runs out, the ability is also interrupted.

System Shock - Second ability -> has 4 activation variants:
Shield Overload -> At the cost of reducing your own life, amplify your shield for x seconds.
Life Overload -> At the cost of reducing shields, it amplifies your life for x seconds.
Status Overload -> At the cost of reducing damage, it amplifies your status for x seconds.
Damage Overload -> At the cost of reducing status, amplifies your damage by x seconds.

These abilities can be cast on the linked ally.
Affected by Range, efficiency, strength and duration.

Source Link - Third ability -> Summons a small flaw in the system, which attracts enemies to the rift. All enemies attracted are unable to attack, their armor is reduced at the cost of reducing all

Nemesis of error - Fourth skill -> Completely transforms all other skills into a drastic change, affecting only enemies. This skill consumes your energy over time, and the energy costs of the skills are equal to 0. Each time you cast a skill it will affect your life instead, reducing the activation cost equivalently. In addition, skills are able to affect more targets, in the first activation rank until their last level (1 -> 3 targets, 2 -> 5 targets, 3 -> 7 targets), being affected by strength, efficiency and distance, increasing the number of possible targets and the duration of the skill.

Doom bug - First Ability -> When activated, it binds to another enemy, reducing the type of damage it will cause at the cost of its life drain. Affected by distance and skill strength. Recognizing the skill stops activation. If the enemy's life ends, the ability will jump to the nearest enemy in range.

System Shock - Second ability -> has 4 activation variants:
Function virus -> At the cost of reducing your health regeneration, it reduces enemies' armor.
Adaptation Virus -> At the cost of reducing your own armor, reduces resistance from enemies (including sentients)
Viruses of Madness -> At the cost of reducing its own damage, it amplifies the damage it would cause, but it will randomly attack other enemies.
Virus Removal -> At the cost of nullifying your shields, it reduces damage that enemies will cause.

These abilities can be cast on the linked enemies.
Affected by Range, efficiency, strength and duration.

Destruction of files - Third skill -> Attracts enemies to a small vortex of information, reducing their armor. Any enemy killed in the vortex will regenerate health only from the allies. If all enemies in the vortex are destroyed, it can be randomly cast into another enemy without an activation cost.

that's just an idea. Hope you like it!

Edited by Allw1993
a word I put wrong: ally, it was for enemies

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1) Siphon - energy is leached from enemies within a set radius surrounding warframe for a limited duration with the total amount being shared/allocated between warframe and allies

2) Enemy shield - all ememies within a determined radius temporarily encircle the warframe, facing outward, protecting warframe while attacking perceived threats to warframe

3) Possess - user POV temporarily switches to target ememy. While controlling possessed enemy warframe is invulnerable. Possessed enemy can bypass alarms, lasers, and barriers, moving freely without enemy detection as long as no other enemies witnessed the possession happen

4) Rend - all enemies within a limited radius are instantly torn to pieces.

Passive - regenerate ammunition and reload holstered weapons 




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  1. 25 Energy: Enemies in an 8m radius around your cross-hair (targeting like Hydroid's or Titania's 1) are stopped in time (like Limbo's stasis) for 10 seconds.
  2. 50 Energy: Send out a wave in a cone in front of you (similar to Ice Wave). Enemies impacted take 50% more damage from all sources for 10 seconds.
  3. 75 Energy: Throw a javelin that impacts at your crosshair. Enemies in a 15m radius are staggered. After 5 seconds the Javelin will explode, dealing 1500 damage to all enemies in a 15m radius. Shooting the Javelin (make it quite large) will add your weapon's damage to the explosion, up to a cap of 25,000 damage (this number is the same as Nova's 2).
  4. A toggle ability with no energy drain that adds one (or all) of your ability's effects to your other abilities. Four modes, swap between the modes and activating the modes is a tap/hold function (like Quiver). You do not have to deactivate this ability to switch modes. When this ability is active, casting an ability builds up a meter. Using the ability that corresponds to the mode you are in does not get any bonus effects and does not add to the meter. De-Toggling this ability does not cause the meter to instantly drop, it will decrease at normal speed. If the meter reaches full the Warframe self staggers and this ability goes on cooldown for ten seconds.
    1. Adds 15% to meter: In addition to base effects enemies are frozen for the duration of the ability.
    2. Adds 15% to meter: In addition to base effects enemies affected take 50% more damage for the duration of the ability..
    3. Adds 15% to meter: In addition to base effects, when an effected enemy dies or the duration ends enemies will deal 500 damage in a 5m radius around them plus how much damage was dealt to them.
    4. Adds 30% to meter: In addition to base effects, takes on all of the above bonus effects.

Passive: Every ability cast has a 20% chance to get 50% additional power strength, duration, or range.


The idea behind this was simple, come up with three abilities that are ripped from three different types of Warframes (CC, Debuff support, and DPS) then give the Warframe the additional ability to combine its broken parts. The limitation on the empowered state is to encourage you to use it sparingly.

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Posted (edited)

Ability this warframe has multiple health bars  that you can toggle between but like chromas ability to shed his skin you can “shed” each layer so one is faster but has less health one is tanky and one is in the middle but when one health bar runs out of health then parts of it will fall of and then you can’t access it .this is my idea I think it’s original

edit: it would be the first ability very cheap like equinox’s metamorphosis 

Edited by (XB1)Pizza bagles516
I missed some details

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